Potent Quotable

We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven. We have been preserved these many years in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God … We have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us!

Abraham Lincoln

Wow, this could have been written this year.


Still Eating

I believe I may have mentioned that Honey has a few days off. I KNOW, I still can’t believe it either!

So we are still eating around here. Because Honey is all bout the food preparation. That’s what vacation means to him. We’ll all be fluffy together.

 Because we went to Bob and Phyllis’ for dinner, we didn’t have any Thanksgiving leftovers. So we had to find our own food.

 We planned a trip to the Italian market to buy sandwich fixings. Mainly salami and creamy Havarti, but there were other goodies as well, trust me. It is almost all gone already. Honey polished off the last of the huge green olives and the Italian salsa. Both guaranteed to give you the breath of a thousand camels.

Last night was homemade egg rolls.


They were so yummy. These are the pretty ones.


The ones on the right are the first attempts. It takes rolling one to get the hang of it.  So these are the trapezoid, octagon, hexagon and rhombus rolls. All were delish. This was only my second attempt to make eggrolls. This activity is usually reserved for when I am gone on the Capri Weekend Extravaganza.

We are also heavily  involved in eating the rest of the desserts Ab-Cat and I made for Thanksgiving. Honey said he has eaten his weight in shortbread.  The Ab-Cat just discovered  that she likes shortbread, and knew  she liked peanut butter fudge, And last night Mousey just sat on the island, put out her arms and called, “come to me” to the fudge. She didn’t think she liked any sweets.

 I do believe she has found her own personal catnip.

I am an equal opportunity dessert eater and consider it my job to make sure that no dessert feels slighted. I am sampling them all. The Boy prefers real food. In mass quantities.

The Girls and I went to the library yesterday, because that is what we do every Thursday, and we had to get back on schedule. We checked out movies and TV series to keep us busy. Honey wanted to go to the BIG MOVIES to see “Four Christmases”, but  I think it is probably inappropriate, as it stars Vince Vaughn. If anyone knows, please let me know. It surely does look funny.

The Boy is working all  weekend. And they are BUSY! So having the stuff to watch in the comfort of our own home is much better for his schedule. It also enables us to lounge in our potato clothes. All day. Something near and dear to my heart. So far, we have watched “Get Smart” and “Kung Foo Panda”, or as Burkie says, “Poo Fung Canada”. We love Po, skatoosh! And he loves to eat as well. He fits in nicely.

The Day in Pictures

We had a wonderful day, full of family, food, and fun. Full  being the operative word. I believe I may have mentioned that we went up The Mitten to my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ house. Actually, that would be over The Mitten. They are west of us. We were asked to bring broccoli salad and a dessert.


Here was our dessert. The Ab-Cat helped me the night before. We made Sinful Saltines (recipe stolen from Hoola Laurie) Scrum-tru-lescent Shortbread (recipe stolen from Miss Kris) and Peanut Butter Fudge ( recipe stolen from my friend Shari). I told Honey that I was ever so pleased, because everything turned out! Because sometimes, things I make look  like I found them smashed on the side of the road. Taste good, but lacking in presentation. The stars and planets aligned for this one!


Mousey, Honey and Katie, were watching us play games. I think they were making fun of us. I don’t know why I think that.


My favorite part of the meal. There was not much left. I come from a family of very good cooks. Obviously, I am adopted.

 I was sharing my heartfelt desire to be known  for something that I make. You know, like a special  recipe.  My Uncle Bob pointed out that could be a bad  thing as well.


We played “Apples to Apples” for a while. But it was only an appetizer to the main game. A little family game called Peanuts. Or otherwise known as GET OUT OF MY WAY !!!!!!!! Phyllis and I figured that this game has been a constant  in our family since I was 14. And that is way more years than I feel like I need to share.


Everyone has their own deck of cards. And we all play at the same time. It can get loud. And rowdy. Some can’t handle it. Some excel at it. Some are good sports, cause they always loose. And some won’t even try, for fear of being eaten alive. Kari won. Her strategy was to say she had a “little headache”. We showed her no mercy. She whipped our tails anyway.


The Grandpa and The Grandma.


Ummel Bob and More Ummel Bob with their son, Michael. Mike was trying to help The Boy refine his Peanuts game. The Boy should listen to him. Mike has played the game his whole life, he can hold his own. We were missing their daughter Lindsay and her fiance Robbie. They live in Omaha. Sad face. 😦


Mousey was very huggy. The Boy made a startling discovery. He LOVES dressing. I told him that it had been served every holiday  of his entire life. He had never even tried it. He’s a ding dong.


Sister and brother.


I told you she was huggy. A Mouse and a Cat.


Much thanks to Bob and Phyllis! As usual, we had a great time.


This is Kari and her husband, Jeremy. You remember her, the one who had a “little headache” and whipped our tails at cards? They are good friends with Bob and Phyl. They are always a welcome addition to the family on Thanksgiving. They go to Germany at Christmas. That’s where her family is. Maybe someone else can win at cards now.


And this is to prove that The Boy was right. A month or so ago, we were at The Dollar Store and he wanted to buy a cane. Now why would he want that? And then he started telling me about Aunt Phyllis’ cane collection. I said I did not think she had a cane collection. Oh yes, she did, he said. I am sorry to say that I did not believe him. So here it is. I WAS WRONG. Happy now?

All told, it was a wonderful day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things that I am thankful for: in no particular order

1. Honey

2. God’s perspective in my life

3. A home not in foreclosure

4. My family’s health

5. Our kitty-witty-boolie-woolies!


7. Honey still having a job at Ford

8. Our family, immediate and extended

9. My hand picked, God given, much loved friends

10. Heat, blankets, gloves, coats, ect…………………………………

11. God’s Troubadour, Chris Tomlin and every worship song he has ever written

12. Fresh, plentiful food.

13. Reliable cars

14. The trifecta of good shopping: Homegoods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx

15. Back and neck pain medicine

16. DaVinci Sugarfree Chai

17. Good authors

18. Pictures and videos of our family.

19. Bifocals

20. A certain Ab-CAT, Buddy BEAR and Muggins Q. MOUSE. I never realized my children were all animals!

Good Tuesday to You

Tomorrow is the first day of our Thanksgiving break. Mine actually just started. We had BSF yesterday and today, so that is done with. I went to the chiropractor on the way home, so that is done with. And I just had lunch with dessert of a cup of tea and a schnibble of dark chocolate. I am feeling full, and warm and content.

I am hoping for a pleasant break. Honey actually has a few days off, I know, I can’t believe it either! The kids don’t appear to have plans that will run me ragged. And The Boy’s impressively  swollen calf is looking rather unimpressive  these days.

We are going to my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ (aka Ummel Bob and More  Ummel Bob) for Thanksgiving Dinner. I do still need to make a trip to our friendly neighborhood Meijers to get the ingredients for the broccoli salad and dessert we are taking. I am sure that will be a zoo.

As I sit here with my adjusted spine, feeling full, warm and content, anticipating a great break with my family and a scrum-tru-lescent  dinner on Thurs, it occurs to me. I have MUCH to be thankful for!

Jack’s Back!

Last night was the 2 hour premier of “24”. A HUGE, much anticipated, event in our household. It did not disappoint. That Jack Bauer is such a bad-bottom.

I have been working on my Christmas letter. Actually, The Ab-Cat pulled up my last years  letter, from where ever she had stashed it in the computer, and I have been editing it. I have a goal, folks, and I’m trying to meet it.

I have already gone into great detail, to our children, about how our family picture is going to go down. There will be NO WHINING or complaining. If one does not like the way ones hair, clothes, smile, weight, wandering eye, or chipmunk-y look appear? Then don’t choose to present  that hairdo, outfit, smile, weight, wandering eye or chipmunk-y look for the camera. I’m serious People, I’m on a mission. Just like Jack Bauer.

Things I DO Know

Part two.

I know:

1. I need to get a move on shopping for Christmas.

2. We will have something  for dinner.

3. If The Boy does come out of remission of his chronic ITP, God will just take care of him again. And He is able to put him back. He’s done it before.

4. If  The Big Three go belly up, it won’t be a surprise to God.

5. If Honey loses his job, we will just have to learn a new way that God will provide for our needs.

6. I KNOW that I don’t know if I will get my Christmas cards out on time.

7. God knows  what this world is coming to.

8. I still don’t know what I want for Christmas. It’s a tossup. A new camera, or having our cats declawed. I know that might not seem like a good present, but see #5. It needs to be done, and it is not essential to our life, so I might have to disguise it as a present. Because ultimately, what I really  want, is new carpeting. And that is not happening  with claws in the house.

9. Even if The Ab-Cat doesn’t walk again this side of heaven, she will have a perfect, restored body on the other side. And God will use her seated.

10. I always wished  I was Mousey’s height.

11. God will let me know what my purpose in life is. I hope I am listening closely, I wouldn’t want to miss that conversation.

12. I will keep looking for Chai.

13. I want Mrs. Schmenkman to visit this winter. I miss her.

14. God is very patient with me. Because I don’t always obey Him without trying to convince Him that I am not  the girl for the job.

15. I am going to pray that I DO finish strong. 

 “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks, he should believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave  of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double minded man, unstable in all he does.         James 1:5-8

Things I Don’t Know

I don’t know:

1.  When I will start my Christmas shopping.

2. What we are having for dinner tomorrow.

3. If The Boy’s chronic ITP will stay in remission.

4. If The Big Three auto companies will go belly up.

5.  Where Honey will work, if they do go belly up.

6. If I will get my Christmas cards out on time.

7. What this world is coming to.

8. What I am getting for Christmas.

9.  If The Ab-Cat will ever walk again, this side of heaven.

10. If Mousey will ever be as tall as me.

11. What my purpose in life is.

12. If I will ever find Chai again.

13. If Mrs. Schmenkman will visit this winter.

14. If I will ever obey God immediately, without first giving Him all sorts of reasons why I think He might have the wrong person in mind for the job.

15. Will I finish this life strong?

Part two tomorrow.


Stopped in at my new favorite hangout this afternoon after BSF. My friendly, neighborhood  Homegoods!

Was really just looking for Chai. No Chai : (   But they did have some new flavors of DaVinci . Cinnamon, Toasted Marshmallow, German Chocolate Cake, Buttered Rum. I tried to call Capri’s Lis and Deb to see if they might want to try one. They did not answer their phones.

I did purchase this one and tried it. Oh DEAR, it’s a good thing it is sugar free.


They Call Him Hop-a-long

Had The Boy back to the Dr’s office yesterday. His impressively  large calf was still large. He is still relying heavily on the crutches. The Tylenol seemed to be as effective as spitting in a rainstorm.

 I think that things would be much easier on him if only he could take an anti-inflammatory. But for ITP reasons, that is not possible. The Dr did give him some better pain medication. He was actually a little giggly when he got home from school today. I think he said he fell down.

I am quite sure that walking around the huge  campus of his high school is not helping matters at all. Unfortunately, his grades do not facilitate him staying home for a few days to actually recover. Of course he was home all weekend, hogging  the entire couch, while icing and elevating  his Fred Flintstone sized calf.

Honey told him not to play sports anymore. It just isn’t in his best interest. He does seem a little accident prone.  Just a few off the top of my head would be;

fell off his bike-stitches in his chin- I DO realize that this is practically a rite of passage injury.

broke wrist skateboarding-a doozy. 2 surgeries and plates and screws were involved

almost broke his shoulder playing broom hockey at another Guys Retreat

If I had a dollar for every Dr visit, hospital stay, blood draw, IV infusion, medical procedure, game of cards played while waiting, times I have played I Spy while waiting, times I have played “Don’t Break the Ice” waiting, and home health care nurse visits? It would be a lot. Just the cards alone.

One time The Boy asked me what I thought about him getting a motorcycle. I said, don’t waste my life.

On the other hand, he’s a pretty fun guy and God has always had His hand on the top of his head. I think we’ll keep him.

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