On Deck

Now that it is officially summer, I am having a little trouble getting on the computer. The kids are using it. Let me narrow that down. Mousey is using it. All the time.

Plus, I have been busy. And, Honey has been making me go on unnecessary errands. Getting windshield chips repaired, getting the pool water tested, running in to Lowe’s and Home Depot to check on some things. All due to the fact that we are married and we have to do everything together.

He has a project in the works. He wants to replace the boards of our decks with a product called Trex. Which could possibly be our new best friend. We have a significant amount of decking on the back of our house, including stairs and a ramp.

Honey is always talking about the work that needs to be done on the decks. They need to be power washed. They need to be repaired, and my least favorite, they need to be stained. I feel I need to clarify something here, or else Honey will. In an unkind  way. I don’t actually participate in any of the deck maintenance.  I could possibly handle the staining part, but if you have ever met me, you are fully aware that I will never be one with a hammer. And, I am seriously doubting that Honey would ever let me touch  the power washer.  My participation is limited to listening to Honey tell me about all of the maintenance he must perform. Which in itself, is exhausting for me.

That is how he preps himself for work. By telling me about all of the work that needs to be done. It’s like little pep talks he gives himself.

I’m pretty sure that the Decking Replacement Extravaganza of 09  is going to begin this weekend. So that is why we were going all over townS looking at Trex colors, and railings yesterday. Honey and I need each other in this area. He belongs to the school of thought that more is better, and I went to the university of less is WAY better. He’s all, we could do this and this and this and this and this…….. and I say, let’s do that. Period. We settle somewhere in the center.

We have some decisions to make, but I think we are on the right track.

He is also almost ready to commit to making the deck off of  the Ab-Cat’s Doorwall to Nowhere. We have lived here 10 years, and almost every year he has someone come out and give him a quote to build her deck. He is never pleased with the price and says he can make it himself. And he totally could, because he built a ginormous and loverly deck at our last house that still looks fantastic 16 years later. But in the 10 years that we have lived here, he has not had the time nor inclination to actually build  the deck. Hence, The Doorwall to Nowhere.

That’s all I have to tell you at the moment. But I am sure there is blog fodder in here somewhere, because we have never had a project that didn’t.


Potent Quotable

Beauty isn’t worth thinking about; what’s important is your mind. You don’t want a fifty-dollar haircut on a fifty-cent head.
— Garrison Keillor


I am pretty sure that everyone now knows that Michael Jackson has died. Anyone who has watched TV since yesterday, would have caught that from the All Michael, All the Time, television coverage.

We watched some of it, because our Girls were shocked. I remember feeling the same way when Elvis and Princess Diana died. I wasn’t a huge fan or anything, it was just shocking.

About three weeks ago, Mousey had checked out a  Thriller  cd from the library. We listened to it on the way home. The Girls were asking all kids of questions about him, and his videos, and then, all the weirdness. I told them some of my recollections.

Since I am all about the list lately, I will continue that format. I am a firm believer that if it isn’t broke, I’m sure not going to fix it.

1. My first memory of him was on American Bandstand when I was very young. We happened to be “down home” in Tennessee at my Aunt Lottie’s house. My cousins Tammy and Joan were yelling “come quick, you have to see this”, and there were, the Jackson 5, in all their groovy 70’s clothing, huge Afros, harmonious singing and awesome dancing, glory. I’m pretty sure they sang ABC. I remember thinking that Michael was so little and cute and MAN, could those guys dance! At our school, you either liked The Jackson 5 or The Osmond’s. I never caught that Osmond fever. To tell you the truth, I was really more of a Partridge Family kind of girl.

2. Suzanne Suzanna Danna and I watched the Motown anniversary special together. We actually said that we KNEW we were witnessing  history when he moon walked across the stage singing Billie Jean. It was a moment, my friends.

3. I don’t remember hearing too much about him until Thriller EXPLODED onto the scene. OH, how my friends,  Suzie and Dawn and I loved that album! We must have worn the grooves off it.

4. I remember hurrying to a friend house, in the middle of the day, to see the WORLD PREMIER of the Thriller video and being ever so impressed! We had never seen anything like that before!

5. Back in the car, on the way home from the library, I told the Girls that “Beat It” will always be, in my personal opinion, the perfect song from my 80’s experience. I.LOVED.THAT.SONG.

Unfortunately, for me, it was pretty much downhill after that. He then morphed into Mr. Wack-A-Doodle, and I assumed the stance of a person watching a train wreck, complete with look of horror on my face every time I saw a new picture of him. I pray his children will land in a safe, loving, sane, place.

After the awesome  “Beat It”, I think my favorite songs were “I’ll Be There” ,”I Want You Back”, “PYT”  and “Black and White”.           How about you?

Walk On

As I mentioned yesterday, the walking season has begun. Keelyody and I have 2 basic paths that we walk.

When we have had a lot of rain, or if the weather looks “iffy”, we walk in both of our subdivisions, which are connected. Therefore , if heavens floodgates open, we are either 1/2 way to her house, or halfway to ours. We can take refuge and drive each other home. I have already mentioned that we are fair weather walkers. And rain is just annoying when you both wear glasses. This walk is fine, but not the preferred path.

If all is right in our world, we walk the other, preferred path. We walk out of her sub, through another sub, and down 2 dirt roads. There are several reasons why this is the route we enjoy most.

1. It’s longer, and we need  longer.

2. We have decided that our bodies get a better workout on uneven roads and a hillier terrain.

3. It’s SO pretty! We both live in loverly subdivisions, but something about walking through a canopy of trees is just so picturesque. One of the roads has even been designated some special fancy nature road that cannot be paved. Although, personally, I don’t think a nicely blacktopped road would diminish my nature viewing pleasure, but that’s just me.

Wednesday we had a little trouble with the nature. Some sort of buzzing insects were driving us crazy trying to sample our nectar. That sounds so much more pleasant than saying they were swarming our sweaty ears and necks. One of those pesky things bit Keelyody on the arm, and by the time we got home it was a dandy little bump. I heard her say, “I hate nature”.

4. Because of all the shade, it’s MUCH cooler.

5. I’m all out, we just like it better.

One time I drove the subdivision path and it was almost 3 miles. We never knew how far the preferred path was, we just assumed it was around the same.

Honey and I happened to be in the truck the other day, and it has the right kind of odometer. The kind that measures in 10ths. Our other cars don’t have that feature for some reason. I told Honey that I would like to drive the route, as I have always wondered how far we walked.

I am here to tell you that we walk 5.2 miles! And that is far farther  than either Keelyody or I  would have guessed!

When I told her she said she felt thinner already.

The Care and Maintenance of the Temple

I told you all of my reasoning for exercising here.It’s really very simple. Honey needs me around to care for him in his old age. Because it is generally NOT something that I enjoy.

UNTIL, I found my Walking Buddy, Keelyody. She is great. She is reliable, AND  a good conversationalist. What more could I ask for?

The last couple of years, our walking season has been from around mid April, through the end of October, or beginning of November. Basically, whenever the snow leaves, and whenever it comes back to haunt us. Because we are fair weather walkers. Things can start and end abruptly as well. Because we are both life long Michiganders and we know that one day we can be wearing shorts, and the next breaking out the Carharts and furry boots. It’s how we roll up here in The Mitten.

This year, our first day of walking was last Monday. Because Keelyody went back  to work last winter, and her job was done with the school year. Then we had VBS, and you know, now we are available!

Probably for the last couple of months, every time we saw each other at church, we took turns saying “Oh, I need to start walking!”. We are tipping the scale into our mid forties, and my body is staging a revolt. Which revolts me.

I have a confession to make. My once reliable body is betraying me. In more ways than one. I don’t recognize this body. And I sure don’t know how to dress it. I am a stranger in my own expanding skin.

I have noticed that all the terms I use to describe myself are animal related.

1. My metabolism is as stubborn as a mule.

2. When did I start sporting a kangaroo pouch? I can see exactly where all three of our children resided for all 27 months while I carried them. Make that 28 1/2 months. They were all 2 weeks late. None of them wanted to leave me, I was a good hostess.

3. I am tired as a dog lately. Sometimes for good reason, sometimes not.

4.Who tied that soft, squishy, flabby cat belly around my torso? Upper belly, lower belly, upper and lower BACK! Who are you???????

5. What up with the Rhino b*tt???  Or as my Grandma Georgia would so lovingly say, “she looks as wide as Africa”.

We were both very pleased to have squeezed in two days of walking this week. I feel very thankful  to have done that because her son’s graduation party is this Saturday and she has had one or 4000 things to do this week.

Plus, as an added bonus, we can now start discussing and solving all of the world’s problems again. Because as you can see, things are spiralling out of control all over the world  without us.

Way Back When-sday-Father’s Day a Decade Ago

I realize that Father’s Day was last Sunday, and I did recognize it on the blob. But, I thought I might be able to sneak in a few way back pictures of my favorite 4 people in the world under the guise of a slightly passed  holiday.

I don’t think any of these pictures were actually taken on Father’s Day 10 years ago. But they were of a father and his children, in 1999. So let’s pretend, OK?

IMG (34)

 This was taken on our first and only trip ever to Mackinac. Because, evidently, we live in Michigan, but we vacation elsewhere. I wish, wish, wish I could share with you all where we were. But I can’t. Maybe our friend Rachel can, because she was there with her family as well. She is a FAR superior scrapbook-er than I and probably has it all catalogued and journal-ed. That word doesn’t look right to me, but spell check assures me it is.

IMG_0001 (12)

 I DO know where this was! A little water park on the main drag in Kissimmee, Florida. You want the name? You’ll have to Google that for yourselves. At this stage in our lives, we could not get the children OUT of the pools. We have come full circle and now cannot get them IN our own pool.

IMG_0002 (12)

 This was probably one of our mass, combined celebrations. My Dad’s birthday, Honey’s birthday, Father’s Day, and maybe even The Boy’s birthday. I love to see a Dad with his young’uns all clustered around and hanging off em’ like baby possums.

IMG_0003 (12)

I think this was the morning after Honey returned from his first fishing trip to Alaska. They couldn’t wait til he “waked” up, so they went in and “wakeded” him!

Thanks for strolling down memory lane with me. It’s my favorite street.

The Dark Part

Mousey is still at camp. She will be home tonight WOO HOO!!!!.  In her absence, as a special act of love for her, we have had steak, twice. Because she hates all things beef.

The first time The Boy was at work. Honey, The Ab-Cat and I had steak and homemade french fries. It was scrumtrulescent!!!  We didn’t even save him his piece of steak. We ate it all. Katie even licked the juice plate. There were no fries left either.

We decided to have the exact same thing last night, because he was home and could actually have some.

He loved  the fries. He said he now understood how we could have selfishly ate them all, and not saved any for him.  He said he would like them for his birthday dinner. I’m not sure how well that goes with the  Thai sriracha fried rice that he also requested, but that is not my concern.


Nice and greasy. There was not one sliver left.

As we were finishing up the dinner, Honey was slicing little schnibbles off of the last piece of steak and offering it to his loved ones. Like a big game hunter.  Big piece, little piece, baby piece? The Boy said he would take a baby piece. This last steak was a little cooked. And Honey, wanting to present it with a positive spin, offered it to The Boy with the yummy sounding name of “the dark part”. Like dark meat chicken or something.

The Boy said that was creative presentation, because what he really ought to have said was it was charred on one side.

He said he was going to remember that one. The Dark Part is really code for burnt.

It will be passed down in our  family’s oral  history for years to come.

Happy Father’s Birthday Day!

In our family, it is not uncommon to celebrate birthdays and other occasions after the fact. We regularly celebrate things the next weekend, or the next month. We are definitely flexible.

Today is Father’s Day, and we did celebrate that with dinner over at Beeve and Stacey’s house. Which was yummy! Our Dad and Mom were there as well as The Ab-Cat and Goomba. Mousey is still at camp and The Boy had to work.

We also gave Honey his birthday card. His big day was last month, on the day I left for Mrs. Schmenkman’s house for our Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza. We are known to celebrate late, never early. It is our WAY.

Today is also The Boy’s 18 th birthday!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

But we are not celebrating him today. Because we are short a Mouse, and because of all the working he has been participating in lately. We will get around to THAT celebration later in the week, or next month.

SO, back to Father’s Day! We all gave Honey cards, because he has not divulged exactly what he wants for this major holiday. I did make him peanut butter cookies, which are his favorite. He is now on the couch watching golf, so he has pretty much had an awesome day!

Happy Father’s Day Honey!! You are our very favorite Dad!!!


Daddy and his little 18 year old.

Potent Quotable

“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” Billy Graham

Let Me Give You a Visual

VBS has thrown off my groove.  And I am not even working this year. It’s the back and forth. And then the other back and forth.

Plus, the fact that Honey has had to go into work early all week. Additionally, we are getting Muggins Q. Mouse ready to go to camp this afternoon.

Mousey hijacked my entire yesterday. She came to me the night before with a problem.


Well, that’s going to have ramifications. She was not due for her new glasses until September. The prescription that I had for her was from her last July eye appointment.

 I called the place where we had bought these glasses.  At first the sales person recommended taking them to a jeweler to have them soldered. But they were plastic. They then said they would check to see if they had the same frames, and just put her old lenses in them. On what planet would things have been that easy? They were discontinued. Scratch # 1.

I then called her eye Dr. to see if she could quick, get a new prescription early. She has another appointment in July, would they pretty please do that? I think they might have, had the Dr been in the office this week. Scratch # 2.

I seemed to recall that LensCrafters could make glasses quickly. Just how quickly remained to be seen. If you recall, I had exactly ONE DAY. Or else she was going to blindly go where no Mouse had ever gone before. Camp.

LensCrafters are my very favorite people this entire week!  Of course, we had to pay more than I would have liked, and we had to use her last years prescription, but those babies were ready in one hour!

She chose a pair that had a little purple on them, a fashion departure for her.


She looks darling. And she can SEE!

Can I get a WOOT WOOT for the LensCrafters!

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