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I have been lurking over at Boomama’s place today. She is hosting a Souptacular!


As Honey and I were perusing the MANY, soupy recipes, I decided I wanted in on it.

We have soup a LOT around here. Well, Honey, Ab-Cat and I do. The other two are soup-a-phobes. It’s easy, good for you and you can use whatever you have on hand. I made soup last Sunday. Ab kept asking me “what  kind?”.  I really couldn’t tell her, cause I was makin’ it up as I went! I used up some veggies that needed to be used, and opened a can of chicken, cause I had no meat. A little of this, a little of that, and it was soup. Very tasty too! Clean Out The Refrigerator Soup, I guess.

Mostly, we make chicken broth from the bones of Sam’s Club rotisserie chickens. Because it is a most scrum-tru-lescent  broth.  As a matter of fact, there is some simmering right now. But we also use good old Swanson’s.

Since I couldn’t decide which one to share, I decided to do a two-fer! The first is one that I had at a BSF fellowship. It was good. I added chicken to make it more of a meal.

Mediterranean Minestrone

 1/2 c. chopped onion

1/2 c. chopped celery

2 garlic cloves, minced    I buy the kind already minced and use about a T.

lg 49 oz. can chicken broth                or use the above mentioned scrum-tru-lescent  homemade

2 to 3 cups of cubed cooked chicken     whatever sounds good to you

2 14.5 oz. cans Italian style diced tomatoes, undrained

2 t. sugar

1/4 to 1/2 t. pepper

1/2 c. orzo pasta             do NOT use more of these itty bitty little rice shaped pasta, or you will NOT have soup. You will WANT to, but you have been warned.

1 to 1 1/2 c. frozen spinach         your choice, I probably use more rather than less

1/2 can chopped black olives.

pepper to taste       we are heavy pepperers  (that is NOT a word!)

crumbled feta cheese

Saute onion, garlic and celery in olive oil. Add broth, chicken, tomatoes, sugar and pepper. Mix and bring to a boil. Add orzo pasta and cook for additional 15-20 minutes until orzo is tender. Stir in spinach and olives and cook for 3-4 minutes. Ladle into bowls and add a generous  sprinkle of feta cheese. Or a lot! Yummo!

Italian Escarole

1 lg can of chicken broth 49 oz.        or your yummy homemade broth.

1 lb. escarole                                     I just buy a head and use it. I have never weighed or measured

1 lb. ground beef

3 c. cooked brown rice

small can of tomato paste

1/2 to 1 t. chili powder                                 Honey is a fan of the HOT.

salt and pepper to taste

Brown ground beef and drain. Add broth, tomato paste, chili powder and cooked rice. Simmer for an hour. Wash escarole and chop well. Add that and simmer another 15 minutes or so. Garnish with Parmesan.

This is one of Honey’s favorites!

Thanks for stopping by! And thank you  BooMama, for inviting us to your Souptacular Crockpotalooza!

Grand Opening!!!

We have lived in our town for almost 20 years. Since we have been here, it has grown quite a bit. Especially in the shopping department.

For years I have been saying that we needed a Homegoods. If anyone had ever consulted  me, I would have told them that we needed one. Of course, no one ever consulted  me.

But now we have one!!!

I went for the first time last week. But it was a very quick  run through. Cause I didn’t have much time. So it was really just a Chai Run.

I went back today. I had more time AND I had the camera. It is a FREAKIN’ BEAUTIFUL STORE !

 Very well stocked (except for Chai, sad face). Lots of lovely things to look at.

 I adored  these 3 rugs. Especially the one with the leaves. I have no need for any of them. I put them back. They were only $19.99. I think I deserve a medal or something for just not buying one anyway. If only it were bigger. I have need of a bigger  rug.

 I still love it. I hope I don’t live to regret my decision. Pray I don’t regret my decision. Not feeling it yet.

 I am not ready for the above. But I’m ok with the below. Loving all those pumpkins.

 This is what I actually bought. A 70 round tablecloth to cover one of those cheapo wood tables in our spare bedroom downstairs. And a shower curtain for The Boy and Mousey’s bathroom. I have been planning on re-doing it for a while. Mostly I just wonder, why bother? I’m sure you know what I mean.

I showed it to Mousey. She said “Eh”.  Maybe I’ll just take it back. When I started thinking that the rod I have didn’t match and I would need new hooks. And then the towels wouldn’t match. Or the rugs. It seemed like more money than I should spend on a bathroom for children who really don’t care enough to clean it, or hang up towels, or even put the toilet paper ON the holder. So “Eh”, we’ll see.

All in all, I am estatic to welcome Homegoods to the neighborhood! And I plan on being real neighborly!

What’s On Your Nightstand? October

I believe I may have confessed that I have always been a fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I am pretty sure  I mentioned this little quirk.

I have read the Little House books many, many, times on my own, as well as to our children. “The Long Winter” is my very favorite. I even have some extra books that I have collected over the years.

I guess I am a pioneer wanna be. Well, Honey could tell you that I am NO pioneer.

While looking around  in the biographies at the library a couple of weeks ago, I spotted this

I have never seen this one! So I got it. And one about Benjamin Franklin.  Then I went and read the People magazine, while I waited for the Girls to finish. I am eclectic.

It was an old book. When was the last time we checked things out at the library with a check out card?

It didn’t have a ton of information that I didn’t already know, but there were some tidbits.

Like,  Laura was a little bit more of a stinker  than I realized. When she was in her early teens, she had a teacher that she didn’t really care for. I believe he would have been a CloseTalker, and he had bad breath. And  he was a hand toucher. So she put straight a pin between her fingers and when he squeezed her hand, well, he never did that again!

I also knew their moving around wasn’t exactly in the same order as the books. But I had no idea the extent of all the back and forth  that went on. In a covered wagon! It’s really was quite remarkable. Poor Ma!

I didn’t know that Ma’s brother married Pa’s sister.

I did not know that Laura had a crush on Cap Garland! I always kind of liked Cap myself.

And lastly, I didn’t know that Mary’s face had been disfigured by her stroke. The author mentioned that she had some surgery  to relieve some of the contractures on her face. I guess I was surprised that they were even able to do that then.

Last Sunday, while our family was on our way to church, our children were complaining. They do that on occasion. They were complaining because they all had to sit next to one another  in Ab-Cat’s little van. They said they were squished, and people were touching each other!   Oh, for pity sake!

They are used to riding in the comfort of our high top, conversion, party van. Where the girls have their own captain seats and The Boy has the entire back seat to himself. And they make good use of the VCR/DVD/TV combo.

When the whining got loud, I reminded them of Laura’s humble family, and how they traveled in a COVERED WAGON, for DAYS and WEEKS, and MONTHS on end, and had to entertain themselves, and saw NO ONE but their siblings! Our three couldn’t even ride the 7 MINUTES to church without carrying on!

And THEN, they had the nerve to tell us that WE made them this way. It was the WAY they were raised! They weren’t RAISED to be friggin’ pioneers. And WHY do I keep comparing them to the Ingalls anyway?

All I can say is that Ma and Pa would have NEVER put up with them.

The End of the CapriWeekendExtravaganza of ’08

Just a few more details about our little trip.

Here is my BFF Poppet. Now that  is a comfortable cat. Capri Deb and I were considering sneaking her home in our suitcase. But Schmenky would be SO sad. So we left her.

Say  “Lou-Ray”. The Gals decided that, since I had never been, I needed to go. I happened to be on the phone with Honey when we made this decision, and told him I was going spelunking. He laughed and said he did not see me and spelunking together. Well, we were!

Capri Patt is covering the poison ivy on her face. Those “pustules” were a never ending source of amusement all weekend. She always  has poison ivy. Just not usually that much, and not usually on her face.

Capri Deb, Capri Patt, Capri Lis and Capri Kel in the “bowels of the earth”.

Evidently, this is the first thing the discoverers saw when they slid down into the cave. With their candle  in the 1800’s. It has a name, but I have forgotten. It was  last week.

 They tell you not to TOUCH anything down there. Cause evidently our fingertips are POISON to the caves.  I did get talked to  twice by Schmenky. Cause I touched. I actually just tapped my fingernails. Because the whole thing looked totally fake,  like Disney World! I had to make sure it was real  rock. It was. And I did use my nail. Not my poison  finger tip.

Another sweet shot of Paddy in his Mama’s hands.

And that wraps up the trip. Mucho thanks to Schmenky and Mr. C for having us!! See you again in ’09!


Happy Birthday Goomba!!!!

The cake, it was a flyin’ !

Potent Quotable

I’ve read the last page of the Bible. It’s all going to turn out all right.
Billy Graham

Snippets From Sassy Cat Hill

Just a few words on the Capri Weekend Extravaganza. IT WAS FUN !!!!!

Surprisingly,  I did not buy much. I know,  I can’t believe it either.  And we even had my BIG, high top, party van to carry the goods home in. I think Capri Deb was the winner. Because she did some Christmas shopping. Good thinking.

The only things I bought for myself were some new black casual shoes, that my family would give me endless grief about if they knew, cause apparently  I have many  pairs of black shoes. Whatever.

Oh, and I bought another  option in my neverending quest for a pair great fitting, long enough, trouser jeans without funky side pockets. I now have a total of four. I’m going to have a fashion show for Honey, so he can tell me if they make my hind quarters look big. Because he actually looks at my hindquarters.

The other things I bought were twinkies for the family. It occurs to me that you may not know what “twinkies” are, so I will so thoughtfully share.

 They are not  the snack cake that I found so delicious in my much  younger years, that I think are revolting chemical tubes now. Honey explained to me MANY years ago that they are a diversion.  A little bribe, if you will. Designed to make the receiver sufficiently satisfied with their own little treat, so as to not notice the multitude of things that you bought for YOURSELF. I believe he called it the “poop-filled twinkie”.  Just a little fun fact to WOW your friends with.

The Ab-Cat was the prime recipient of twinkies this year. She received a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company hoodie (we are fans of the Gump), a “Life is Good” chilly dog shirt and some darling red flannel sleep pants with dogs on them. They said woof all over too. Just adorable!

 I just went in to get them so I could take a picture. She was in bed. She growled  asked me so sweetly  WHAT was I doing?  I didn’t realize that she had the last two items of clothing on, and can you believe she wouldn’t let me take her picture????  I believe her words were “GET OUT”, just like that Exorcist girl.

I gave Mousey some long sleeved T’s that she wanted from Target, and my Guys got long underwear. Sure to inspire warm fuzzy thoughts when the temperature drops this winter. Right now? Not so much. Honey also rec’d a pair of “Life is Good” sleep pants with a golfer on them. SO cute.

The other things that I bought were things for the house. And I want you to know RIGHT now, they are not in MY category. That doesn’t count as a twinkie for ME ! The house has it’s own category. Glad we got that cleared up.

I am hoping this is a solution for a problem. We have a pile  problem at the end of the island. I am going to take a stab here and suggest that you might also be aware of this type of problem. In a perfect world, everything would be in it’s place. Unfortunately, I do not live in that world. And being the realist that I am, I am trying to embrace the pile. As long as it does not overflow the cute new solution.

I LOVE this plate. I’m sure it will find a home somewhere.

The other thing I bought was a nifty picture frame.

The other two were given to me by Mrs. Schmenkman, cause she decided not to use them. I would like to put professional pictures of our beloved children in the three holes. And make a collage of their antics with the other two to put in our bedroom, cause I have heard it is in poor taste  to BOMBARD your company with too many family photos. It was at this point I had to endure some harsh  ribbing from Capri Patt about some other  picture frames that have been hung for a year. Or so.

She took issue with the one on the bottom. In the center. Only SHE said I had been displaying other people in my home. They are CLEARLY blank. Which is probably worse.

What IS it about taking a picture that brings the animals out? Those frames have been sitting there for 4 days.  FOUR DAYS.  And they had not shown one bit of interest. You would think I had rubbed freshly caught fish all over them.

This next shot was a present from Mr. C, Mrs. Schmenkman’s husband.

 He has a rockin’ new job, and this is what they make! He gave each of us Capri’s a twinkie (YES, he actually used that word!) for our husbands!!! Isn’t he a big ole Hunk of Honey??!! He told us many things  about these major, super duper, cool cases, but all I can remember is that they are waterproof. I’m sure Honey will find a good use for it, thanks Mr. C !  Don’t they look 007-ish?

So there you have my purchases. Not a haul, but not a flop by any means.

There is one more post to share before I wrap up the The Capri Weekend Extravaganza’08. I know you are shivering in an-tis-ah- (say it, say it) pation!  A little ism from the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” for the 99% of you that I know read the blog and would have NO IDEA what that was all about.


Hey Guys, long time, no write!

We returned home from the Capri Weekend Extravaganza on Tuesday evening. And I have been trying to get my act together ever since.

It was a whirlwind of eating, talking, shopping and fun! Oh, and did I mention that Mrs. Schmenkman has a baby beaver? She does!

Meet Paddy. He was rescued from a drainage ditch and turned in to the certified animal rehabilitation center where she volunteers. She is also in contact with an expert in beaver rehab. So yeah, she is totally a beaver Mama.

Did you know beavers can only go potty in water? I didn’t either. He had a boo boo on his back, but it’s looking better. We don’t really know it’s a he, but that’s what everyone seems to call it. Schmenky says it’s probably a boy, cause he’s whiney. It’s probably 5,6, or 7 weeks old.

He liked crabapples. Such a delicate eater.

That is one lucky baby. Schmenky and Mr. C. are taking excllent care of the little furball. It’s growing and thriving.

More on our trip later. Still trying to catch up!

Potent Quotable

Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to the garage makes you a car —Laurence J. Peter

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