The Issue of the Issues

Yesterday was a day I have been dreading. My Baby went to Student Life Camp. In Tennessee. On a bus. That will be on the freeway. And we are not with her.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want her to go, because I know she loves camp. I have very fond memories of going to camp myself in jr. and sr. high. It really has more to do with me and my “issues”.  Issues that involve driving, and freeways, and our children being away from us.

It is something that I talk to God about a lot. Probably because it keeps coming up. Because, the kids, they like to do things.

You would think that I would not have these kinds of issues. After all, I was driving when we had our life changing car accident. So obviously, bad things can happen when I am in control. And truthfully, I don’t think it is a control issue. I am not a control freak type person, and I am not a worrier by nature.

What I think it is though, is more of an awareness  that just because something hard has happened to you, it doesn’t exempt  you from something hard happening again. And that is where the issue  comes in. I KNOW  that God is in control. I know  that He loves us and has a plan for our lives. I know  that in this world, we will have trouble and I know  that He is FAITHFUL  to provide what we need to weather the troubled times. But I am also aware that I have not seen all  of the trouble that I am going to experience in my life.

When you are filling out all of the permission slip/ paper work that camp involves, and putting your health care information on there, and having the whole kit and caboodle notarized, it all takes on a tone. And it makes me think about trouble. And pray that it’s not time for more trouble.

I have had many  conversations with my dear friend Vickie about this.  Because she is pretty much my therapist and mentor. And some years, I am pretty sure I was her part time job! She always has good advice, and has pointed me to Jesus on a thousand, or so, occasions. And guess who came to get her hair done this week? Isn’t that just like God? To give me a friend to talk with, the very week I needed one!

I’m not sure that we even talked about the actual issue, but it didn’t matter. Her presence and her Godly wisdom calmed me, and reminded me that prayer is essential, and God hears our prayers. I know  that His will is going be done. But I also know that He says to ask for what we want. So I am going  to ask  for what I want. And this is what I want:

1. For Mousey to be safe from all harm and evil.

2. For a hedge of protection to be around her, the bus, and the other kids.

3. The bus driver to be alert and have wisdom.

4. Keep ALL vehicles, animals and THINGS  away from them, and keep them on the road.

5. That she would learn this week that our God is even more awesome than she knew!

Mousey knows that I have issues. Probably not all the ins and outs of them, but she has observed that I have some trouble in this area. So she was very sweet when she said goodbye to me.

But, then I got sidetracked and started talking to people. When I finally  left, I had to have another hug and kiss. I whispered in her ear that I was sorry, I have a hard time letting her go. She gently said “I know”, and gave me a long, sweet hug, and then I left. I love that little Mousey.


Funny is in the Eye of the Beholder

When Honey and I were making dinner tonight, it became apparent  to me that he was not in the finest of moods. And I was not helping the matter by not doing  what he thought I should have been doing.

One of the things that I did  do was wash the asparagus. And evidently, I did not do a very good job. As we were eating, I had already noticed it was gritty and was about to comment on that. But he beat me to the punch. And then he repeated  it. I said YES, I know, there is grit in the asparagus, I noticed that too. Then he said it again ! And I said YES, I know , “grit happens”!

And then I started laughing, cause I had made a funny. He didn’t think so. But I told him that if he hadn’t been in the mood  he was in, he would have thought it was funny too. He disagreed, but he did  smile.

He then proceeded to ask all children who happened to be near if they thought it was funny. They did not think it was funny. But I don’t care. Cause it was funny. And he knows it. I saw that smile.

“I Must Say”

The Boy gave The Goomba a new hairdo. It looks like Ed Grimley from Saturday Night Live. But his face is MUCH cuter! And he has no teeth to show!

“I must say”.

Thanks to Mousey for the little picture, I wouldn’t have known how to do that!

What the Search Engine Sent Me

On most days, there are a few unsuspecting folk that are referred to the “blob” from Googled phrases. All that is neccesary is to have one of those words in a post, and hello, they send you on over here.

Some of the terms have been simple, “Homegoods, Marshalls and T.J. Maxx”, “New Smyrna Beach”, “Herbst appliance”, and lots  of references to whining of any kind. Whether it be children, husbands or dogs.

Then there the ones that surprise me. Like “dog sickness from eating dead rabbits”. Who knew that had happened to others as well?

Displaying seashells is another one that has brought me an inordinate amount of traffic.

The one that is the most consistent is idioms. And for some reason, they are almost all from Europe. I guess we Americans baffle them with our slang.

But the one that has me most puzzled is the post about our family’s experience having our picture taken. You remember, the one about Honey and his Marty Feldman-like wandering eye? It’s had hits from all over Europe, Asia and Africa. And I’m not sure what word was the attraction. But evidently it has it’s own cult following.

 And that quite amuses me!


I Wholeheartedly Agree

I saw Capri Patt this week. She came to get her hairs cut. She brought me a present:

How perfect is that??? I am glad that others share my philosophy.  Thanks Capri P. !!!!


Smells like Teen Do Over.

Last Thursday I went with The Boy to sign him up for summer school. To retake  some classes that he didn’t feel the need to succeed in the first time around.

The registration time was 5 to 8. We arrived at ten after 5. We waited for 2 hours.  I have waited LESS time to ride The Gemini at Cedar Pointe.

When we first walked in, and strolled the mile or so to the end of the line, The Boy had a comment. Which he always  has.

He said, “There’s a lot of failure in this hallway”.

So we waited, and talked, and he shared one of the earphones from his IPod and we watched Demetri Martin, who we both think is hilarious. He also gave me a mini lesson on the type of girls he likes. He did not care for the one about 4 people in front of us. She was too white, like a ghost, and too skinny, wore too much make-up and he said she looked like a shark. What exactly does that mean?

While I can’t say that the time passed quickly, or that I was happy about being there, I was glad we could talk and laugh. So I guess we made the best of the situation.


Happy Birthday Bud!

Today is the first day of summer!Woo Hoo!!!

It is also The Boy’s 17th birthday, double Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

I can hardly believe it was 17 years ago that I was still working at the salon, taking care of the Ab-Cat and waiting for The Boy to make his appearance. He was due the 7th. They made  him come out on the 21st.

My Mom had taken me to the hospital the morning of the 20th to be induced while Honey was at work. They said it would take a while. It didn’t take so long. Within  half an hour of applying the gel, I was in labor. So was another gal. The nurse said it must have been a good  batch.

I casually  called and left a message for Honey at work. And told him to come on over. The guy who delivered the message missed the casually  part. Poor Honey raced through rush hour traffic to arrive and wait with me until 3:07 a.m.

I need to backtrack here. I had some trouble during this pregnancy. There was second trimester bleeding, many ultrasounds to check growth rates, and much concern by the people reading the ultrasounds, who told us that there was a high risk that the baby would be premature. And they were hoping it would weigh at least  4- 5 pounds. The only thing that I remember they told me to do was lay on my left side (I think), cause the baby could grow better that way. And since I was standing on my feet at work, I cut my hours down at the end. We also prayed. A lot.  Back to the story.

So FINALLY, 2 weeks after our due date, I was trying to push this child’s shoulders out. And our Dr. said, “this is no small baby”.  And she was right. He was 8 pounds 8 ounces and 21 inches long. So much for the premature-tiny baby thingy.

We were SO thankful that he was fine and healthy. The Ab-Cat was more than happy to have a baby brother and told everyone she was the “Big Wister”. She had just watched  “Bambi” about a hundred times, so we started calling him the “Young Prince” . But the name that stuck on him was Buddy. Or Buddy Bear. Or Bud-ly. He was just a dumpling and once again our world just got better.

Four or five months old.

First birthday party.

!8 months. Just before being diagnosed with chronic ITP. He had a lot  of colorful bruises.

2 yrs. Potty training, this was a year long process.

First day of pre-school. Dig the Barney backpack. He loved Barney AND Baby Bop. And Simba and THOMAS the TANK ENGINE and Batman and Star Wars and…….

4yrs. A common outfit. One of many.

5 yrs. Halloween. Outfit courtesy of The GrandFolk.

Happy 6th! A Hercules cake.

7 yrs. Came in 2nd or 3rd at the Cub Scout soap box derby!

8 or 9. Must have had a good hand!

The summer before 8th grade with Uncle Danny, brother of Honey. This was the week after his ITP came back with a vengeance after 9 years. He went into remission again a year later after a cocktail of “Boxer’s Brew”, consisting of steroids, chemo therapy and an immune suppressant drug. Thank you Lord.

With “The Girls”.

 On his “Make A Wish” fishing trip to Alaska with his Dad last summer. This was his biggest silver salmon.


The big, ugly Ling Cod. I love my fishermen!

He is a great kid with an even better sense of humor. We can’t wait to see what God has planned for his life!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jiggy-Fly! 


I Don’t Do Dogs.

I need to clarify something. The picture in the last post was NOT a plate of hot dogs. Although it did  look like it.  It was a plate of sausage. I DO sausage. I do NOT do dogs. And I have already received 2 comments confirming the fact.

And Rachel is unfortunately correct. At some point in the year, usually at a church related function, I seem to have to actually eat  a hot dog, or starve to death. So I always say that I can only eat one once a year. And after I have already eaten one, I cannot  eat another. Cause I have already eaten my dog for the year. I have reached my own personal limit.

It’s really all I can handle.

The Birds Flew the Coop

We’ve got the BBQ back!  WOOHOO!!!

Honey cleaned the stinky thing up. First a trash bag, then he had to use the shop vac to get all of the debris out. Then he scoured and disinfected  it!

End result? Dinner, YUM!

Bye bye birdies, bye bye!


The Pool is Open!

Honey finally got the pool open last week. Just before the tadpoles turned into frogs. When Beeve came over to get The Goomba, he brought his suit. The Ab-Cat joined him. They gave it a tentative thumbs up. The heater hasn’t been on yet.

They said it was a wee bit chilly.

Then Katie made an appearance.

The Boy is showing what an excellent swimmer Kate is. She dog paddles before she is even in the water. She did go in. But it was cold. So she needed to go see Honey to get warmth and sympathy.

Daddy and his sissy dog. They’re lovin’.

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