Way Back When-sday- Sleep Around Mouse

 One more post before I head out the door to The Sunshine State.

I told you I had another picture of a Sleeping Mouse. I actually have one more picture that I can think of, but cannot find. But this will do for today.

This is Honey, with a crashed Mouse at church. I told you Girlfriend napped when she could get one.

I could just kiss that rosebud mouth. Honey’s too.

Have a good week.


The High Price of Crossing Your Legs… Comfortably

My Dad and I are heading back to Florida tomorrow morning, to pack up his house and list it with a realtor. He doesn’t want it anymore. If you think of us, we would appreciate your prayers. For some reason I think this will be hard for him. I don’t know why it would be harder than anything else we have been doing, but I have a feeling that it will be.

We are flying down and driving back in a U-haul truck. I’m not sure how long we will be gone, but I will be incommunicado until we arrive back in The Mitten. For blob purposes, anyway. Because there is no Internet where I am going. And we will be busy, busy, dreadfully busy.

I was asking my Dad if he had a carry on suitcase. He said he did. I asked if it had wheels. He said that it didn’t. I then asked when he last flew. He said 1998.  Well, he is in for a little treat. He said he had never taken his shoes off at the airport before. Welcome to the new, post 9-11 world, my Friend!

Honey booked our flights last week. When Beeve and I flew down in February, Honey booked us exit row seats.

Did you know if you have exit row seats they expect you to help out if the plane crashes? Well, neither did I. They actually say if you have a problem with this to let them know and they will find you a seat somewhere else! They evidently take their exit row seating very seriously. I think that is a lot  to ask for in exchange for a little extra leg room.

I tell you all of this to say that Honey booked us in exit row seating again. So here is your warning. People, if you are flying down to Orlando on Spirit airlines tomorrow, and the plane has any difficulties? I am your helper. If that doesn’t make you want to change your flight, I don’t know what will.

My Dad, on the other hand, would be most helpful. So there you go.

I hope you all have a wonderful week or so. And all the responsibility-free leg room you need.

Sweet Dreams

I was talking to The Boy the other morning before he headed out to work. Mama Mia was sleeping in the chair and I couldn’t resist petting her and rubbing my nose in her fur.

I said to him, guess what? Mia had slept on the bed with me ALL night long the other night!

That may not seem like a big deal, but she has issues with being on the bed. She is a rescued Detroit dumpster kitty, and I am pretty sure that her previous owner was not kind to her. She has many, many, sorts of issues. But she is a big old sweetheart, and we love her so.

Any way, I was thrilled that she had resolved her trust issues enough to stay with me.

The Boy said that was nice. He then asked me to guess what he had slept with all night long.

He said his hopes and dreams!  HA!

Potent Quotable

When we confess our sins, God casts them into the deepest ocean…. Then God places a sign out there that says “No fishing Allowed!
Corrie ten Boom

52@15 & 16

Mousey and I went to The Value World last night to use our very last “50% off your ENTIRE purchase” coo-pin. A moment of silence for the last coo-pin.

We went with her friends, 2 darling sisters that need a blob name. For the purposes of this post, they will be referred to as Chip and Dale. Because they have cute giggles.

Those 3 girls? They can SHOP!

I looked around for about an hour, then I checked out and went to the car to read.

It was a good thing I had on my magic sandals. It was a really good thing that I had bought a book. Because they closed the store about an hour and a half later.

All three had carts, full of clothes to try on. In front of the one, measly, skinny little mirror. Here is an unsolicited tip for The Value World. GET SOME MORE MIRRORS!!!!

 And if it wouldn’t be too much trouble? Could you use a brighter watt bulb in your lights? It’s a little dim in there. And while you’re at it, get some dressing rooms!

Because I will never, ever buy your merchandise for my hindquarters without trying it on first. And I will never, ever wear a cat suit to your establishment like Mousey, Chip and Dale do. You are welcome for that.

Here are some of Mousey’s purchases, and all of mine. I spent $5 American dollars and change. I don’t even want to know what she spent. Because…

#1. It was her Christmas money, given for this very purpose.

#2. It was 1/2 of what she would have spent if I was buying. And if we didn’t have a coo-pin.

#3. At least she didn’t come running out to the car asking me if she could borrow some money.

She always buys a variety of cardigans and other things that I think are un-cute, until I actually see her wearing them. Then they are surprisingly cute. These were the things that struck me as immediately cute. I am giving you the price on the tag, BEFORE the 1/2 off. It’s early and you know, math and all.

The blue thingy is The Limited for $1.90, the pink thingy is a.n.a. for $3.60, capris are Wet Seal for $4.80, white hoodie (seriously, can you ever have enough white hoodie/sweater thingies?) is Pro Spirit for $3.10, darling polka dot cammie is Exhilaration for $2.60. Oh, and straw bag, $2.10. All in perfect condition, except for the straw bag. I predict that will be a 1 summer bag. I am most impressed with the capris. VERY cute for a mere $2.40. HA, I did the math!

My stash. The sleep pants are actually for Mouse. $1.80 from Old Navy. She said that she didn’t need sleep pants, but I insisted. Because they are that really soft, stretchy cotton that feels like you are sleeping in kittens. I thought she should have that experience. Because I have had it, and flannel will never feel the same. The long sleeved shirts were $1.60 for the Field Gear rust one, and $1.40 for the no name, pink-ish one. I can see that I am going to have trouble with the summer apparel thrifting. Everything looked impossibly small and impossibly short to me.

Tupperware bowl, $1.21, Corrie Ten Boom book, $1.81 (I had to take the paper cover off and throw it out. It had something unidentifiable on it and that creeped me out,) and Beverly Lewis Amish book, $1.91. I have this Amish thing. Don’t judge me.

I was reading the Amish book out in the car. She is not the best writer, and it was volume 1 of a series. A commitment book. I don’t know if I will like it enough to invest myself. But for 96 cents? I am not going to expend the energy wondering about it. Did you see that? I did math again! Oh, I lied, it was on the receipt.

So there you have my bargains of the month post AND my last two 52 Photo’s post. Because I am a lazy, lazy girl.

P.S. From Mrs. Limpit

Guess what God did for me yesterday?

He helped me walk all over that church at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), is what He did for me! On my lousy ankle!  That, and He gave me magic sandals!

Seriously, I wasn’t even walking that well at our house in the morning, but I prayed on the way there. I asked Him to help me do my job. Which mainly involves hoofing it all over the church. Back and forth, up and down, in and out, standing behind the counter.

Well, I.Did.It.All.

I am sure that I could not have done it on my own without His help. And I would have felt like a weenie to ask the other Gal’s on the Admin team to do all my work because I had a boo boo ankle.

I was totally fine all morning. I was even fine in the afternoon when I went to Sam’s with Honey.

When I was finally home for the day, I went to potato up. I took off the magic sandals. And guess what?

I started limping. My ankle hurt again.

But that’s OK. He did exactly what I asked. Just so I would know that He did it. Just in case there were any doubts.

So TOMORROW, I am going to ask that it completely goes away!

But even if it doesn’t, I am thankful for the reminder that God enables us to do His work. And, He can even use my bargain Born sandals to accomplish His will.

Honey Get Your Gun

My body is ganging up on me. It is an all out war.

First my back, then my wrist hurt and now I have done something to my ankle.

I told Honey to just take me out back and shoot me.

It’s getting ridiculous. What in the world could be the problem here?

I think I know when I hurt my ankle, but I am not clear on the how.

Tuesday afternoon I let Katie out to take a tinkle and I sort of  forgot about her. She usually gives a little’ finished’ bark, or she sits on the porch and waits. When I remembered her, she was no where to be found. She has had spring fever lately, wanting to go outside approximately every 12 minutes. She had an agenda. She was just waiting for her opportunity, and I had given it to her.

So I began my little routine to get her in. I call her name loudly, and clap my hands. Then I repeat her name and the clap and add a mean “COME”.


I took a stroll to the backyard to see if she had chased a rabbit back there or had hunted down a disgusting dead animal. She has a gift, my Friends.


She has ventured down to the creek before, and travelled over to the neighbors two doors down before as well. I took that path. The whole time I am doing my calling, clapping, mean voice “COME” thing.  All the while, I was walking in soggy, gushy grass, with my sandals on. I think I must have pulled something in my ankle at this time. Because my ankle got progressively worse for the rest of the day.

She never did come. I stopped many times to listen for her jingly collar noise.


I finally ended up back at the front of our house. I decided to check the pool area and call one more time. I was getting worried, because I don’t want to be the one to have to tell Abby that her precious pup daughter took off on my watch. I was shooting up arrow prayers, and trying to think like a dog. 

Well, guess who came slinking up to the pool gate? Our Jerk-shire Terrier, Katie Katherine, soaking wet and shivering. I think she had been stealthily hunting dead animals down at the creek and fell in. She couldn’t have fallen into the pool cover, she would have never gotten out on her own.

Oh, was she guilty.

She still wants to go out every 12 minutes, and she is unhappy that we are standing on the porch watching her like a hawk. She will not have another opportunity to make me limp out there again and wreck another body part.

Sincerely, The Incredible Mrs. Limpit

Way Back When-sday

Last week I had a picture of me with a sleeping Mousey. This week I have a picture of my Mom with a sleeping Mousey.

It would appear that Mousey slept around.

Next week, I’ll try and find another!

Thankful Tuesday

Guess what?? A LIST!!!!

I am thankful for:

1. The walking season began yesterday with Keelyody. It was grand. My back did fine. Still waiting for the loss of 10 lbs.

2.Was able to go out and help my Dad go through stuff. He has Purple Heart coming tomorrow and they said they would take  13 boxes. We packed the 13 boxes. We carried much trash down the hill to the fire pit. We climbed up the hill from the fire pit. That 10 lbs should be rolling right off.

3. My Dad has a new best friend. His name is Chewy.

He is a neighborhood cat that sort of  lives across the street. We met him last summer. He has been coming around a lot, and my Dad has been loving it. Chewy is without a doubt the most affectionate cat I have ever met. The man across the street, who lets Chewy live in his garage, says he is not inside material. Something about a lack of knowledge pertaining to Litter Box Skills 101. My Dad said yesterday he is considering teaching this skills class. That’s how much he hearts him. That is one purry, rub up against you, koko-headbutting you, kitty-cat!

4. My Dad and I made a dent. Ultimately, we need to go through his entire house to get it ready to put on the market. He lives about 45 minutes away, and it is our deep desire that he would move in closer. The lake is getting to be too much work for him anyway.

5. I was SO tired from my unusual day of exertion, that I was SURE I would sleep like a rock, like a lamb, like a little kitty cat. But I didn’t. It was a terrible night of tossing and turning, headache and body aches, and too much thinking. I heard it pouring rain in the early morning hours, and THAT’S where the thankfulness came in. I knew I wouldn’t have to get up and walk!!!

6. After I was up for a while, my headache and body aches dissipated quite a bit. I could  have walked, but secretly, I was glad to catch up on some blob reading and have a quiet morning. Plus, it really was still raining. So it was all guilt-free!

7. Had a nice, long, conversation with Mrs. Schmenkman on my way home from the lake yesterday. I put that 40 some odd minutes to good use. I told Honey I need one of those thingies that will hold my cell phone for me. Because I was getting a cramp or something, and driving with two hands is always preferable.

8. Honey bought my plane ticket to Virginia for The Memorial Day Hootenanny at Mrs. Schmenkman’s on-line the other night. I’m READY!

9. I have another coo-pin for 50% off my entire Value World purchase! Mousey and I just need to co-ordinate our schedules, and GIT!

10. I am ever so thankful for the handy, dandy list format. I would have to shut down this here blob without it!

What are you thankful for today?

The Cherry is Weeping!

Yeah, Baby! It’s spring in The Mitten!

We are hoping for a stellar summer this year. Summer last year was LESS than spectacular. It seemed like it never quite got off the ground, so we have high hopes for this year.

I have another list for you Guys. I’m sorry, there is something wrong with me. It’s called a mental log jam.

1. Keelyody and I are walking this morning! WOO HOO!! I am really hoping this helps in my back department.  And  also in the losing 10 lbs. department.

2. Honey, The Ab-Cat and I finally watched The Blind Side on Saturday night. We loved it. I think I am going to see about reading the book it was based on.

3. Ab, Mousey and I watched the second Twilight movie on Sunday afternoon. Honey watched with his eyes closed. Snoring . We did not love it and Abby and I had to repeatedly stop the DVD to ask Mousey questions. That’s how confusing this movie was if you have not read the book. We agreed though, we are ALL totally on Team Jacob.

4. Have any of you seen the tv show called Hoarders: Buried Alive ? Oh.My.Word. My nose was crinkled and my mouth was open the ENTIRE time. One lady said she had not thrown anything out in 1 year. ANYTHING. Even garbage. She wouldn’t let the helpers throw away the raked leaves until she looked through them.

5. I switched my clothes. I have committed to warm weather. Please Lord, don’t let it snow again.

Another reason I switched my clothes? I needed to see what I have and what I might possibly need before I head down to Mrs. Schmenkman’s house for our annual Memorial Day Hootenanny. Because there will be shopping. And I don’t want to buy too much new stuff without weeding out what I have. I don’t want to be featured on an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive, you know?

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