The End of the (Sewer) Line

The new sewer line is installed. No more trench.

There was a little more work done on the line yesterday. Jake in the Digger, who is growing his beard so he can Santa his grandkids, called the plumber the night before and said he didn’t feel the last 10 feet were done quite right.

When Doug, The Shell Answer Man returned, after being absent the previous day because they needed his big, important, self for a huge UPS job, he concurred. He said he didn’t want to have the whole job done right and have the last bit NOT done right. So he redid it.  We had prayed for wisdom and skill and a job well done, and God sent Jake and Doug, watching our backs.


The rest of the day, they cleaned up. It was quite a task.


The only thing left on the landscaping berm (spell check is telling me that is not a word. I am pretty sure it is), besides the trees,  was those shrubs. I asked Jake to gently remove them, with his ever so precise digger shovel. I also asked Schmenky to give us landscaping pointers when she comes next week. We thought it might be easier to have a blank canvas for her to do her master gardening creating.


We also asked Jake to do his thing at the end of our drive. He scooped out the dead tree and the scrubby little bushes around. He never even touched the day lilies around them. He is an artist with a digger claw! Another canvas for the Capri’s to help me with some inspiration.


On the right, Doug, The Shell Answer Man, and his loyal minions on clean-up detail. They knew I was taking pictures for the blob. They sort of teased me about it. When I asked if they wanted to pose for a picture, this is what they gave me. Real Project Runway moves.


All done. Someone is coming to pick up the digger this morning. The Boy has some sweeping and raking to do.


I don’t know how much of the driveway will have to be replaced, but as you are looking at the house from the road, the whole left side is going to have a facelift. The walkway to the front porch is pretty crack-y too. And of course, the part in front where there is no driveway and sidewalk is going to need a little somethin’ somethin’.


We need to have 3 or 4 good rains before the cement work can be done. Dirt needs to settle. I don’t know when Honey can put the landscaping bricks back. I know we won’t re-landscape until next spring, for the most part. Then there is sod, and reconnecting the sprinklers.


It looks like we are building a poorly constructed wall. That would not keep out any Jubusites, or Hitites, or Samsonites. Maybe that last one is luggage.


The greenery to the right are the hostas, lilies and various other hardy vegetation that was put there last September when they first attempted all of this business. I promised them they would be rewarded with a new home for their tenacity.

It will be quiet over here today. We will get used to the scar in the front yard, for the time being. We will clean up as best we can. We will pay the rest of our bill. And we will be thanking God for His provision, and that this part is over.



  1. August 20, 2010 at 7:48 AM

    Oh gosh. Well, it’s a big improvement!

  2. warren said,

    August 20, 2010 at 12:22 PM

    Hot is on the left and “it” rolls down hill…that’s all the plumbing you need to know…luckily your guys know those basic rules anyhow! It will all go back to looking right before you know it…and now you can be the snooty non-redneck neighbor you’ve always wanted to be!

  3. deb said,

    August 23, 2010 at 8:13 PM

    Most importantly the pipes function as they should…the rest is just cosmetic….

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