The Polar Express

It is 3:16 and it is so windy it woke me up. The wind-chimes are dancing and the cats are totally freaked out. And then I realized I was hungry, so I got up. I also took something off the front porch that I thought might not be there in the morning. It sounds like a freight train out there!

As my friend,  Jip the Farm Dog, could tell you , it is not unheard of that I would wake up at a super stupid time, especially when I have a lot on my mind. This is not one of those times. It really was the wind. So I did the porch retrieval (and let in the arctic BLAST) and had a Pumpkin Spice Flax bar (leftover from when Ab-Cat was in the hospital this summer, they are ok but we like the peanut butter ones better, probably why this one was still kicking around) and looked to see if I had any comments. Cause I have to check that several  times a day, you know. I didn’t.

The kids and I were excited to watch a NEW episode of “House ” last night. We are very tired of the writers strike around here. Really missing Jack and the Gang at CTU (24), all our favorite Heroes, and most especially the folks at Dunder Mifflin (The Office). I had to say what the shows were really called cause as strange as it sounds to me, I can think of several who read this who probably wouldn’t know who those people were. We also watched American Idol. This is our kids favorite part of the process and my least. I start liking it when they get to Hollywood.  The people at this stage are worrisome. I hope none of them live near us. The next big excitement will be “Lost”, and 2 out of 3 kids will be returning for their viewing pleasure. Little Girl says she is done with it cause they killed off Charlie.

Well, I am going to go back to bed and try again. It doesn’t seem any calmer, but my belly is full and my eyes are a tad heavy.  Dang wind.


Miss Mousey Gets A Haircut

We have six heads of hair to cut at our house. Five human, one canine. All are cut by me , except my own head, which is usually cut by Mrs. Schmenkman. Katie, the Dog, is cut several times a year when we can no longer stand looking at her. I can cut the entire household and cut all three cats claws, front and back, in the time that it takes to clip her. Sometimes I need the First Born to help me wrangle the six pound BEAST. And cutting her toenails? FORGET IT. I was glad they did it last week at the vet when they knocked her out to clean her teeth. 

Honey usually just wakes up and says”I need a haircut” and off we go.  Older Girl and The Boy NEVER want their hair cut and they follow the Katie rule,  it gets cut when I can no longer stand looking at them. Now Little Girl, she is a completely different story. She always wants her hair cut. And colored. And “could we just do this?” I am not complaining though, it is nice to have someone  who appreciates living with a hairdresser.


The Muggins


She used the flat iron.


She told me EXACTLY what she wanted.


I think she did well! She has plans to spike the top up, I look forward to seeing it.

Monday Question

Since I told you (all 2 of you, at least) about my January bargains, tell me about your best one this month.

January Bargains Part 2

About a year and a half ago The Boy (aka Mr. Jiggy Fly) discovered a store that he wanted to patronize. It was called Value World. I did not have much experience with thrift stores, nothing against them mind you, just wasn’t really aware of where one might be. When the kids were younger, I garage saled quite a bit. Nothing important, but it was fun and the kids loved to spend their buck on something new and fun. So any how, one summer I took the Boy and his friend, Elyk, to Value World. They had MUCH fun and bought shirts. I walked around looking , but not touching. Several months later the Boy and same friend wanted to go back. So we went and brought the Girls. The very first thing out of their mouths was , “what is that smell?” It did have a musty old basement smell that I HAD noticed on my 1st visit. In our family 4 out of 5 have the hound dog nose gene, and the girls were having NONE of this place. The boys happily did their thing; looked for shirts, and I again looked &  touched a little. I did find the Little Girl (aka Muggins Q. Mouse) a really cute sweatshirt, light blue with snowflakes, and it was a popular brand (since I don’t know such things , I can only say it was astronaut-apostle or something like that) and at that point she was guardedly interested. I believe on that trip the Older Girl (aka Ab-Cat) found a Johnny Depp video and she was pleased as well. We have been back a handful of times since and went again last week. This time it was only the Boy, Little Girl and I. The boy found a shirt (of course and under $2.00)) Little Girl found a pair of gorilla slippers (for $1.60) and a pair of jeans (for $4.80) that she had to try on in the middle of a garment rack because they have no dressing rooms, now that is a funny memory! And I found this:


I seriously don’t think it has ever been used ! It is a “wear it across your body” purse, the kind I like for when I am doing a lot of shopping, or traveling and cannot bear the thought of carrying anything on my shoulder for that long. As Mrs. Schmenkman could tell you, I have a lot of rules about my purses. They cannot be too big or too small, cannot be open at the top (absolutely NOT), can’t have 2 handles (one always flops down), blah, blah, blah. Well, this is a perfect find for me, as it has slots for the credit cards & license, small space for band aids (hey, you never know) Splenda packets, & tissues and then a ZIPPERED  back compartment for cell phone, lipstick, gum, dental floss (I always have that) and other girl junk. It  also has the highly coveted feature of being both black (on bottom) and brown (on top). Most important the last few years, because I am too lazy to actually change my purse when I change my shoe color. And I feel weird when they don’t match. So, all that to say, look at my new purse, I got it for $3.20 at Value World!


This is actually not a January bargain. It was a bargain, but Honey and I found it and  Honey hung it before Christmas. It was bought with some money my Mom and Dad gave me LAST year for Christmas with a little added by us. I didn’t do anything right away because I was waiting for The Decorator to come home from her winter place and help me choose. I forgot all about it and we were both busy anyway getting our crash nursing degrees, and before I knew it, she flew south again. So I winged it. How did I do?

January Bargains Part 1

As I mentioned in my “About Capri Kel” column, I love a good deal. Sometimes I think I love something even MORE if it was a bargain. As a matter of fact we were discussing this very thing at our Bible study on Thursday morning. We not only love our fabulous bargains, we feel compelled to share the details of our hunt and capture. Hula Laurie had on a HOT new jacket that received MANY compliments. She looked great and it was our job to tell her. Her comment as she walked by was “Thanks! $7.00 on clearance at Kohls” We all nodded and aahhed with great admiration and respect. I love that.

I think I also mentioned that I like to shop at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Homegoods, the trifecta of good shopping. Imagine my shock and disbelief when making an after Christmas purchase at the TJ Maxx in Westland (I think we have been going there since I could drive! Some 30 years, oh my , that sounds bad) and the helpful cashier gave me the shocking announcement that they were closing in 15 days! Now this is probably the location I frequent the most, as it is semi on the way home from BSF (the Bible study) and I sometimes just pop in for a “Chai Run” (see a couple posts down) and a quick look-see. The following Wed. after BSF  I went in search of a bargain and found these sleep pants on clearance for $10.00 and everything in the store was an additional 20% off.


We Capri’s are especially fond of this brand ( you can hardly see the logo) “Life is Good”.  Cute stuff and it generally reflects our life attitude. I have recently converted from Nighties to P.J.’s and I am trying to MATCH my tops with bottoms (something that never bothered me, but Capri L assures me  is major important, that little quirk carries over to every area of her life too; sheets, clothes & shoes, home goods, undies & on & ON)  Love the daisies (don’t you think dasies are the FRIENDLIEST flower) & love the purchase. I am actually wearing them now.


Went back the next week (as if I didn’t SCOUR the place last week) just to see what was still there. Not too much , but I did score ANOTHER pair! And this week everything was store wide 40% off!!! And perhaps the best part was I already had a navy fleece top with 3 little , you guessed it, SNOWFLAKES, on the chest. How’s that for matching Mrs. Schmenkman!

I Have A Blog!

Have just gotten off the webcam with Mrs. Schmenkman, where we chatted about MANY things, but inevitably returned time and time again to our obsession at the moment; OUR NEW BLOGS! My children think there is something wrong with me. For the past few days almost every conversation I start goes something like this:

Me: I have a blog.

Child: Yes, I know that.

Me:Isn’t it EXCITING?

Child:(complete with eye rolling) Oh yeah.

Me: Have you read my new post, come read my new post.

Child: (Physically sat in front of the computer, blog waiting) That’s nice, can I go now?

Me: So what did you think?   

And on and on it goes. Imagine the same scenario involving the Husband. To be honest though, he does show marginally more interest.

I had a conversation with the Older Girl as she was driving us to her physical therapy appointment yesterday. I began to tell her of my clever idea for a new post on my blog. She listened for a moment before asking me WHY was I so obsessed about this stinking blog??? I told her that this is what me and my “old ” friends are doing for fun these days!  Mrs. Schmenkman and I decided that with all this stimulating learning going on we are doing our part to hold off Alzheimer’s.

Well, we do what we can.

The Hot Seat


My brother, Beeve, lost his cat Chelsea several years ago and he recently asked if our Girls would like to have her old bed. I said sure, we like beds. The Girls currently have 4 beds, plus 4 people beds, a large basket and several couches that they all regularly make good use of. Since Beeve dropped it off earlier this week it has hardly been empty! Katie especially has staked her claim (because she especially NEEDS a bed large enough for her) and has been seen impatiently waiting for it to be unoccupied.


 Lucy StinkerBelle has logged the LEAST amount of time. Probably because she prefers Mousey’s bed.

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Chai heaven!


I am the only person who does NOT drink coffee at our house. I have  chosen as my favorite drink this, as of late , ridiculously  hard to come by , scrumtrulescent drink. We have only been able to find it at TJ Maxx, Home Goods or Marshalls. It has been particularly hard to come by the last year or so. So in other words, as my addiction increased, the scarcity increased! Usually Capri Deb & Capri Patt have better luck than I in finding it, but lately there hasn’t been much luck at all. Until last week!!! Capri Deb had a MAJOR SCORE!!! Combined with a few bottles that Capri Patt found just before heading down to her winter home, I now have a total of 15 YES 15 bottles of liquid gold in my pantry! Thank you Girls, I am so happy!!! Hey Mrs. Schmenkman, care to join me for a cup of Chai tomorrow a.m. on the webcam???


 Abby and I are practicing posting pictures. This is Capri L and I a couple of summers ago. Obviously not today, since it was a whopping 8 degrees this a.m.!


I just asked The Boy what I should say and he asked me “why would you want a blog if you don’t know what to say???” Thanks to The Girl for helping me get this up and running. That would be one thing my friends could tell you about me; I am computer illiterate. Surely I will get better as I go!

I’m not quite sure why I wanted to start this, but hopefully it will be a way for me to keep in better touch with those I want to be in better touch with, and be able to share what I am doing, making, bargains found and very random thoughts! Let the blogging begin!