Way Back When-sday- The Go-Go’s

Last week I went to lunch with my best friends from high school. We met at the conservative Baptist church where we all grew up. Of course, we dressed down on Sundays, we still stood out.

Young Capri “Flashdance” Kel, Dawn and Suzie. Heading out to a Billy Idol concert. We went to a LOT of concerts in the 80s. We put a lot of miles on our cars driving around the Metro Detroit area. Pine Knob in Clarkston, Joe Louis Arena and Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit, The Palace of Auburn Hills. This concert was somewhere in Ann Arbor.

Oh, we were HOT. And skinny!  We were SO skinny!

We actually had a conversation last week about a couple of articles of clothing in this picture. First up? The famous leopard print mini skirt! This was my skirt, but Sue and I shared it. You can’t really see in this horrid Polaroid picture, taken in our dark basement, but Suzie paired the skirt with a darling purple sparkly shirt.

Suzie was lamenting last week how she loved this outfit. I don’t know about her shirt, but I still have the leopard print skirt in my box marked “Kelly’s Cool Clothes”. I actually saw it last week, because Mousey was in the box trying on a bunch of stuff.

IMG (32) 

Next up? Dawn’s jean jacket. We all had the same jacket, bought at Jean Nicole’s on a super spring-like, February day. We were so inspired  by the warm weather, that we all bought summer clothes and charged them on my Mom’s Mastercard. We paid for those clothes for a long, long, long time. But we certainly got our moneys worth out of those jackets! We wore them for years. All decorated with pins from our favorite bands. I wish I could see what Dawn’s pins were here!

Some of the kids from our church referred to us as The Go-Go’s. They meant it sarcastically, but we took it as a high compliment, as we loved The Go-Go’s! What can I say, we liked to be different.

IMG_0001 (20)

Another Olan Mills picture. My Mom must have been their number one customer!

We met last Thursday at our our old stomping ground, Mexican Fiesta. Still a lot of laughing, talking, and remember when-ing going on. 


I love these Girls. We share a bond. And OH, were we COOL!


What Honey Has To Deal With!

We have a little ADD going on around our house. Honey, who does NOT have it, has had to learn a lot in the past 24 and 1/2 years.  He and The Boy found this on youtube and showed it to me. At least he can laugh about it now!

Oh look, a pigeon…..

Hey, thanks so much for helping me find some new blobs! I will be happily checking them out over the next few days! If  you think of any additional, just let me know! That door is always open!

Wanted:New Blogs

I am looking for some new blobs to read. It’s not that I don’t like the ones I read on my blob roll, I do like them. That is why they are on the blob roll.

I read a lot more that are not on the blob roll, and some of those are the ones that I am contemplating axing. For various reasons. Such as,

NOT POSTING FOR MONTHS, I’m sorry, that’s a biggie. Unless I know you personally, I can’t be that patient.

Not as humorous as they once were, also a biggie.

A couple have gotten a little full of themselves, always a sad thing.

I have a holding area of sorts. A little waiting room where I keep blobs until I am sure I like them. Sometimes you need to read for a bit to get the feel of them. Cause they can be sneaky. They can lure you in with ONE funny post, or ONE interesting topic, and you think they might be a new everyday read. Then, you realize that the lure was the only interesting thing about them and they are not that funny, or  they are always talking about things that you don’t even care about.      

Therefore, I need some new ones to replace those, the ones in the holding pen.

I need to have enough blobs to read while I am drinking my morning chai. Sometimes I have two cups. So you can see my need.

So, Guy’s, I am asking for a little chatter here. Do you have any blobs that you regularly read and LOVE? I am very eclectic, I like all kinds.  Could you share with Capri Kel?

Potent Quotable

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day,
so I never have to live without you.”
~ Winnie the Pooh ~


Abby’s home!!!!!!! Who’s a Happy Dog?

After what seemed a supernatural long wait  to take off from the Orlando airport, The Girlies arrived home at 7:08 p.m.

In time to catch Friday Night Lights, at least!


We had planned on going to Culvers for dinner last night. But then the plane was delayed, Honey had to go in to work early, and Mousey was babysitting at 7. SO, we plan on going today. Strawberry Bon Bon Concrete, here I come!

I am so glad to have The Ab-Cat home, I missed my Baby.

Creeped Out

Early the other evening, I heard the cats carrying on in our bedroom. It is not uncommon for there to be Big Time Cat Wrestling around our house. I thought it sounded a little unusual. The tone and pitch seemed a little strange, but it was brief, and I never did go and investigate.

Later that evening when I was going to bed, the cats were still in there. Again, not unusual, but they were not in their normal cat places. Halle Berry was on the side of the bed furthest away from the door wall. Mia was at the foot of the bed, at the opposite corner of the door wall. Lucy was nowhere near the door wall. Because she is a wimp.

I went to shut our door wall. There was a big hole in the screen. BE STILL MY HEART!.


One thousand different thoughts stampeded through my brain! Just a small sampling for you:

Is there a critter under our bed"?

Is there a critter in my closet?

Did a critter come in, and is now ROAMING around in our HOUSE???!!!

What kind of critter did this?

As you can see, all of my thoughts were critter related. I am 99% SURE that our Girls did not do this vandalism. They have never been remotely interested in the screen door, except to nap in front of it. They enjoy a patch of sun and a nice breeze as much as the next cat.

As I replayed the evening in my mind, and believe me, I replayed it ALL NIGHT, I remembered the caddy wampus that had gone on earlier. That must have been when the critter tried to enter. Our faithful watch cats were having NONE of it, and scared the BEAST away. THEN, they stayed on guard until I came to shut the door wall!

I am very proud of our Kitty-Witties.

I don’t know for sure what sort of critter it was, but I am choosing to believe it was another cat.

Which is a far superior thought than a possum, or a skunk, or a………

In other, less creepy news, Abby comes home this afternoon from Florida!!! WOO to the HOO! We have missed our Girl!

She comes home, and The Boy leaves. He works with the middle school youth group at church and they are going down to Detroit for the week on a mission trip. And believe me when I say that Detroit IS a mission field. All sorts of work to do, help to give, poverty to eradicate.

He has been before when he was IN the youth group, but this will be his first time as a leader. He heads up a group of rough and tumble middle school boys that love nothing more than to hang off his body like young possums. He said they are “punks”, but he likes them. I am sure they will test every fiber of his leadership skills. It will be like herding cats.

But HOPEFULLY, they will allow their hearts to be moved by the plight of others not as fortunate as they are. Hopefully, they will throw themselves into work that they would never even consider doing where they live, that their parents would never expect them to do. Maybe they will come to appreciate the homes they have, inside AND out, as they clean and scrape the exteriors of abandoned, unloved, and uncared for houses.

Most importantly, maybe they will have a glimpse of how big God is, and how he uses all of His People to make a difference in the lives of others. How He cares about all people and things, small and large. We don’t always have to go to a foreign country to go on a mission trip, there is plenty of need in our own backyards.  When we serve others, we serve Him. No matter where we are.

We would all appreciate your prayers, for safety from all harm and evil, for cheerful hearts and uncomplaining spirits, for the kids tiny Grinch hearts to expand 12 sizes for people who need to see Jesus’ love in action, and for fun. Oh, and pray for The Boy’s back. Those possums will be leaping on him. I guess it is their love language.

What Doing?

I am going to resort to the Handy Dandy List Format to tell you what has been going on around here. It’s what I like to do.

1. I have been trying out different fonts and colors on the Windows Live Writer thingy that I downloaded at the recommendation of Capri’s L and D. Did you notice? Could you care?

2. I like the option. I am very fond of options.

3. I have been taking care of the dog. Who is missing her Mama very badly. She is even walking like she is depressed. We are trying to give her special attention, and carrots. She said the carrots are helping.

4. We went and saw Toy Story 3. It was very sweet. The Toy Story franchise was HUGE around here for many years. There are a lot of good memories wrapped around Woody, Buzz and The Gang.

5. Mousey and I went to her FAVORITE STORE IN THE WHOLE WORLD yesterday. The Value World. She had $14 to spend. I had to loan her a dollar at the check out. She also asked if I could “help her out “ with a few other things, since she had an awesome report card. I said sure. I did notice that the 4 or 5 things that I helped out with were the more expensive things. Hmmmm…

I told her that Beeve had called and wanted her to babysit Little Goomba on Friday night. Since babysitting is her main source of income, I mentioned that she may want to let him know she was available. It’s a two-fer really. Cash, and some time with Goomba.

6.I bought a bowling ball to mosaic, one hoodie for me, another for Abby and  I bought her a teeny, tiny, wear across your body pocket book for 60 cents. Because she has recognized her need of a little something at the parks in Florida. Really, just a pocket  to hold her license, credit card, a little cash, her phone and her glasses. For those wild roller coaster rides. I hope it works. I can live with a 60 cent loss if it doesn’t.

7. I have been READING!!! I reread The Shiloh Legacy Series by Bodie Thoene. And I liked it, I loved it. Again. Love Birch and Trudie.  Hat tip to Rachel Hostler for giving me the books to read MANY years ago!

Rachel needs a blob name. Do you want to be Rae Babe, or choose something else, Rachel? I find it funny that I use her full name and people come to this blob because they are Goggle-ing Rachel Hostler. Like she is an HUGE star and they are TRACKING HER DOWN! She is evidently very popular!

I have many books I want to read this summer. Have you been reading anything thrilling? Yes, I am looking for thrilling.

8. I went shopping with The Boy for some birthday presents. He needed some clothes. He picked out 2 pair of jeans and several plaid shirts. You would think he was Scotch (is it Scotch, or Scotts?) with all the plaid he wears. He even selected plaid underwear. Which, by the way, I am happy he selected. He has been having a panty crisis for a couple of years now.

I had bought his boxers at The Big Cheap Store in Virginia for years. All of the sudden, they no longer carried them. He was bummed. For some reason, they were the boxers of his choice. I bought other kinds. He did not like them. He has been losing his boxers to old age for a while now, without any new recruits. It was getting serious. He needed some new Squares. I don’t know why we call them squares. Underwear, undersquares perhaps? He has not told me if he likes them or not. It could be all for naught. If they don’t work, we are going to try Old Navy. He used to wear Old Navy Squares in late elementary, early middle school. That is probably more information than you ever thought you would ever need to know about The Boy’s Unfortunate Panty Problem. Pray for him.

9. I need to go out and plant the last things I bought at The Favorite Garden Place last week with The Peanuts Champ. She promptly went home and planted hers. I have been watering mine for days in their little, tiny cubicles.

10. I am going to lunch this afternoon with my friends Suzanne Suzanna Danna, and Dawn, who also really needs a blob name. Perhaps she will choose one today. We have been friends since high school, so we have lots to talk about when we get together. Plus, Dawn works at a police station and she has stories. Always an added bonus

What doing with you? Come on now, you Guy’s have been WAY too quiet lately!

Way Back When-sday-Missing The Ab-Cat

We have heard from Abby several times since she left for her vacation. Today we had a  phone video and some picture e-mails. They are having a wonderful  time.

We are SO happy for her, but we are missing our Girl. Wondering what she is doing, where they are eating, hoping they are not melting in the hot Florida summer sun!

I found this picture in a pile on top of the desk in the den. I have always loved it. It was taken on a family vacation to Black Lake in Onaway, Michigan in 2000. We were actually vacationing with the family of the Girls she is vacationing with now!

She looks so peaceful, feeding the ducks down by the water edge. 

IMG (31)


From yesterday. Have fun Girlies!

The First Day of Summer

Yesterday was the first day of summer. It was also The Boy’s 19th birthday.

19 years old. How can that be possible?

Yesterday our Little Girl went on vacation with friends, and our Baby Boy entered his last year of teen hood. Next thing you know our Baby Mouse will be graduating from high school, or some other such craziness!

All of these pictures were taken when he was around 6 months old.

IMG (30)

Our Little Buddha Belly, Buddy Bear!

IMG_0002 (8)

He had sweet feet.

IMG_0003 (7)

And a great smile, even then.

IMG_0001 (19)

He was a hunka, hunka burning LOVE!

IMG_0004 (5)

I could just eat them both up!

Since Abby is gone, we didn’t have a celebration. We’ll get around to that when we can all be together. He has requested Thanksgiving Dinner for his Birthday Feast. Complete with dressing. Don’t forget the dressing! He is ALL about THE DRESSING!

Last night he went out for dinner at one of his favorite places and had Thai food. Burning HOT. With some of his favorite people, K.T. and Elyk.


After dinner, they came back to the house and we played cards the rest of the evening. Here they are, Katie Bear, Vanilla Bear, Lil’ Bear, and I was Mama Bear on the score sheet. I don’t remember what the bear business was all about.

We have had Our Boy for nineteen years now. THAT has been a kiss on the cheek from God.

Happy Birthday, Son. Our One and Only, much loved, so glad to have, Boy.


These little girls are leaving for vacation together this afternoon. By themselves. On a plane. Without their families. Like they are grownups, or something.

Of course, this picture was taken 15 years ago. But still.

IMG_0001 (17)

Nurse Lauren and College Students Autumn and Abby are all packed, very excited, a little nervous, and more than ready to go, go, GO.

IMG (29)

The Boy is not  going, but he was too close to crop out. Plus, he is cute, and this was his life for many years. Probably why he has such a good conversation skills with girls.

The Parents are left behind to pray for their daughters. For decisions, safety and FUN!

Psalm 32:8

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.

I hope those little girlies have a wonderful trip. And I am very thankful  for cell phones and texts!

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