New Years Eve Thoughts

What I want to know is WHERE did Twenty Ten go?

Seriously, didn’t we just do all this?

Capri Deb asked me this week if I had been forming a New Year’s post in my mind. Resolutions, goals, thoughts and such. She has been mulling in her mind. But, I did not have any thoughts.

I know we are supposed to be reflective and contemplative and forward thinking at this particular time of year. If Mrs. Schmenkman, Capri Patt, and newly minted Capri Laurie had not all been in town due to EEEK’s passing, I might have done some pondering. But we have been busy.

That is all sort of an excuse anyway. If I were to really think back on 2010, I would have to go back to the beginning. And, as our calendar tells us, February is pretty darn close to the beginning. My Mother passed away on Valentine’s Day. In February.  I am not feeling like going back just yet.

That could change, of course. Some days, I do think back, and it is wonderful remembering.

Some days, it still feels like a gaping wound that needs to remain covered. And wrapped. And supported in a sling.

BUT, the year was not a wash, by ANY means. Life goes on. The whole circle of life business. My Mother knew that. After all, she saw The Lion King with us.

2011 will arrive, fresh and clean and carrying with it the promise of a new beginning. Not a do over, that’s not possible, but a Finnegan, begin again.

Let the light of your face shine upon us, O Lord.    Psalm 4:6

Yeah, that sounds good.


Thursday’s Doings

What doing?

I have been hanging out with The Capri’s and their family most of the week. They are mostly all still intact from their gathering from the four corners. They had a bonfire the other night to celebrate EEEK’s passing. I will post some pictures of these events and the holidays once every one disperses back from whence they came. Right now there is still too much doing going on.

Today, we are heading out to The Value World, armed with TWO 50% off coo-pins.

There has been a little shopping, a LOT of eating, and much reminiscing happening. I think it has been so good for them to hunker down with each other during this difficult time.

And I am very thankful that they don’t seem to mind me crashing each and every party. They are gracious like that.

Life IS Good!

LOOK WHAT I GOT!!!  A package! I hardly ever get a package. They are almost always all for our brother-in-law, Krazy Kenny, who has a little e-bay addiction thing going. but this one had my own personal name on it!


It was from my Girl Cousin Robin in Indiana!


Oh, I adore it! And her sweet, sweet note made my eyes tear up and leak.


She says she is from the “quirky” branch of the family tree.


And I  am roosting up there right along side her!

Thank you Robin, I wuv it!!!

Her Prayers Were Answered

Mrs. Schmenkman arrived last week to love on her ailing Mama. The time had come that no family member looks forward to. Hospice was called and entered. The children and grandchildren began gathering from all of the corners.

Elaine was ready. She was praying to go. After 89 years, her body was failing her.

Schmenky asked her to wait until after Christmas. And she did. In the early morning hours of December 26th, she slipped quietly away from this life.

And while all are grateful that her actual passing was peaceful, and her suffering is over, there remains a deep hole in their hearts and lives.

A Mother/Grandmother/Loved One cannot be replaced.

She will be remembered with tears, humor, fondness and love for the rest of their days. Events will be remembered, stories will be told, there will be much pondering in hearts. Thankfulness and gratitude will abound for this woman who founded their family.

But she left roots behind. The legacy of a wonderful family. Six decent, hardworking, resourceful, creative, loving, compassionate and kind children and their spouses, ten grands, and two greats.

Her best accomplishments.

Goodbye EEEK. There will never be another Extremely Elderly Elaine Kolar.

Potent Quotable

Christmas began in the heart of God.  It is complete only when it reaches the heart of man.

The Days Before List

1. One highlight and two haircuts today, then all finished working.

2. 95% of the gifts are wrapped.

3. SCHMENKY IS DRIVING TO THE MITTEN TODAY! She is coming to love on her ailing Mama, EEEK. The snow has stopped and the roads are clear. Thank you, Lord! Join us in praying her up, won’t you?

4. One last trip to Meijers for some necessary ingredients for our Christmas contribution to dinner.

5. The baking is going to begin today. The Girls and I are wading into Buckeye territory. Then traveling the more familiar path of shortbread, chocolate covered pretzels, Sinful Saltines and, Mrs. Davis’ Pound Cake. We will save our annual cut out Christmas cookie decorating fiesta until after the holiday. It’s a doozie. Especially those created by Honey. He is very………..creative.

6. Yeah, I know I was all cocky about having my Christmas letter written and my cards addressed. We STILL have no picture. BUT, there is a chance I will get it tomorrow, and then those things are G>O>I>N>G>  O<U>T>   Oh yes they are.

7. We are getting together tomorrow afternoon with our dear friends, The Hostlers! Always a wonderful time! There are three things about this annual Christmas Eve get together that I can guarantee. There will be laughter, eating involved, and then some more LAUGHTER!

8. I am pleased with how all of my things turned out when I got my craft on. I’ll show you later what they are. Providing I remember to take pictures on Christmas Day.

9. This has been a remarkably calm holiday season for me. Oh sure, there have been busy days and weeks, but I have avoided most of the nonessential hustle and bustle. A lot of that stuff I jettisoned long ago.  I am thankful for this, because my heart is very touchy this year. It is resting on eggshells that can crack, break open and leak with the slightest thought. My Mom is in my thoughts and on my heart. Honey says he has had dreams about her and is missing her. But when I think of her spending Christmas in heaven with her Savior, her mother and Father and many, many loved ones and friends, that brings tears as well. She is home.

10. We wish you the JOY, PEACE and LOVE of our Savior. The reason we celebrate. The only way to true Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men.

Merry Christmas from The NutHatch!!!!

Way Back When-sday-1996

It’s really snowing here this morning. I had no idea it was going to do that.

Usually Honey, or a child, informs me of such things. They all kept this information to themselves. It’s very pretty, but it had better vamoose before tomorrow. Mrs. Schmenkman is travelling up from Sassy Cat Hill in Virginia, and she don need no stinkin’ snow.

1996 was the first year we ever had a Christmas card picture. This was not it, but it is from the same photo session. I adore these little Furlings. Love the sweet, fresh faces, the natural smiles, the cheerful holiday clothing. There was no grumbling, no complaining, no whining. Like I am anticipating this year.

IMG_0001 (8)

I see a lot of familiar ornaments on our tree. Wish I could hide the electrical outlet. Very poor staging on my part.

A happy Mama and her AngelBabies.

IMG_0002 (5)

Bye bye electrical outlet! I see that I used the quilt, that my Great Grandmother Jenny made, as a tree skirt. Married 11 years and I still didn’t have a tree skirt. It must have been the next year that I made a couple for my Mom and I.  I spent hours sewing sequins on hers to make it all sparkly and such. Then I got to mine, and I never had one sequin. I was all sequined out. That is the tree skirt I replaced this year.

Honey and his favorite Precious Pups.

IMG_0003 (6)

I am going to hazard a guess that The Ab-Cat took this picture, and a mighty fine job she did!!!

That sweatshirt was an iron on that I made back in the day when I helped out at school. I helped out a lot and I felt it necessary to dress seasonally. I am pretty sure it all made it’s way to the give away bag by now. Because I never feel the need to dress seasonally now. I have a couple of pins, a Christmas tree and an angel, and I wear snowflake earrings. I always think that others look absolutely darling wearing their cute little snowmen and Christmassy things. But when I put them on, I feel like a giant Amazon woman, or I have my pajamas on. It’s not a look I can rock. It makes me sad, but I’ve accepted it.

IMG_0004 (3)

I think Honey and I look more relaxed than parents of three little Furlings ought to!

It has stopped snowing. Good.

What I Could Be Doing

The blog world is vewy, vewy, qwiet today. Not a lot of posting going on.

I am contemplating my possible plans.

I STILL didn’t get the Christmas picture of the kids. They were not all home at the same time. I am starting to think that Mrs. Schmenkman could be correct. The cards may not make it out before Christmas. 😦

I could take my letter to get printed at Office Max.

I could finish addressing the envelopes. I am on letter S.

I could go back to the chiropractor. The Boy and I went last Friday, and I am not fixed.

I could make some sugared pecans. I have been having a hankering.

I could make a new recipe for a sort of peanut brittle that I saw on another blob. I am hesitant to make any desserts this far from Christmas. Because I KNOW, there will be too much sample-age.

I would like to start making the chocolate covered pretzels, but Mousey spent the night over at Chip’s house. I don’t know when she will be home. Besides, she is not worth a plugged nickel after a sleepover. That one is NO live wire.

Not worth a plugged nickel-Meaning



Plugs are the holes made in coins, which is then filled with a cheaper metal. Coins so tampered with are no longer legal tender and are thus worthless if spotted. The phrase is, of course, American. Before ‘plugged nickels’ there were ‘plugged quarters’ and ‘plugged dimes’. The various versions of the phrase appear in the 1880s. The nickel, being a lower denomination coin, lends itself better than quarters and dimes to a phrase expressing worthlessness. Oddly though, the lowest denomination coin is the cent and the phrase ‘not worth a plugged cent’ doesn’t appear until later. The earliest I’ve found for that is 1908.

Just a little learnin’ for ya’ll.

I could go down and get the guest room ready. Mrs. Schmenkman is coming to town!!!!

I could color my hair. My skunk stripe is showing.

I could head out to the grocery and get my ingredients for our contribution to Christmas dinner. I am still debating if the stores will be worse today, because it’s Monday, or if it will get worse as we get closer to Christmas.

So you see, my plate could be full.

What are you doing today?

Potent Quotable

And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so?  It came without ribbons.  It came without tags.  It came without packages, boxes or bags.  And he puzzled and puzzled ’till his puzzler was sore.  Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before.  What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.  What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.  ~Dr Seuss

The very purpose of Christ’s coming into the world was that He might offer up His life as a sacrifice for the sins of men.  He came to die.  This is the heart of Christmas.
–Rev. Billy Graham


A couple weeks ago, The Ab-Cat so graciously took Honey, Mousey and I out to lunch at Cheeseburger Cheeseburger. She was also going to take us to Coldstone Creamery. Because she had been dreaming of a Key Lime pie with graham bits and raspberry sundae for quite some time. The hankering was strong. 

Guess what? The Coldstone Creamery had gone out of business! The three we knew about in our area, have all gone belly up. It’s a bad time to be expensive ice cream I guess.

Instead of expensive Key Lime sundaes, we had ice cream at Cheeseburger Cheeseburger. The Ab-Cat and I split a banana split! It was so yummy! The next weekend, Honey suggested we duplicate the yumminess at home. So we did.

We purchased all of the necessary ingredients. Everything was deliciousioso! Except the marshmallow fluff. It just got hard and very chewy. They must thin it with something. We will have to do some research because we all agreed, it is a necessary ingredient.

We substituted black cherry for strawberry, only because the on sale ice cream seemed to be missing that flavor. It was more than fine.


Here is Honey’s masterpiece.


Mousey and Ab-Cat’s. Everyone has different whip cream needs I see.


And mine.


I think this will be repeated again. Soon.

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