Off To Virginia

My no-face, Amish toe and I are off to the airport.

Have a wonderful holiday, and take a moment to remember who and what we are celebrating.

I thank them all for their service.


Way Back When-sday-Memorial Day Hootenanny 2003

We don’t usually go on field trips when I go to Mrs. Schmenkman’s house, but we have gone on occasion.

This particular year Schmenky took me to Monticello, home of  Thomas Jefferson. Being somewhat of a Presidential nerd, I loved it.

The year 2003 was the 200 year anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, that was commissioned by Mr. Jefferson himself. There was much talk about that.

They had some purty gardens.

I am standing in front of President Jefferson’s HOUSE! I remember thinking that  he had some very clever ideas, none of which I can tell you about today. That was 7 years ago!

In my defense, I went to George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, a few years later, and I am sorry to say I could never keep them straight in my mind after that.

Mrs. Schmenky Schmenkerton Schmenkman, looking all darling and such.

We have now left Monticello and have arrived at Sassy Cat Hill. Schmenk made that pond. With her bare hands. I’m guessing that Mr. C.  helped. All the plants around it are SO much bigger now!

I don’t know which is scarier here. Me and my weird glasses, or Schmenkala’s mom jeans!

It’s a toss up.

And I just noticed this, doesn’t it look like she has antennae?  LOL! Like she auditioned for A Bug’s Life or something!

Thanks for going Way Back to 2003 with us!

I’ll be back on The Hill tomorrow morning! Look out Sassies, here I come!

Just in Time For Sandal Season

I have a problem. I have had it before. FOUR TIMES!

I discovered that my big toe nail was oozing something disgusting, and lifting away from the nail bed on Friday. On Saturday I went to Costco with Capri Deb and Capri Patt. Where I ran into the back of Capri Patts shoe, and ripped the nail more than halfway off. Sorry to be so nasty. But I must tell you all of this to tell you that this is how everything in my life is!

As you may recall, I was leaving in FIVE DAYS for Mrs. Schmenkman’s house in Virginia. Of course no one is in the doctors office over the weekend. So Monday morning I called with my sad, sad tale. I needed to be seen post haste, because I am going out of town.  And could you please see me as soon as possible because I need to see the foot doctor as soon as possible as well. Because I am LEAVING TOWN.  I have to get this taken care of because I am not socially acceptable at the moment. WHY is there always a time factor? Why are we always jammed up? Always CRUNCHEDFORTIME!

I went to two doctors yesterday. The regular doctor and the foot doctor. In the past, the regular doctor has said I have had a fungus under the nail of my big toe, I have taken Lamisil twice. This is the fourth time I have lost my big toenail. I usually loose both big toe nails, because evidently, they like to do things together. Like they are married. They also prefer to do this in the spring or early summer. Just in time for sandal season. It is their way.

The foot doctor,  my new best friend, says I don’t  have a toe fungus. I had a blister underneath my toe nail, and it became infected. I am going to lose my left nail, and the jury is still out on the right. When I asked him WHY this kept happening to me, he didn’t have a good answer. He said he was thinking about it. He talked about injuries, but that seems unlikely that it would happen on both feet! I will see him again in a week, after I return from Schmenky’s. Maybe he will have an answer for me.

I am so thankful to not have toe fungus I could just JUMP for JOY! It’s bad enough I have a blister that became infected, but HEY, I’m glad to have a plan of action. A plan that does not involve fungus and medication where they need to repeatedly tell me it could cause liver damage.

The foot doctor cut away the loose part of the nail. It’s about a quarter of it’s former length. A real beauty, I must say. No one will be calling me to model footwear. How do I manage to keep Honey attracted?

I have to take an antibiotic, soak it, and keep it bandaged with bacitracin.

This is my new summer look. My poor hoof.

What I am the most thankful for, in the middle of all that WHINING, is that the Lord worked it out for me to be seen by two doctors in one day, with a referral, and a prescription, and an answer for my problem, the WHOLE THING DIDN’T HURT,  with the added bonus of being socially acceptable, unless you have a problem with band aids. And I am STILL leaving for Virginia in two days!  Who says God doesn’t care about the little things that concern us?

Three Days

I am going out of town in three days.

That’s a good song by The Bare Naked Ladies.

In three days, I get on a plane and fly to Virginia.

I am flying to Mrs. Schmenkman’s house for our annual Memorial Day Hootenanny!!!!!!!

Because Memorial Day is so late this year, BSF was out first, and I have had a whole week to squander. I usually immediately leave BSF Sharing Day, hitch a ride over to the airport and slide on into Dulles International Airport, like Kramer from Seinfeld. It’s a tight schedule to keep.

It is always so relaxing once I land in Virginia, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of my life. For a little while.

It is just so different  there. Schmenky and I can eat, sleep, shop, talk, bead, mosaic, and do each other’s hair as we please. Our schedules only determined by our growling stomachs and aching feet.

I still have a lot to do before I go. There is cleaning the house, packing, and maybe going back to the favorite garden place for some more stuff. If I do that, there will be some more planting as well.

Honey and I worked like dogs on Saturday and Sunday. I planted, trimmed, weeded and hauled stuff. Honey powerwashed the patio and many other things, and opened the pool. Always a big job. But we both agreed that it was not as stinky this year as in past years. Maybe because we have not had really hot weather to ferment all the nasty.

We are not finished out there, but we have made a big dent. We have decided to focus on the back yard, it will be our Happy Place.  Because the front is going to look like a war zone soon.

Potent Quotable

“Stop telling God how big your storm is.  Instead, tell the storm how big your God is!” 


Last Monday I went to my favorite garden place with Jip the Farm Dog. It was beautimous there, so green and lush. All colors by God.

The Boy brought out the pots from the shed and under the decks. Honey has said he will power wash the patio this weekend. I probably need a little fresh dirt. Everything is just waiting to be planted.

I still need to go back one more time. They never have the flats of coleus I need for around the pool until June. I will need a few more things to make some hanging and sitting pots. I am trying some new arrangements this year. Mixing it up a bit.

I found the confetti lantana I was looking for! Remember, I had it last year? At the moment, the colors of the ones I bought seem less than vibrant, but I hope they will deepen and show off like My Precious from last year.

Three colors in one bloom. Orange, yellow and pink. A Trinity, like The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

 To be continued!


Today is Honey’s 53rd birthday!

There are so many things I like about Honey. It would cause my post to be WAY too long if I mentioned my 53 favorite things, so I will just add 5+3=8 things that I love.

1. He is generous. With his time, his love, his finances.

2. He is helpful. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate his helpfulness. In every area of our life. From dishes, to cooking, to outside work, to helping manage me.

3. He is a great Dad. When I first met him, he said he wanted to be a dad. And he had all these ideas, and he wanted to do this and take them there and teach them everything.

4. He can fix almost anything. Except broken sewer lines, broken hearts, and broken spines. But he would if he could.

5. He has an amazing work ethic. He always takes care of us.

6. He has always been so good and kind and welcoming to my Parents.

7. He still makes me laugh.

8. We are partners and friends. When we went to Florida last November, at the end of the trip he told me that he could retire with me. He likes me, he really does! 

Five year old Honey. Looks like a precious little stinker!

LOOK!! He is wearing his wedding ring! This picture is PURE Honey.

This is how I liked him best.

And then this way.

And always this way.

We love you Honey Bear. Happy Birthday.

Bargain of the Month

I bought my Mother’s Day present this week, I think it will prove to be very useful.

The night before my Folks left for Florida last January, we had a very fun night! They brought over the slide projector and slides. My Mom and Dad and Mousey and I thoroughly enjoyed going through them and hearing my Mom’s thoughts about each one. If she could remember! Some of the memories are just lost forever.

It seems like there are more slides of my younger years than there are pictures. But slides have gone the way of 8 track tapes. They are still around gathering dust in a closet, but no one uses them.  So I bought this:

I have no idea how to use it, but hopefully between Honey and the kids, we can figure it out.

It will be so fun to see these old pictures of my youth and of loved ones passed on. It also converts negatives, just a little bonus of added insurance. I still have all of the negatives of our children’s pictures. I always wondered how I would divide our pictures three ways, now I don’t need to! They can have their own.

This memory saver was priced at $99.99, on sale for $69.99. And because I am an excellent customer at Kohl’s I got a lucky coo-pin for 30% off! With tax it came to $51.93. I call that a bargain, because you can’t put a price on your memories. Well, that’s not exactly true. It would appear that the price of my memories is $51.93.

Way Back When-sday-California Back Yard

 These are some of the pictures from the much hunted, big, white photo album!

All of these pictures are from September 1964, so I would have been exactly two years old. This was taken out on the patio in Newark, California. We moved back to Michigan sometime during this year.

I remember this chaise lounge, we had it for many years in The Mitten as well.

It would appear that I have always loved the Kitty-witties! Loving on some stray feline.

“I love cats, I love kitties, squeeze them into itty bittys!” –Elmyra.

Come back kitty-witty! 

Being a native Californian, I had to have my shades. But, evidently not my pants.

My Mother was always trying to put some curl into my hair. She probably never dreamed I would have  the curly mop I have now!

Both Mousey and I want to know who left the hand print on the wall behind me. And why?

And another thing. What was the attraction with the chaise lounge?

Have a good Wednesday, and keep your dirty hand off the wall!

Three Things To Tell

Hi Guy’s!

Look what my Dad brought me yesterday!

The big, white, family photo album that I had been asking to see for about 2 years now! It had been hiding. My Mom couldn’t remember where it was, and my Dad had been actively searching for me. It was safe in a drawer, waiting patiently.

He brought me two other books as well. One was my Grandmother’s trip to Israel in 1979 , and the other was one of those yucky sticky photo books that I had covered with fabric for my Mom many years ago. I already took all of the pictures out of that one. I was really glad  they came out easily, because once I had the misfortune to have to take pictures out of Honey’s old photo album and it ended up being a major pain in the rear!

His pictures WOULD NOT come off. The pictures were one with the sticky page. Some of them ripped,. What I ended up doing was cutting the page apart as best I could, and then separating the cardboard sheet into two pieces. So some of his pictures have a thick Polaroid feel, and some are as thin as paper. It was a very frustrating job.

I should  be able to provide a new picture for tomorrow’s Way Back When-sday post!!!

He also brought me a big hob nail bowl that he found somewhere in the house. I forget where he said. It says Fenton on the bottom, which I discovered is another well known brand of Milkglass. I remember this bowl too. One thing I can say about my Mom, she used  her pretties.

It has been raining all night, so our walk is again in jeopardy. I don’t think it has any intention of being finished.  We have had SO much rain in the last couple of weeks! Katie has a new hobby; walking in the mud.

Speaking of Katie, I forgot to tell you something. The other day when Goomba was here, the three of us were in the backyard. Goomba was in the swing, and Kate was sniffing around, as she is known to do. She seemed particularly interested in the privet hedge that lines our property. On the other side is a field, where there is a creek separating us from a few other houses. There are some dumb, barky dogs that live over there with their ridiculously IGNORANT owners that allow all the barky. At any hour of the day AND night.

I do not ever want Katie in the field, because those dogs would think that she is a Cheezit and scarf her in one bite. So imagine my displeasure when there was a great rustling in the privet hedge, and then she went through to the other side! There were many, many, big, black, birds yelling at her as I hurried around to the end of the hedge, so I could go around and get her irresponsible self. And what do I see? Katie with a big, black, baby bird in her mouth. A big, black, baby bird that was bigger than her entire head and shoulders. The big, baby bird was slowly opening and closing it’s mouth.

 I tried not to freak out, because I know she was just being a dog, but eeewwww!  I had her by the scruff of her neck, telling her nicely to let go. She had no intention of that. I then tried to shake the big, baby bird out of her mouth. She told me no. Then, as delicately as I could, I spanked her bottom. She dropped the big, black, baby bird.

I then took her back to the house. I could not resist one more trip back to the field to see if the big, baby bird was really dead. It was really dead.

I am sad about the big, black, baby bird. But I am a little happy for Katie. It was the first live prey I have ever known her to catch. She is usually a scavenging vulture. All dead, all the time.

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