Potent Quotable

I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better.


Sixteen Years of Sweetness

I found out we were expecting Mousey 16 years and 9 and 1/2 months ago, while at the mall with Mrs. Schmenkman. I was supposed to call the doctor’s office before the end of the business day, and it just so happened that Schmenky was in town. We were shopping, and it became apparent that I would not be home to call before the business day ended. This was pre cell phone era. I called from a pay phone and heard the surprising news! I then called Honey, because I needed to share my surprise. In our own personal family, girls are surprises, and boys are planned. It worked well for us.

Here was our little hunk of Valentine love about 13 months later. Very sober.


There’s a smiley Mousey!


Ab-Cat was so good to her sister!


Winnie the Pooh jammies and Hunchback of Notre Dame “swippers”.


I told you Girlfriend took a nap when she could get one. With her blankie.


The Boy was a good horse for a rider in a tutu.

IMG (2)

I am not sure where she was going with this.


Another birthday. With a tiara. What young girl doesn’t need a tiara? Or an umbrella? To keep rain off the tiara.


Up at Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ cottage.


Another birthday. Obviously in a Power Puff Girl phase.


Visiting Aunt Capri Patt’s horse, Mel. Mousy loved the barn cat, Melba. She also had her “Aunt Patt haircut” here.


Our baby Girl. One of my favorite pictures.


Our young lady. One of my favorite girls.


What a month she has had! Drivers permit, braces off, and big birthday!

Happy Sweet 16! Our precious Muggins Q. Mouse!

The Convening of The Capri’s

Mrs. Schmenkman will be arriving in The Mitten this afternoon. Just a minute….

WOO HOO!!!!!!!

Ok, I’m back.

First on the agenda? Haircuts for US. Because she is going to a class reunion on Saturday, and because I am a bush woman. We haven’t been groomed since May. That is a tragedy of some sort.

Next on the agenda? Capri’s P, D, L, and myself are going to have to break down and make some sort of plan. We have no plan. We gots to gets a plan!

Back that on up. BEFORE we gets our plan, we will most likely eat.

THIS is going to be a fun week!

Way Back When-sday-Mousey’s New Old Teeth!

This is not really Way Back When-sday. The picture is sort of Way Back June, but the excitement is too much to contain!! I may have mentioned that Mousey has not been alone in her mouth in about 5 or 6 years. The first time we ever took her to the dentist, he told us she had “significant problems”. Those are big words for a 3 year olds mouth.

Our lovely family dentist did not disappoint. He was very much correct. She started her orthodontic adventure with an upper expander in 4th or 5th grade. Then a lower expander. Followed by a year or so of retainers. She then moved on to the giant hinge thingy called called the Herbst appliance. Then back to the retainers while waiting for the loss of all her baby teeth.

Once she lost the baby teeth, they put on the braces. She says that was 8th grade. She is now entering her junior year. With nothing in her mouth except for her own sparkling beauties!!!!

She had an irrational fear that she would go to the orthodontist yesterday and they would say she had to wear them longer.  They didn’t.


Here’s our pretty girl! With nothing in her mouth but teeth and tongue!


What a week she has had! Got her drivers permit, braces off, and turns 16 on Friday!!!!!

Baby, come BACK!

Temple Maintenance

We are all about maintaining our bodies this week. Most of us. Nothing exciting, but necessary none the less.

Yesterday, The Boy needed to go and see his doctor to have plantar warts burned off his feet. They were beginning to look like barnacles on the bottom of a boat, and wanting to be fruitful and multiply. He requested my presence.

He must have had vague memories of the last time he had this procedure done. We cannot determine his exact age, but I remembered that he received the wiener dog Beanie Baby as a reward. Which he sort of didn’t deserve, because it took the doctor, nurse, and me to hold him down while he screamed his head off.

After signing in at the front desk, the receptionist called us up to the window. She wanted to know if The Boy was now 19. We said he was. She then proceeded to direct all of her questions to him. Because he is supposedly some sort of pseudo adult now. Which was fine, I remember when The Ab-Cat was in this situation also. The thing that was humorous to me though, was every question she asked, The Boy looked at me, I answered him, and he looked back at her and answered her with my answer.

Especially amusing was the line of questioning about his insurance. The insurance he would not have, if not for his parents. I also noticed that the cashier did not ask him to pay the co-pay.

Today, both he and I are going for a l.o.n.g. overdue chiropractic appointment. He has been having back and neck problems since his dual accidents last fall. I have been having problems since childbirth wrecked something, and then added to the problem by being in the wrong place at the wrong time on the freeway, when someone was late getting to their hair appointment. Someone that was not me. Or anyone in our car.

We are hoping he can fix us. If not, I am going to remove my own head and throw it at him. Like a dodge ball. It’s not his fault we are the way we are. We just want the pain to GO AWAY.

THEN, later this afternoon is a VERY exciting day!!!!!!! Mousey has been counting down to this very important milestone in her young mouse life! She is getting her braces off!!!!!! She said when she thinks about it, she is overcome by smiles. I will have a before and after picture for you soon. I have already told her of my expectations, so there would not be any whining about not having her makeup on, or she isn’t happy with her hair. NO excuses!

Tomorrow, Honey brings the maintenance in for a landing with his physical. I went to his last appointment with him, for moral support. Because he was going to talk to his doctor about a subject that she didn’t want to talk about.  He wants to go off statins. Which evidently, NO ONE on the face of the planet should do. It is a long, complicated story, and I will not go into all of the details. She made him have some tests to see if she could convince him to continue. He will see the results of those tests tomorrow. We shall see if Honey will be statin-free.

Anyone out there have any experience with statins? He can’t be the only person having cholesterol issues. This IS America, after all.

Ab-Cat has dodged the T.M. bullet this week. She is a lucky bug. That’s from Mulan.

So there you have our Temple Maintenance schedule for the week. More than you ever needed or wanted to know!

Two more days until Mrs. Schmenky Catherine Schmenkerton arrives in The Mitten!! WOO HOO!!!


I think I might have mentioned The Mosiacian Tribe is convening shortly. As is The Capri Extravaganza, and all that involves.

Because mosaic-ing is creatively………difficult  for me, I will do what I do best. Copy.

The pack of Gals that comprise The Capri’s, are all fountains of creativity. Seriously, INGENIOUS. I even looked the word up for you.


\in-ˈjēn-yəs\ adjective

Definition of INGENIOUS


obsolete : showing or calling for intelligence, aptitude, or discernment


: marked by especial aptitude at discovering, inventing, or contriving


: marked by originality, resourcefulness, and cleverness in conception or execution <an ingenious contraption>

And then their picture was underneath. I was not in it.

Earlier this spring, Capri Deb had a post on her blob about something she had made. As she is prone to do. She made some art with pennies. Covered the entire object with pennies, and stuck it out by her pond, like a really cool gazing ball. I loved that idea, and promptly started gathering information so I could copy it.

Well, it turns out that the raw material for the really cool gazing ball was, are you ready for this, a bowling ball! Covered in pennies!

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 017

This is her picture. Of course, I will have neither rocks or pond to help me display my bowling ball.

She told me she got her bowling ball at The Value World, where they have lots. This was in May. I became SO excited to get a bowling ball, so I could copy her idea, that the very next time my children were heading out to Value The World, I said, GET ME A BOWLING BALL!!!! And pick one up for Schmenky too. As she was going to copy as well. Not that she needs to, but we know a good idea when we see one.

So they did.

See how prepared and on task I can be?

And then, the next time I was there myself, I decided to get one more. As a great gift idea. Because not only do I copy, I am known to mass produce my copying.

All this probably occurred in early June. Because we were unsure when the Mosaic Magic was going to happen, I just stuck them in the laundry room, by the back door. And, due to extenuating circumstances beyond anyone’s control, The Mosacian Tribal meeting was pushed back to the end of August. I have now dusted on and around my bowling balls.

Honey likes to point out my folly on occasion.

The rug keeps the two on the right in place, and my shoe is very necessary to hold the left in position. If removed, it rolls across the floor until it hits the closet door.

006 (2) 

007 (2)

It is an ingenious contraption to go along with the ingenious sign he made.

What a pair.

Potent Quotable

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.  ~Walter Elliott, The Spiritual Life



Miss Mousey has her driving permit! She is looking forward to gathering her 50 hours of drive time.

I am back in the passenger seat, giving advice.

The End of the (Sewer) Line

The new sewer line is installed. No more trench.

There was a little more work done on the line yesterday. Jake in the Digger, who is growing his beard so he can Santa his grandkids, called the plumber the night before and said he didn’t feel the last 10 feet were done quite right.

When Doug, The Shell Answer Man returned, after being absent the previous day because they needed his big, important, self for a huge UPS job, he concurred. He said he didn’t want to have the whole job done right and have the last bit NOT done right. So he redid it.  We had prayed for wisdom and skill and a job well done, and God sent Jake and Doug, watching our backs.


The rest of the day, they cleaned up. It was quite a task.


The only thing left on the landscaping berm (spell check is telling me that is not a word. I am pretty sure it is), besides the trees,  was those shrubs. I asked Jake to gently remove them, with his ever so precise digger shovel. I also asked Schmenky to give us landscaping pointers when she comes next week. We thought it might be easier to have a blank canvas for her to do her master gardening creating.


We also asked Jake to do his thing at the end of our drive. He scooped out the dead tree and the scrubby little bushes around. He never even touched the day lilies around them. He is an artist with a digger claw! Another canvas for the Capri’s to help me with some inspiration.


On the right, Doug, The Shell Answer Man, and his loyal minions on clean-up detail. They knew I was taking pictures for the blob. They sort of teased me about it. When I asked if they wanted to pose for a picture, this is what they gave me. Real Project Runway moves.


All done. Someone is coming to pick up the digger this morning. The Boy has some sweeping and raking to do.


I don’t know how much of the driveway will have to be replaced, but as you are looking at the house from the road, the whole left side is going to have a facelift. The walkway to the front porch is pretty crack-y too. And of course, the part in front where there is no driveway and sidewalk is going to need a little somethin’ somethin’.


We need to have 3 or 4 good rains before the cement work can be done. Dirt needs to settle. I don’t know when Honey can put the landscaping bricks back. I know we won’t re-landscape until next spring, for the most part. Then there is sod, and reconnecting the sprinklers.


It looks like we are building a poorly constructed wall. That would not keep out any Jubusites, or Hitites, or Samsonites. Maybe that last one is luggage.


The greenery to the right are the hostas, lilies and various other hardy vegetation that was put there last September when they first attempted all of this business. I promised them they would be rewarded with a new home for their tenacity.

It will be quiet over here today. We will get used to the scar in the front yard, for the time being. We will clean up as best we can. We will pay the rest of our bill. And we will be thanking God for His provision, and that this part is over.

Coming Soon On The HG Channel

Day three of Digging A Swath Through The Front Yard. Sounds like an idea for a new reality show. Gripping drama, destruction of property, enormous costs, all the right ingredients. No drunken people, or cat fights though. Well, there are cat fights around here every morning, but they are not gripping. I promise you.

Here we have The Leaning Tower of Tree-za, that I am so happy to tell you, has made it through unscathed. As far as we know. But, it looks happy enough to have narrowly missed it’s slide into the trench. It has straightened up as well. They finished the first half of the Swath on Tuesday.


They began at the road on Tuesday morning and worked towards the house. That yellow digger was swarming all over that mountain of dirt like an ant.


The jagged edges of the circle drive.


Another view from the front door.


The Digger Guy was causing me great angst. I know he is aware of what he is doing, but he got so close to the edge of the trench that I had to look away. I could just imagine him tumbling in on top of the nice worker guys. Who, by the way, did not seem to share my concerns. They treated the BIG shovel like a third hand, It was even their elevator in and out of the trench.

Here he is, in the trench that he just filled in. And precariously close to the edge again. Doesn’t newly moved dirt shift? It didn’t. I guess they know what their doing. Clearly, I don’t.



Almost to the house. Burying the line. This was just one area that our builder did not supervise properly. Something about backfill, and gravel, and the wrong kind of pipe. Not to mention the pitch problem.


See? They are not afraid of that beast at all! In and out, underfoot, hither and yon. Worries me, I tell you!


Supervisor Honey. Ironically, wearing his Life is Good shirt. Well, it is. Generally.

The line is in place, they just need to come back today to fill in the great big holes. And tidy up a bit. Then we will see what’s what after the dust settles. Literally and figuratively.

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