Happy Halloween!

Scenes from Halloween ’01.

A groovy, peace and love, Ab-Cat. Dumping the candy bucket. Let the trading begin! I SO remember doing that with Beeve. We were all about the gum. My Mother was all about the candy bars.

IMG (36)

Miss Mouse was her old standby. A cat. I think her collar said Frisky. The Boy was a doctor. But he couldn’t just be a regular doctor. That would be boring.

IMG_0001 (14)

He was Dr. Zaius from The Planet of the Apes. Ah, those were the days!

IMG_0002 (13)


They Were All Yellow

The Boy has been busy. Busy getting into accidents. In the last 2 weeks, he is 2 for 2.

Before I tell you about the accidents, I have to tell you about the ticket.

He got a ticket after he had been driving for about 3 weeks. It was for turning left on a yellow light. He says yellow, the police officer said red. He was sick about this. Seriously, he was in distress. I know how he feels. That is a bad feeling when you are pulled over.

I would be more upset about this, but to be honest, the police in our town have just gone hog wild. They have a new little racket. They like to give a ticket with points for a minor infraction so you can go before the judge and have the points removed if you will pay a higher fine. Honey and I have both gotten tickets in the last 3 years for this. Like I told the judge, it’s a judgement call for me to make if I feel like I can slam on my brakes, so I can catch  the yellow light. In that split second, you weigh your options. Sometimes, especially if it is raining, or in Michigan, snowing, or you have someone thisclose on your tail, the better choice is to go. Plus, do all of my passengers need to grab for the safety bars, just so I can stop, when I could have made it through with no problem? Most of the lights in our town have left turn signals anyway.

All of this would not be nearly so annoying if we did not live in a town that has  people flagrantly turning left on RED lights as a matter of course. They just keep on comin’. Or speeding, or not paying attention because they are talking on the rackin’ sackin’ phone! Go get those guys!

The boy now has a fear of the yellow lights. Being the conscientious driver that he is, he now stops at ALL yellow lights, if it is in his power to do so. But the woman behind him last week was not privy to his history. When the light turned yellow, he stopped. She accelerated, and drove right up into his truck. She broke his bloody truck!

We were so thankful  that The Boy and LMNOP were not seriously hurt. They had sore necks and really bad headaches, but were fine. The Boy was going on a retreat with his jr. high youth group boys that night. It was a long weekend for him! Those jr. highers like to hang from him like baby possums.

It doesn’t look as broken in the picture as it really is. It looks like a giant stepped into the truck bed and bent it.



They want to throw it away. That is probably for the best, it has over 160,000 miles on it, needs a new exhaust, every warning light is permanently on, door locks and windows are haphazard. After he got home, the truck bed door fell off.

The woman who hit him was really sorry. She said that she thought he was going to go through.  She was not paying close attention.The Boy said she was so rattled that he gave her a hug.

Honey and I both agreed with The Boy that we were GLAD that it wasn’t his fault. That made it a little bit better.

Last Sunday, The Boy was on his way to church with his friend, Tiger BatBoy. In Tiger BatBoy’s car. Tiger BatBoy was going about 45 through a yellow light when a car turned left, right in front of him. WHAT UP WITH THAT?????

Now Tiger BatBoy’s bloody car is broken.

They both have sore chests where the seat belts caught them. The airbags didn’t go off.

Honey and The Boy have been spending quite a bit of time looking to replace the bloody truck. They are sharing Honey’s Grandpa Gray Taurus. I am back in the big high top conversion van, which I quite like. Comfy leather seats, good cd player, temperature on the rear view mirror, chapstick, kleenex.  Honey’s car lacks certain amenities.

All of this is inconvenience.  A big, fat, costly inconvienience. A little treat we like to call Michigan No Fault Auto Insurance. 

We are most thankful to the Lord for the safety he provided to The Boy, LMNOP and Tiger BatBoy. We know how quickly your life can change in a vehicle. We are grateful for the hedge of protection.

Scarecrow Brain

I  asked Honey last night if he had any idea what I should post about. He was not helpful. He was watching some dumb baseball game. The World Series, or something like that.

Last week, I had a ton of ideas, but I had no time. This week, I have a bit more time and I am wishing that I had written some of those sparkling beauties down. My memory is faulty. To say the least.

I offer you an example.

Just today, I went to Sam’s Club. Because we were out of cream and cheese.  I do remember the important things. I bought a few other staples, broasted chickens, lemon juice, kosher salt and apples. Only to return home and have Mousey ask, what do I do with all that lemon juice? Honey chimed in about the salt and apples.

The cooking show that we have been watching this year is called “Secrets of a Restaurant Chef” and Chef Anne Burrell is a fan of the kosher salt. Honey kept saying that we should try the kosher salt. Is kosher salt any different than regular salt? I do not know. So I bought him some. I said Honey, I bought you a little treat!  Evidently I said the exact same thing when I brought home the last kosher salt. 

I put the new kosher salt in the pantry next to the old kosher salt.

It taxes my brain to remember these things. On these types of days, I wish I could just do this.


Well, it’s not much of a post, but it’s all I can remember.

Way Back When-sday-Pumpkins

This was Once Upon A Time when we used to carve pumpkins. The last couple of years, they just sat out on the porch looking natural. Then I would throw them out into the field as a special treat for our pets, the groundhogs. Or whistlepigs, as I learned from Capri Patt last week. I am an absorbant sponge of information.

IMG_0004 (6)

This was the year of Harry Potter for The Ab-Cat. She went as Hermoine herself . Her love for all things Harry was at its highest point that year, although she remained a Potter-head for several more. My best guess was she was in 7th grade.

IMG (19)

I’m not sure about the look The Boy was going for this year, but he had been all about the knives and swords since he was about 3. He was probably Albert Einstein that year. He was also in an Albert Einstein phase for quite a while. If my best guess was correct above, He was in the 5th grade.

IMG_0005 (5)

No surprise here, Our Mousey was a kitty-cat for the majority of her Halloween outings. Actually, when she was 2 and 3 and 4, she probably had her cat costume on 4 or 5 times a week. Everwhere she went. Yes, that was us at Meijers. This is 2nd grade Mouselina.

IMG_0002 (8)

I heart these Precious Pumpkins!

Mosaician Tribeswomen

Capri Deb has many, many talents in many, many crafty sorts of endeavors. Some of her work can be seen here. Visit all over that site, there is a lot to see! She is an Artist.

She belongs to a lot of tribes. The Capri’s, of course, The Baguette’s, Running With Scissors, and more that I can’t think of! Another one of her tribes is The Mosaicians. Said, Mo-zak-ians. They like to mosaic. And this week, she taught us how!

Early on, Capri Patt decided to make a seahorse for her Florida house. She’s quick like that.

Schmenky started out drawing a rooster. But she had scale problems, and decided to scrap that. Next up? A tree with a sunset sky behind it.

I had no idea what to make. I have no vision. I copy. It’s what I do.

I said maybe a cat? I like cats. Capri Deb so graciously tried to help me. My brain was impossibly stubborn. I could not conceive how to start. I sat there with a pink nose and black cat pupils for an eternity. Then, I switched that horse in the middle of the stream.

We had gone to IKEA earlier in the week, where Deb bought some mirrors with wood around them. I traded my square piece of wood for one of the mirrors. Armed with that, and the mosaic  inspiration of Lisa and Patt’s sister, Laurie, I set to work mosaic-ing some water. Then I put some sand and rocks in. And then, Deb and I created a tree and some sun.

I can’t tell you when I have sat still that long and concentrated that hard! It was intense! Every piece of glass you cut is a decision. Every placement had to be thought about. Every now and then you got lucky and the piece placed itself. Deb makes it look SO easy! Schmenky and I are here to tell you, IT’S NOT! We are not natural tribe members!

Capri Patt did not whine nearly so much. She is fearless like that.

At the end of the first day, I had cuts all over my fingers. I bled on my wood. Our backs and necks were stiff. We were SO tired.

We were spread out every every inch of Deb’s table. That is her project , in the center. Not that she got to work on it much. She was helping us. Or me.

Lisa's pictures 067

Until hers was grouted, Schmenky did not like it. It is beautimous. Capri Patt liked hers until it was grouted. It is beautimous. I liked mine before AND after it was grouted. It is beautimous.

Lisa's pictures 174

Leafless tree with a sunset sky, by Capri Lis Schmenkman


The Seahorse without a Name, by Decisive Capri Patt


Elements, by Capri Kel of The NutHatch.


Thanks SO much Capri Deb, High Priestess of The Mosaicians!

Those look like professional quality mosaics to me!

The Capri Week

The Schmenkman’s are grieving.

They brought Paddy, the rescued beaver that they have been lovingly caring for all year, up to Michigan to live at the Howell Nature Center. It seemed like a total God Thing. It was the answer to a prayer that Schmenky hadn’t even prayed yet. She thought she had another year to keep her, since baby beavers stay with their mamas for 2 years.

Then, Capri Deb met her nephew’s fiance, who just happened to work at The Howell Nature Center, and they just happened  to need a new beaver to be a friend for their existing beaver. The previous beaver had passed away, and the surviving one was lonely. Deb mentioned that her SIL, Mrs. Schmenkman, just happened  to be caring for a rescued beaver that would need a home.

It seemed like a match made in heaven. It was not to be. Schmenky wrote about what actually happened here.

I would not have been surprised if Schmenky had gone back home with her husband, Mr. C, after the weekend was over. I was ever so glad  that she didn’t. She kept her plane ticket and went home last Saturday afternoon. It gave us Capri’s a whole week to love on her and keep her busy.

And a busy week it was! It seemed like we mostly ATE. We ate at Capri Patt’s. We ate at Capri Deb’s. We ate at Capri Kel’s. We ate in downtown Ann Arbor. And we noshed, and schnibbled, and grazed all in between! I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one turning over a new leaf this morning. I know Schmenky and I are taking ourselves firmly in hand.

We also joined a new tribe. The Mosiacians (say Mo-zak-ians), more on that tomorrow!

We did very little shopping. I know, I can’t believe it either! We did go to a local mall where Capri Deb has begun selling her wares. Her crafty, artistic, wares, get your mind out of the gutter!  She was selling some of her loverly mosiacs and sewing.  We found out later that she sold her first piece that very day! We were thrilled for her!!! She is a Superstar!

We took a few pictures.

A Tale of Two Schmenkman’s.

Lisa's pictures 015

Now we have a parade of mothers and daughters. Here is EEEK, or Da’Mama, and her daughters, Capri Lis and Capri Patt.

Lisa's pictures 128

Capri Patt and her daughter, Erin.

Lisa's pictures 123

Capri Deb with her daughters, Bermuda’s Jackie and Steph.

Lisa's pictures 129

The Ab-Cat and Capri Kel. Mousey had to swim.

Lisa's pictures 122

Fondue at our house. Their favorite things were the onion rings and the chicken. They chose wisely.


We is The Capri’s!


I heard someone talking about a trip to Capri, Italy for someone’s birthday, someday. That sounds like like a plan!

Tomorrow, The Tribe!

Potent Quotable

The issue of faith is not so much whether we believe in God, but whether we believe the God we believe in.

R. C. Sproul

Potent Quotable-A Day of Sadness

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.  ~Kahlil Gibran

Paddy, The Schmenkman’s rescued beaver, has passed away. Their hearts are broken.





Put A Ring On It!

This cracked us up! Honey’s sister, Linda, sent us an e-mail with this clip. I love the little leg move!

Mrs. Schmenkman is on her way up to The Mitten for a week long visit! We are having The Capri Extended  Weekend Extravaganza here this year! Posting could be light. But I will have an amazing God Story for you at some point. Because, that God? He was working behind the scenes!

The Am-als

That’s what Goomba calls The Pets. And he surely loves The Pets.

I was monkeying around with the camera this afternoon. I used the captives as my models.

This is Mama Mia. She needs to be photographed in natural light. For some reason, her blue eyes always glow she-devil-red in a flash. I have also learned that you can’t take her picture dead on. She has a little Barbra Streisand thing going on. Or Clarence The Cross-Eyed Lion thing. Which ever you prefer.

Mia is very fluffy. That is my nice way of saying she is fat. Mousey and I both agree that there is something so…so….so…sqwunchable about a fluffy cat. The Boy thinks she is the prettiest of our 3 girls. I love her pink nose.


This is Mousey’s girl, Lucy. She is very shy. Skittish could be a better word. She is the skinniest of our girls. You have to be quick to take her picture. Or she skitters on out of the room.


There’s our pretty LuLu! She spends all day sleeping at the foot of Mousey’s bed. She has the longest, best, tail of our girls. I like a long tail on a cat. She is a head butt-er, and a flopper when you pet her. She also has beautimous whiskers, and loverly golden eyes.


This is The Boy’s kitty, Halle Berry. We like to call this look her Angry Ears. But really, it’s her Uncomfortable Ears. Or kind of, Owl Ears. She is the most patient girl. And forgiving. She is the only one who will give Goomba the time of day. Although, she does give him her Angry Ear look quite frequently. She has many quirks. Some are drowning things in her water bowl, stealing shoelaces from The Boy’s room, and she is one of those rare spanking cats. Just pound away. She is intermediately fluffy. She is bucking her mother for the Matriarch title. I wish Mia would put her in her place. Then box her Angry Ears.


This is Relaxed Ears Halle. With her pretty green eyes and white smudge on her nose. She would not look at me when I had the flash on. Wonder why? She must be a natural type girl.


 Don’t want to leave out the dog. Miss Katie Katherine. She has the patience of a saint. Only if food is involved.


 She was waiting for Honey to give her a bite of his sandwich. She is intense. She has Jedi-like concentration skills. She is well versed in the power of persuasion.


I heard her. She said “you don’t want all of that sandwich”, then she waved her paw. Honey dropped her a schnibble.

The Force is with her.

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