It has been a month since we last had a list! Can you believe it?? It has been a little hectic since I returned from Virginia, I had much to share, plus things were happening here and yada yada yada, here we are.

I think this will be super random because it would be super taxing to try and keep things in an orderly fashion. Hold on tight, here we go.

Mrs. Schmenkman no longer has Sirrus radio in her car!!!!! Even though we loved it so, we managed just fine.

The week I returned I had some temple maintenance to attend to.

First up, the urologist ordered an MRI of my urology parts. I am very happy to tell you that this did not require me to undress the urology parts. I did have to change into their fashionable scrub/patient pants, but I am SO ok with that.

Other than remaining perfectly still for an eternity and mild to middling periodic claustrophobia, I did just fine.

The no eating or drinking for 4 hours before my 10 a.m. appointment was harder. No morning chai :(

They called a week later to tell me that my urology parts did not show what they were looking for.

Once again, glad to rule something out, but what the heck is my problem?

Two days after the MRI, I got a crown. Or a temporary. It was my third. I am getting better at this, other than the shot of numbing I had no sedative. This is huge, considering I am a dental weenie.

I went back on Wednesday to get my real fake tooth installed.

The biggest difference between the two fake molars? The new one is smoother and my gum doesn’t get stuck on it.

That gum thing was weird.

The Boy and The Dane were here from Chicago last weekend  for our cousin Mike’s wedding. I have many pictures to show but I felt like I needed to tie up that Virginia trip before I forgot any more of it.

Next week, it’s a date!

The Boy is home again this weekend for another wedding! He came in last night and will leave Saturday afternoon, so it is a very quick visit. We take what we can get.

I got all the flowers planted and I can’t believe how much they have grown already! It could have something to do with the buckets of rain we have had. Buckets I say.

Buckets is a funny word to say. Buck-ets.

Keelyody and I have been on a pretty good walking groove. I feel the better for it.

Hey, I had my first pedicure in over 25 years!!!! The gal used some sort of callus remover on my feet and I said I’VE GOT TO GET ME SOME OF THAT!!!!!!!

The Ab-Cat gave me the pedicure as a Mothers Day present! She is a big old hunk of honey!

Mousey and I went to the beauty supply yesterday and got the stuff for the magic feet. I am going to practice on myself first before I take the show on the road. First to The Boy, then my Uncle Bob. We all share the family hooves.

Honey and I went to Lowe’s last night to get a replacement toilet seat. Our love spans decades.. And is red hot.

This is how I know Honey loves me. He knew that I wanted the hinges to be square, because I think they are easier to clean. He actually said that. We were looking for a wooden one, thought we had it when he said , no, that’s not the kind you like.

He loves me best.

I have a great idea that I want to run by The Boy.

As I may have mentioned a time or twenty, I am a grandmother to a precious grandcat. His name is Seymour and I require regular pictures of him to chart his progress. They Boy enables me in this way, and The Dane occasionally as well. I want to have a new feature on the blob. I am going to call it The Weekly Sy.

Get it? Sy is a known nickname for Seymour, and Sy is a play on sigh.

The Weekly Sy! It makes me sigh, and smile!

Maybe it will be my Saturday post. Because the Saturday post fell off the face of the earth.

Or it could be the Thursday post, because when BSF is going, Wednesday and Thursday are my busiest days of the week.

OR I could change it up to suit my needs! We shall see!

Ok, need to git, Keelyody’s waiting.

Have a great weekend, I might be back with Sy tomorrow!

Friday List

I have a list because it’s Friday. Seems like a good enough reason.

Keelyody and I started walking on Tuesday.

I felt fine that day.

The next day, whole ‘nother story! I felt like I had been beaten like a rented mule.

It was subsiding a little by yesterday. We are going again this morning, I am uncertain what to expect.

I guess I should have done something over the winter. The Old Gray Mare? She ain’t what she used to be.

Really spell check? You don’t recognize ain’t as a word?

On Wednesday I went for a follow up appointment with the Dr. who did my kidney stone removal surgery.

Let’s just call it what it was. NOT a procedure. I think I had convinced myself that it was a minor stone retrieval, after all they only made about a two inch incision.

I did not know they were sending in a wrecking crew to root around in there, crush up the boulder, then vacuum up the debris. I felt like my kidney was liposuctioned. Have you ever seen that procedure on tv? They are rougher than seems necessary.

I like my doctor a lot, he does not appear to be a person who would intentionally do me great bodily harm. I choose to believe he had my best interests at heart.

Anyway, he had good news and uncertain news.

Good news first. The very large kidney stones were NOT infected!!!!!!! This is very good because that would have been an unsolvable problem.

Because there were many more stones where they came from and he said he could not get to them because they were in very complicated places.

I am taking this as very good news. I am attached to this right kidney, literally and figuratively. It is not a pretty kidney but it works, therefore I am glad for it’s presence.

The uncertain news is we are now back to square one.

I will continue to take the antibiotic for six months. I asked him if anyone had ever have this problem just resolve and he said surprisingly, yes.

He ordered an MRI to investigate another possibility.

So I am back to waiting.

But I am very thankful to not have infected kidney stones inside my body, because that seems gross.

I am pretty sure God knows what is going on.

An After Easter List=Ea-st

Happy post Resurrection Day!

We had a very nice weekend! Honey was off since Thursday evening, returning to Ford Motor Company last night. We had a nice relaxing weekend.

Honey did have to replace the sump pump. That was unexpected.

We watched The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty and Philomena, both very good in very different ways. Both included bravery.

I think I forgot to mention that last weekend we went to the big movies and saw Noah and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

There was much discussion on the former about a variety of inconsistencies.  I am thinking that perhaps the makers of the movie have not actually read the Bible. Just an observation.

The thing that the film makers did get right was how evil man had become.

Yikes, those pre flood folks were SCARY!!!!!!!

Our observation about Captain America was mainly shallow and involved how nice looking Chris Evans was. We liked it!

There has been a LOT of eating and desserting going on the last few days.

So much for Honey’s diet.

We had a delicious Easter dinner up at my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ house.

Speaking of diets, more than half the conversation revolved around the diet subject.

My aunt and uncle have been on a low carb diet since returning from Florida a couple weeks ago. They have both lost some lbs and are doing well.

Seriously spell check? You don’t recognize carb as a real word???

Their son is getting married the end of next month and his bride to be is starting her pre wedding diet today.

Our family friend Kari was also in attendance, and she is also dieting. Low carb and sugar free. Maybe no gluten either.

And of course Honey will be re-upping today, and I will be joining him because I feel like I did a good job of insulating myself against the winter cold with a layer of blubber, like an Eskimo.

There was discussion about 2 books, Wheat Belly and Grain Brain.

I don’t remember ever reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder, or anyone in her books, ever needing to go on a diet. Maybe we should farm.

Is farming the answer?

I heard once again that turmeric is very good for inflammation. I will be looking into that today for both Honey and I.

Good news!!! The 2014 walking season with Keelyody starts tomorrow morning!!! We have a very full agenda with all of the solving the world problems, not to mention personal stuff.

Our bikes are down from above the garage. Now we have to look into some new tires and new bike seats.

Bike seats for middle aged folks. With a wider seating area and gel cushion involvement.

In other words, seats for big-butted Americano’s.

I am getting very close to switching out the winter clothes.

You know how after a certain point, no matter how un-springy it is outside, you just can’t go back to wearing the winter clothing?

We are almost at that tipping point.

Capri Patt came home from her winter residence in Florida yesterday!!!!

It will be good to see her soon and hug her neck!

Both Patt and Capri Deb are grandmas now. Their attention is riveted on precious little pumpkins. It is fun to see!

Ok, time to greet the day, have a swell Monday!

A Gusty Start to the Week

Oh my GOODNESS, it’s SO windy this morning!!!!!!!

We have three trash cans in our yard and none of them belong to us! I had to go next door and snag ours. At least it is a balmy 68 degrees out there. The forecast is predicting 1-2 inches of snow tomorrow. Ok Michigan, this is your LAST chance to break the snowfall record from the 1880s. Pretty please, just break it so we can move on and have the memory of this record breaking winter behind us.

There are now 4 neighbors outside collecting their garbage cans. One is not having any luck and my next door neighbor is pointing to the side yard between our houses. Our house seems to be a little bit of a catch all for the neighborhood. We gather a lot of BBQ covers, garbage lids, recyclable garbage. Kind of like those places in the Indian Ocean where debris and flotsam collect. But not airplane parts, apparently.

Honey has been planning to go on a diet, with today being D Day. We were just talking about our dining menu this morning. He is having a couple of days off this weekend and he has already said there could be cheating going on. All that to say we will have three days of regulation, then three days of carnage.

I wore sandals and no coat yesterday to church. Honey said we should put the coats away. I reminded him about the snow tomorrow. We might want a coat for that.

Why are there birds flying in this wind?? They are going to splat on our windows.

Our three old lady fat cats can be found looking out the windows these days. Watching for interlopers like rabbits and squirrels.

Interlopers sounds like it could be an animal.

I graciously open the door and offer to let them out, but they run away. They need the pane of protection.

I guess it is clear by now that I don’t really have anything to say today.

I bid you a pleasant Monday.

List and a Rant

It is Friday, therefore we have a list. With a rant at the end.

We are having a tentative spring here in The Mitten.

It was 69 yesterday!!! I wore sandals!!! I saw something GREEN poking up in the yard!!!

Our lawn no longer looks like a herd of wildebeests wintered there. All the flatness is starting to rise.

We have lost some bushes, that is apparent.

I am beginning to see work out there. Cutting back the decorative grasses, gathering the pesky, remaining leaves. Moving pots around. Bare patches of dirt needing flowers.

I am not ready to physically do any of said work yet. Hopefully soon.

I have come to the conclusion that I am a fan of the Mia Clarisonic Skin Cleanser. The Ab-Cat is as well. She would say that her skin condition is much better because of less breakouts, but I would say she has a healthy glow that she didn’t have before. Maybe exfoliating is the key.

I think they should make one for feet, I could benefit from such a tool. Oh, I guess there is always a power sander.

I used a recipe for baked fish that I saw on a blog. It was truly heinous. Honey kindly said maybe it just needed to be a little more crispy. I said unfortunately that would not help the TASTE.

We had birthday club last Tuesday. As we were leaving Keelody commented that everyone is in the midst of big changes. She is right, it must be our age and life phase.

We don’t really like all the change.

We would like to start walking, that would be a nice change. I am not quite ready to physically do this yet. Hopefully soon.

There are world problems and personal things to solve. We might even find that dang Malaysian plane if we put our minds to it. Might could.

Why are the phones of the passengers still ringing? This plagues me.

Anyone watching American Idol? I am not sure who is the frontrunner or who I would like to win. 

I am sure that the one guy Caleb looks exactly like a young Meatloaf. That’s what we call him, Young Meatloaf.

There are two gals from the Detroit area, that would be fun if one of them won!

Honey always calls the African American fellow Jasper. Consistently, for some unknown reason. His name is C.J.

I read online this morning that a group of parents of autistic children are suing Walt Disney World over their new line waiting policy, supposedly put into place to stop line jumpers. Here is a quote from the article:

“The change in policy follows several cases of where guests were paying for disabled guides or using fraudulent GAC cards to get on rides without the wait.”

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this is a cop out on the part of the Disney people.

Things have changed in this particular aspect since our days of going to theme and amusement parks. When we started, you could go to the exit of rides and shows (where there were no stairs but they had ramps) and they would just take you in. AWESOME PERK!

They would even let you ride twice in a row because of the difficulty getting on and off a ride.

At some point in our travels, they started with the pass thingy that gives you a set time so you can come back and not have to wait in line in the hot sun for extended periods of time.

I guess able bodies riders were upset about all those disabled, and their families, just cutting in front of everyone.

In their case, autistic children have limited ability to wait for long periods. In the case of the physically handicapped, it is more often the risk of dehydration, sunburn, or inability for a multitude of other reasons.

I can remember telling Abby that the perks of Disney World might just be the very best thing about being handicapped. Seriously, if people knew the ins and outs of travelling disabled, the disappointments of not being able to do so many things, the indignities of the rudeness and carelessness of others, just the logistics of getting around, there should be NO grudges held about a little first class service.

And if you think that the families of the disabled are somehow not entitled to the perks? Cry me a river, because those people have their entire lives disrupted plenty, they don’t need to be separated from their own people all day, waiting in lines at the happiest place on earth. We are family, we are doing this together!

I am not sure when we noticed that they were clamping down, but we did start to notice that large groups of people, with park rented chairs and minimally handicapped guests, might have started causing them to change all the rules.

I am not saying that there are not reasons for people to use park rented wheelchairs. The elderly, broken legs, recovering folks are just as deserving. You can’t always determine the health of someone at a glance. But I do think some were just renting the chairs for the pass and the perks that came with it. Disney obviously did too.

I believe that is called taking advantage. Or playing the system.

I have long maintained that if you arrive at the park in your own, custom made wheelchair, you are really handicapped, and not just trying to get out of waiting in line.

I am sure the parents of the autistic children would be glad to bring you a note from their doctors saying the exact same thing.

All that to say, don’t put more rules in place for the handicapped, GO AFTER THE LINEJUMPERS AND ABUSERS OF THE PASSES!!!!!!!

That is the end of the list and I will now, thankfully, step down from my soapbox.

Have a good weekend.

A List For Friday

I have a list today, which is no surprise, but really all my poor half medicated mind can manage.

I don’t know what it is like in your neck of the woods, but we are not having any spring here in The Mitten.

Not even a little, Michigan did NOT get the spring memo.

The majority of the snow has melted leaving UGLY brown everything. And HUGE pot holes.

Actually, I am campaigning for a little more snow to break a state record from 1880 or something. We only need an inch or something ridiculous like that. COME ON, make this winter count for something!!!!

I have begun to slowly wean myself off the couch and CSI Miami.

I went to BSF on Wednesday, completed my first post surgical haircut and went to Sam’s with Honey. I did not lift anything heavier than the specified 10 pounds. I might have ruined myself when we ran into some old friends and stood around talking for about an hour. My side was a paining me greatly when we left.

But it was SO nice to see the old friends!

I went back to BSF on Thursday and per the don’t lift anything over 10 pounds rule, felt useless. But those loverly gals treated me affectionately, like a well loved pet, present but without expectation.

Jip the Farm Dog chauffeured me both days because, seriously, I am not ready to be unleashed on the roads.

After Jip dropped me back off at home I had a 2 1/2 hour nap. Slept like a stone. I am a preschooler, apparently.

I am happy to say that I was finally able to shave and exfoliate my legs last night. My inner lizard was trying to break out.

Tomorrow is the last ABC’s in the D for the season. They have a fun party for the kids with food and a magician. It is feeling a little bittersweet because Abby and I are both praying about whether or not we will be returning.

The Girls and I finally watched Frozen. The Girls had been saying that their friends had all been raving that it was awesome and better than the Disney movies of their youth. We all agreed that it was very good, but they did not agree that it was better. Mousey said it was no Lion King. Simba, you have set the bar high!

Honey and I saw American Hustle. Hated it. I read about the plot, while watching the stupid thing, and I STILL didn’t know what the heck was going on. Plus, all that yelling, swearing and screaming gets on my last nerve.

Tell me what you all have been up to.

Have a hustle free weekend.

The Friday List on Thursday

Winter Storm Vulcan deposited 6 1/2 inches of snow and the temperature is currently –4. When is that spring coming?

Where in the Sam Hill is that Malaysian plane? With all the satellites and radar and tracking things, how do you lose a plane??? Those poor families.

Keelyody, the walking buddy has moved!!!!! Six miles down the road to a condo, and who could blame her? She said they have loverly walking paths in her new neighborhood. We will walk again someday, the snow has to melt… eventually.

The Boy and The Dane will be travelling to The Mitten tomorrow morning. They got Megabus tickets for $5.00!!!! The catch is they need to be picked up at 5:30. IN THE MORNING! Piece of cake. Could have done it this morning, as a matter of fact.

I have started reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. The Ab-Cat read it on vacation and said it was very good.

Looking forward to lunch today with Jip the Farm Dog, The Heifer and CMB. Always fun to see these girls and catch up on life.

May be out of blogging commission next week. Going in for some temple maintenance on Monday, prayers for good results are appreciated.

Have a good weekend, with no shoveling involved!

*****Thank you God for…*****

memory foam mattress toppers.

heat and throw blankets.

the 136 point word I had in Words With Friends, that was fun!

Monday List aka M-ist

Hi Guys, how is everybody doing with that turn the clock ahead stuff? I woke up at 7:30! I don’t mind this clock change so much, I dislike the one in the fall more. 4;30-5:30 is annoying.

I have a list for you. I blame the lingering head fog from the vacation cold. Feeling MUCH better, but clear thinking, smell and taste are still for the most part avoiding me.

The Ab-Cat hit the jackpot this week with movies from the library! It was like an Oscar roster!

We watched Gravity, Rush, and Twelve Years a Slave.

Gravity. Abby and I had seen this at the big movies with The Boy and The Dane over Thanksgiving. They didn’t like it but we did. I think I might have liked it even better the second time. There was a lot to see in that movie and I guess I looked at different things this time. I said to Honey when it was over that I was glad it hadn’t been me up there. I wouldn’t even have gotten the first hatch open!

Rush. I usually like a Ron Howard film. The actual story here was ok, but all the race car driving was….a bit too much for me.

Twelve Years a Slave. Is it possible to enjoy a movie like this? Enjoy is not the right word. Man, it was a hard movie to watch. I thought the actors and the director did a very good job reflecting all the emotions, unfairness and uncertainty of the situations. The prevailing attitudes about slavery were horrifying. The fact that the slave owners used the Bible to justify their behavior is mortifying. Solomon must have been haunted for the rest of his days by the sight of Patsy as he was being driven away to freedom.

Those are heavy thoughts for a Monday morning.

We are on break from BSF this week. It would seem like I should have lots of extra time, but I seem to have filled the hours more than usual.

It has been a pleasure to see the sunshine lately. And that melting that has ensued.

Clear driveway and roads have been most welcome!

Of course, now we are exposed to the bare pot holes in ALL their glory and monstrosity.

One more complaint. Why do bloggers highlight the links in such light colors? Highlighting, by its very definition, says look at me! So why make the colors so difficult to see???? The light pink, light aqua and light yellow need to be jettisoned! My old eyes can’t take it!

Here is something my old eyes can take! The Dane sent these pictures of Seymour, the Grandcat.

I guess I am biased because he is the cutest Grandcat EVAH!




Looking a little teenager-ish here.


The Boy and The Dane are visiting this coming weekend. Sadly, Seymour will not be with them. He is refused bus passage because of his nationality. Seems discriminatory.

I should git, have a pleasant Monday.

***Thank You God for…..***

…breaks in the eternal winter that help us to remember that spring always comes, eventually.


…abolition of the abomination that was slavery.

Florida, Freezing, Feeling Better, Fired Up and Figs

I have a post vacation list here.

The seventh of March, well time keeps on slippin’, slippin’ slippin into the future now doesn’t it?

We heard that song when we were in Florida. Since we all have different musical tastes, the station we could all agree on was the classic rock one. I felt the need to share how old I was, or what I was doing, if I had seen that band in concert, if I owned the album or 8 track tape, or some other trivial nugget of information on many of the songs. I don’t think I wore out my welcome doing this.

Don’t judge me on the 8 track. I only had 3 and there was no tape deck in my ultra cool, brown 1972 Hornet.

By the way, the above mentioned song was Fly Like an Eagle by the Steve Miller Band. It was HUGE in my freshman year of high school and no, I never saw them live.

Our Girls did not know of my extensive knowledge of Led Zeppelin, due to a high school, plus a year or two, relationship with a former boyfriend. I was not aware of their extensive like of the band. Kind of funny really. And no, I never saw them live either. We did have tickets to The Pontiac Silverdome to see their tour in 1980, but that concert tour died with the death of John Bonham. Literally and figuratively.

I have always liked Foreigner. The Ab-Cat thinks they are the cheesiest band EVER. Never saw them.

We all like Journey, saw them!!

We are divided on AC/DC. Never entertained the thought of seeing them.

We all like U2. They were the ones we always wanted to see but never got around to.

I has been under 25 degrees here for the majority of the week, and frequently under 10.

I heard a rumor (from Heiffer Lynn, just sayin’) that we were going to see 58 next week!!!! We are going to have some MELTAGE!!!!!!!

Honey had a truly heinous head cold in Florida. I succumbed next, then Ab-Cat, and finally Mousey fell victim of the plague.

I feel a little better every day. Today I am fully breathing out of one chapped nostril, with limited taste and smell.

The Girls are still in the suffering phase.

Does having a cold mess with the hormonies? I have been flashing all over the place, especially at night! Oh my word, is THIS what you all have been complaining about??? For goodness sake, what a nuisance!!!! You will just be sleeping peacefully and then spontaneously comBUST!

We found out last night that a nearby Bennigan’s is closing its doors on St. Patrick’s Day after 30 years. It made me sad. I am not surprised, but sad nonetheless.

Anyone watching American Idol? Anyone have a favorite?

We are having Caregroup tonight for the first time in a month! I miss those guys!

BSF Bible study has been convicting lately. Well, mostly always. This week was all about wearing the fig leaves of religion but bearing no actual figs. I don’t want to be a lush leafy fig tree with no fruit.

Prayer and fruitfulness are the way to know God, not through ritual.- Joni McCarthy

I need to do what He wants me to do, not what I want to do. Capri K

May your weekend be leafy AND fruitful.

Speaking of…..

Let’s talk about mattresses again.

Did you know they make beds that cost over $10,000.00 dollars???? I did not know this!

We laid on this, and I have got to tell you, this must be what we will all sleep on in heaven. Pure deliciousness.

Enough dreaming. We went back to the store where we purchased our first king sized mattress last fall, to REselect a new mattress. The first selected mattress, also known as the mattress that I hate, will be picked up this morning and a new one delivered in its place.

We laid on a lot of mattresses, talked with the knowledgeable salesman, Mr. Riblett, and chose a Beautyrest Alexandria plush. At this point, if you have heard bad things about this brand, PLEASE DON’T TELL US. I think this is as good as it gets for this particular purchase.

So long as there is no trough and hill in the middle I think we can work with it. I am not opposed to buying another Sam’s Club memory foam topper to throw on it if it seems to be lacking in comfort.

But if Honey ever wins the lottery, I will be stampeding over to get an Aireloom hand made mattress.

Speaking of winning the lottery, I promised Mrs. Schmenkman, YEARS ago, if I ever won the lottery I would get her liposuction. I can still remember sitting outside, on the bench in front of our salon, in the sunshine, making this promise. What did you promise me Schmenk? I have no recollection. Only the remembrance of my own obligation!

Speaking of Mrs. Schmenkman, the last I heard from her they had already received 20 something, and counting, inches of snow in Virginia! I am so glad we dodged that bullet!

We have been happy campers up here in The Mitten this week, driving on mostly clear roads. All the sunshine made me so frisky I even had the car washed! It was a filthy little salted piglet.

Speaking of weather, there are rumors that we will see the forties next week! And then we will all be complaining about meltage and flooding. We are impossible to please.

Speaking of impossible to please, we are having a situation over here. The Ab-Cat wants The Boy’s cat back. If you will recall, we had him first while he was waiting to catch his ride to Chicago with Jip the Farm Dog and her son, Daniel Tiger. The kitty witty, Seymour, spent a lot of time with The Ab-Cat and she is missing him dreadfully.  She told The Boy that Seymour loved us first and she wants to regain custody.

This was his response.


He’s a mean Boy.

Today is Valentines Day and we are doing something very, very special tonight! You will just have to wait until Monday to see the pictures!

Have a sweet weekend.

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