Potent Quotable

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.
Douglas Adams



These were going to be my Christmas cards. I have finally admitted  to myself that I am not going to send them out this year. I am not going to get around to sending them late. They aren’t getting mailed. I am releasing myself.

This is me taking them down the basement in defeat. Putting them away in their plastic box in the closet. Full of determination and hope for next year.

I’d better start trying to get that picture. Now.

List of Ones

It’s a crunchy 2 degrees up here in The Mitten. I am feeling like I don’t want to stick one inch of skin outside. Since Honey fixed our vacuum cleaner yesterday, I could just do  that for the day.

I saw this on Janna’s blob. I shall do what I do best. Copy. Thanks for the idea, Janna! Supposed to use all one word answers. That is barely possible for wordy Capri Kel.

Your Cell Phone? green

Your Hair? straightened

Your Mother? frail

Your Father? birthday(yesterday)

Your Favorite Food? dessert

Your Dream Last Night? forgotten

Your Favorite Drink? chai

Your Dream/Goal? finish strong

What Room Are You In? den

Your Hobby? knitting (at the moment)

Your Fear? sharks

Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? With Honey

Where Were You Last Night? library

Something That You Aren’t? tech-savvy

Muffins? lemon poppy-seed

Wish List Item? king sized bed

Where Did You Grow Up? Livonia, Michigan

Last Thing You Did? drank

What Are You Wearing? jammies

Your TV? off

Your Pets? sleeping

Friends? wonderful!

Your Life? blessed

Your Mood? groovy

Missing Someone? no   I am SO Sorry Schmenky    Missing someone? Schmenky!

Vehicle? whatever

Something You Aren’t Wearing? BRA!

Your Favorite Store? Value World

Your Favorite Color? bricky red

When Was The Last Time You Laughed? yesterday

Last Time You Cried? stumped

Your Best Friend? loyal

Facebook? no

Favorite Place To Eat? Chip and Dip

Favorite Character you’ve written about? NutHatch’s. They are ALL characters!

Have a fun Friday. Stay warm out there.

Books by The Maxx

Back to the Capri-cious Week.

All the days of last week have run together for me. One day we went to see an art exhibit in Saline where a lot of Capri Deb’s artsy friends hang out. It was very cool. That day we ate at Ruby Tuesdays. I only tell you that so I can tell you what we have renamed the restaurant. Ruby Tubey’s, accidentally coined by Capri Deb. I will forever and always call it that.

Then one day we went to a place by Deb’s house that has a TJ Maxx and a bargain book store. Because  no one can have enough books. Well, I don’t seem to be able to. They were buying as well.

I have never read anything by Catherine Marshall, but I know she is much beloved. The second one is by Art Linkletter and someone else. I always liked that Art and his show, Kids Say The Darndest Things. I actually remember watching it. Yes, I could be someone’s Granny. I bought the baby name book for Miss Mouselina, as she likes to look at our old one that has no new fangled names in it. Like her name. THIS BOOK HAS HER NAME IN IT!!!!! In all of her life, she has only met one other Mouselina. I should tell you that story, because it is FREAKY! Maybe next Wednesday, because I have a picture to prove it’s authenticity.

Those three books were $1. The other was $4. I liked the name and I am growing older and like to see what is in store for my future.

These were my purchases at The Maxx, as we regulars call it. All Life Is Good, all the time. We all purchased different things, but mostly all were this brand.

On the last day we mosaic-ed, but I can’t show you those until they are grouted. Because that would just be wrong.

I can’t tell you how nice the week was. We enjoyed just being together! All the shopping and eating, and talking and laughing? Life is really good!

Way Back When-sday-Second Grade Capri Kel

 This was my Mother’s nightmare. She despised  this picture.

I despised the way she sent me to school that morning even more.

She had put curlers in my hair the night before. The pink sponge kind that you could sleep on. I usually only had to do that on Saturday night so I could look all purty for church on Sunday. But this was a special occasion. Picture Day.

My hair didn’t turn out as she had planned. So she teased my bangs and the top and combed the whole thing back and plopped a pearl and gold head band on me. Then she sprayed it. I.Was.Mortified. I am sure I told her just how mortified I was too.

Words cannot express how horrified  I was.

You know how they always had moms around on picture day to straighten you up? Tuck your shirt in, brush your bangs to the side, hand out combs so you can make yourself spiffy?

I took one of those little black combs, took out that headband and combed out that ugly hairdo. Oh yes I did. Combed it all forward. And created my Mother’s worst school picture experience ever.

We still have a ton of those pictures kicking around. I don’t think she gave out a single one. She said I ruined my second grade picture for all time. Well, I have no regrets.  All I can say is better me than her.

See you next Wednesday!

I Showed Her The World

Before Mrs. Schmenkman arrived in The Mitten, I asked her if she would like me to introduce her to the Value World. Because she is one to relish the thrill of  the hunt and capture of a bargain. She said she would like to make its acquaintance. I introduced them. They are now in serious like.

We went to one that I had never been to before. Another friend had told me it was “really messy”, worse than the one I usually frequent. The one I usually frequent can be quite messy, and therefore I never cared to meet its messier cousin. I am here to tell you that it is no messier than the frequently attended one. They are both frequently a little bit messy.  We also went to the one I frequent the most.I am liking the word frequent. If you look at it too long, it looks strange. Like it should be spelled freak-went. That looks stranger. Free-kwent. WHATever.

I found some books. The Ab-Cat is looking forward to introducing Goomba to The Toy Story movies. They were huge over here at The NutHatch and still much quoted major motion pictures. There’s a snake in my boot! Ride like the wind, Bulls Eye! I found my moving buddy! And I packed your angry eyes! I want to ride the pony! Oh, this could go on all day.

All that to say, I thought Goomba might like to look at this DK book that probably cost around $20 new, but I snagged for $1.91. Again, I have to ask. Why the one cent?

Someone was getting rid of all these Erma Bombeck treasures! Love her! I will enjoy reading her perspective on many topics! A little under $4.

My haul of hoodies, sweaters and a vest. Many nice brands, Oleg Cassini, Joneswear, Evan Piccone, Style and Co., Talbots, B.C. Clothing, Sonoma and North End.

This one is a bit of a cheater. Thunderbirds Wheelchair Sports. We have no affiliation to the team, but the coach did come up to me in Meijers one time to try and get me to talk The Ab-Cat into playing wheelchair basketball for him.  He said she handled  her wheelchair really well. He said he can teach kids how to play basketball, but handling the chair is a whole other story. She declined. So we were never really part of the team. You think anyone will call me out on it? It was such a nice vest and it fits me SO well. Maybe I can buy a big pin from Capri Deb and cover it up!

More darlings. I wore the green one to BSF last week. It has adorable buttons. I love them all.

Schmenky did alright too. Capri Deb made out like a BANDIT! She bought a TON of wool blazers and sweaters to felt and make Delicious Pins. $25 dollars for two big bags, that she will then make into pretties and sell for an enormous profit!!!

We also shopped at T.J. Maxx, Homegoods, and Hobby Lobby that day and ate at Applebees. I had an Oriental Chicken Salad, which is what I always have. And because I was so hungry I could have eaten a bear without salt, I enjoyed a whole one, instead of my usual half order. Just call me Hog Jaws.

All in all, a very productive day! And there is MORE! But you’ll have to wait. Until Thursday. Because tomorrow is Way Back When-sday.

We’re Two!!!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Capri Lis Schmenkman and I started our blobs two years ago last week. Capri Deb a little longer. And we are all still going strong! Happy Birthday Girls!

I still love my blob. I really do. This surprises me to no end. I guess I expected it to fall by the wayside, or I would get tired or bored of writing it. But, I haven’t. As a matter of fact, if I ever go back and take a look in the archives, I am thrilled to have this little journal of our lives. I believe I may have mentioned that I can be a wee bit forgetful. All I have to do is go check out a random month, and our whole life at the time comes streaming back!

I have never kept a diary. I have owned  them, but never actually wrote. I do scrapbook, but I am years behind and the journaling has become a problem for me. I can’t remember all of the pertinent information needed to flesh out a page. It can all get a bit vague. So I am thankful for the memory bank!

I’ve never had any goals attached to the blob. I don’t have a specific voice. I have read on other blogs that this is important.  I don’t fit neatly into any category, so I’m sorry I can’t comply. I could start a new category. The ADD blob. Welcome to Honey’s World.

I was very new to the world of reading blobs two years ago. I’m sure I didn’t understand how far reaching the blog community was. The world of comments and stats was foreign to me. I never left comments unless I knew the people writing the blobs. All three of them. I am still not a huge commenter, mainly because some of the blogs I read have a large readership (is that a word?) and I can’t imagine they need or want to read comment number 175 or 1075. But if I am an early commenter, or they typically have under 25, I figure it might get read.

Personally, I have LOVED receiving comments from old and new friends! Oh, how I love the comments! Here’s Capri Kel, trolling for comments!

 I mainly thought it would be a fun way to keep up with my friends and family, many of whom live out of state, or country. It has been an added bonus that I have made friends with lovely Folks who are also out there on the worldwide web, adding their unique voices, or just reading, or just rambling on. Like me.

So, thank you, all of you. For making this such a fun hobby for the last two years, for sharing your lives, and for reading about the daily NutHatch activities. It has been a pleasure.

Potent Quotable

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.
John Leonard

All good things must come to an end.


I realize I am supposed to choose ONE picture for the week. Well I’m sorry, it can’t be done. On this fourth week, you actually get 4. Not to say that next week you will get 5, but this week, you get 4.

This week was crammed full of Capri-ciousness. Every little inch!

Capri Lis and Capri Kel in their Delicious scarves.

Capri Deb with her GrandBaby Colton. Just check out the dour look on Grandma’s face. That poor child gets no attention. No one ever looks at him or takes his picture. Or hangs off his every peep or drinks in his precious little facial expressions. It’s a crying shame.

Unloved AND neglected I tell you.

GREAT-Aunt Capri Lisa Schmenkman let him wear her Delicious Scarf. All the foofies tickled his poor little un-smooched face.

And The Mosiac-ian Tribeswomen. Steadily working all day to create treasures out of pieces of broken glass. Here are their Indian names. Capri Lis, aka The Frustration is High But She Will Persevere To Great Heights. Capri Deb, aka Oh Great Gifted in EVERYTHING One. Her daughter, Bermuda Jackie, aka She Who Will Try It And Like It. Not Pictured: Capri Kel, aka She Who Will Have A Great Mental Log Jam.

A very brief synopsis of our week.

Rejoining The Tribe

We are going over to Capri Deb’s today to try our hand at  being part of the Mosaic-ian Tribe again. Hopefully, it won’t be as daunting as last time when we had no idea what we were doing! This time, we sort of  know what we are doing. A little bit.

Schmenky bought a new pair of cutters. Or nippers. Or snippers. So we have 2 pairs for 3 people instead of 1 pair for 3 people. I’ll show you how it all turns out.

We have been playing Bookworm this morning while having our hot beverage. A very good time waster, I must say.

Be back tomorrow with the 52 picture. Have a fantabulous Friday.

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