Monday List

You know, I can’t really say that I am surprised that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, or that we are expected to have another 6 weeks of winter. It’s been that kind of season.

Winter Storm Maximus came and went, leaving in its wake a lot of snow, that turned into rain, leaving everything to resemble a giant Slurpee from 7-11. It was at this point, after snow blowing 1/2 of the driveway, that Honey’s blower quit him. Just up and refused to turn. Something had broken inside and he spent a goodish amount of time trying to get the piece out so he could take it to work and fix it. There was grunting and wailing and gnashing of teeth before he finally got that piece out. We shoveled the last little bit of the main drive and left the circle drive au natural for another day.

When he came home from work the next morning he added injury to insult when he majorly wiped out behind Mousey’s little black Escort, Frances. He thought he landed flat on his back, but his body tells him he bore the brunt of it on his aching left hip, shoulder and arm. We fall a little harder these days.

For the good news, the snow blower is fixed!! In bad news, we have another storm coming Tuesday night. In good news, I repeat, the blower is fixed, yea us. In bad news, the varmint saw his shadow and we are doomed.

I finished Joy For Beginners by Erica Bauermeister. I really liked it. I only have one complaint about her work. She always has a large cast of characters and devotes a chapter to each one, this is not the problem. The problem is she always ends the chapter before I am ready for it to end, leaving me wishing she would   linger on the character for a little while longer. She never really revisits the character again, except for snippets in another character’s story. I actually think she could cut her cast in half and write the chapters more fully and completely. Evidently I want to have more back story and conclusion than she does! Just my two cents worth of armchair critique.

The sun is out this morning, glory be!!!!!

Honey bought my plane ticket to Virginia for The Memorial Day Extravaganza at Mrs. Schmenkman’s house!! WOO HOO!!!! Except this year it will not be over the usual Memorial Day weekend. BSF gets out 2 weeks earlier now, so we chose Tuesday May 13 for the start day of our girls, almost week. Pick me up Schmenky at 11:46 a.m. !!!!!!! Wanna do lunch??

We had a little Super Bowl party last night with the four of us and our good friend The Peanuts Champ. Much food was eaten and then we settled in for the game. Now People, you know I am not much of a sports fan and cannot talk too intelligently about things sportally related, but even I could tell that was not a good game!!! What the heck was THAT Bronco’s??? Bad day to have a bad day!

Because I am not invested in the game, I had no pick for winner. I seemed to be surrounded by others who were vaguely for the Bronco’s. Mousey just flat out jumped sides early on. After the game, I started hearing nice things about the Seahawks quarterback, like he was a Christian, and then I was very happy for them.

My favorite commercial was the Cheerios one. Contrary to what MSNBC might believe.

Ok, you all have a good February Monday and brace yourselves for another month and a half of dastardly weather. Blame the hog.

*****Thank You God For….

Honey’s mechanically inclined mind. He is a fixer.

Doughnuts. Mmmmm.

Sunny days. A kiss on the cheek from You to help endure a looooong winter.

Monday, Matresses and MLK

First some mattress talk, then a little list.

Thank you to all who weighed in on their mattresses, it was helpful!  

The mattress “expert” the store sent out has come and gone. He said there was a dip on my side, but it may not be enough to cause it to be labeled defective. We shall see, the expert says they will call in a few days. Even if it is not defective, Gardner White will let us exchange it one time for something else.

We, of course, have to choose one of the mattresses they carry, and we know that sleep number is not one of them. Their comparable choice would be Tempur-Pedic, which we did try and it has the added feature of being able to adjust to different firmness preferences on each side.

I am pretty sure they do not have Sterns and Foster because I remember that they did have this brand at the first store we looked at. They had one that we liked a lot.

As you can imagine, I have been reading mattress reviews, brushing up on my non existent mattress knowledge. I have come to the conclusion that one mans trash is another mans treasure. Love and hate are usually represented with equal vigor.

 I predict an extended trip to Gardner White is in our future, to lay on and write down the brands that they do carry so I can do more learning at home.

On to the list portion of the post.

We watched The Butler last night. That is a hard movie to watch in many parts. It’s hard to believe people could be that awful, but I am sure they were. Once again, I found myself goggling the movie and the characters. They took a lot of creative liberties making that movie as far as his family was concerned. I discovered that the real butler, Eugene Allen and his wife Helene, were even better than the movie portrayed. They sound like a lovely couple.

How ironic that we watched that movie last night and today we celebrate Martin Luther King Junior’s birthday.

Honey was off work last night! He spent the goodish part of his day watching football. He was happy with the outcomes of both games he watched.

Bring on the Super Bowl!

Or as I like to say, bring on the commercials!

Or, bring on the food!!!

He also brought home the best doughnuts for us yesterday. He said he finally succumbed to his craving, so that means doughnuts for everyone! 

Did I talk about American Idol? I can’t remember if I did or not. I am very much looking forward to the judging panel of Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr., and YES, I DO know who Harry is!!! There was a whole funny segment about all the people who have no idea who he is. I think he is going to fit in just fine! It will be a welcome relief from the…….whatever that debacle was last year. Made me uncomfortable.

There are already some very good singers! It seemed like a lot of contestants were wearing guitars. Looks like Phillip Phillips has had some influence!

*****Thank you God…… 

…that I was horrified at many scenes from The Butler. It shows that our world has changed a lot since those dark days.

…for Martin Luther King Junior and his message.

…for Eugene Allen, who showed that serving others with excellence, integrity and humility is what You require from us all.

Sharing of the Stuff

Hi Guys, good Monday to the lot of you.

I feel a list coming on.

The Polar Vortex is officially a thing of the past. There was much meltage over the weekend and I am happy to pronounce our ice rink of a driveway is CLEAR!

I am also happy to report that the garbage men came, WOO HOO!!!

I broke in one of the thrift store fleece cardi’s. I chose……wisely. Did I mention that the black one has The Henry Ford embossed on it? I did not realize that was what they are calling The Henry Ford Museum these days.

We actually visited The Henry Ford when The Danes parents were here last month. That was when I received my education on the name change. You learn something new every day.

Well, maybe not every day, but hopefully a couple times a month. No, sometimes it’s every day!

When I visited the museum as a child, the only things I remembered were the HUGE locomotive and the red chair that Abraham Lincoln was shot in. That chair gave me nightmares for some time.

I think the first time I ever went was with my Tennessee cousins, Bill and Carolyn and their two children, Betsey and Billy. Billy’s middle name was Spawn of Satan. A mighty mean boy he was. At least in my 5-8 year old recollection.

I am on day 4 of a vile headache. I thought it might have been caused by the extreme temperature change. Now it’s just hanging on for spite.

The Ab-Cat and I went and saw Saving Mr. Banks with our pal The Peanuts Champ on Saturday. It was very good!

I spent the rest of the day on Google, checking P.L. Travers and Walt Disney and learned that as persnickety as Mrs. Travers was in the film, she was WAY WORSE in real life! I also learned she was not as prim and proper as she appeared. You can Google her yourself.

I also learned that Walt Disney died of lung cancer just a couple years after this time period. I thank him posthumously for his movies. They have given much joy to our children.

I joined The Ab-Cat at the library on Friday. Here are my selections;


From the left, Joy For Beginners. Erica Baumeister wrote the book I read and liked so much on vacation called The School of Essential Ingredients. I am hoping to love this as well. The one in the middle is Not The End Of The World by Kate Atkinson. I write down books that people recommend on their blogs. I was looking for another title by this author but could not find it so I tried this one. That is how I found the previously mentioned book. I had been LOOKING for Joy For Beginners and found the other! Can be a good way to discover a new author. The third is English as a Second Language by Megan Crane, whom I have never heard of. No one recommended this book or author. I saw it on the shelf, saw that she had several books, and decided to give it a whirl. Could go either way. On the far right we have Mia, ever the nosey Parker.

The Boy and The Dane are finally back in Chicago after their honeymoon in Florida. They evidentially had a horrendous time getting out of their layover city of Atlanta, due to thunderstorms. They were supposed to leave Florida at 8 a.m. and arrive in the Windy City at 1:17 p.m. The Boy said they finally got into Chicago around 8 in the evening! Well, they made a honeymoon memory!

I forgot to show this to you in the wedding posts.


This was in the wedding program. The Dane lost her Grandfather last year and we lost our Mom and Grandma almost four years ago. It was very touching and caught us all by surprise. There were tears. I have always loved that picture of The Boy and his Grandma. Forever present in our hearts.

Ok, that seems to be a good place to end. Go forth and do Monday!

I just realized that I forgot the gratitude thingy. Oh well, they say it takes 30 to create a habit.

***Thank you God for….

breaks in the weather. I can’t imagine being stuck for weeks and weeks.

water coming from our tap. Warren, our favorite friend from West Virginia, can’t use his water right now and it sounds like it is getting very problematic for them all. Prayers for resolution.

our Girls. I just love our Cat and Mouse, they make life full and fun!

NOW, have a good day.

Tuesday Flotsam

We spent quite a bit of time last night playing guess how cold it is now? I can’t ever remember The Mitten behaving so, so……frostily. And FYI, our house is cold, but it is not 62, this thingy sits close to the door wall, so it’s a little skewed.


It keeps saying online that the temps are about-12 for our area and the wind chills are about 30 below, but this device is in a sheltered place on our back porch, not exposed to wind, so I am going with the 26 below!

Mousey left for work at 6:30 and when she pushed the new automatic start on her little black car…..nothing. Dead as a doornail.

As dead as a doornail


Dead, devoid of life (when applied to people, plants or animals). Finished with, unusable (when applied to inanimate objects).

I met her at the back door with the keys to garage parked Juanita, who started right up. She texted after arriving that the roads were not as bad as she had feared, or else Juanita is way better than her car! Could be a bit of both!

Well, I have no need to brave all that mess, so it looks like another homebound day for Capri Kel.

I am glad you are so gracious about the list format because I may just use it again for more random things that don’t fit neatly into a category.

The Boy told me to download Quiz Up on the iPad. I should not have done that. The game matches you up with random partners of like skill for a match of various trivia. As you know, I am a fountain of useless information, this could quite possibly keep me busy until the 12th of NEVER! I have mainly played 20th century history, but last night I discovered they have a Beatles category! I am a little rusty, but I should do very well here!!!! The kids like the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones categories right nice.

Goomba did not visit with us yesterday, he opted to share his snow day with his mom at her work. Stacey had a picture on instagram of him sitting at a desk, working on some sort of a screen, looking very executive-ish!

I used my extra time to de-silver my part, finish my BSF lesson, Catch up on Words With Friends, read The Long Winter, watch a marathon of House Hunters- Where Are They Now, watch Stargate with The Ab-Cat, and you know, test the limits of my skills on Quiz Up.

Our house has been devoid of Christmas decorations since New Years Day. Hallelujah!!!!!!! Going to bed at 1 a.m. did not stop me from waking at the crack of dawn. After the Danes left at 9 to go back to Chicago, I had an entire day looming ahead of me with no plans. Honey helped me bring up all the boxes before he went back to bed and I just started packing up. I finished around 11 and then joined Honey for a nap. I was very glad to have it done. I always feel like everything needs a super good vacuuming and dusting after all the stuff has been sitting around for a month or so. Yay me!

Mousey and I are having hankerings to hit up a thrift store. We were going to take Danish Fred to the Value World when he was here, but time did not permit. We have no needs, just a strong desire for the hunt of a good bargain. Cheap entertainment. We have tentative plans to meet up with my Father and his wife Marilyn this week in their town for lunch and a field trip. When we visited them last month, our finely tuned thrift senses noticed a HUGE Salvation Army very near them! I am not kidding even a little when I say it was HUGE. They said they had been there briefly before and it sounds interesting. It won’t happen today, as Mousey is already guarding lives and will continue to do so until 4.

Maybe our new couches will come this month!

When my Uncle Bob was here over Christmas we discovered that we share a strange quirk. We knew we both had heels that require the previously mentioned Ped-Egg. We also have an inexplicable itch on our right hip in the winter. How can that be genetic?

Honey sent me this email last night.

Subject: Fwd: Keeping things in perspective………….

March 21, 2010 to October 1, 2013 is 3 years, 6 months and 10 days.
(December 7, 1941 to May 8, 1945 is 3 years, 5 months and 1 day)
What this means is that in the time we were attacked at Pearl Harbor
To the day Germany surrendered is not enough time for this Federal
Government to build a working webpage.  Mobilization of millions, building
Tens of thousands of tanks, planes, jeeps, subs, cruisers, destroyers,
Torpedoes, millions upon millions of guns, bombs, ammo, etc.  Turning
The tide in North Africa, invading Italy , D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Race
To Berlin – all while we were also fighting the Japanese in the Pacific!
And they can’t build a freaking webpage?

Have a good perspective today.

The Giant List of Doings

Ya’ll, we are socked in up here in The Mitten! They even cancelled school yesterday, which hardly ever happens.

Here are Honey and Mousey’s buried cars. Sorry it’s through the laundry room window screen. I love you dearly, but not enough to go traipsing through the snow to get a blog pho-toe.


I have a bunch of stuff to dump on you today if I ever plan to get past all the wedding, and visiting, and Christmas stuff. A list it is! Not in strict order though, that is too taxing.

I just heard the snow plow go by. The only other sound I have heard this morning was a strange skittering across the hard wood. Before you conjure up something truly heinous, let me say I discovered it was the three fat cats playing with a half of a peanut. Endless fascination for the recreationally challenged.

The temperatures have dropped from a high of 29 yesterday to a brisk 7 this morning, with dire predictions of many degrees below zero temps and wind chill to come. Honey stayed home from work last night and that is saying A LOT! I saw on the internet news that it is colder in Winnipeg, Canada than it is on MARS. Now that is a claim to fame! It is snowing to beat the band out there right now!

To beat the band

very briskly; very fast. He’s selling computers to beat the band since he started advertising. She worked to beat the band to get ready for this.

For the idiom impaired. You are welcome.

Back to Christmas Eve, spent with our dear friends, The Hostlers! Nurse Lauren, Rae Babe, Jona-fin (he’s the best!) and Awesome Autumn!


We had dinner at Ruby Tubeys and then returned to visit, have Sanders hot fudge sundaes, and play a very fun game called Loaded Questions that caused much laughter and snorting. I did not take a picture with my regular camera because we all posted it to our instagram, as we are all hip and such. Wait, I just had an idea and I don’t want to waste it.

It worked! I am not even going to tell you what I did because you will laugh at me for my ignorance.


They took a picture of all of us, which makes 2 for us this year, thanks to the wedding!


After their departure, we opened gifts! Mousey, aka Why Do I Live In Michigan? received an automatic start for her car. She has mentioned, a time or a thousand, that she hates the cold and she wants to move to Tennessee, and why did we settle in this God forsaken state? All she has to do is remember to click it on and she will have a toasty warm car to traverse to school and work in!!!


The Ab-Cat received an iPhone! Mousey had mentioned that she was thinking of getting one and Abby chimed in that she was too! This solved the gift giving dilemma concerning Abby.  Unfortunately for Mousey, Abby can actually afford to pay for a plan on an iPhone, unlike Poor Mousey. Literally and figuratively.


And moving on to Christmas Day. Beeve and Stacey hosted about 17 for dinner. We again played Loaded Questions, as The Hostler’s graciously had left it for us!

I think this is funny. The Grandpa asked for a new tape measurer. I thought that was an odd request because who doesn’t have umpteen tape measurers kicking around the house? He then explained that he wanted one with BIG NUMBERS. Oh, I totally get that Grandpa!!!!


Goomba asked for this movie, which I have not had the pleasure of viewing yet. He also received some Imaginext toys. He may single handedly keep that company afloat! The cats gave him a super hero calendar. He had a funny little comment after opening each gift, something like “I got everything I asked for!!!!” May that always be the case Little Dude!


Ok, now I need to backtrack a bit. Driving home from Chicago after the wedding I got a text from my Aunt Phyllis. She said they had heard that their town had been hit by an ice storm and they had no power. We offered them room and board but she said they were going to a hotel that night. The next night she said they couldn’t get a room and was the offer still open? We said SURE! They arrived Christmas Eve, armed and ready to BAKE!! Aunt Phyllis is the family pie maker and she had not had power to bake, so she took her pie show on the road.

They ended up staying until the 26th, which was great fun! I felt like Laura Ingalls Wilder in Little House in the Big Woods when her cousins came for Christmas!

The day after Christmas their daughter and son-in-law, Girl Cousin Lindsay and Rob B., also known nationally as Team Levine, came to play our family game of Peanuts. We hadn’t played on Christmas Day and Rob B. was….. unsettled.


Uncle Bob provided lunch, a yummy Arabic feast that tasted completely different from the traditional holiday fare!


Their fur child Ava made herself at home in a cat bed. Those three characters didn’t mind. They were in our bed and couldn’t have been blasted out of there without a stick of dynamite!


Skip ahead a couple of days, change the sheets, and we have new company! The Boy, The Dane and her parents and younger brother came to visit, and eat, and SHOP!!! This is where I completely fell off the picture taking bandwagon! I have about 6 pictures of the whole time! I am considering emailing The Dane’s mother, also known as Jeanette, to ask if she could send me some of hers. She was doing a VERY good job. Put me to shame.

The Dane received a shower curtain that she picked out along with a bathroom rug and hand towels for their new bathroom. Very practical, I know.

The Boy got a Michigan mitten cutting board and a Ped Egg. A Ped Egg you might ask? If you saw his feet you would not ask. He always uses mine when he is home and it just seemed more, I don’t know, sanitary, that he have his own. The Dane was happy, she knows the damage his heels can cause.


They also got some cash for their honeymoon to Lover’s Key down in Florida.The Boy went about thanking his Dad in his usual way.


It got worse.


We had a fondue on New Years Eve. Right in the middle is Danish Brother Fred, and to his right are the Parental Danes. We had SUCH a good time with them!! The Dane kept saying they were concerned about their English and I have no idea why! They were totally fine! They were nice AND funny, a win/win in our book!


They grow them BIG in Denmark! Fred is only 15 but is already 6 something. He and Mousey compared paws, she was totally not Danish! She has the size of Honey’s Mother’s people from Italy!


I felt very bad for The Danes, they had to pack up and drive back to Chicago to catch their plane home in a very bad snowstorm on New Years Day. They made it but saw lots of cars off the road and an overturned truck. That could not have been a calm drive. We prayed them home as best we could and they sent an email when they arrived home. That was a relief!

On the third, Honey and I drove The Boy and The Dane to the airport to catch their flight to Fort Myers in Florida for their honeymoon. I imagine they are not crying bitter tears to be away from Chicago this week, The Windy City is getting slammed too!!

The Boy has called and they both have texted and and sent pictures of their food via the green bubble message thingy on the iPad. This was from The Dane’s instagram. Not too shabby!


It sounds like they have had some rain, but still a better deal than the north right now. The rumor is they will be in the 80s soon. They are hoping to catch up with Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ who left for The Sunshine State just before New Years.

Well, it’s looking like a frozen tundra out there. Temps are down to 4 just since I started typing. I began reading The Long Winter by my girl Laura yesterday. I should go and get my wig on straight because Goomba should be arriving soon. He got a snow day but his mom and dad didn’t. We have stuff to make little pizzas, a big breakfast, soup and I have a full pint of cream and enough rolls of toilet paper. We should be good for a day or two! Stay warm Guys!

A Very Smallish List

The walking season with Keelyody is officially closed. The snow has arrived. Plus it is a whopping 1 degree out there. Instant chappage I fear. It looks Christmassy though!

This could be a spotty blog week, just a heads up.

Next week could be too.

It appears I have fallen into a Christmas card sending routine. One year on, one year off. This is an off year, so the acts of writing a letter and getting a picture have been removed from my to do list.

I am ok with that.

There is shopping to do, I am quite behind on that front.

Sadly, some of this week will be devoted to a funeral for the husband of a dear friend from BSF. Please pray for Diana, her husband died of cancer so quickly she could barely get her mind around the diagnosis before he slipped away from this life.

Rae Babe and I firmed up our Christmas Eve plans via texting. We are so tech savvy.

We didn’t talk about where to go, but just knowing it’s on the calendar is comforting!

She even showed me pictures of her beautimously decorated house!

Honey has been trying to throw out a sign that blew into our yard, advertising the company that painted our neighbors house. For three weeks! The garbage men wouldn’t take it! I’ll be honest, I have thought about forking it back in the neighbors yard!

The can is upside down, I think they may have taken it! Or else it’s still in the can, just lurking around for another week. If it’s still there, I am totally putting it back in their yard!!!

The Boy and The Dane are busily preparing for their wedding in Chicago this week, oh, and finals too!

Her family arrives in stages this week, I know she is very excited to see them.

Her parents and younger brother will be visiting with us in The Mitten the week after Christmas. It will be nice to meet them. Well, we have met them on Skype, does that count?

Ok, going to go eat now. I need to fortify myself to brave the frigid weather out there. I will feel a lot better if I get some shopping out of the way.

Be productive, be be productive!

Monday Plans

Good Monday morning to you all.

I see we have had snow in the night and that does not bode well for a walk with Keelyody. I believe I have mentioned that we are fair weather walkers. We walk in any temperature, but not snow and rain.

Honey and I are driving to Chicago today, pulling a U-Haul full of stuff for The Boy and The Dane’s new apartment. The Boy has already moved in.

Here is where I tell you some sad news. They did not get the kitten. When they were here over Thanksgiving they got a text from the girl who was giving them the cat. The cat that they had visited and were receiving daily pictures of. The girl said her husband had decided she could keep the cat, sorry. There was sadness in the land. And a little disgust.

They are now exploring other cat acquiring options.

After we picked up the U-Haul, we stopped at my brother Beeve’s to pick up my Grandma’s china cabinet (that we used for about 10 years, then Beeve used for about 15 years, and now is passed on again!), her coffee table and an end table of my Mother’s, that I am positive is older than me. Beeve then came over here to help Honey load up the rest.

They wedged a queen sized bed and frame, leather ottoman, 2 more end tables of my Mom and Dad’s, a blue swivel chair that The Boy got from his friend K.T in high school, a file cabinet, framed pictures, BOXES of books, bedding and various totes of household items. I am VERY impressed with their packing skills!!! It’s like a jigsaw puzzle in there! They got it all in, and there is even a little room left in the car.

I was watching a little television in bed last night before I went to sleep. I found Armageddon with Bruce Willis. That is one of those movies that we watch whenever we come across it. Who doesn’t like a good saving the world flick?

The cats are thoroughly enjoying the Christmas tree and skirt. And rearranging it. They had the skirt completely off the other morning. No wonder they are so exhausted all day long, they work so hard all night.

Friday went well with The Ab-Cat and Aunt Phyllis. Abby introduced herself to the contact in human relations, then went to Manpower and took some tests and had an interview. We are hoping that she will now be on their radar and that they and God will find a good position for her.

Once again, I cannot say enough about Phyllis’ skills of tenacity! I told her I admired the pit bull virtue I saw in her! She had more instructions for Abby last night while we were playing Words With Friends. She had dined with her friend Brenda, who works at U of M in payroll, and Brenda had another suggestion for Ab. Thank you for your prayers!

Honey just came home from work and we were discussing the itinerary for the day. We will leave when he gets up around 2 or 3. We have concurred that we will be hitting Chicago at a bad time, but then agreed there is probably not a good time! Lots of traffic in them there parts.

In the meantime, I am going to work on a little shopping. Have a good day.


Hi Guys. Does it seem like Christmas is breathing down your neck this year? For goodness sake, slow this train D.O.W.N.!

The house is decorated, the tree is up as of last night. We have Caregroup tonight, there was a deadline.

The leaves in the front yard are raked and collected. The back looks good. The one side looks a little leafy still, but we are running out of time here. We may have to let those sleeping dogs lie.

One more week of BSF then a glorious break until January 9. I love BSF, but breaks are most welcome!

I have about 4 presents bought and sitting in my closet. That is going to have to change.

It is 25 degrees this morning and Keelyody and I are still walking! We walk until there is snow, or ice or sleet on the ground. We are not postmen.

I went to a new urologist on Wednesday for a second opinion. Because my first urologists opinion was the opposite of thorough and organized, or helpful.

I liked the new fellow a lot. He seemed very normal and spoke with me like I was a person, I always like that quality in a doctor.

We ended up talking a little about our kids, our holidays and his game plan. I was very excited that he had a game plan, other than take the medicine and come back in 6 months. Which, by the way, feels like being put off, because one does not have a game plan. 

I left the office feeling hopeful and like God had done some groundwork before I had arrived. God always has a game plan.

This new fellow came highly recommended by our close personal friends in the pediatric department of urology at U of M., otherwise known as The Ab-Cat’s doctor since she was six.

Come to find out, Abby’s doctor is the new fellows BOSS.

It’s good to have friends in high places.

Speaking of friends in high places, my Aunt Phyllis has a friend who works at the very same University of Michigan Hospital. The friend has been looking into getting Abby a job at said U of M Hospital. Today, Phyllis, Abby and I are meeting aforementioned friend for lunch and they are going to introduce Abby to someone in an important department. If she comes to mind, could you please, P.L.E.A.S.E., pretty please pray that this goes well and that it will lead to employment for our Girl.

There has been very limited hiring over there all year, this would have to be a God Thing.

Nothing is too hard for God.

Jeremiah 32:17
"Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.


Jeremiah 29:11

New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I have been very blessed by my Aunt Phyllis’ tenacity in this whole endeavor. I feel like she is calling in a favor on Abby’s behalf and we are completely grateful.

She is like a petite, 5’1, pit bull with a game plan!!!!!! We are SO thankful!

Off we go.

Hope your weekend is tenaciously accomplished.


It was the week of Thanksgiving, and all through the house….

Happy week of Thanksgiving Y’All!

I believe I mentioned that the Thursday holiday has joophered up the BSF schedule. I will be heading over to leaders meeting shortly, and I am breathing a huge sigh of relief that I going with my completed lesson! BARELY.

Honey and I got quite a bit accomplished on Saturday and it was a good thing, not much was happening around here on Sunday. Went to church, had lunch, took a nap, and completed afore mentioned lesson. The End.

I was going to show you the spray painting things I did for The Ab-Cat’s bedroom. I then realized that I have the before and during shots, but alas, have no afters.

I will put that on my to do list, which is growing at the moment, in preparation of hosting the holiday.

Honey is reconsidering the wisdom of a November vacation as he was not 100% finished with his outside work before we left. He came home to leaves on the ground, a last lawn mowing, and frozen hoses, among other things. If any of you have been around here any length of time, unfinished outside work plays havoc with his Italian heritage. It rubs his finicky outdoor Day-go fur the wrong way.

Also, due to the monsoons we have been experiencing up here in The Mitten, he has already had to pump a good bit of pool water out, almost unheard of this early in the season.

We did make some headway in our disaster of a basement. It had become a sort of dumping ground, full of things I had brought home from my parents sold home this summer, containers full of household goods that each child wanted, the solar pool cover and three stacked lounge chairs.

There were also piles of things, waiting to be boxed and taken to our friendly, neighborhood Salvation Army.

Honey has been bringing me boxes home from work, so that step is now complete. They are still languishing in the basement though, awaiting their ride.

Cross that off my list Baby!!!

There is more purging to do, but I think it is after holiday work.

Have I mentioned that the weather has turned?

Oh.My.Word. It’s like someone flipped a switch and it is freaking FREEZING out there!

Teens and under. How rude.

In conversations with the Girls and The Boy and The Dane, we have agreed on our Introduction to Christmas Movie. Last year’s choice was The Grinch, the one with Jim Carrey, not the cartoon. The Girls suggested Elf.

While on the phone with The Boy, he asked if it could be The Grinch again, because evidently The Dane is not strong in Dr. Seuss, and he feels it is his duty to introduce her to the world of The Who’s. 

The Grinch it is!

And then he suggested that there is no rule that we could not watch Elf in addition!

Bring on the holiday!


The first week home from vacation is behind us.

There is not much to show for it. We have GOT to get cracking on this Thanksgiving holiday thing.

We did buy the Butterball, it is quietly defrosting (hogging) on the majority of the bottom shelf in the fridge.

I have to clean for Caregroup this evening, so that is a good many steps in the right direction.

Our Caregroup chose the book of James to study. I like James, he has spoken good words to me in the past.

Daylight savings time is kicking my tail!

I wanted to go to bed last night at 7:30.

When I came upstairs from working yesterday at 3:30, it was already twilight.

Not the kind with vampires and bad acting either.

I am very relieved to have those great room couches ordered.

It was weighing on me. Lounging is very important in our family.

I was hoping that my desire to replace our more casual couches for less casual couches would not cause a comfort problem.

Honey approved it, so there shouldn’t be any lack of comfort fall out to land on my shoulders.

Wednesday and Thursday are the typical days that I go to my Bible study (BSF), so that means I was just there yesterday.

Due to Thanksgiving being on Thursday, we scootch class to Tuesday next week, and leaders meeting to Monday.

So that means I have to have my lesson done for leaders meeting by Monday. That is a very quick turn around for me considering that I don’t usually START my lesson until Monday.

I realize this is not really a huge problem. Mainly a time management issue.

On my mind nonetheless.

We highlighted Mousey’s hair just a little bit this week.

We are liking it very much! We will be sure to show you in the Thanksgiving pictures.

I also colored my skunk stripe this weekend. That is exciting to no one but me.

Honey hung The Ab-Cat’s new ceiling light and fan yesterday, and hung up the light in her bathroom that I spray painted. Did I ever tell you about that? Maybe Monday.

It looks loverly and I am going to call her room COMPLETED!

Or it will be after this weekend when I hang up the final curtain panel on her door wall and steam the whole kit and caboodle with The Oreo Mom’s graciously loaned steamer! I didn’t really want to iron all 6 panels!

The Oreo Mom is a handy gal to know! She has skills, equipment and such!

I wore my favorite Naples Goodwill purchase to BSF yesterday with already owned leggings and boots, and received many complements! One gal even said she was coveting!


I don’t find the picture all that flattering, but Oh.My.Word, was it comfortable!

I actually had a pretty good run at The Goodwill this vacation, I don’t know if I mentioned that. Not as much as usual, but definitely good stuff! I will try and gather some up from all corners of the house to give you a peek.

Well, that is 500 words of information you didn’t even need to hear to survive. I hope you have a most loverly, pre Thanksgiving weekend!

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