Potent Quotable

 It gives me a deep comforting sense that things seen are temporal and things unseen are eternal.

 – Helen Keller


Oh, Happy Day !!

Oh, I am so happy!

The delightful Irish Mist carpet cleaning man arrived at 8:30 this morning. To clean up the biohazzard  that is our basement. I told him he was my favorite  person today.

He also cleaned the upstairs. Because the stupid  plumber that took care of the problem? He walked up my stairs and out my front door.  Several times. With his dirty boots on.

 Oh yes, he did. 

And if I would have been holding anything in my hands when I discovered that fact, I would have beat him to death  with it.

You think I’m exaggerating. I’m not.

The only thing that consoled me at all  was thinking that he had probably already wiped most  of the water off  his boots walking around on the downstairs carpet before  he made it to the upstairs.

“Why contain the contamination?” must have been his motto.

As I mentioned in the previous post on this subject, the foulness was limited to three very small areas. The first was the shower, which was no big deal. No overflow, completely contained.

 The second was my salon/craft room. Which could have been a complete disaster, but THANK YOU LORD, was not. There is tons of stuff on the floor in there. I really only tell you this to show you God’s mercy to us in the midst of a  heinous situation.

The “water” (it makes me feel better  to refer to it as such) came up in my storage closet, where the only things it ruined were an old book shelf thing that Honey garbage picked 21 years ago, some wreaths for the front door, and a box of cotton for perms.  We had no problem pitching those. I actually kept the top part of the book case and put it in the garage to use as a shoe rack! The water then turned a corner  to pool mostly in the center of my salon area. Never even had a thought to spread over to the area rug.

 The only other things it touched were, a basket, some plastic bottles for refilling hair spray & such, another garbage picked table, that I kept my shampoos and conditioners on by the hair bowl, and a cupboard that I keep hair supplies in. And the bottom of my shampoo chair’s legs, which can be bleached back into service.

Did you get that? It pooled mostly in the center of the room on the concrete!!!!!!! Like God put up road blocks! Honey has mopped in there many, many  times now and a fan has been drying non-stop since a week ago Thursday. We may put the room back together this weekend.

One more thing about that room. I have been considering redoing that room  all summer. Painting, tiling, reorganizing, sofa slipcover for the couch, ect. And it didn’t happen. Now I know why. See? God can use anything  to bless us. Even my procrastination. Cause I would have hated to rip up all that new tile. The one and only time I have been thankful for that character flaw. But God used it for my good.

The third place we had “water” was on carpet. It was very close to the tile down there and Honey just cut off the offending part, and presto, problem solved. He has a masters degree in mopping now. Eventually when we get the outside the house  pitch problem solved, we will rip up the carpet in the spare bedroom and patch it. Then replace the carpet in that room.

It took me a few days to get my head around the whole thing. Without my brain just screaming  “LIGHT A MATCH TO THE WHOLE PLACE !!!!!!!”

But as usual, God calmed me and provided what we needed to weather the storm. He gave Honey the emotional  and physical fortitude to clean the mess up, cause I was NOT up to the task. He caused me to remember that Laura Ingalls Wilder and her people lived long, fruitful and generally healthy lives on farms without the benefit of heavy duty, anti-bacterial, hospital strength cleaners. And as usual, God’s peace and hope floats back up to the surface. Maybe we can still live here after all.

And as a special bonus, which was really just like a kiss on the cheek, He protected us from real damage. Cause EVERYTHING could have been SO much worse. And we are aware of that.

So now, I am going to steam clean all of the hard surfaces in our house, and put all the things back in the rooms that I had to take out so the DELIGHTFUL carpet cleaning guy could do his job better. Our house has probably not been this clean since we moved in 10 years ago.

And  then I will breath a HUGE sigh of relief, and thank our Heavenly Father, for once again helping us to navigate the rough waters of this world. And this time, the waters were stinky.

Temptation, Thy Name is Fudge

When Honey and The Boy were returning from their annual fishing fiesta, they made two pit stops on their way home from the Upper Penninsula.

One in Pinconning, and one in Mackinac City. One for cheese and one for world famous, yummy fudge. Guess which one was causing the temptation?

Look at all of the fudgy fingerprints.

They brought home four, yes FOUR, boxes. This is number three, chocolate peanut butter. We just keep going into the kitchen to cut a schnibble here and a schnibble there. It’s gone now, by the way.

Only one more in the freezer. I hope it stays there a while.

The cheese is still around. It is not  being schnibbled to death.

14 , the Year of the Mouse

It is a hard  thing when your baby is growing up.  And entering high school. Mostly it’s just hard  to believe!

I can still remember the day we found out we were expecting Mousey. Mrs. Schmenkman was in town and we were out shopping. That’s not surprising, but the positive result from the Dr.’s office was! So there you have my theory: boy babies are planned, girl babies are surprises!

Honey and I were surprised, but happily so. We had always wanted to have a third child, but the timing was uncertain. I remember thinking very clearly  that this was God’s  timing.

We had spent the previous year dealing with The Boy’s chronic ITP diagnosis and treatment. It was a time consuming, stressful and complicated season in our lives. I had the nagging thought that adding another child to the mix would have caused the whole thing to come crashing down on our heads.

 So, we talked about it some, but always said, maybe in a few months. Had we waited until the “coast was clear”, she would have never been. Because 3 months, to the day , after God put The Boy’s problem  into remission, we had the car accident that altered the course of our lives forever. So as you can see, God knew that our 3 month window of opportunity was going to be unrealistic.

 So, God picked the when  part. And we will be eternally thankful  for the rest of our lives for this little mouse of a girl.

She has been the perfect addition to our family.  So content and easy going. She completed us. A total love bunny, and she still is that affectionate, companionable girl.

God knew exactly  the kind of child that we would need, and that makes me even more thankful for the precious gift that she is.

10 months old

When I showed this picture to Honey, I asked him who it was. He has been wrong before. He said “Baby Mouse”. !4 months.

With Uncle Beeve. Thumbsucking was her hobby.

She was a cat SO many years , we have lost count! She actually wore this outfit all year, everywhere. For years. I have actually removed the tail and patches to put them on other sweat suits as she outgrew them! 2 years old.

With Honey camping at Yogi Bear. Three years old.

It would appear  that she took a break from being a cat this Halloween. But, if you look closely, she has a cat nose and whiskers. So she must have been a cat to pre-school and changed for the evening festivities. 3 yrs.

This picture says a lot about her life. She has been dragged all over tarnation. And the Girl took a nap where she could get one! 3 yrs.

Driving Grandpa’s boat! 5 yrs.

In her Picachu phase. Thrilled to get him too! 5  yrs.

That is some fancy outfit! Note the Picachu slippers. 6 yrs.

At Camp Howell in 5th grade. She was the first one in her class (girl OR boy) who made it to the top! Blaze on!!

Mama and her Muggins Q. Mouse. Honey would ask her every day when he came home for work if she was Daddy’s girl. She would take her thumb out of her mouth and say “I Mama’s Girl”.

With her MUCH prayed for nice  kittens! 11 yrs.

Here she is with Aunt Capri Patt’s new puppy Splash! 12 yrs.

Last October when the Little Goomba was born. Although he was camera shy here! 13 yrs.

Mousey said yesterday that Aunt Stacey, who is Goomba’s Mama, told her that she was the first little baby she had ever held. And now Goomba is the first little baby that Mousey has ever held! The circle of life!

Happy Birthday Mouse-a-lina! Hope fourteen is Scrum-tru-lescent!!!

Bargains of the Month for August

We Capri’s did some shopping last week. We were preparing  for our big Capri Weekend that we will have in October.

This was the find of the summer!! Spotted by Eagle Eyed Patt!

I was down to my last bottle. I sound like a wino or something!

Purty skirt for $8.80

Comfy capri’s for $7.60. This is my third pair of these Lee’s. I like this fabric. I almost need to replace the other two due to wearing them to death.

Another possibility in my quest for cute, comfortable, LONG, trouser jeans that don’t have weird pockets on the sides. These are Nautica for &39.99. Modeled by two FAT cats, who cannot resist me taking pictures on the floor.

I love those kitty-witty boolie-woolies!


Whew, when Schmenky was here, it was lots of activity in an itty bitty time frame!

A week ago Saturday, Honey and I had a very fun evening!

 We went to a wedding , hosted by Capri Patt and her husband, Jim. Their daughter Erin married Charlie. And the reception was on a YACHT !!!

It was called The Ovation, and it was loverly. We cruised the Detroit River and took in the skyline of two countries!

We had a beautiful evening, perfect temperature AND a huge full moon. And a lot of fun with Mrs. Schmenkman’s family!

Just a few memories of the evening.

Capri Deb and Capri Lis

Capri Deb with her honey, BFG.

 Mrs Schmenkman and Mr C

Honey and Capri K.  We almost never dress up. I think we should do it more often.

Capri’s Deb, Lis, and Kel

The Bride and Groom. See that big old moon? It was a spectacular evening.

This was taken at the rehearsal dinner. It’s the only picture we have of the MOB (Mother of Bride) otherwise known as Capri Patt. She is on the left of Lis and Deb.

There is Mama EEEK (Mother of most of the Capri’s) surrounded by her children. Capri Lis and Patt are on the left.

We had a wonderful  evenng and we wish the Newlyweds a wonderful  life!

Potent Quotable

Lower your expectations of earth. This isn’t heaven, so don’t expect it to be.

Max Lucado

The End of the Week May Be the End of Us

This week started out FABULOUS!

 Mrs. Schmenkman (aka Capri Lis)  was here from Virginia, and we had ourselves a fine time! We also had a mini Capri holiday with the other Gals, Capri Deb and Capri Patt. I will probably elaborate on that in another post.

A FUN post. This is not a fun post. If you don’t want to hear our depressing tale of woe, you might want to leave now. I promise, I won’t hold it against you.

We are supposed to be camping with some lovely friends from our Caregroup. Right this very moment. As you can see, we clearly are not camping. Here is our sad, sad, tale.

Schmenky left at 7:15 a.m. on Wednesday. And I literally took off. Met with Keelyody for a much needed walk, because what is a Capri Weekend without food? The whole day was spent running around doing things that needed to be done, as I had played  the entire two previous days.

Later in the day, we were told our full sized, high top, Ford Econoline party  van needed a new transmission.

And what up  with the extended warranty we had purchased? It might  not cover it. Why, you ask? Because that is just how it goes around here.

We needed the van to pull our camper. It would not be available to be our beast of burden. Because, as I may have mentioned,  it NEEDS A NEW TRANSMISSION.

 Keelyody kindly and sincerely  offered the use of their tent. Honey seriously  considered this option, until we realized that we did not have our van to haul all the JUNK that we would need to haul to facilitate tent camping. It was either the JUNK or the children. There wasn’t room for both.

 Just a little fun fact, I can barely  camp in the camper, and I have listened to Keelyody complain about tent camping for several years now, and it might have pushed me into insanity.

 Just to give you an idea of how much of a camper I am not, the two  most common comments I get from people who know me well are: #1.  I can’t believe you have a dog AND #2.  I can’t believe you camp.

I really just like to hang out with friends and play cards. So why don’t we just invite them over to our nice, air conditioned home with a pool in the back yard? I do not have an answer for you.

Honey says camping is a strange thing. You set up your campsite to be as cozy and comfortable as home. So why do we leave home to go live in the dirt like dogs?

So Honey looked into getting a room at a nearby hotel. We had reservations. Then Barbara Payne and her husband graciously  offered to pull our camper! Because they had sold their camper the week before on Craig’s List.  It could work!

 Most of our JUNK is in the camper. We were going to take The Ab-Cat’s little van. We would have only had to endure the whining of the children for three short hours, as they were encased  in all of our other need to have junk. At least it would be soft junk, like bedding and duffel bags. Well, coolers aren’t soft. Neither is the wheelchair.

 It also solved the much hashed over dilemma of what to do with the do with the dog.  Cause she LOVES to go camping. She could not have gone to the hotel.  I believe I may have mentioned that she has a bladder the size of a thimble and makes a poor house guest. It would have been a shame to have had to tie her up in the sink all weekend!

So that was our plan until Thursday afternoon.

 Mind you, we have not gotten anything  together yet, because as of the previous evening, we were staying in a hotel.  I came home from a much  anticipated lunch with some BSF (the Bible study) friends, and went downstairs to cut my friend Joni’s hair.

Before I even opened the door to the basement, I knew something wasn’t right. I could smell the wrongness.

You know the pipe that exits your house and connects with the sewer at the road? Well, ours was having a problem. And that is all I’ve got to say about that.

It wasn’t everywhere, but even a few small areas are WAY too much. Poor Honey was down there in his HAS-MAT suit with his mop and hospital strength, disinfectant, anti microbial, germicide, anti fungal, cootie remover.

And that, my friends, is why I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that he is my GOD GIVEN, hand picked, sent from heaven above, mate for life. Because my contribution to the entire thing  was to go upstairs and lay on our bed with Halle Berry, our cat, and cry.

I love him.

So we didn’t go camping. We brought the outhouse to us.

Still with me, you haven’t left to shower or anything? I can’t leave you all in the dumper.

We found out today that Ford IS going to replace our transmission with a rebuilt, 3 year/100,000 mile warranty one! WOO HOO!!!!!!!

And,  Barbara Payne and her husband The Bike Master, came and took The Boy and Mousey with them and their children, Princess Di and The Running Boy,  on the re-tooled version of the camping trip, and they were SO happy to go and be with their friends! And we are so touched by their thoughtfulness.

Thanks Lord, we needed that!

Potent Quotable

When you get to the end of all the light you know, and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.
– Edward Teller

Schmenky’s Here!

Mrs. Schmenkman is in town for her niece’s wedding on Saturday.

We have already started the talking, the eating and the shopping.

Add that to the usual mix of working, schlepping kids to and fro, and for some reason, we have 2 potlucks this week. I may be too busy to visit the blob. 

But I will be back soon with pictures from the wedding. Cause we are having a mini Capri reunion!!

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