A List For Friday

I have a list today, which is no surprise, but really all my poor half medicated mind can manage.

I don’t know what it is like in your neck of the woods, but we are not having any spring here in The Mitten.

Not even a little, Michigan did NOT get the spring memo.

The majority of the snow has melted leaving UGLY brown everything. And HUGE pot holes.

Actually, I am campaigning for a little more snow to break a state record from 1880 or something. We only need an inch or something ridiculous like that. COME ON, make this winter count for something!!!!

I have begun to slowly wean myself off the couch and CSI Miami.

I went to BSF on Wednesday, completed my first post surgical haircut and went to Sam’s with Honey. I did not lift anything heavier than the specified 10 pounds. I might have ruined myself when we ran into some old friends and stood around talking for about an hour. My side was a paining me greatly when we left.

But it was SO nice to see the old friends!

I went back to BSF on Thursday and per the don’t lift anything over 10 pounds rule, felt useless. But those loverly gals treated me affectionately, like a well loved pet, present but without expectation.

Jip the Farm Dog chauffeured me both days because, seriously, I am not ready to be unleashed on the roads.

After Jip dropped me back off at home I had a 2 1/2 hour nap. Slept like a stone. I am a preschooler, apparently.

I am happy to say that I was finally able to shave and exfoliate my legs last night. My inner lizard was trying to break out.

Tomorrow is the last ABC’s in the D for the season. They have a fun party for the kids with food and a magician. It is feeling a little bittersweet because Abby and I are both praying about whether or not we will be returning.

The Girls and I finally watched Frozen. The Girls had been saying that their friends had all been raving that it was awesome and better than the Disney movies of their youth. We all agreed that it was very good, but they did not agree that it was better. Mousey said it was no Lion King. Simba, you have set the bar high!

Honey and I saw American Hustle. Hated it. I read about the plot, while watching the stupid thing, and I STILL didn’t know what the heck was going on. Plus, all that yelling, swearing and screaming gets on my last nerve.

Tell me what you all have been up to.

Have a hustle free weekend.

The Friday List on Thursday

Winter Storm Vulcan deposited 6 1/2 inches of snow and the temperature is currently –4. When is that spring coming?

Where in the Sam Hill is that Malaysian plane? With all the satellites and radar and tracking things, how do you lose a plane??? Those poor families.

Keelyody, the walking buddy has moved!!!!! Six miles down the road to a condo, and who could blame her? She said they have loverly walking paths in her new neighborhood. We will walk again someday, the snow has to melt… eventually.

The Boy and The Dane will be travelling to The Mitten tomorrow morning. They got Megabus tickets for $5.00!!!! The catch is they need to be picked up at 5:30. IN THE MORNING! Piece of cake. Could have done it this morning, as a matter of fact.

I have started reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. The Ab-Cat read it on vacation and said it was very good.

Looking forward to lunch today with Jip the Farm Dog, The Heifer and CMB. Always fun to see these girls and catch up on life.

May be out of blogging commission next week. Going in for some temple maintenance on Monday, prayers for good results are appreciated.

Have a good weekend, with no shoveling involved!

*****Thank you God for…*****

memory foam mattress toppers.

heat and throw blankets.

the 136 point word I had in Words With Friends, that was fun!

Monday List aka M-ist

Hi Guys, how is everybody doing with that turn the clock ahead stuff? I woke up at 7:30! I don’t mind this clock change so much, I dislike the one in the fall more. 4;30-5:30 is annoying.

I have a list for you. I blame the lingering head fog from the vacation cold. Feeling MUCH better, but clear thinking, smell and taste are still for the most part avoiding me.

The Ab-Cat hit the jackpot this week with movies from the library! It was like an Oscar roster!

We watched Gravity, Rush, and Twelve Years a Slave.

Gravity. Abby and I had seen this at the big movies with The Boy and The Dane over Thanksgiving. They didn’t like it but we did. I think I might have liked it even better the second time. There was a lot to see in that movie and I guess I looked at different things this time. I said to Honey when it was over that I was glad it hadn’t been me up there. I wouldn’t even have gotten the first hatch open!

Rush. I usually like a Ron Howard film. The actual story here was ok, but all the race car driving was….a bit too much for me.

Twelve Years a Slave. Is it possible to enjoy a movie like this? Enjoy is not the right word. Man, it was a hard movie to watch. I thought the actors and the director did a very good job reflecting all the emotions, unfairness and uncertainty of the situations. The prevailing attitudes about slavery were horrifying. The fact that the slave owners used the Bible to justify their behavior is mortifying. Solomon must have been haunted for the rest of his days by the sight of Patsy as he was being driven away to freedom.

Those are heavy thoughts for a Monday morning.

We are on break from BSF this week. It would seem like I should have lots of extra time, but I seem to have filled the hours more than usual.

It has been a pleasure to see the sunshine lately. And that melting that has ensued.

Clear driveway and roads have been most welcome!

Of course, now we are exposed to the bare pot holes in ALL their glory and monstrosity.

One more complaint. Why do bloggers highlight the links in such light colors? Highlighting, by its very definition, says look at me! So why make the colors so difficult to see???? The light pink, light aqua and light yellow need to be jettisoned! My old eyes can’t take it!

Here is something my old eyes can take! The Dane sent these pictures of Seymour, the Grandcat.

I guess I am biased because he is the cutest Grandcat EVAH!




Looking a little teenager-ish here.


The Boy and The Dane are visiting this coming weekend. Sadly, Seymour will not be with them. He is refused bus passage because of his nationality. Seems discriminatory.

I should git, have a pleasant Monday.

***Thank You God for…..***

…breaks in the eternal winter that help us to remember that spring always comes, eventually.


…abolition of the abomination that was slavery.

Florida, Freezing, Feeling Better, Fired Up and Figs

I have a post vacation list here.

The seventh of March, well time keeps on slippin’, slippin’ slippin into the future now doesn’t it?

We heard that song when we were in Florida. Since we all have different musical tastes, the station we could all agree on was the classic rock one. I felt the need to share how old I was, or what I was doing, if I had seen that band in concert, if I owned the album or 8 track tape, or some other trivial nugget of information on many of the songs. I don’t think I wore out my welcome doing this.

Don’t judge me on the 8 track. I only had 3 and there was no tape deck in my ultra cool, brown 1972 Hornet.

By the way, the above mentioned song was Fly Like an Eagle by the Steve Miller Band. It was HUGE in my freshman year of high school and no, I never saw them live.

Our Girls did not know of my extensive knowledge of Led Zeppelin, due to a high school, plus a year or two, relationship with a former boyfriend. I was not aware of their extensive like of the band. Kind of funny really. And no, I never saw them live either. We did have tickets to The Pontiac Silverdome to see their tour in 1980, but that concert tour died with the death of John Bonham. Literally and figuratively.

I have always liked Foreigner. The Ab-Cat thinks they are the cheesiest band EVER. Never saw them.

We all like Journey, saw them!!

We are divided on AC/DC. Never entertained the thought of seeing them.

We all like U2. They were the ones we always wanted to see but never got around to.

I has been under 25 degrees here for the majority of the week, and frequently under 10.

I heard a rumor (from Heiffer Lynn, just sayin’) that we were going to see 58 next week!!!! We are going to have some MELTAGE!!!!!!!

Honey had a truly heinous head cold in Florida. I succumbed next, then Ab-Cat, and finally Mousey fell victim of the plague.

I feel a little better every day. Today I am fully breathing out of one chapped nostril, with limited taste and smell.

The Girls are still in the suffering phase.

Does having a cold mess with the hormonies? I have been flashing all over the place, especially at night! Oh my word, is THIS what you all have been complaining about??? For goodness sake, what a nuisance!!!! You will just be sleeping peacefully and then spontaneously comBUST!

We found out last night that a nearby Bennigan’s is closing its doors on St. Patrick’s Day after 30 years. It made me sad. I am not surprised, but sad nonetheless.

Anyone watching American Idol? Anyone have a favorite?

We are having Caregroup tonight for the first time in a month! I miss those guys!

BSF Bible study has been convicting lately. Well, mostly always. This week was all about wearing the fig leaves of religion but bearing no actual figs. I don’t want to be a lush leafy fig tree with no fruit.

Prayer and fruitfulness are the way to know God, not through ritual.- Joni McCarthy

I need to do what He wants me to do, not what I want to do. Capri K

May your weekend be leafy AND fruitful.

Speaking of…..

Let’s talk about mattresses again.

Did you know they make beds that cost over $10,000.00 dollars???? I did not know this!

We laid on this, and I have got to tell you, this must be what we will all sleep on in heaven. Pure deliciousness.

Enough dreaming. We went back to the store where we purchased our first king sized mattress last fall, to REselect a new mattress. The first selected mattress, also known as the mattress that I hate, will be picked up this morning and a new one delivered in its place.

We laid on a lot of mattresses, talked with the knowledgeable salesman, Mr. Riblett, and chose a Beautyrest Alexandria plush. At this point, if you have heard bad things about this brand, PLEASE DON’T TELL US. I think this is as good as it gets for this particular purchase.

So long as there is no trough and hill in the middle I think we can work with it. I am not opposed to buying another Sam’s Club memory foam topper to throw on it if it seems to be lacking in comfort.

But if Honey ever wins the lottery, I will be stampeding over to get an Aireloom hand made mattress.

Speaking of winning the lottery, I promised Mrs. Schmenkman, YEARS ago, if I ever won the lottery I would get her liposuction. I can still remember sitting outside, on the bench in front of our salon, in the sunshine, making this promise. What did you promise me Schmenk? I have no recollection. Only the remembrance of my own obligation!

Speaking of Mrs. Schmenkman, the last I heard from her they had already received 20 something, and counting, inches of snow in Virginia! I am so glad we dodged that bullet!

We have been happy campers up here in The Mitten this week, driving on mostly clear roads. All the sunshine made me so frisky I even had the car washed! It was a filthy little salted piglet.

Speaking of weather, there are rumors that we will see the forties next week! And then we will all be complaining about meltage and flooding. We are impossible to please.

Speaking of impossible to please, we are having a situation over here. The Ab-Cat wants The Boy’s cat back. If you will recall, we had him first while he was waiting to catch his ride to Chicago with Jip the Farm Dog and her son, Daniel Tiger. The kitty witty, Seymour, spent a lot of time with The Ab-Cat and she is missing him dreadfully.  She told The Boy that Seymour loved us first and she wants to regain custody.

This was his response.


He’s a mean Boy.

Today is Valentines Day and we are doing something very, very special tonight! You will just have to wait until Monday to see the pictures!

Have a sweet weekend.

Throw Another Log On The Fire

Greetings from The Arctic Mitten.

You know, I have lived here for the majority of my life and while I don’t love winter, I endure it. What is the point of complaining for half the year about something that will be back in half a year?

But PEOPLE, this is a lot of winter!

For goodness sake. The Girls and I were conversing at lunch after church, and marveling at the fact that we were so happy when the thermometer hit 30 degrees. Which was not, by the way, this weekend. No, it was –5 on Friday night and struggled valiantly to hit the 20s yesterday. The sun was out though!

Things we are not taking for granted: our gas fireplace, throw blankets, GLOVES, clear roads, clean cars, fixed potholes. That last one is on the wish list. This is Michigan, they don’t fix no stinkin’ potholes.

Capri Deb and her honey BFG just came back from a delightful Florida vacation on Friday. They did not bring any decent weather with them. We are expecting to be back in the deep freeze all week and that is a rude way to welcome them home Michigan.

In other news, The Ab-Cat started her new and improved medication containing more antihistamines than can be purchased over the counter and has seen nary a hive since!

In other news, her body has decided that she shall never sleep again. I have heard rumors that antihistamines cause people to be sleepy. She is not one of those people.

I have a hectic evening schedule this week.

Tonight I am getting multiple things done to my hair in an effort to relieve myself of myself of my seemingly continual skunk stripe. Things involving hi-lights, a powwow at the beauty supply with my friend Connie, and a new, lighter, semi permanent color with 10 volume peroxide that she has had great success with before on others. Redken Shades EQ has been very, very good to me but it has kicked me to the curb and left me with few options, not to mention exposed grey.

On Tuesday night there is Birthday Club! What is not to love about not cooking dinner and chatting with loverly women?

And then the rest of the evenings are consumed by our grueling Olympics schedule. Also known as the event that comes every four years when Honey burns the candle at both ends even more than usual.

In a word: HOCKEY.

In two words: men AND women.

In another two words: Canada AND USA.

Like it’s his second J.O.B.

For some reason he also watches curling.

It’s like every four years he removes the blue from his flag and returns to his Mother Country.

O Canada, he stands on guard for THEE.

It’s kind of cute actually.

Did anyone else think that USA’s opening ceremony sweaters were a bit….much?


Hi Guys!

Slow blobbing week for me. The headache is 80% better, and for that I am THANKFUL. I am not sure if it was caused by the barometer or the hormonies.

This has been the coldest, snowiest winter we have had in a looooong time. Even for us seasoned Michiganders, this is a lot of winter.

I believe that I mentioned that Honey fell outside the other day. Flat on his back in our snow covered driveway. He said he looked around to see if anyone had witnessed his ….feat, then breathed a sigh of relief. He was alone.

There seems to be a trend going on in our family.

Last week, Mousey came home from work rubbing her backside saying that she had wiped out at the pool. Unlike Honey, she did not take her spill in private. She said her co-worker, while laughing hysterically, asked if she was ok because all they saw were legs up in the air!!!

When relating these two tales of woe to The Boy on the phone, he confessed that he too had wiped out while crossing the street in Chicago! And he evidently had quite the audience!

I joined the club yesterday. I was walking past a table covered with a long tablecloth at BSF yesterday, and in a move I could probably never duplicate again if I tried, my feet got tangled up in that long tablecloth and I timbered down like a giant redwood. My first thought was what the heck, followed immediately by I hope no one saw that!!! Mercifully, no one was around.

I was telling The Girls about the situation when I got home, knowing that they would enjoy hearing about my moment of mortification, when The Ab-Cat volunteered that she too had fallen last week when transferring  from her wheelchair to the throne!! Now don’t get all excited about her falling, it happens and she usually lands safely with no harm done, she is a tough bird. But she was alone, as you usually are, and she had a good laugh all by herself!!!

Anyone else secretly in our club?

Speaking of The Ab-Cat, she is having a bit of trouble. She has become plagued by hives. For no darn good reason that we can see.

They started about mid December, and have never gone away. She has taken Benadryl, Clariton, and a course of steroids, and while these keep the hives and itching at bay, they always come back, like the plagues of Egypt or hungry children.

Lately, they have started affecting her face, which I am sure you can imagine is delightful for a young lady.

She said she wakes up in the morning feeling like Quasimodo on good days,

and an Orc from Lord of the Rings on a bad days!

She doesn’t look that bad!!!!! But she does have some swollen eyes!

When her upper lip swells she DOES look like Bart Simpson, that I will admit!


And the itching, good heavens, she is uncomfortable!

She went back to the doctor on Wednesday who suggested she go and see a dermatologist, which we did yesterday.

The weird thing about these hives is they come and go and move around her body in no particular order. Sometimes it’s her legs, other times her scalp, trunk or arms, lately the facial involvement. Her eyes were all puffy a couple hours before her appointment along with many other parts.

As her appointment drew near, they inexplicably were going away.

NO!!!!!!!. We wanted her to see the doctor in full blown hive attack, in all her hival glory, looking like an ORC!!!!!!

Sometimes warmth draws them out, so we had her sitting in front of the fireplace, wrapped in a down throw, trying to lure them back out. Nothing.

But God, in His infinite wisdom, knew we would have to wait in the warm waiting room for FIFTY MINUTES with our coats on.

By the time we got back there she was itching like she had on hair shirt!

Big old welts, very attractively displayed for the doctor. He did not like the looks of her and really did not like the facial involvement!

He gave her two prescriptions for stronger antihistamines, another for amoxicillin because her lymph nodes were not quite right, an order for much lab work and wants to see her back in two weeks. He said he is going to suppress those hives until they DIE.

We will just be here all weekend, falling, scratching and watching The Olympics. What will you be doing?

Monday List

You know, I can’t really say that I am surprised that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, or that we are expected to have another 6 weeks of winter. It’s been that kind of season.

Winter Storm Maximus came and went, leaving in its wake a lot of snow, that turned into rain, leaving everything to resemble a giant Slurpee from 7-11. It was at this point, after snow blowing 1/2 of the driveway, that Honey’s blower quit him. Just up and refused to turn. Something had broken inside and he spent a goodish amount of time trying to get the piece out so he could take it to work and fix it. There was grunting and wailing and gnashing of teeth before he finally got that piece out. We shoveled the last little bit of the main drive and left the circle drive au natural for another day.

When he came home from work the next morning he added injury to insult when he majorly wiped out behind Mousey’s little black Escort, Frances. He thought he landed flat on his back, but his body tells him he bore the brunt of it on his aching left hip, shoulder and arm. We fall a little harder these days.

For the good news, the snow blower is fixed!! In bad news, we have another storm coming Tuesday night. In good news, I repeat, the blower is fixed, yea us. In bad news, the varmint saw his shadow and we are doomed.

I finished Joy For Beginners by Erica Bauermeister. I really liked it. I only have one complaint about her work. She always has a large cast of characters and devotes a chapter to each one, this is not the problem. The problem is she always ends the chapter before I am ready for it to end, leaving me wishing she would   linger on the character for a little while longer. She never really revisits the character again, except for snippets in another character’s story. I actually think she could cut her cast in half and write the chapters more fully and completely. Evidently I want to have more back story and conclusion than she does! Just my two cents worth of armchair critique.

The sun is out this morning, glory be!!!!!

Honey bought my plane ticket to Virginia for The Memorial Day Extravaganza at Mrs. Schmenkman’s house!! WOO HOO!!!! Except this year it will not be over the usual Memorial Day weekend. BSF gets out 2 weeks earlier now, so we chose Tuesday May 13 for the start day of our girls, almost week. Pick me up Schmenky at 11:46 a.m. !!!!!!! Wanna do lunch??

We had a little Super Bowl party last night with the four of us and our good friend The Peanuts Champ. Much food was eaten and then we settled in for the game. Now People, you know I am not much of a sports fan and cannot talk too intelligently about things sportally related, but even I could tell that was not a good game!!! What the heck was THAT Bronco’s??? Bad day to have a bad day!

Because I am not invested in the game, I had no pick for winner. I seemed to be surrounded by others who were vaguely for the Bronco’s. Mousey just flat out jumped sides early on. After the game, I started hearing nice things about the Seahawks quarterback, like he was a Christian, and then I was very happy for them.

My favorite commercial was the Cheerios one. Contrary to what MSNBC might believe.

Ok, you all have a good February Monday and brace yourselves for another month and a half of dastardly weather. Blame the hog.

*****Thank You God For….

Honey’s mechanically inclined mind. He is a fixer.

Doughnuts. Mmmmm.

Sunny days. A kiss on the cheek from You to help endure a looooong winter.

Monday, Matresses and MLK

First some mattress talk, then a little list.

Thank you to all who weighed in on their mattresses, it was helpful!  

The mattress “expert” the store sent out has come and gone. He said there was a dip on my side, but it may not be enough to cause it to be labeled defective. We shall see, the expert says they will call in a few days. Even if it is not defective, Gardner White will let us exchange it one time for something else.

We, of course, have to choose one of the mattresses they carry, and we know that sleep number is not one of them. Their comparable choice would be Tempur-Pedic, which we did try and it has the added feature of being able to adjust to different firmness preferences on each side.

I am pretty sure they do not have Sterns and Foster because I remember that they did have this brand at the first store we looked at. They had one that we liked a lot.

As you can imagine, I have been reading mattress reviews, brushing up on my non existent mattress knowledge. I have come to the conclusion that one mans trash is another mans treasure. Love and hate are usually represented with equal vigor.

 I predict an extended trip to Gardner White is in our future, to lay on and write down the brands that they do carry so I can do more learning at home.

On to the list portion of the post.

We watched The Butler last night. That is a hard movie to watch in many parts. It’s hard to believe people could be that awful, but I am sure they were. Once again, I found myself goggling the movie and the characters. They took a lot of creative liberties making that movie as far as his family was concerned. I discovered that the real butler, Eugene Allen and his wife Helene, were even better than the movie portrayed. They sound like a lovely couple.

How ironic that we watched that movie last night and today we celebrate Martin Luther King Junior’s birthday.

Honey was off work last night! He spent the goodish part of his day watching football. He was happy with the outcomes of both games he watched.

Bring on the Super Bowl!

Or as I like to say, bring on the commercials!

Or, bring on the food!!!

He also brought home the best doughnuts for us yesterday. He said he finally succumbed to his craving, so that means doughnuts for everyone! 

Did I talk about American Idol? I can’t remember if I did or not. I am very much looking forward to the judging panel of Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr., and YES, I DO know who Harry is!!! There was a whole funny segment about all the people who have no idea who he is. I think he is going to fit in just fine! It will be a welcome relief from the…….whatever that debacle was last year. Made me uncomfortable.

There are already some very good singers! It seemed like a lot of contestants were wearing guitars. Looks like Phillip Phillips has had some influence!

*****Thank you God…… 

…that I was horrified at many scenes from The Butler. It shows that our world has changed a lot since those dark days.

…for Martin Luther King Junior and his message.

…for Eugene Allen, who showed that serving others with excellence, integrity and humility is what You require from us all.

Sharing of the Stuff

Hi Guys, good Monday to the lot of you.

I feel a list coming on.

The Polar Vortex is officially a thing of the past. There was much meltage over the weekend and I am happy to pronounce our ice rink of a driveway is CLEAR!

I am also happy to report that the garbage men came, WOO HOO!!!

I broke in one of the thrift store fleece cardi’s. I chose……wisely. Did I mention that the black one has The Henry Ford embossed on it? I did not realize that was what they are calling The Henry Ford Museum these days.

We actually visited The Henry Ford when The Danes parents were here last month. That was when I received my education on the name change. You learn something new every day.

Well, maybe not every day, but hopefully a couple times a month. No, sometimes it’s every day!

When I visited the museum as a child, the only things I remembered were the HUGE locomotive and the red chair that Abraham Lincoln was shot in. That chair gave me nightmares for some time.

I think the first time I ever went was with my Tennessee cousins, Bill and Carolyn and their two children, Betsey and Billy. Billy’s middle name was Spawn of Satan. A mighty mean boy he was. At least in my 5-8 year old recollection.

I am on day 4 of a vile headache. I thought it might have been caused by the extreme temperature change. Now it’s just hanging on for spite.

The Ab-Cat and I went and saw Saving Mr. Banks with our pal The Peanuts Champ on Saturday. It was very good!

I spent the rest of the day on Google, checking P.L. Travers and Walt Disney and learned that as persnickety as Mrs. Travers was in the film, she was WAY WORSE in real life! I also learned she was not as prim and proper as she appeared. You can Google her yourself.

I also learned that Walt Disney died of lung cancer just a couple years after this time period. I thank him posthumously for his movies. They have given much joy to our children.

I joined The Ab-Cat at the library on Friday. Here are my selections;


From the left, Joy For Beginners. Erica Baumeister wrote the book I read and liked so much on vacation called The School of Essential Ingredients. I am hoping to love this as well. The one in the middle is Not The End Of The World by Kate Atkinson. I write down books that people recommend on their blogs. I was looking for another title by this author but could not find it so I tried this one. That is how I found the previously mentioned book. I had been LOOKING for Joy For Beginners and found the other! Can be a good way to discover a new author. The third is English as a Second Language by Megan Crane, whom I have never heard of. No one recommended this book or author. I saw it on the shelf, saw that she had several books, and decided to give it a whirl. Could go either way. On the far right we have Mia, ever the nosey Parker.

The Boy and The Dane are finally back in Chicago after their honeymoon in Florida. They evidentially had a horrendous time getting out of their layover city of Atlanta, due to thunderstorms. They were supposed to leave Florida at 8 a.m. and arrive in the Windy City at 1:17 p.m. The Boy said they finally got into Chicago around 8 in the evening! Well, they made a honeymoon memory!

I forgot to show this to you in the wedding posts.


This was in the wedding program. The Dane lost her Grandfather last year and we lost our Mom and Grandma almost four years ago. It was very touching and caught us all by surprise. There were tears. I have always loved that picture of The Boy and his Grandma. Forever present in our hearts.

Ok, that seems to be a good place to end. Go forth and do Monday!

I just realized that I forgot the gratitude thingy. Oh well, they say it takes 30 to create a habit.

***Thank you God for….

breaks in the weather. I can’t imagine being stuck for weeks and weeks.

water coming from our tap. Warren, our favorite friend from West Virginia, can’t use his water right now and it sounds like it is getting very problematic for them all. Prayers for resolution.

our Girls. I just love our Cat and Mouse, they make life full and fun!

NOW, have a good day.

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