“I Am” Meme

I saw this on another “blob”, so I will copy it. It’s what I do. And, NO, I don’t know her. Just in case you were wondering. As my children frequently do.

For Today…

Outside my window… SUNSHINE, for the first time all week!!!

I am thinking…I should go make the Payday bars to take out to the lake this afternoon.

I am watching…   the second disc of the John Adams mini series that Ab-Cat had reserved for us at the library.

I am thankful for… As always, Honey. He just makes our life good. He takes such good care of us and I can’t think of anyone I would rather be with.

From the kitchen…  the sound of crickets. Nothing going on in there lately. Oh, Honey made salsa last night.

I am wearing… my new jammies that I purchased at Mrs. Schmenkman’s in Virginia.

I am reading… “Jimmy” by Robert Whitlow. So far, so good. I am not quite sure where he is going with the story line, but the main character, who is mentally challenged, is beyond precious.

I am praying… for our children. Always work to do there.  Two have some college decisions to make and they all always have other choices to make. Plus, praying that the wee pup makes a speedy recovery. It’s hard to see her looking so pitiful.

I am creating…bead bracelets!! I went out with my friend, The Oreo Mom, on Wednesday. She is my beading buddy, but we have not beaded in a couple of years. She took me to a new, yummy Arabic restaurant she found and we shopped for some new beads. We then went back to her house, had a cup of chai and happily beaded the rest of the afternoon!

I am looking forward to… our family reunion, coming up later in July. There are going to be some people there that I have not seen in years.

A picture for today  I have two from our back porch.


LOVE the pansies.


I have several pots of coleus again this year. LOVING them as well.

Have a happy Independance Day!


1 Comment

  1. Marlene said,

    July 6, 2009 at 10:34 PM

    Pansie are my favorite too. I love the coleus too. I want to watch the John Adams mini series. Where did you get it?

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