No 52’s

The Guy’s have gone Fitching, and Girls Week has begun!

Since Mousey is still not home yet, Ab-Cat and I began Girls Week on our own. Yesterday, our day was consumed by lounging, eating at an Arabic restaurant that we like, and watching Friday Night Lights. Goodness, they have got nothing but trouble in Dillon.

Today, we are helping my Dad out at a flea market type sale that he is participating in. Then we will return to the eating and the lounging.

Last Thursday, Ab and I went to the library. We picked up some quality movies; Charade and My Favorite Wife, along with a season of CSI Miami, because we like that show and we like to make fun of Horatio. We are ready to spend some time loafing.

I checked some books out while I was there. I have already finished one and I liked it a lot. It was called Splitting Harriet by Tamara Leigh. Started it one day, and finished it the next. I am now reading Maggie’s Story by Dandi Daley Mackall.  Not far enough along to comment. I then have three more, one by Angela Hunt, who I have read before, and Sally John and Denise Hunter, who I have not.

Because of our computer debacle, I am now using The Ab-Cat’s ‘puter, as The Boy took his fitching. They can’t use their cell phones in Canada without it costing them many dollars. Since The Boy doesn’t have e-mail, he said he will FaceBook Ab, because I don’t have FaceBook. Oh, we are a high tech, American Family. I am glad we will have this line of communication, because last year, we just had to wait until they felt like making contact. And that was not always at the time when we felt like we needed to tell them something.

The Boy is happy too. He wants to let us know what parts of The X Games he needs us to DVR. He loves them so.

Hoping you all have a fine weekend! If our computer is back up, there will be TWO 52 pictures next week!


Where is Chuck When You Need Him?

Guys, something bad happened.

Our computer has fallen and it can’t get up. And of COURSE, that can’t be the only problem. Oh no. It has to be combined with the fact that Honey is leaving for his fitching trip, As usual, there is a time crunch. Therefore, I will have no ‘puter until he returns. Because even IF we take it in and they wipe it again, I would not be able to use it until he came home anyway. He mentioned some little thing about loading everything back on it taking about FIVE hours. Yeah, you know that is not happening on my watch. And there is NO TIME for him to do it.

SO, I will be using The Ab-Cat’s laptop. Which is not horrible, but there will be no pictures. Also not the end of the world. What is bothering me the VERY MOST?  I was up yesterday at 4:45 in the morning.  I decided to use my time wisely and wrote TWO posts, so I would have a jump start posting during our  massively busy Girls Week. Otherwise known as Sloth Week.

I wrote the posts on the Live Writer thingy. The thingy that I downloaded onto our computer. So if the computer has to be wiped again, I am pretty sure they will never be seen again. One post was about bargains and I am not worried about that one. But the other one was something I had actually spent time on. That one makes me sad.

Poor Honey. He has been trying to get everything in good order before he goes. I heard him asking The Boy why not ONE of our children can fix our computer? He thought he heard that kids now days are computer savvy. Where are OUR  little baby computer geniuses?

 One year he had to go to Japan for 3 weeks for work, and the computer just died. I thought I was going to die without the computer for 3 weeks! And that was BEFORE blobbing!  He did order one and it came in while he was gone. Our friend Mark hooked it up for me. Thanks Mark!

Honey has been known to go to bed thinking about a problem, and wake up with a solution. Unless something amazing happens today, and that is  always a possibility, the computer business will be put on hold until he returns from fishing.

Really big sigh.

On a completely different subject, all three tissue boxes in our living area ran out of tissues within a twelve hour time slot.  I find that strange. Not earth shattering, but strange.

Way Back When-sday-Jackson Dairy

Honey and I have been part of many small group Bible studies over the last 18 years, at several different churches. These pictures were from a CareGroup at the first church we were ever really involved in as a couple. The church is no longer around, but a lot of the people will always be a part of our lives, or have a place in our hearts.

One thing common to all of the groups?  The many activities Honey has planned! One of the favorite trips was to The Jackson All Star Dairy. Where they have really big ice cream!!!!

It was never very hard to get a group together to go. My Parents were the ones who introduced us to the place. My Mom always had a turtle sundae. My Dad was partial to banana splits. He could eat the WHOLE thing! He had hollow legs.

IMG_0006 (3)

These pictures are from several different years, but some of the faces are the same.

Here is NanC and the Texas Erdmanns. I’m sorry, Don. That is just freakin’ ridiculous! Look at Shari, she is a delicate eater.

IMG_0004 (6)

Rich is going modest, while Bob has joined Don in the freakin’ ridiculous category. NanC opts for a petite portion, because she is a petite person!

IMG_0003 (8)

The Guys look a little worse for wear after they did all the damage they could manage.

IMG_0005 (4)

Another year, Rich and Sue PIG OUT! One of my favorite pictures ever taken at The Dairy!

IMG_0002 (9)

Honey, Stacey and Beeve. Beeve wins the Hog Jaws award here.

IMG_0001 (21)

This was the summer I was pregnant with Miss Muggins Q. Mouse. I had always wanted to try a whole banana split. This was my year.  When I was pregnant, I could eat a side of beef and then ask what was for dessert. Right Honey?

I probably did admirably well.

IMG (34)

The Boy looks pleased with his little leaning tower of sundae.

Ahhh, good times. I’m feeling like a little ice cream.

The Marker


Dad was pleased. It is just what he hoped for. Pointing to The Truth.

We love it.

Feeling a Little List-y

Hi Guys. Guess what? I have a list!!! I know! What a surprise!

1. I am VERY thankful that we are having a reprieve in our beastly humidity. It has been a mother of a summer in that regard.

2. I am seriously enjoying having the windows open again. Hearing the birds and those buzzing things that I have never really known what to call. What are those things anyway? It starts out low, then grows in buzzing. Very loud. They remind me of my GrandParents old neighborhood, where they had TONS of big trees.

3. Mousey is going camping later today with her friends, sisters Chip and Dale. And their family, and evidently many of their close friends, and their families. And so on, and so on….   She will be gone for quite a few days. There will not be a shower where they are going. There will be a lake. I am surprised this did not alter her decision to go. It will be interesting. Our Mouse is a fan of showering. And smelling good.

4. Honey and The Boy are getting ready for their Annual Fitching Trip later this week. They are both so excited  to go. I know this because they have both expressed this to me, at separate times. It is one of my greatest joys in life that they share this love of fishing.

5. Beeve and I are going with our Dad this evening out to the cemetery to visit our Mom’s gravesite. Her name marker has arrived, and been placed. This has been a very emotional task for our Dad. He took much time in it’s selection, choosing just the right Bible verse and design. As much as he wants to see it, I think he has been dreading it on some level. It must represent a finality to him. One that I do not feel. He gets emotional speaking of it, so I am thinking it will be hard for him to view it as well.

If you think of it, please send up a prayer for us.

Potent Quotable

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.  ~Sam Keen

52@30-The Getaway

We Gals from Caregroup had our second annual, middle of the week, Getaway to Lake Michigan! Thanks Peanut Champ for planning all the details that I don’t like to be involved in!


Here we all are in our driveway. The Peanuts Champ, Philly’s Mom, The Oreo Mom, Capri “Shaq”, and The Mayor. Once again, I need to ask, could I have found a shorter group of friends? I am a lummox.

We left our side of town on Monday morning, after The Mayor and I got our young’uns off to Student Life Camp.

We stopped for lunch at a darling place called Clara’s. Or Clare’s. It used to be a train station. We ate in the ticket room. I have no pictures. I don’t remember why.

Since we couldn’t get into our rental house until 4, we decided to go to The Wal-Mart to pick up some essential food stuffs. THEN we went to the rental house. It was very cute and beachy. And Lake-y. Why is spell check trying to tell me that beachy is not a word? It is totally a word.

Then everyone had to choose their beds. That took a while.

Here is the cute Beachy House.


The lounging room. We watched movies, chatted and had the morning beverages here.


From the other side.


The trough area and gaming table. We discovered that the stripes were hand painted to match the rug in front of the stove. Some people have talent.


I really liked this room, and that couch was very comfy. Unfortunately, no one used this room. Because it was a back porch and it was HOT out there.

Shortly after arriving, The Peanuts Champ mentioned dinner. We were all not quite ready to eat, but she had the extreme wisdom and insight  to know that by the time we figured out where we wanted to get carryout, and by the time we actually picked up the carryout, we would all be hungry. Five women, it’s like herding cats.

After an Italian dinner of chicken parmasan, salad and garlic rolls, we settled down to watch a chick flick. They chose The Family Stone. One of my personal favorites.

The next day, our friend Ally, of the much loved couple, Sammon and Ally, came to our beachy hangout for the day. She lives over that way. She was able to stay for a couple days last year, but could only join us for one this year. We would have loved her to stay longer, but we are happy to take her when we can get her!


She came on the shopping day! We were down town for most of the day. Cute little stores and things to see. We ate lunch at Julia’s, where we ate last year. I have no pictures of Julia’s. I did not take my camera to town. Just like my name is not Ruby, and I did not take my love to town either.

After the day of shopping, we returned to the Beachy House (spell check is still not on board with the word beachy) to make dinner. Yummy marinated chicken and salad.

They tried to cook the chicken on the grill. With charcoal. They went through the book of matches.


Then squirted the stuff to make FIRE.


And even blew on it. But it wouldn’t stay lit. They finally cooked them under the broiler.018

While all of this was going on, I was taking pictures of the pretty flowers! Oh, South Haven grows loverly things! Especially HYDRANGEAS! I want one!

Each one more delicious than the next.


How did it manage to have three colors on one bush? That God, He is a Wonderful Maker!




This bush was in the neighbor’s yard. I am hoping some of you gardening types out there can supply me with a name?


Delicate blue flowers. Anyone?


After dinner, we went for ice cream at Sherman’s. Yummy stuff!


After this, Ally had to leave us and head back from whence she had come. 😦

We went down to the pier to catch the sunset. We were in the NICK of TIME. Isn’t that thoughtful of the boat to be there to enhance my photo taking experience? The same thing happened last year too!

We then went back to the Beachy House and watched The Proposal.


The next day was beach day! We hung out down there all day, took a picnic lunch, played games and soaked up the sun. I have no pictures of that either.  I can’t speak for the other ladies, but I am QUITE certain that I want no pictures of me in my bathing suit, out there on the world wide web. For ALL TIME.

After we went home and cleaned up, we went back to the beach for the sunset. We had many more nicks of time. So we took pictures at the beach then. Fully clothed. A much better option if you ask me.

Capri “Shaq” and The Oreo Mom.




Philly’s Mom, The Peanuts Champ, The Oreo Mom, and The Mayor.


This was totally not working. I needed longer arms.


A very nice woman had pity on us and asked if we wanted her to take our picture. Yes,  thank you very much!  I draw your attention to The Mayor’s darling purchase of the Life Is Good backpack. Love it!


Capri “Shaq”.


Still purty.




Every summer needs a little of this.


After the sunset, we came home to this. Food of the gods, and cards.


Just before we left to travel back to the other side of The Mitten, we stopped at several real estate places to see what might be available for next years Get Away. While we really liked where we stayed, there were a few problems.

First and foremost, were the mattresses. Not up to standard. And my own personal pet peeve? They gave us TWO ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER. For 5 women. For 4 days!! We did have contact with the owners, and each time they left, they would always chirp, “If you need anything, let us know!”. But when we said we needed more toilet paper? They said that was the standard amount that they gave. Can you see how far my eyes rolled back in my head????

So we went and bought our own, because 2 rolls wasn’t quite going to do it. They were also stingy with the dishwashing liquid AND dishwasher soap. The Peanuts Champ bought some. And took it back home to her house.

SO, back to the one more trip into town. I HAD my camera that day, so I took pictures of all things beautimous.


Loved all the grasses they had. All shapes and sizes.


And coleus. I am in love with the coleus.


Still hearting the coleus. And the grasses. Love the tails!


More hydrangea! This must be the hydrangea capital of the world!


D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. hydrangeas.


After lunch at The Olive Garden, we came home to the Thumbside of The Mitten. It is so good to get away, and so good to come home! A win/win situation!

Thank you Ladies for a wonderful, relaxing trip!

The Live Writer Thingy

I have just made a discovery. And it is HUGE.

I was telling Capri’s Lis and Deb of my great concern that I would run out of picture storage space on my blob. WordPress gives you a certain amount, and every time you post a post with pictures, it kindly gives you a percentage of the space left. There is also an opportunity to buy more space. Although I was greatly concerned with my shrinking space, I never looked into this. It seemed like it could be complicated, or expensive. Both things I regularly shy away from.  I decided to think about it tomorrow.

I then proceeded to do what I always do. Ignore it until I have to deal with it.

THEN, I downloaded the Live Writer thingy. And life went on.

I must say that lately, some of my posts have been picture heavy. Yesterday I had a little look-see at the percentage of picture space left. I cringed in anticipation…..

It hadn’t moved! Still at 27.2% I don’t know how this can be, but I am not complaining!

I do realize that some day I may have to take off my Scarlett O’Hara attitude and deal with the space issue. But that day is not today.

In other news, I had a great time this week with the Gals from CareGroup. We arrived back home last night. I have much to share, and pictures to show, but it will have to wait until tomorrow, because I have not had the time to write the post.

Mousey also comes home from camp today.

I will breathe a big sigh of happiness to have all my People all under the same roof again.

There’s a Happy Mousey!

Mousey would love to tell you she is the only girl in her ENTIRE high school without a cell phone. She tells us, regularly.

Did we realize that? Do we care that she was living in the stone age? Were we AWARE that she was so thoroughly behind the mainstream? How massively this hindered her lifestyle????

We told all our kids that they could get a cell phone when they started driving. It’s not our fault that The Ab-Cat and The Boy decided that they never  wanted to drive.

Seriously, Abby was 20 and The Boy was 18!!!!

And even at that, they received their phones early. Abby getting hers for graduation when she was 18, and The Boy receiving his the Christmas he was 17. So don’t blame us, we were MORE than generous.

Mouse had been sharing Abby’s phone all year. Or borrowing mine. Or using Honey’s. We were all used to getting strange texts from her friends. I will say her friends were remarkably flexible, willing to text her at which ever phone she happened  to be using that day.

During all of the sharing of Abby’s phone, they wore the poor thing out. It was time to upgrade the phone and let it rest in peace.

Honey and I had a conversation about getting Mousey her own phone. We had one more service line available on our plan, and she would be driving very soon. It was time to stop all the sharing.

We went to the phone store, under the guise of them picking out a new phone. To share.

For reasons that I still do not quite understand, my phone was due for an upgrade, while Honey’s, which was purchased at the exact same time, was not. Abby would get a new phone to replace the loved to DEATH phone, while Mousey would get the new phone from my upgrade. I would keep my same phone, which is perfectly fine, as Mousey hadn’t had the time to text the living daylights out of it yet.

While perusing the new phone selections together, they were already disagreeing on the choice of their new phone. One wanted a slide. The other wanted a flip top.

At this point, I mentioned to Honey that he might want to tell them about the new deal, because they were beginning to dig in on their choices, and it seemed silly for them to come to words over the phone they would NOT BE SHARING.

You should have seen those Girls faces! Mousey was BEAMING! Seriously, glowing and pink! The Ab-Cat was not glowing. She was glowering. Similar, but not quite.

Tell me if this is a common thread at your house. Things have to be exactly fair, or else you forfeit ALL credibility.

The first thing Ab said was, it just proved  that Mouse was our favorite child. We made HER wait until she was out of high school. SHE had to be 18. Blah, blah, bblllllaaaahhhh.   Oh, for goodness sake. As I recall, the driving was the main issue.

The only thing that gave her pause was the fact that she wouldn’t have to share her phone anymore. She then got over it.

The Phone Store Man then showed The Girls which phones they could choose from. The free ones.

Do you know those Girls picked out the exact same phone? Oh yes they did. They did choose different colors though.


That’s a happy Girl.

I am leaving with the Gals from CareGroup this morning. We are heading over to the other side of The Mitten for a little bit of R&R. Along with some shopping, eating, and cards. Sounds like a perfect time to me!

Be back Friday, have a good week!

Potent Quotable

What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.
— Jane Austen

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