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What we know and even what we believe are not that significant if they don’t show up in the way we live. Pure and simple, faith not lived everyday is not faith, it is facade.



Threads From Sassy Cat Hill

I just realized that threads could be the clothes I bought, as well as the loose strands of information I have to share about this year’s Memorial Weekend Extravaganza. Or as Warren called it, the Hootenanny. Isn’t that a good word?

First of all, I would like to say that I did much better with my weight issue this year. Luggage weight that is. More on body weight later. Last year, I brought a  monster suitcase that all by itself  weighed 15 POUNDS. It was a real  problem. I ended up leaving some of my stuff at Schmenky’s, and she brought it up  to me when they came to Michigan for a wedding in August. This year when I arrived, I had my packed carry on inside my new bigger suitcase that Honey bought for me in Florida. Together they weighed 42 pounds! Well under the 50 allowed by Northwest Airlines!

On the way home, my big suitcase weighed 49 pounds! Who is a most excellent packer? My carry on was full as a tick as well. And the best thing?  I didn’t have to leave anything behind.

Some of my favorite purchases were:

Love this. $3.99 at Tuesday Morning.


A whole caboodle of new yarn for delicious scarves!!! The whole bottom of the suitcase was covered ! Around $1.50 each at Big Lots. I have some yummy ones for you, Capri Deb!!!


These Born sandals were a big bargain! $23.99 at Ross Dress for Less. I thought my last Born sandals were a deal at $29.99!


Let me tell you about my favorite purchase! Schmenky was buying 2 of these at Kohl’s.They were regularly priced at $69.99, on sale for $34.99, and Schmenky had the good fortune to have a 30% off coupon!

But what I really LOVED was my neck didn’t hurt when I slept on it! I have had neck problems since our car accident 13 years ago, and they are getting worse. The pillow helps a great deal!

“By Grapthar’s Hammer, oh what a savings” Galaxy Quest.


I heart the pillow! Honey has been trying it out to see if he would like one as well.

I also purchased capris, jeans, various tops, underwear and socks for Honey and the kids, a shower curtain for the guest bath, pretties for the house, and other twinkies for my loved ones.

Now, about those other weight issues. I decided that I was going  to get firm with myself once I got home. Because I am at my all time high fighting weight right now. Except for when I was pregnant with Abby. I gained 70 pounds with her and I never want to see that number on the scale again.

Somewhere around Thanksgiving, I fell off the low carb wagon, and have not really bothered to get back on. I am running to catch up with it right now.

BUT,  Mrs. Schmenkman and I had one last fling with the buffets. We are very selective about the ones we eat at, not all are created equal. Where else can you get a delicious salad, meal, dessert and beverage for 7 bucks? We call all buffets “The Trough”, and we faithfully stampeded on up to it! But after the last slice of pecan pie, that’s it. I’m done with all the eating.

Evidently The Trough is a good place to pick up middle aged women. At least that’s what the GRANDPA MAN, who asked us if we were on Match.com, thought! Seriously, he was a grandpa! O.L.D. M.A.N.    After that, I pointed out all the old men to Schmenky and told her there was her boyfriend.

One last Trough tidbit.


Could they possibly need that much butter? Seriously?

Next up? The animals that live on Sassy Cat Hill. There are many. And they are sassy.


Schmenky has a new car since I was there last. It is a white Escape, and it is darling. I want one.

With her brand new vehicle, the dealer gave her a year of free Sirius radio. Which is quite the bonus in my book.

We listened to a lot of stations, pop, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and The Blue Collar Comedy Channel. And now you know what sort of things WE find humorous.

We mainly listened to the 70’s and 80’s station. It caused a multitude of of conversations, because, having graduated in 1980, we straddled both those generations.

And that is where Pablo Cruise came in. They used to be everywhere!  When was the last time you heard a Pablo Cruise song? What ever happened to Pablo Cruise? Was Pablo Cruise a person? Do they still tour every summer? Are they in their 70’s?

We also discussed  Three Dog Night, and how they were highly underrated. Because they had a whole slew of hits, and no one ever talks about them. Where would we be without “Joy To The World”, “Black and White”, “Mama Told Me Not to Come”, and my personal favorite, “One”. Those songs were the background to my childhood.

Being from Motown, we are partial to The Supreme’s, and I love Smokey Robinson and The Miracles. I don’t believe that we heard any Smokey. How can that be? NO SMOKEY???

I also realized that I could live the entire rest of my life and  never hear another Eurythmics or Phil Collins song. I’m serious. Entire rest of my  life.

And while you’re at it, add “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats to that list.

And in closing , I leave you a Deep Thought we heard  from Simon and Garfunkel, another major player from my childhood.

“I am a rock, I am an island. And a rock feels no pain. And an island never cries.” 

Someone was having a little pity party.

What song could you happily live your life without ever hearing again?


Helllllllo Poppet

The Schmenkman’s have many cats. 5 in the house and 3 outside. They all have their charms and  quirky sweetness. As all cats do.

Meet Poppet. My new best friend. She is by far the friendliest Schmenkman cat. She gives new meaning to the name lap cat.


If I was sitting, she was on my lap. She likes to be patted, hard. You could use another word, one that starts with SP, but I am not going to use it. Because then search engines send me undesirables. It rhymes with “hanking”. She is a rare “hanking” kitty.


She is very particular as to how she wants you to sit. This is the only way. According to her. She stretches, and then naps.


It looks like Schmenky took this one mid “hank”.


I love Miss Pop-Pop.

Tomorrow I am going to share some details from my trip. I know you are on the edge of your seats. I’ll give you a little teaser:  Pablo Cruise.

Way Back When-sday- Mousey’s First Visit to Mrs. Schmenkman’s

I think I may have mentioned that the first 2 times that I went to Mrs. Schmenkman’s house, I took Mousey with me. The first time, she was 9 months old, and the second time she was 21 months. She was an AngelBaby.

At that time, The Schmenkman’s lived in Greensboro N. C., and they had a hammock.

IMG_0001 (4)

I love that little grin on her face!

I am home now, Honey came and got me from the airport at 9:30 last night. We had another great Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza, and I will tell you all about it in the days to come. In the mean time, you will just have to make due with the angelic face of Mousey-lina, enjoying the hammock.

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Oh Shenandoah, I Long To See You…..

That is a song I learned in jr. high choir. I don’t know why I still remember it. Because I can’t remember what I did last week. But I sing it at Schmenky’s, because we cross it. I’m not sure why the Shenandoah River was immortalized in song. It’s not so suchy-muchy.

I am leaving for The Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza at Mrs. Schmenkman’s.  My flight leaves at 6:55. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers, they are much appreciated.

Now I am out of here!!!

Way Back when-sday

I am pretty sure that I have mentioned that I am leaving for The Schmenkman’s house in Virginia tomorrow morning at the CRACK of dawn.

And if you didn’t know that? Welcome, this must be your first visit to the Blob!

I explained all of the in’s and out’s of this trip in a post last year, if you would care to educate yourself.

I told of how the first 2 years of the Extravaganza, we were accompanied by Muggins Q. Mouse. That must be when she developed her love of shopping. 9 and 21 months are evidently a formative time in a  girl child’s life.

As usual, she was a good girl, and she thoroughly enjoyed her visits with Aunt Schmenkman and Uncle Mr. C., who lived in North Carolina at that time.

This was the first year, 1995. When Miss Mousey was a wee cherub. She looks pretty comfy there with Uncle Cam.

CAM, look how dark your hair was!

IMG_0007 (2)

IMG_0008 (2)

Here she is in 1996. I have no idea why they had a ball at their house. You were SO blond, Schmenky!

IMG_0004 (2)

Looking mighty comfy again with Uncle Cam. I guess he is good to wallow on.

IMG_0005 (2)

They did not seem to mind having a Mouse in the house one bit.

This will be my 12th year of going alone. BUT, when our Guy’s go fitching in August, guess who wants to go down to the Schmenkman’s to go shopping? The Muggins Q. Mouse-a-lina, that’s who!

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Nuggets of Nothingness

I feel like a broken record.

I am leaving for Mrs. Schmenkmans in 2 days. WOO HOO!!!!

Just trying to get the house in order before I leave. Because Honey cannot relax if the house is not in order.

Little Goomba is under the weather, so he has not been hanging out over here. I hope he feels better soon, because under the weather children are so pitiful. They don’t understand these things.

So I have been using my extra time to get the house in order. For Honey to relax in.

Yesterday, that involved vacuuming and laundry. The Ab-Cat and I also visited one of her favorite places in the world. The Scholastic Book Warehouse.Where you can buy everything 1/2 price. She’s a Reader and likes to own books. I think I gave her that gene.

I then went on over to Miss Polly’s, the sweetest 90 something lady I know, to give her a cut and curl. The thing that amazes me about Miss Polly? She fell and broke her hip in January, had to have surgery, spent quite a bit of time in rehab, and she is getting around just like it never happened! I want to be like Miss Polly when I grow up! She said talking helped pass the time in an uncomfortable chair. So I asked her to tell me about her favorite vacations. She said Hawaii, The Grand Canyon, and The Grand Old Opry. She liked to travel.

Abby and I watched the season finale of “24” last night. All I can say is DO NOT mess with Jack Bauer. Because he can kick more booty, even when he is dying from some sort of weaponized bio pathogen, than than anyone else on the planet! If you think he can’t? Then you don’t know JACK! Personally, my favorite part was when the President’s evil daughter, Olivia, was caught red handed with incriminating evidence. Because this season? We were all wishing hateful stuff on her. And we LOVE Aaron Pierce for ratting her out! If I ever have need of a bodyguard, I will tell you I would choose Aaron Pierce. No one else would do. He is just so decent!

Today, I am going to finish getting the house in order, so Honey can relax more efficiently, and my deepest desire is to go to the chiropractor. Because there are 4 or 20 annoying thingy’s going on there.

Then, I suppose I should pack. But not much. Because, did I mention that I am heading down to Mrs. Schmenkman’s in 2 days to shop until we drop? And I will surely find something new to wear.

Ladies Night From Last Month

I have mentioned before that Honey and I belong to a small group Bible study. We call it CareGroup. The last time we Gals got together for dinner, I told you about it here.

Well, we went out again a couple weeks ago. Because we are all about getting together regularly to eat. We were also celebrating our friend Jan, aka Philly’s Mom, who was going in for a stem cell transplant.

IMG_0009 (2)

Here we are at Bennigan’s; Three Good Kids, The Oreo Mom, The Peanuts Champ, Capri Kel, Keelyody, BaumsAway, LeMary with Jan in front. Bless little LeMary’s heart, she made copies of the picture for everyone!

After Bennigan’s , we went down the road to Grand Traverse Pie Company. Because we weren’t finished with all of the talking and eating. Plus, HELLO, pie!!!

Jan will still be in the hospital for another week. Her Dr. says she is doing well!

We are praying that she feels better soon, and  for a complete recovery. Because the chemo was yukky and she would like to get back home to her boys!

Potent Quotable

Wisdom is, and starts with, the humility to accept the fact that you don’t have all the right answers, and the courage to learn to ask the right questions.


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