Look What I Found!

Back in the February Bargains post, I was lamenting how you cannot find winter apparel in Michigan during the coldest months. I had lost ONE of the cutest gloves I have ever owned. And this prevented me from wearing a couple of my coats. Because I just couldn’t wear them with my  lone pair of ratty brown suede gloves. It wouldn’t have been prudent.

When I was vacuuming in the laundry room the other day, I saw something poking out from behind the green drawer thingy that Honey uses to store his “pocket dump” when he comes in the house. Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was my one, long lost,  cutest glove I have ever owned!


I was SO happy! I couldn’t believe it. Do you know how many times I almost threw out the remaining glove? I just kept seeing, it lying there in the glove basket, taunting me, reminding me that I could not fathom where its mate could have gotten to.

Of course, it is now almost May. And I have no need for gloves. But, I’m still glad to have recovered it. If only so I can stop  trying to remember where I could have lost it. And at the end of the summer, I will be stocking up on some gloves. Cause I want to be better prepared if it ever happens again.


A Visitor For the Weekend

Mousey is in the eighth grade. She told us in the beginning of the year that at some point she would be bringing home a “Real Baby” for the weekend. You know, those babies that you have to care for and it’s supposed to make you realize that a baby is a lot of work?  I think she was a little excited.

Last weekend was the weekend.  And she was ever so happy  to drop that child off first thing this morning!!! She has been SO busy, oh, so busy.

She brought the “baby” home on the bus Friday and has been working  ever since. For the first day and a half, the key and chime mechanism were not working right, and that caused little Juliana Alexis to have  these major ugly fits. Poor Mousey had her own little meltdown during this time. She was worried she would fail the project. I told her I would write a note for her, SWEARING that she was a fit parent, and was jumping through flaming hoops, trying to calm this child. That seemed to calm my child  some.

Then, she accidentally broke the plastic bracelet, that the key disc was on, while getting dressed. That brought on another panic attack. Cause I guess that proves  that you abandoned the thing, or something like that. But, she did  take that opportunity to change the disc to the spare disc, before we pinned the bracelet back on. And I had to write that whole incident in the note as well. But ever since she replaced the disc, the whole thing has worked much better.

She has done an admirable job caring for the little Mexican baby. She has fed, burped, changed her diaper,  juggled her, has had her sleep and a shower interrupted. All the while supporting it’s little head, so it wouldn’t get “shaken baby syndrome”.  She has had to carry her little bundle of joy to the library, church and the Dollar Store in its little car seat. Just like real life. She even wondered if some people would think she was an unwed teen mother, and tried to foist her off on The Ab-Cat or me.   I have seen her work very conscientiously this weekend and have seen little glimpses of motherhood in her.

 I will be glad  to have the baby gone as well. Cause MY Baby was too busy with her baby all weekend. And I missed her. I need some sugar from our Girl.

In my note to the teacher, I commended her on the project. Cause Mousey informed me that she has NO INTENTION of having a baby any time soon. She said it was “like death”.


I think I mentioned a week or so ago that the 2008 walking season had begun. It’s going well, but I am still breaking the body in from a long winter of inactivity.

I came to the conclusion several years ago that I needed some exercise in my life. It wasn’t because I like it or anything. It was purely a maintenance kind of thing. Because, as Honey is always telling me, I need to stay in good shape so I can take care of him when he is old.

I am not the least bit athletic. In any way, shape or form. I don’t ever purposely  induce perspiring. A couple of years ago I had to hurry to get something, and The Boy commented that he had never seen me run before. I’m sure I wasn’t running.  I couldn’t even tell you the last time I did that!

 I was on the volleyball team in high school, and to this day I have no idea why. Someone must have talked me into it for some bogus reason. I hated all that practice. And the girls, except for my 2 friends, well, let’s just say they were a different breed than I was. They lived and breathed all things sporty. I was all about the social scene, and what I was going to wear, who I wanted to see in concert, and how much I loved Tom Selleck and Magnum P.I. I didn’t care about STATS.

 As a matter of fact, I use a favorite line from “Remember The Titans” quite a bit. It’s when the little tomboy daughter of one coach is giving a little too much information about football to the “accessorizing” daughter of the other coach. She spouts the immortal line ” Cheryl, CHERYL !!  I-DO-NOT-CARE!!!!!”  Cause sport talk, like fish talk, makes my eyes glaze over.

The obvious choice for my exercise was walking. I have done it all my life, it’s something I can handle. So a couple years ago, while on my yearly Memorial Weekend Extravaganza at Mrs. Schmenkmans, I decided to get serious. I bought these:

 New Balance WALKING shoes. And they made a big difference! Cause in the past, I never thought there was a need for walking shoes. All tennis shoes are tennis shoes, right? Wrong. I always wondered why I had so much trouble. They have served me well. And I do my very best to not garden in them, cause I forgot once and got them all dirty. 

So, as I mentioned, I walk for health. It’s all about taking care of the temple. And I do want my temple to be in good shape for our later years.  I need to be in peak performance shape, cause I don’t want to let Honey down.

But if I had my druthers? This is what I would be doing.


Honey called for me to get the camera.

It’s a good thing Katie didn’t see it. We have to spell that word around her.

The Good Things in Life

I believe I may  have mentioned that I do not have a sister. And those who know me well have heard it many, many times. It is a sad fact that I bring up regularly, especially to people who tell me they have a have a lot of sisters. People otherwise known as “sister hogs”. It was why I was so happy that Mousey was a girl. We had given The Ab-Cat a SISTER!

When I was four, God and my parents saw fit to give me a brother, whom I dearly love, but I still had to go fishing for my own sisters. Since I complain often  (no whining, mind you)  about my sisterless state, it would be dishonest of me NOT to let you know that the Lord has really  gifted me with Sister-Friends.  I could not do without them. And a couple of them have even offered to graciously donate their sisters to me! Of course, they would want to give me the ones that bug them.

Yesterday, I was able to go to lunch with one of my Sister-Friends. We have been friends since we were 14. I spent the majority of my teen years at her house, and fell in love with her family as well. So, we have much to discuss when we are together. Plus, we have the added bonus of being able to amuse each other to no end. We talked for 4 hours. And I can tell you, there were no lulls in the conversation. Except when we were laughing.

Here she is, Suzanne Suzanna Danna. We were sitting on a bench at the mall. I took 27, yes twenty seven pictures trying to get the shot.

We got tickled.

This was my very favorite one.

We were laughing because this looked like a bum.

It was my knees.

I can’t speak for her, but I had a wonderful time. When I leave her, I always wonder why we waited so long to get together? We have big plans for the summer. Since my family likes to watch movies and lay like gerbils all over each other on the couch ( a skill that I learned at her house!) , I suggested she come hang with us. And if she’s lucky, we’ll play Apples To Apples. Cause we play a wild game. And I know she will fit right in. 

So today I am thanking God for my Sister-Friend.  He knew what He was doing all along.

Haircut and Color

I reached my stringy, too-long hair phase at the beginning of March. But I didn’t want to get it cut until after vacation, because humidity makes me look like a bushwoman, and I really needed the hair clip option for Florida. And I couldn’t risk  it being cut too short, thus loosing the option.

I also ordered my new prescription sunglasses at Sam’s. I will take another picture when I pick them up next week, cause they are HOT!.  So a recap: haircut, gray gone, can see in the sun?  Bring on summer WHOO HOO!

A little dark.

Outside was better!

Meet the Huxtables

I found this picture when I was looking for the old, hideous church directory photo. It was laying on the desk next to the computer. The Boy walked in, looked at it, and laughed. He said ” Bill Cosby called and he wants his sweaters back”.  They really are bad, are they not?  You can’t really tell, but my hair was styled in a fashionable 80’s asymmetrical do, while Honey is looking especially sporty in his mullet. And I don’t know why his eyes are not all the way open. Maybe that is the way he looked in 1986. But as you can see, they are BOTH looking in the same direction!!

The Way They Were

This picture was taken on one of our many trips to the Toledo Zoo. Our kids loved the zoo. Seeing this picture made me nostalgic.

There are a lot of sweet memories surrounding every single one of these precious children.

Like The Boy and his cute haircut, sweet face and his shirt we bought at his school fundraiser.

And then Ab-Cat, adorable, smiling and happy, wearing her “Wheelchair Sports Camp” hat.

And Muggins, well I bought that adorable little sundress while shopping with Mrs. Schmenkman, and look at our baby sucking her thumb, I could just eat her up!

Just looking at this and remembering this day brings a smile to my face. Every mother thinks that their children are the most wonderful things she will ever see.

 Mousey’s only comment was, “did you see the kid behind us picking his nose?” I never even noticed that!

Thou Shalt Not Covet Your Neighbors……..

I have a confession to make. I have been coveting. Not my neighbors ass, or house, or anything like that. I was coveting our friends camera.

We have a wide assortment of cameras at our house. Several regular film cameras, and 3 digital.  Maybe 8 or so years ago Honey gave me a new camera, and I LOVED it. I would tell you the name of it, but The Boy took it to school for his photography class, and that information is just not handy at the moment. You would think that I would know that information, due to my great love and length of time that I have owned it. But you would be wrong in your assumption.

I have happily used this camera for many years to get good shots for my scrapbooking endeavors. It zooms in so close and clear. It has been one of my all time favorite things.

Now we enter the digital age. I resisted strongly. As I resist  ALL things new and, in my personal opinion, complicated. Ab-Cat has had one for several years and would show me her pictures, and even download them on my MySpace for me. But I never touched the thing. What if I pushed the wrong button and erased everything??? Oh, I would have just died!

Honey bought one last year, in haste, because he was going to Japan for work the next day. For the month of June. Maybe I’ll tell you about that someday. That whole summer had some blog-worthy stories. Anyhow, the main feature we were concerned about for that  purchase was cost. Cause what if he lost it during ALL the traveling he was doing? And it was just to take a few shots of Mt. Fuji and some other “must see” spots.

And last, but not least, Q. Mouse jumped on the bandwagon at Christmas. To take all of those shots I told you about a couple of posts ago. The ones with gigantic faces, weird poses, her cat, Lucy,  her food at camp, and other important stuff.

I never laid a finger on a single one of them, until I started this blog. And then I knew that I had to do it. I had to take the giant leap into a new age. I had to learn to stretch, challenge myself and to learn a new way. And I did.

Much to Ab’s displeasure, I “learned” on her camera. And due to the aforementioned resistance to learn new technology, I didn’t want to “learn” again on anyone else’s. So she is having to constantly navigate the muddy waters of my blog-tography.

So we now have 3 digital cameras. And they all have approximately the exact same capabilities, as they were all around $100.00. And none can zoom in to the degree to which I have become accustomed. And the pictures are not as crisp, clear and colorful as those to which I have become accustomed. Honey’s suggestion was that I simply unaccustom  myself.  

So, now comes the coveting part. Last Wednesday, at Mousey’s last swim meet of the year, we saw some friends, whose daughters also swim. We were there for 4 1/2 hours, I’M NOT KIDDING!!!!!!! And we did not even stay til it was over! Because we were hungry! But, it was so nice to have friends to talk to while we waited for our children to swim.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I don’t like talking to Honey. Cause we talk a lot. But that is a long time for us to entertain each other at one stretch. And if you asked me for two pieces of advice about choosing a mate, I would say number one would be to marry a follower of Jesus Christ, and number two would be to find someone who can entertain you. That is a truly useful skill.  I know it has come in handy for us over the years.

Back to the coveting. One of our friends, Officer Mark, was showing us his new camera. It looked like a professional camera.  I even know the name of it!  A Canon Rebel X something. And he bought it at Best Buy. I was ever so impressed. And he was gracious enough to give me a little lesson. That thing had a zoom to die for! And it had a feature where you could take a million  pictures in 10 seconds! And you could crop, and focus and this and that and then he let me use it! 

 He should not have done that.  Cause now I have this little sin issue going on. I want his camera.

Well yesterday Honey and I were at Sam’s Club, buying mass quantities of food to consume, and he checked to see if they had the Canon Rebel X something. And they did! But then he made me guess how much they were. And that is never a good sign. And then I remembered  that Officer Mark had said 2 times at the swim meet that he had bought it at Best Buy, two years, same as cash. And at the time, I didn’t get why he said it. But now I do. 

I might have to accustom  myself to one with a few less bells and whistles. But I really just want that camera.

The Bane of my Existance

I have a new form of excercise that I am perfecting. I will be making a video as soon as I can get funding. I have been kicking around names for my latest creative endeavor. The one I keep coming back to is “Kill the Woodpecker”.

I am not anti-bird or anything. I think they are very sweet and I enjoy them as one of God’s many amazing, well thought out creations. I love our  mourning doves, or “swingset birds”, named by Ab-Cat many years ago. But this woodpecker? There is just something wrong with it.

 We back up to a creek, and there are a lot of trees around. But for the last 3, or 4 years we have had a woodpecker return to this, its own true love :

This is our chimney for the gas fireplace. A whole tower of wood to bore into for whatever it is woodpeckers are looking for when they peck wood. But our woodpecker is not a fan of the wood. See the metal cage at the top? That is what our little friend is attracted to. He drills away and it reverberates down the chimney and into our house. It is  it’s morning routine.

And nothing can cause Honey to come flying out of our room faster, wakened from a dead sleep, wild-eyed and in his underwear, yelling, “can’t you hear that????”  I’ll just let you think about that for a minute.

This causes the cats to freak out, and me to launch into the above mentioned exercise. I run from wherever I am in the house,  grab the football, conveniently stored on the shelf of our bakers rack, hurryhurryhurry to get the door wall open, run outside yelling “you are going to die!!!”, throw the football, and it flies away. We probably do this 1 to 8 times a day. Not only does the drilling noise scare the cats, my stampeding out the door causes them no small amount of distress. Not to mention, when I go tearing out the door, the ducks in the pool go flying as well. It is not the way to start the day for any of us.

I just had a thought though. Maybe it IS the woodpeckers way to start the day. Maybe it is it’s favorite way to start the day. People-watching. And we do put on a show.

What exactly is  the life span for a woodpecker?

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