Friday Morning

Nothing much to report this morning. Ruth is about the same as yesterday. They are awaiting results of the latest x-ray to see what is happening with the pneumonia. They plan to start weaning her off of the ventilator today as well.  I have read Kel all of your comments and she is so thankful for all of her wonderful friends.

Until next time… Schmenky


Thursday Update

Today’s update is not a good one.

Ruth’s pneumonia is getting worse and the doctors are not feeling very positive about what her quality of life will be even if they are able to put in the pacemaker. She is still on the ventilator right now and Kel, Beeve and their dad are just taking things moment by moment.

There are a lot of variables and scenarios that may happen.

 Kel asks that you all just pray that God takes this  and may His will be done. Pray that they don’t have to make any hard decisions, that God makes those for them.

I’ll keep updating as I hear anything.

Wednesday Morning Update

Not a lot to report today,

Ruth couldn’t take her swallow test because she is so short of breath from the pneumonia. Her fever is still down and the doc says he is planning on putting in the pacemaker tomorrow. He also said that they may put her back onto the ventilator while they are doing the procedure as she will be on her back for awhile and with the shortness of breath that may pose a problem.

They really like the new nurse on duty so that’s the good news.

On a side note from me… I can tell that Kel  is feeling a bit low and seriously missing her family in the mitten so say a little extra prayer for her. I know we all wish we could just pop over there and give her a much-needed hug and a cup of chai.

Update: Kel just called back and said the doctor got some new xrays and decided to put Ruth back on the ventilator today because the pneumonia is getting worse and he wanted to take the precaution of putting her back on it so she wouldn’t have “an incident” later. This will also give her a rest from struggling to breath on her own.

Tuesday Evening Update

Tonight’s report is mixed…
 Good news; Ruth’s fever is down a bit and none of the cultures they’ve taken have grown anything.
Not so good news; she has pneumonia, BUT they think it is because she aspirated some fluid, not a bacterial thing.

Kel has asked for some very specific prayers if you don’t mind;
#1: Ruth is going to have a “swallow test” in the morning. If she passes the test she will be allowed to drink some water and that would mean the world to her as she is “dry as a bug’s hull” (I believe that may be in the nut hatch dictionary)
Please pray that she passes that test!

#2: Please pray that the new nurse coming on duty will be a really good one.
(They have had a couple of really good ones and one not so good one.)

#3: And please pray that the fever breaks and the pneumonia clears up so she can get her pacemaker and start her road towards a real recovery.

I’ll be back with another report tomorrow unless we lose power again with this next big storm coming on… another 10″-15″ coming to top off the 30″ we got over the weekend!

Tuesday Ruth Update

I just spoke  with Kel. They are still trying to figure out why Ruth is running a fever. We wonder; WHY do cultures take so long?!

Kel was very concerned yesterday because Ruth was listless and seemed like she was getting a bit worse rather than better. She said that she seems better this morning though.

Please concentrate your prayers that they figure out why she is running the fever and that she gets well enough to get this pacemaker installed. “Installed”  doesn’t quite seem like the right word, but you know what I mean!

Second Monday Ruth Update from Schmenky

My power has been returned! YAY!

Talked to Kel a few minutes ago and she said that the docs have decided to postpone the procedure that Ruth was supposed to have today because she is running a low grade fever.

Amp up the prayers!

Monday morn Ruth update

Hello friends, this is Capri Deb giving you an update. Lisa as you know, lives in Virginia and is dealing with almost 3 feet of snow and no power right now!

I just talked with Kel, and mom is improving a little everyday. She is on painkillers and that is making her a little groggy. But yesterday they got her up and she sat in a chair for a while. The progress is slow, but steady. She has a feeding tube right now because they were worried about her ability to swallow.
Today, she will have some sort of pacemaker or defibrallator put in. Now sure what time, she’s 3rd on the list. Kel says she will let us know later today how it went.
Keep up your prayers. Kel says thank you so much, that considering the circumstances eveything has gone so smoothly and good. The prayers are surely helping.

Saturday Update

I took a moment to rest from  my busy shoveling duties(28 inches and still coming!) to call Kel for an update.

She tells me that Ruth continues to do well. Her fever was down today and she was being spunky with the docs and the nurses. She’s able to talk better and is even laughing a bit. The doctors are all saying how pleased they are with her progress.

She is having some trouble with her short term memory but her long term is just fine. She is scheduled to get her pace maker on Monday.

Please keep up the prayers, especially that she continues to gain strength so she is ready for the pacemaker procedure and that everything goes well with that!

Thanks to you all, Love from both  Schmenkys

Another Update From Schmenky

The news just keeps getting better!!!

Ruth is now off life support and breathing on her own! She is only able to whisper right now and doesn’t really remember anything that happened.  She will soon be getting a pacemaker so that should prevent this from ever happening again.

Kel and the Beeve are sooooooo thankful for all of your kind thoughts and especially for your prayers! They are feeling very blessed with how God has been with them every step of the way.

Kel keeps saying that  Ruth is just like a cat with 9 lives.  It makes her day when I read her your comments so keep them coming!

I will continue to update as long as I’m needed.  Keep praying!

Guest post from Mrs. Schmenkman

I spoke to Kel this evening and she told me that Ruth opened her eyes and that she could tell she was looking at her. They were talking to her and she responded appropriately three different times,  which is good because they were waiting for her to wake up before they would start any type of treatment. She tried to smile when Kel told her that her hair looked terrible and when the Beeve asked her if she was surprised to see him in Florida (since he never goes to Florida).

Ruth had gone into cardiac arrest at home  and was revived with the help of her husband starting CPR right away and the paramedics doing the rest.

Kel is cautiously optomistic but she knows that Ruth is not out of the woods. Please continue to keep them all in your prayers.

Love , Mrs. Schmenkman

How could I forget… I read all of your comments to Kel over the phone and she was so thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers. You all made her feel much better!

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