The Goomba in his new water-mobile. James Bond has nothing on him! He is quite the splasher! Just ask Beeve.


Honey and Ab-Cat joined in.


Two Daddies and their first born babies.


Bargains of the Month-July

I know it’s July and clearance is in full swing, but I’m just not feeling it. I don’t need anything.

I can’t believe I just said that.

I have been extremely happy with all of my purchases this season and have enjoyed wearing it all. And that is not always the case. I have been known to make errors in judgement. Usually concerning my hindquarters.

I did have Capri Deb take home a couple of pairs of carpi’s to customize for me. Because apparently, just above my hindquarters, I am very small. That sounds nicer to me than saying below my waist , I am evidently abnormally large.

Anyway, it is a dream come true to have my own personal tailor to cover up those superficial imperfections. I highly recommend it!   Thanks Capri Deb!

So onto the 3 bargains.

First up, a top for Mousey. Found while shopping at Marshall’s with Capri P. I wondered why it had been marked down to $3.00 until I turned it around and saw what looked like coffee spilled on the back. I was pretty sure that my finely honed laundry skills could handle that.  They could.

Next up was also for Mousey. She found this when I was making a return at J.C. Penney. She thought it was $5.00, but when we got to the register, it was $2.99. Even better!

And lastly, a bargain for Capri K. ! Found at Marshall’s for $25.00. I’m not sure what the original price was, but the price was not the biggest value for me anyway.

 I needed a pair of shoes to go to Capri P.’s daughter Erin’s wedding in August. I had already found a dress. Very cute and reasonably priced, but not really a bargain. Dress shoes are a bit more problematic, as Honey and I are exactly the same height.  And I don’t  want to feel like a lummox towering over him in high heels. I also felt that my Bare Traps were WAY too casual. I thought these were perfect! Black patent leather, very small wedge heel, and a little bling for fun!

I will show you the whole ensemble after the wedding. It should be so much fun!  The reception is on a yacht! Plus, the Schmenkman’s are coming up from Virginia to attend, WOO HOO!!!!!!!

The “Hunter” Strikes Again

Our six pound she-beast of a hunter is at it again. She so lovingly  brought this to The Ab-Cat after her evening tinkle. With feathers in her mouth.

It’s a dead bird. It was dead before she got to it.

So I guess in her older years she doesn’t even attempt to go after the live game. She’s just a scavenging vulture now.

I was super glad that Honey hadn’t left for work yet, so he could have avian disposal duty. Cause, if you recall, I had to dispose of the messed up bunny she found several months go, and that about did me in.

1989, The Year of All of the Hair

I believe I may have mentioned that I met Mrs. Schmenkman when we worked together at a hair salon. I started in 1987, she joined us in 1988.

Every November we had to go to this big hair show. Not a “big hair” show. A “big” hair show. Although there was  some big hair there. And we were definitely  participants in all of the largeness.

I believe that Mrs. Schmenkman was the winner on this particular year!

She is the one on the bottom left. As IF I needed to say that !!!!

 We must have been “vogue-ing”.


Look at that twinkle in her eye. If you can get through all the hair.

 I tried. But who can compete with THAT???

I’m pretty sure I could win “World’s Biggest Glasses” though!

Personally? I think we look WAY better now!

Potent Quotable-Unknown vs Known

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a KNOWN God”

Corrie Ten Boom

Our Foray into E-Bay

 Many, many  years ago, our lovely friends, the Wilps’, introduced us to a very  fun game. It was called “Oodles”.

We looked for it for at least 2 years. In every store we could think of.

It was discontinued. Sad face. 😦 

Then Honey had the beyond brilliant  idea to look on e-bay.

 Let me explain that this was probably 10 years ago. And we had just gotten our first  computer. We were novices, of everything.

So Honey laborously puts in all of the information, and the page comes up, and YES, they have the game! For $9.99.  And it says we have 58 seconds to bid or we will LOSE THE GAME FOREVER!!!!!

You have never seen such scrambling. In all of your life!

We bid and held our breaths.   WE WON!  Oh, we were so happy, probably high fiving it all over the place!    

In hindsight, there were probably no other bidders.  And after we won, we discovered another whole page  of the game. Some for a lot less. Some brand spanking new in the package.

Well, I must say that we laughed hysterically for quite a while. We thought we had found the ONLY one!

The next week, the package came in the mail. We ripped it open excitedly. To find this

A  completely beat up old box.

More hysterical laughter. Doubling over, wiping tears out of our eyes laughter.

At least the game inside was perfectly fine.

Honey’s comment was ” well, I guess that laugh was worth the money! ”

Lately I have been hearing an awful lot about Craigslist. They are selling stuff, like on e-bay.  And evidently there are some great deals to be had. I plan on looking into it. Nothing in particular that we need, but I’m just nosey I guess. Need to see what everyone is talking about.

But even if we find a supernaturally  good deal, I doubt it will ever top that first e-bay purchase. It has a prominent place in our museum of recollection.


The Payback

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend Mrs. Schmenkman asked me to do her a favor.

 Her niece was having a wedding shower here in Michigan. And she knew I would be attending. And since Schmenk resides in Virginia, she wanted to have her present delivered to our house. And could I  please wrap it? And take it? I’m pretty sure  she said she would owe me one.

All of the above was totally fine. I was more than happy to do it.

 By the way, her present was really  heavy.

Here are our presents. Her’s is the big, heavy  one on the bottom.

As I was driving to the shower, an idea was forming in my little brain.

I thought of what she could owe me.

And when she called me the next day to see how it all went, I told her about my idea.

Since Schmenky hardy ever  posts on her blob, I told her that she could pay me back by posting every 3 days! Because I LOVE to read her posts! She said flat out  that she could not post that often. So I tried again, how about once a week. She said she would try.  But she couldn’t promise.

So, then I was feeling frisky, and said there was one other little thing  I wanted. She sighed, she is a known  sigh-er, and said WHAT?

I told her that I wanted her to comment  on my blob. Every day. Cause if she can check my blob 4 times a day, she ought to be able to give me a dang comment!

There was another massive sigh  on the phone before she said she could probably manage that. I wasn’t sure if she would do it. She has accused me of trolling for comments in the past. What can I say? I like the comments.

Her lovely niece Erin and her present. No wonder it was so heavy, it was a microwave-toaster thingy!

And I’m here to tell you that she posted the very next day!  And posted again! That’s TWO in a week!!!

And  she has given me  comments every day since,  that I have loved  receiving!

Thank you Schmenkerton!

Check her out  at http://caprilis.wordpress.com/ 

 Just to make sure she is posting every week!

He Can’t Look Away

The Boy was on the couch tonight  while the Girls and I were watching “Project Runway”.  He watched the episode from last week right before this weeks episode.

 So he is current.

  He says he watches it to see Heidi Klum.

His comment this evening was “I hate his show, but I can’t stop watching it”.

Goomba Gets a Fauxhawk

 We are all about the hair this week. First Mousey, then I got some highlights. Honey even had his clipper cut. Tonight Mousey had her highlights covered over with Cinnamon. She did not feel like having her picture taken. That’s alright, I just wanted the hair anyway


The Boy decided to give The Goomba another Do. We all agreed the Mohawk was his look. He totally owned it. 

The stylist and his muse.

I’m thinking Jack-Jack from “The Incredibles” here!

The Newly Shorn Muggins

Mousey has only had long hair on several occasions. She pretty much knows that she is not a long hair kind of gal. Not that she doesn’t look cute with it. She says it’s just too much.

She asked the other day for a haircut, because she had just had it with the hair. And she needed to get the bottom part colored again. As it was changing colors, from Onyx to a strange shade of reddish brown.

So she showed me a picture and off we went. It didn’t turn out just like the picture. Her hair is a little curly and it’s shorter. She said she likes it and we both agreed we will like it even better in a month. It looks SO cute with a headband. Now she is ready for swim team to start the beginning of August.

She is not  showing us the impressive amount of metal in her mouth.

We used Cinnamon Shades EQ on the bottom.

I asked her if she could just turn her head a little bit more and she said “I’m not an owl, you know!”

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