Spring is in the Air

Spring is popping out all over up here in The Mitten. The Bradford Pears are loverly.


Things are poking up.


And The Girl’s are bird watching.



Way Back When-sday

I showed this picture to my brother Beeve when he came to pick up The Goomba. The first thing he said was he hoped this wasn’t going on the blog!  At least he can say he was only about 4 years old, and really had no control of his destiny at that time.


Whether he remembers or not, this was something that we did. A lot.

We put on tights, ballet shoes ( I had the shoes, he wore slippers that our Grandma Georgia made), and always tied the hair bows around our waists. I don’t know where I ever got the idea for that. Then we danced. I am going to say we danced to Christmas music in this particular shot.

It was fun! Don’t judge him.

And if you ever meet up with him, please don’t mention it either!

Check out more Way Back When-sday stories over at Capri Deb’s. And join us, it’s a hoot!

He Likes Them Berry Much

Little Goomba was here yesterday. Since I had to work, he spent the morning playing with The Ab-Cat. She gave him lunch. Lunch was just alright, but THEN came the strawberries! He likey the strawberries!


Jam them in.


More please.


Posing for Abby.



12 Bags


The church where I attend BSF has a “clothes closet”. On certain days they open their doors to the community that they serve. I’m told that the “shoppers”  each get a paper grocery bag to fill.

A friend from BSF, who told me about this program, volunteered there for community service. A requirement for some of her masters classes. She said the people who came were truly needy. I believe her word was pitiful.

I was very happy to hear about this ministry that the church has. I had been wondering what to do with the bags and bags of clothing that we seem to accumulate at the end of every season. I usually just gave them away to people that I know, but who wants bags of stuff? They probably have their own “bag” problem.

 I occasionally go through our children’s clothing, and they do too, removing the too small, unloved items and placing them in the designated places in their closets or their bathroom closet. The same goes for Honey and I.

 Since The Ab-Cat and Mousey are 5 years apart, I had been saving all of the hand me downs in Rubbermaid totes. For YEARS. There was always stuff that didn’t fit right, was already out of style, or they just didn’t share the same tastes about.  Thankfully, it has been whittled down to one small pile of pants left that are still too big for Mousey, but other than that, she has finally caught up with her big sister. Culling through that  was always at least a bag in itself.

I also try and donate clothes only for the upcoming season. Because their space is limited and they have no room for both winter AND summer apparel.

Twice a year, as the kids grow and change, I take it in. Invariably though, lots of stuff in our bags is the result of poor planning and waste. We buy things that we like or think we can’t live without. We buy more than we really need, or discard something on the flimsiest of excuses. Bodies, styles, and tastes change.  Sometimes, I hate to admit, I have bought us darn near duplicates, and wasn’t even aware of it until I was cleaning them out.

On one hand, I see 12 bags of  too small, unneeded, gently used goods, waiting to bless someone else. Someone with a genuine need. And I am more than happy to donate.

On the other hand, I see 12 bags of  wasteful spending, sinful, poor management of what God has given us and indulgent buying. And I am ashamed of us. I’m going to ponder now.

Potent Quotable

Many Christians estimate difficulty in the light of their own resources, and thus they attempt very little and they always fail. All giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on His power and presence to be with them.

James Hudson Taylor

Oops, She Did it Again.

Remember last year when I told you about the baby birds in our barbecue? This year, Honey jammed  crumpled aluminum foil in front of the holes in an effort to dissuade the mama bird. She was not dissuaded. She did it again.


She shoved the foil ball pretty far away from the holes too. See it on the left?


Two little babies. Incubating in our BBQ. Again.

I named the mama bird Britney.

Crazy 8’s

I have seen this little thingy on several blogs. It came at a good time for me, as I am trying to get my act together after vacation. You know how that is.


1. The Memorial Day Weekend Shopping Extravaganza at Mrs. Schmenkmans house in Virginia !!!!! WOO HOO!!!

 2. Summer, planting flowers, being warm

 3. Walking again with Keelyody. My lower body is looking forward to that as well.

 4. Growing old with Honey.

5. Seeing what God has in store for our children’s lives.

6. Having a perfect, no ache and pain body in heaven.

7. The new Terminator movie coming out this summer

8. The Ab-Cat and The Boy driving. WITHOUT ME.


1. Went to BSF

2. Went to the fruit and vegetable market.

3. Went to Sam’s Club to buy mass quantities of big food.

4. Went to the library with The Ab-Cat

5. Went over to curl Polly’s hair. She is the sweetest 91 year old lady I know!!!

6. Took The Boy up to register for another semester of night classes. So he can attain his goal. Of GRADUATING  high school in June.

7. Watched “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office” with the Ab-Cat. We were banished to my bedroom because Honey was all into a hockey game. Whatever.

8. Picked The Boy up from night school at 9:45.


1. No matter what I say I wish for, Honey always says “I wouldn’t waste a wish on that”, so lets see. How about I wish I could remember the things I need to remember.

2. Not let certain people annoy the heck out of me.

3. Be more succinct

4. COOK!

5. Teach our kids everything that it has taken me 46 years to learn, so that when they are 46, they will be way wiser than I am.

6. Type faster.

7. Have a king sized bed.

8. Explain to everyone I have ever known, that without the Lord, I would be a bitter, broken, empty shell of a human being. And because of  His undeserved favor to me, I’m not.



1. Sarah Connor Chronicles

2. Heroes

3. House

4. Chuck           

5.  24                            And those are just the Monday night shows!

6. American Idol

7. Biggest Loser

8. The Office

I tag anyone and everyone who would like to be tagged!

It Was Crowded House

That’s who sang the song. “Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you”. Just in case you wanted to know. I loved Crowded House. “Woodface” was my very favorite cd of theirs. That’s what Schmenky and I listen to every Memorial Day weekend on our shopping Fiesta!

Which, by the way, is in LESS THAN A MONTH! 

But for now, it’s back to Florida. One last time.

 We only went down to the beach one evening so Mousey could take some pictures. When we down loaded them, we realized the light wasn’t very good. But, we never got around to going back, so it’s all we had.


Shells at New Smyrna.


Wee Mouse. Big ocean.



It was windy down there!


More of Abby’s greenery.


Perfect picture. Green foliage, red hibiscus and blue sky.


Our gifts to Abby on her Apples to Apples turn. We call it the “dump turn”. Completely not what she needs! It’s our favorite. This hand her word was “delicate”. We gave her, cactus, toes, driving off a cliff and John Travolta.


Another hand. And her hand! This time the word was “soft”. We supplied communists, handguns, Republicans and spam. She said “People, work with me here!”


Capri K and her “A #1  Mama’s Boy”. Those are his words, not mine.


On the way home.

 They travel in style. Comfy quarters AND a TV. They have no concept of traveling like I did as a child.  Hours of no TV, seats that did not recline and complaining about who got to put their feet on “the hump”. Although, I do remember one year being in the back of the station wagon, UNSEATBELTED, with Beeve playing Crazy 8’s all the way home. Yeah, we lived on the wild side. Now that I think about it, I never  wore a seatbelt until they made it a Michigan law. I recollect that I was 18.

It was a very low key vacation. All we did was eat, shop, eat, go to the pool, read, eat, go for ice cream, play games, go to the show (Knowing and Monsters and Aliens), and eat.

And The Boy texted. Mostly to LMNOP, who was in Orlando. So close, yet so far.

I am very thankful that we were able to go this year. With the Ford Motor Co. Fiasco Family  Budget and all. Just another way that Honey provides for us. He also drove us 98% of the time. Because I am less than useless anymore at night.

So there you have it, the NutHatch Family Vacation of ’09. Blessedly uneventful.

Way Back When-sday-My Fitch-ermen

Honey loves to fish. Some of his best memories  as a boy are of fishing with his Dad and others. I have heard the stories many times. Unfortunately, I am not a fisher woman. I don’t even really like to eat fish. Just halibut. Deep fried. Yum.

Honey was very excited when it looked like The Ab-Cat genuinely liked to fish.


Fishing in a pond at Yogi Bear Campground in Indiana. Now she was a cute fisher woman!


One more picture of New Smyrna-2000. The Guys were fitching on the beach. This might have been only the second time The Boy ever wanted to fish with his Dad. He just wasn’t into it. It required a lot of sitting around, and being quiet, not his favorite things to do.  Honey continued to have high hopes for The Ab-Cat, she was actually interested in fitching!

Then all of the sudden she wasn’t interested. But The Boy was!

They are now Fitching Buddies. They go at least once a year on a week long trip, and on various other little trips. Even Honey would tell you that The Boy can out fish him. Is “out fish” a word? They are a good pair.


In Alaska, the BIG Fitching Trip of ’07.  With the big, ugly Ling Cod. Don’t get all impressed and think that I can tell the difference between breeds of fish. Because I most certainly can’t. I just remembered that is what Honey told me they were. And it kind of rolls off your tongue when you say it. Go on, say it. You did, didn’t you? Rolls right off your tongue, doesn’t it?

I love my Fitchermen!

P.S. The Ab-Cat still isn’t interested in fishing.

Come on, go find an old photo and join us for Way Back When-sday over at Capri Deb’s. It is SO much fun to reminisce!

We Didn’t Take It With Us

“Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you.”

Do you know who sang that song? I know, and I KNOW Schmenky knows. Because we have to listen to that particular cd every Memorial Weekend.

We were not able to bring the sunshine back  😦   It’s 52 and raining. And has been almost since we pulled into The Mitten yesterday. Can you say Ca-ca?  We left Florida on a beauti-mous 78 degree, sunny day. But we left that day behind in Tennessee or Kentucky. By the time we reached Ohio, ca-ca. Capri Deb ever so thoughtfully gave me the news that it is supposed to snow later in the week. CA-CA.

We made it home safely in about 24 hours. Thank you Lord!!! Every year we say it’s getting harder and we aren’t going to drive straight through anymore. And then we do.

Here are some pictures from our very fun trip.

Right before we left, I filled the self feeder for the kitty-witties. Guess who was in hog heaven? That’s Fatso Mama Mia, the  rescued Detroit dumpster cat without a stop eating gene.


When we left, she was sleeping right next to it. I’ll bet she only left it to go potty. And also to sleep on her favorite square of couch cushion, that we all defurred with our black clothes.

Honey had cleaned up the van before we left and he bought a new air freshener. He said he tried to pick a scent that I would like. Because he is a big old Hunk of Honey.  He chose clean linen.

Before we pulled out of the driveway, I had to get it out of the van. It smelled SO strong! I put it in the garage, on the railing. And off we went. Before we got to the freeway, the smell was still strong. I told Honey that was one strong air freshener.  The scent was stuck in my nose. He then admitted that there was another one stashed in the back by The Boy. In an act of supreme love for me, he littered. Yes, he had to throw it out the window on the on ramp.

When we came home, the whole garage smelled of clean linen.

We then, uneventfully, made our way to The Sunshine State. Where we were greeted by this. Greenery pictures by Ab-Cat.


Ah, palm trees


Flowers and greenery.


More greenery.


Honey, in blue.


Honey and Mousey.


The Boy. Would not swim. Again.


Neither would The Ab-Cat. She just read. In the shade.

This was a new club house since were there last year. We liked it a lot! Much bigger pool and not as crowded.

I’ll have some more pictures tomorrow.

I’m all unpacked and the wash is more than 1/2 way done. I probably would be completely finished but I took a nap yesterday and then had to watch 2 hours of  The National Geographic channel last night to see why the giant sperm whale exploded in a Taiwan street and then I had to follow the migration of Nicole the Great White shark, to see what kind of mischief she was getting into after they tagged her. Because I obviously need to know those kinds of facts.

Tonight we will be super busy following the adventures of “Chuck” and “Heroes” and we never miss The Jack Bauer Power Hour. Otherwise known as “24”. Ahhhh, it’s good to be home.

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