Potent Quotable

Everybody ought to do at least two things each day that he hates to do, just for practice.  ~William James


Way Back When-sday-Halloween 1992

It seems the posts lately have been Mousey heavy, so I will go back to a couple years pre Mouse. To even things out a bit. Here is Darling Ab-Cat at 4 years old. She also was liking the cat outfit that Mousey wore to shreds.

She is probably holding the pumpkin she chose at Mrs. Berg’s pre school field trip to the pumpkin patch.

I am enjoying her feline-al faces.

There’s Our Boy, looking every bit of the bruiser that he was!

I think this was the year that it was SO cold, when Honey brought him back to the house after a quick trip down the street, he had a little frozen tear on his cheek.

Poor little gal. No one ever accused me of being an artist. I love those little Trick Or Treaters!!!

Potent Quotable

Consider the postage stamp:  its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.  ~Josh Billings


At Goomba’s birthday party last week, as usual, there was horsing around.

Grandpa, Honey, The Boy and Beeve. This is how I like them best.

Mouse Meal

We finally had Mousey’s birthday dinner. We are all about extended birthday dining. She requested Chicken Alfredo and garlic bread.

She did not request zucchini, because that would be grosse.


I finally figured out there was a finger print on the camera lens. I took care of that.


How long has that been there? The Alfredo was very delish. I believe it will be on the menu again.

Her birthday cake was ice cream from Carvel’s. A palm tree, because she is a beachy sort of gal. Once the cake was out of the box, we thought it looked like a light bulb.


This was our favorite part. The Birthday Lemur, Zaboomafu. I think I am going to put the Birthday Lemur on everyone’s cake from now on. It seems right. The Ab-Cat’s is next up in February.


Happy August Birthday, Mousey Gal!!!!!


I will be in and out the next couple of weeks. There is much going on that requires my attention. Like building a diorama for our lemur, Zaboomafu. We love him so.

Happy end of October to you!

All Spruced Up

The Boy started going to BSF this year, to the young adult class. He was very pleasantly surprised to find out that one of his favorite youth leaders from junior high was also attending. With his wife.

Last week, the teaching leader, Officer Mark, informed them they were having special guests come to visit, so they should behave and look presentable. We know this man, he and Honey went on a mission trip to Argentina about 7 years ago. He is a known joker.

I told the Boy that meant the area team was coming, and explained that they came a couple times a year to make sure the classes were running smoothly and doing what they were supposed to do. I know all of this because this same team visit our class as well. I told him that I knew one of the team members, Barb, and to tell her I said hi.

The Boy and his friend, MM, formulated a plan. They were going to get spruced up, just for the area team. MM had a truly heinous corduroy suit that he was going to sport. The Boy hit up the Value World in search of his finery. He found these plaid polyester pants, light blue dress shirt, and navy blue, polka dot tie. The Mr. Rogers sweater was his, along with the Chuck’s.


Doing his Zoolander “Blue Steel” imitation. He could not believe how large his bootay looked in these slacks!


Officer Mark thought they were looking good. I’m not sure what the area team thought.

The Boy told me he walked up to Barb, shook her hand and said “Hi, I’m The Boy, I think you know my mom, Capri Kel.” He said she laughed and gave him a hug.

I wonder if he gave her his “Blue Steel” look?

I heard yesterday from our teaching leader that Barb had posted on her Facebook, “I just LOVE visiting the young adult class!”

Way Back When-sday-Happy 25th Anniversary Honey!

Yesterday was our Silver Anniversary. Here we were twenty five years ago. So young. So thin. So unaware of what life could dish out.

IMG (3)

Here we are now.

I like us so much better now. So middle aged, not so thin, immersed in the life unexpected. We are a team.


We are like fine wine, better with age. Or cheese. Or any leftover dinner that is more delicious the next day. You could also say like flakes, of panko, coconut or corn and frosted.


Mostly, we are two spoons in the same drawer. Curved to accommodate. Except for the odd time that one gets stuck in the garbage disposal and Honey has to take it to work and sand it smooth again.


Thank you for our wonderful life, Honey. I would Dee and Dough , all over again.

How About A Meme?

Janna, over at Something She Wrote, had a little meme action going on yesterday. I decided to copy. It’s what I do best.

1. If you could have any superpower, what would you have? Why? 

We had much discussion about this at the dinner table last night. The Boy insisted that flying was the best super power. The Ab-Cat said she would choose Peter Petrelli’s power of absorbing everyone else’s power. Which is a very good one. I think I decided that for today, the ability to teleport is something I would like to have. It would save you a LOT of time!

2. Who is your style icon? 

I have no style that I copy. I used to have a fashion groove, but I lost it a long time ago. Now, it’s all about being comfortable. Stacy and Clinton say that is the kiss of death.

3. What is your favorite quote? 

This one generated a lot of table talk as well. Most of it inappropriate. I believe this quote to be profoundly true.

"What you do speaks so loud

I cannot hear what you say."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

I would like to say this to someone in my life right now.

I try and let my actions speak for me.

4. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

My Mother told me many times that I was a good mother. And my Aunt Phyllis told me at my Mother’s funeral that I was a good daughter. That made me cry.

5. What playlist/CD is in your CD player/iPod right now? 

I have no iPod, and the cd player in Honey’s car is the most complicated thing known to man. Therefore, I have no playlist.

6. Are you a night owl or a morning person?

I am a reformed night owl. I am not quite sure when this major shift occurred. I used to NEVER go to bed before midnight. Now, I can barely keep my eyes open after 10:30. I  usually wake up in the 5 o’clock hour. Absolutely ridiculous. I have become my Grandmother.

7. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Oh, this one is easy, kitty wittys! I have always loved them, and wanted to have them. I know a lot of people don’t like them, think they are cool, detached and sneaky, but not me. I consider them very loving and a challenge. I like their beautiful fur, quirky personalities, and they smell like clean sheets. I love Katie, but she stinks.

8. What is the meaning behind your blog name?

I wanted to call it Three Cat Bed, but the kids said that was stupid.

Mrs.. Schmenkman actually suggested it. I guess I had mentioned that some people seem to whine all the time and it bugged me, and why would they talk about those things ALL THE TIME??? So, No Whining Allowed was born. I am sure that I have whined a time or two, but I don’t think the bulk of the blog is whiney. There are no whiners in this house. They would not have lasted 5 minutes! It is one of my least favorite qualities in a human.

I tag anyone who needs an idea for a post!!!


His Grandma made his darling “choo choo train” cake, hauling all sorts of goodies.



Happy Birthday, Goomba!

Potent Quotable

The problem is not that there are problems.  The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.  ~Theodore Rubin

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