The Actual Wedding

As I said yesterday, the wedding was lovely. It was the only Jewish wedding that we have ever attended, so I cannot say if it was a traditional Jewish wedding. They did stomp on a glass!  Here are the bride and groom, Lindsay and Robbie,  dancing their first dance as Mr and Mrs.


They danced a lot. They seemed to really enjoy their reception!


I am not sure what this dance represents, but I have to say that Lindsay did not look entirely comfortable being lifted up and down in the chair!



They were cutting the cake. They smooshed it in each others faces! I thought I had the best picture of that, but it was blurry. I was so bummed  😦    That dang photographer kept getting in my way.

When I told them I needed to get a picture of them, Robbie asked “for the blog?”.  The word is getting out, my Friends.


Here is my world wide web famous Uncle Bob (featured in last weeks Way Back When-sdays edition) and his lovely bride, Phyllis. They pulled off a lovely evening.


Here is their son, Mike and his Girlfriend, Angie. Who had a darling new haircut! She is very brave. She had it cut, THAT DAY, by someone she had never seen before!  Pure, gutsy is what she is!


Mike cleans up well too, just like The Boy.


This was the dessert table. They kept trying to shoo people away. It was crashed 2 or 3 times before they finally opened it up. It was scrum-tru-lescent.


My family can be cooperative only so long with the posing.



Beeve and Stacey. Or just Little Goomba’s Mom and Dad.


My Mom and Dad made it up from Florida. It was a hard week, but they made it. I don’t think they would have missed it for anything.


Capri K and Brother Beeve.


Mama and her Muggins Q. Mouse.


Aunt Phyllis and The Boy.


Father of the Bride and his Girl.

It was a lovely evening. We wish them a wonderful life!


The Wedding Prep

The Wedding was lovely. And my family was dressed appropriately.


I am not going to sugarcoat it. It was a grueling. But I feel confident that we did the best we could, with what we had.

 The majority of my time was spent trying to secure a pair of pants that The Boy could pull up over his rear end. Because evidently this generation of young men have not experienced this fashion fad. I have seen way too many guys with their pants at half mast, tucking their shirts in. They look like they are all torso. I was emphatic that we were NOT going to have this look. It almost killed him, but he wore his pants pulled UP. He did spend the entire beginning of the evening asking when he could roll his sleeves up, and unbutton his top button. How much longer? I told him I would let him know. He looked ever so handsome.


The Girls were a little easier. The Ab-Cat was the first to find her outfit. Possibly because there was no way she would shop twice. Mousey required a tour of stores. They were both darling.


Honey looked dapper, as he always does in a social setting. We  did dance one slow dance. He decided several years ago that he no longer fast dances in public. He has never really given me a good answer why not.


I heart these people!


This is what they looked like by the end of the evening.


No more pictures for the blob!!!

All in all they were a cooperative bunch. And they know I appreciate it.

Tomorrow, I will show you the actual wedding. With the Bride and Groom and the wedding party! And the dessert table!

Potent Quotable

What seems too difficult for us is a sure sign that it belongs to God.

Marie DePree

Bushman No More

The Boy has more hair than 3 kids put together. He prefers it long. But, unfortunately, because the sheer bulk of it, it never really grows longer. It just gets wider. Honey had the same problem as a young man. They look like Bushmen. Or Tongan, like Felipe, from The Biggest Loser.

He needed a haircut, and today was the day. For three very important reasons.

1. Our cousin, Lindsay, is getting married tomorrow. It is important that our family look presentable for such occasions. If the sun, moon, stars and planets align, I may even get out next years Christmas card picture!

2. This one is two-fold.  We are going to Florida in a week or so, and he needs to look presentable for that as well. But more importantly, he still  needs to get his senior picture taken. Since we have waited this long, I decided that we would get it taken when we returned, so he would have that sun kissed look about him. So he needed to have it cut before we left, so that he doesn’t have a ring of white around his hairline.

And I really don’t want to hear how behind we are in the whole senior picture taking thing either.  I am well aware of that. So far, neither he nor The Ab-Cat have been interested in this endeavor. I MADE the Ab-Cat do it. I seriously think the only reason she consented  was because I let her be photographed with her dog.


3. He is available.  He is home from school today. Because he has no platelets. Actually he has about 6000, but that is not nearly enough to go to school. He was sick with some sort of viral thing earlier in the week. Headache, fever, generally feeling like K-rap. And viral things cause his Chronic ITP to rear it’s ugly head. His hematologist does not like it when he sinks so low, so he has prescribed a 7 day course of steroids. Which I really tried to get him out of, but they weren’t budging. I knew he was not going to be a happy camper. He wasn’t. He says steroids mess with you, man.

To console himself, he is watching the new James Bond movie and had a pizza delivered.

Here he is,  after waking up at the crack of 11.


 Welcome to Tonga.


Goodbye Tonga, hello SuperStar!


When I took the cape off him I leaned over, kissed his cheek, and told him “now that’s my good looking Boy!”

I may not be able to post tomorrow because of the extreme technical difficulty of getting my family ready for a social situation that requires any clothing other than jeans. I am not kidding. It is a Herculean effort. And I am only one woman.

Mission Accomplished

The New Years Day puzzle is complete. I am glad. I was getting a little obsessed. It was the first 1000 piece puzzle I have ever done.


It’s already back in the box, up in the closet.  I have another I would like to work. But I think I’ll wait a while.

Way Back When-sday




This is my Uncle Bob. He is my Mother’s younger brother. They grew up in Detroit in the 40’s and 50’s. When Detroit was a completely different place than it is now.

I have heard many stories from my Mom over the years about her brother. Usually about how he ate everything she saved, how he waited down at the end of their street for people giving away last minute hockey tickets at Olympia Stadium, and then ran home to get her so they could go cheer on the Red Wings, and how he basically was a stinker. That was my Mother’s word.

Our kids very favorite story about Uncle Bob was when he was a teenager and he stuck his finger in a fan. My Grandmother took him in the bathroom to wash the blood  off , and when he saw it, he fainted. Right into the bathtub. My Grandma’s ever so sympathetic words were, “Bob, quit acting stupid!” . Oh, how our kids would howl with laughter!  They would then ask me to tell it again.

He retired from UPS when he was pretty young and has spent the last decades managing his “stuff”. I know he likes to golf and ride his bike for miles and miles. The Boy hung out with him in Florida and asked me how old he was. He said he had a hard time keeping up. He said he was “pretty spry“.  He also is part of a coffee klatch of guys that meet regularly at Panera. This amuses me greatly. He talks about this almost as much as I talk about the “blob”. Almost as much.

I have no idea where he was in either of these 2 pictures.  But he still looks the same to me. Just a little less hair on top and a few more wrinkles. He’s still a big tease too!

Join  us over at Capri Deb’s place for more blasts from the past!

Tantrum Tuesday

Someone has gotten a hold of our credit card number. For the second time.

The first time was when Honey and The Boy were in Alaska, fishing. Someone called and asked about some websites we had created. I told them that it wasn’t us. They rambled on and on until I finally hung up on them. I didn’t even know what they were talking about. I never gave it a second thought.

The next month, a charge showed up on our credit card. For our newly created websites.

Honey called and straightened them out.

A week ago Friday, my credit card was declined at Randazzo’s. Our friendly city-hood fruit and vegetable market. Every now and again my card has a swipe problem. It can be  demagnetized. That just means it won’t swipe, and they have to manually enter the numbers. I know, how ’80’s. A clerk once told me that it was common in heavily used cards.

After swiping and being declined a second time , I used another card and left. I then proceeded to Hobby Lobby and decided to try again. I told the clerk that I was doing an experiment. I failed the experiment. I again used the second card.

When I got home, I casually mentioned it to Honey. I was on my way out the door to dinner with the SmallGroup women that night.

The Boy called while I was en route to tell me that Honey was still on the phone with the credit card company, and we had been thieved.

Evidently, these lovely folk had been charging up a storm all across the United States. From Vermont to Washington state to Florida. Buying all sorts of things. Motorcycle parts, telescopes, renting rooms.

The credit card company flagged our account and stopped the joyride, but not before they charged over $5000. They have turned it over to their fraud department and already closed our account and sent us new cards.

Honey thinks that the number was stolen when he bought and then cancelled some things on the internet at Christmas time. He said they seemed shady.

My tantrum is for the people who do this sort of thing.

Why do you do this? Why do you have no conscience? Didn’t your parents ever teach you that stealing is wrong? Why would you think that someone else should finance your life? You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. If I was your mother, I would box your ears.

This and That

Just a few things to share with you all.

1. My Mom is out of the hospital! She is getting around pretty good. She must be, she was telling me about all of the dinner invitations they had accepted this weekend. She and my Dad will be making the trip home to The Mitten on Tuesday. Too bad it’s not warmer up here.

2. Honey is still “bathing for free“. Just in case you were wondering.

3.The puzzle, that I started on New Years Day, is coming along. No one is helping me. No. One.


4. We had a couple of really nice days last week. The Goomba has replaced his old  favorite thing, looking at pictures of  himself and the cats on the computer, with his new  favorite thing. Going outside.


And his second favorite new thing; running away from you.


5. We had a very fun Saturday evening. It was my Uncle Bob’s 70th birthday. My Aunt Phyllis called and invited us to go to a yummy Brazilian steakhouse called Gaucho’s. It was a surprise. Sort of. He always catches wind of these kind of things. She was practicing her smile. Their daughter is getting married next weekend. You know, pictures and all.


Afterwards, they came back to the house. Phyllis had made an Italian Creme cake. Everything she makes is very scrum-tru-lescent. She thinks she is losing her skillz. I’m here to tell you that she is most definitely NOT.


We had a lovely evening! Our children entertained themselves by trying to teach Goomba to say “ca ca”, to which he continually said “apple”. This brought roars of laughter from them in the family room. Teenagers.

Happy Monday to you all, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Potent Quotable

Not everyone possesses boundless energy or a conspicuous talent. We are not equally blessed with great intellect or physical beauty or emotional strength. But we have all been given the same ability to be faithful.

Gigi Graham Tchividjian

Alley Adventure

Our CareGroup went bowling last night. I am not a bowler. I told you about our last bowling adventure here. Nothing has changed.

But, we always have fun when we are all together. This was the cheerleading section.


Maine is a Nice Place To Visit, The Peanuts Champ. Three Good Kids and The Oreo Mom.

They all had one lame excuse or another for not bowling. My shoulder hurts, my body hurts, I just had surgery, I have bronchitis. Whatever. So they just talked and solved all of the world’s problems.

The kids seemed to have fun too.


They were very creative bowlers.

Honey and I were on the same team. I beat him both games. I did not win though. Kentucky Jim and The Bike Master beat us. Just a fun fact, The Bike Master beat us with a vintage ball! It was his Dad’s when he was in the Army! I’m surprised it didn’t crumble into dust when he threw it down the lane.


Had I known I was going to skunk  him on both games, I would have wagered some sort of bet. Honey looks like he is a good bowler. He has very good form and a powerful throw. He has been known to make a gutter ball, now and then.

For years I have said that my bowling has no skill involved. I just get lucky. I have very bad form. It’s amazing that the ball connects with the pins. Did I mention that I beat Honey?

And one more thing, I BEAT HONEY. TWICE!!!!!!

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