Mystery Solved

I am going to take a wild guess. This is why we  have no towels in the linen closet?



This and That

I feel very boring today. So I apologize right up front.

Just some tidbits floating around. How I do love The List format.

1. The Dunkin’ Donut/Baskin Robbins in our town has suddenly closed. Honey is concerned. He stops in there frequently on his way to work. Because he says they have the best coffee and cream. He stopped to read the sign they have posted. It says it is temporary, but they put up paper on the windows. What can this mean? Sold, remodeling, health code violations ? His other option is Tim Horton coffee. Which failed miserably. He is now making his coffee at home. 😦

2. This morning,  I hit the very center of my knee cap SO hard on the hand controls of The Ab-Cats van, that I thought I was going to throw up. I haven’t done anything like that in a long time. I am totally fine now. Except for the memory.

3. I would be very happy if I could fast forward through March, right to Easter break! I would like to go to Florida next week, and leave cold, dreary, rainy, snowy, brown Michigan in my rear view window.

4. I am so happy that Hosea won Big Top Chef !!!!! I would have been just as happy if Carla  had won!!! So basically, it was anyone  but Stefan.

I am very sad that the Guy who sang Coldplay did not get through on American Idol. I thought he was one of the best singers in the competition, although I agree that he was HORRID on Wednesday night. There is always the Wildcard.  SIGH. I need to state for the record that while I was not surprised  that Mr. Satisfaction made it, he is just a bit too frantic  for me. And I don’t think he is all that suchy muchy.

5. We are having homemade pizza sometime this weekend. WOO HOO!!!!  As soon as our children can get their schedules coordinated.

Have a good day.

Thankful Thursday

No, I am not starting a new thing on Thursdays. Although it’s not a bad idea. Especially after Tantrum Tuesdays. It just seemed like a good title, today.

I was feeling crabby yesterday. Headache, PMS-y, beyond aggravated with a variety of situations. Wanting to complain like an old grumbling Israelite.

I know that I am supposed to take these complaints to the Lord, so I did.  He probably wasn’t surprised by all of the word vomit. It comes up on occasion.

What I am thankful for, was the way He defused the situation. As only He can.

I went from feeling annoyed, frustrated, unsure, disgusted, and contemptuous, to calm and thankful.

And nothing about the initial situations have changed. It’s all still there. And I will have to deal with it, but He  changed my perspective.

All of the irritation and peevishness leaked out.

He also, ever so thoughtfully, allowed me to have two phone conversations, and one face to face, with people that I love, just when I needed them. First, Mrs. Schmenkman was there to say some really nice things that she didn’t have to say. Bless her heart, she does get me at my worst sometimes.  Thankful number one.

 Then I talked to my Mom. Who I was worried about, cause she told me the day before yesterday that she wasn’t feeling well. And that could mean anything, really.  Like she has a little bug , or she is preparing for an extended hospital stay. Her health is fragile. But she said she was feeling better. Thankful number two.

Finally, I was able to talk to Honey, who unfortunately for him, bears the brunt of being my sounding board. He is a good listener. Thankful number three.

One of the questions in our lesson this week asked “what does the Lord command us to do when things are hard, or you do not get your way?”

It then gave us verses. Here are my answers to 3.

Psalm 37:7 told me to be still before the Lord, wait patiently and don’t fret.

Proverbs 15:13 said I should have a happy heart and be cheerful. Madame Blueberry!

Philippians 4:11&12 wants me to be content.

Last week our lesson talked about the cloud that covered the Tabernacle when the Israelites were in the desert. And when the cloud lifted, the Israelites broke camp and moved on.

I don’t think my problem is moving. I am willing to move on.  I am willing to stay put.  It’s the uncertainty of  it all that has me off kilter. I am having a little sympathy for the cranky Israelites. They never knew from day to day, if they were putting down, or pulling up stakes.

I feel I need to clarify something. We are not moving our home. At least not that I am aware of. As I reread this, it sounds like we are moving. We are NOT moving. (that I am aware of…)

So, that’s what I am going to do. I’ll be transient. I’m waiting for my cloud to lift. Or not lift. But until  my cloud moves, I’m going to be still  and serve Him right where I am, and wait patiently on the Lord, knowing that what I am going through has been assigned to me by Him.  And trust that He will give me the content, happy, cheerful heart I need until it’s time to pack up and peel out.

Way Back When-sday-Happy Birthday, Ab-Cat!

Today is a big day! Our Baby is 20!!!

So today, we will go on a Way Back journey through her life to when she was one!


The generation shot. Especially meaningful because my Grandma Georgia passed away a couple of years later. I think this was Abby’s first birthday party.


She was and is her Daddy’s Girl.


Mama’s Little Ab-Cat.  Honey wants to know what is up with my pants.


Can you spot the real baby?


Something was sure delicious!


Daddy’s Tiger Cub. And I would ask Honey what was up with HIS pants. And shirt. And lime green strings on the sunglasses. Abby looks adorable!


SO excited about her first wheels!


I always liked pictures of her looking serious. I don’t know why.

I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me to be her Mama. I remember so clearly being 6 months pregnant and  rocking her with tears in my eyes. How was I ever going to find room in my heart for another baby? It was so full of love for her.

 She was our first, dear, special, precious Angel Baby. And we still adore her. God is working in her life, and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

Happy Birthday, Abby! We are your biggest fans!

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Tantrum Tuesday

Hey Guys, welcome to another week of Tantrum Tuesday!

I  have been squirreling away ideas in a folder on this topic. I believe that I may have mentioned that I am forgetful. The folder has been helpful.

My tantrum this week is about something that has happened to me before, but happened again a month or so ago.

I had taken The Boy up to school to enroll him in some night classes. To help him achieve his goal of, you know, graduating.

There was only one woman working there, and I could tell right away that she was frazzled. And really, who wouldn’t be? She was giving some tests out in the hall, answering phones, registering us, and there were two more registrations waiting patiently behind us.

There was a snag with our paperwork. Evidently the guidance counselor from day school  had chosen a class  that was not possible for him to take. For some reason that I am still not clear on, but that’s ok, I talked to her the next day and she worked something out and it’s all good.

Back to The Frazzler. This snag was not a big deal for us. Lots of things  in our life do not go smoothly, so therefore I don’t assume it will go smoothly, and therefore I do not get all spazzed out when things are not smooth. We are a Patient Folk.

Well, The Boy, Mousey and I are Patient Folk. The Ab-Cat can be. Honey takes blood pressure medication.

During all this business, the phone rings. The first thing that The Frazzler tells the person on the line is “I have a line, I’ m going to have to take your number and call you back”. Which was a perfectly reasonable thing to say, right?  But, the person kept talking, and asking her questions. She just kept repeating her line that she would call them back, but was answering their questions!  I could tell she was uncomfortable, but she kept answering, and that made them ask more! This went on for quite  some time.

I still am not sure if I was more annoyed at The Frazzler or the rude caller. She probably should have just hung up on them and took care of the people who actually took the time to come in and take care of their business. But the caller is certainly not without blame either.

 Since when do you and your questions have  the right to waste the time of everyone else ? The Frazzler could not have been more clear that she was busy, but obviously, what you needed to know was so much more important than what everyone else needed. Your self importance is staggering. Should she have hung up on you to make her point?

She was finally able to get off the phone, after the caller had ALL of their questions answered. She was finally able to find someone to help her with the rest of the applicants and we eventually left. It occurred to me, that the only person who was not inconvenienced  was the rude caller. They got what they wanted, when they wanted it. Rudy Rudolph Rude-ster.

O.K. All done.

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We Rode the Storm Out Without the Aid of REO Speedwagon

Well, we made it. With a half of stick of butter to spare. Whew! Sam’s is in my future this week.

The Winter Storm Warning Storm wasn’t so bad. And I would know, as I had to be out in it about 6 times.

We have had a nice relaxing weekend. I was glad. Because for some reason, I was a wee bit tired.

We are mostly caught up with the DVR fare.

Hey, does anyone else watch Top Chef? We were so disappointed that they got rid of Fabio over Stefan! Fabio made us laugh every single week  and all we ever felt about Stefan was that he was SO conceited.

The kids are off on Winter Break this week. Knowing that I have on hand babysitters for The Goomba, I have taken the opportunity to set up a lunch date.

There have been times in my life when I went out to lunch regularly. As a matter of fact, the year Mousey started 1st grade, Honey teased me mercilessly. He told everyone that it was my job.

But that was 8 years ago, and my lunch dates are now few and far between. So therefore, probably more anticipated.

I had a thought over the weekend to try and get together with a friend that I have not lunched with in forever.  We used to go a lot after BSF on Thursdays, and even managed to keep it up for a while after she moved on. But lately, we just talk  about going when we see each other at church. I told Honey of my plan, and let him know that I was looking for this Gal at church. I was casing the joint.

As soon as I saw her, I made a beeline over there. She was available! We’re going! Where we used to always go, for old time sake. I’m really looking forward to it! Could you tell?

One more thing. The Ab-Cat made brownies this weekend. The Hershey’s kind from Sam’s. That are scru-tru-lescent! And I had the brilliant  idea to put some Stroh’s or Dean’s Mint Melt-a-Way ice cream on top of those brownies. They were worthy  my Friends, worthy.

Potent Quotable

Take your burdens, and troubles, and losses, and wrongs, if come they must and will, as your opportunities, knowing that God has girded you for greater things than these.

Horace Bushnell

4 To 6

Today was the last day of school for the kids, they are officially on Winter Break, WOO HOO!

They called a winter storm warning on Thursday. For tomorrow. They say 4 to 6 inches of snow. I believe I have mentioned that our weather People are somewhat inaccurate. I just like to say 1-18 inches. That should cover it, no matter what.

I liked to be prepared when there is the possibility of being snowed in.  Have all of my essential items at the ready. You know, milk, bread, CREAM. I would go out at 11 p.m. if I thought I didn’t have cream for my morning cup of Chai. And that is saying something, considering I am usually 10 toes up at 10:30.

I am a little concerned about my lack of butter though. I only have 2 sticks. It worries me. It seems silly, I know, but my thoughts have been drawn back to it several times today. As you can see, 2 sticks is clearly below my personal acceptability range. I hope we can ride it out comfortably.

The Handy Dandy Book List

Because I am feeling post-ally challenged today, Mousey gave me an idea. Actually, I made her  give me an idea. Her thought was to give you all a list of some  of my favorite books. I won’t say they are my most favorites, because that would cause me to have to think more carefully than I would like. So here are some.

1. The Little House Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder    No surprise here. She makes regular appearances on the blob. I believe I may  have mentioned that I like “The Long Winter”. Maybe once. Or twice.

2.The Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books by Betty McDonald   Some of my favorites as a child and they must be Mousey’s as well, cause she suggested them. My favorite stories were the little girl who didn’t want to take a bath,  The Tattler and the one with Lester, the neat pig.

3. The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers    Oh, how I want to be Hadassah when I grow up. The first Christian series I ever read. I think Colorado Karen loaned them to me! It was the beginning of a long affair with the Christian novel.

4. Scholastic Dictionary of Idioms     Like I need to fuel THAT fire.

5. The Shiloh Legacy series by Bodie Thoene and all the others in the Zion Chronicles series that follow. Hat tip to Rachel for introducing me to them! Love Birch and Trudy. I think I actually cried reading their story.

6. I believe I may have mentioned that I am a fan of Ken Follett’s early work. Triple, Lie Down With Lions, Pillars of the Earth, A Dangerous Fortune are some of my favorites.

7. The Tightwad Gazette books by Amy Daczyczyn      I have been a fan of The Frugal Zealot since I was getting her monthly newsletter in the 90’s. I like the idea of being frugal. Application is always more difficult. Beyond any  of that, she is a very informative and engaging writer. I like how she explains her thinking. Even if I never had ANY intention of making a Halloween mask out of dryer lint, she made it sound fun and doable. A rare skill!

8. Back to Francine Rivers. She is probably one of my favorite authors. “Redeeming Love”, the pioneer journal part of “The Scarlet Thread”, and “Leota’s Garden” are among my recommendations.

9. “Goodnight Moon” Because all of our children were fascinated with that book and it has a soft spot in my Mama’s  heart.

10. It would be dishonest of me not  to mention the 2 most dog eared books in my collection. I have a confession to make. I read at least parts  of “Shanna” and “The Wolf and the Dove” by Kathleen E. Woodiweiss, at least once a year.  The former is a summer book, and summer just isn’t complete without revisiting Ruark Deverell Beauchamp . The latter is a winter book. They would be what I believe would be called “bodice rippers”, but very high quality  bodice rippers. If there is such a thing.

I have to go. It’s winter, and I need to go see how Wulfgar and Aislinn are getting along.

What are some of your favorite books?

A Little Crowd Participation Please

The Boy has offered to guest post for me again. WOO HOO!!!

 But he doesn’t know what to talk about. So we have decided to ask you Guys.

What should Mr. Jiggy Fly share? Any burning questions out there? Suggestions? Topics of interest? Please don’t let the deafening sound of crickets be ALL that we hear!

In other news, we had egg rolls again for dinner. Since we need 2 packages of egg roll wrappers, and there was only 1 package left at the store, we bought some wonton wrappers. And they made the cutest little egg rolls you ever did see!


And so tasty too!

Honey and I went to another estate sale today. To see a painting that a friend of ours painted.We wandered around  the areas that weren’t roped off and saw nothing but stuff I wouldn’t have under any circumstances. On the way out the door, we asked the woman who lived there about the painting. She said it was gone. I asked how much it went for and she said they decided not to sell it! It was on the website and it was the only reason we went!!! Can you say false advertising? And can I just say that her ENTIRE house smelled like a DOG? A wet dog. A stinking wet hound of a dog? I really wanted to let her know that. I didn’t.

I am anxiously waiting to see who is going to get through on American Idol. My picks are Danny Gokey, Anoop-Dog and the Little Blonde Girl with the pink spots that I can’t recall the name of. I’m hoping that the oil rigger will be the Wildcard. He seems like such a nice guy. If that Tatianna makes it, I may have to have Syler, from “Heroes”,  do his little trick and remove my brain to dull the pain.

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