Defensively, Yours

I am a little strapped for time this morning. I have 3 things to tell you about. But I don’t have the time. So I will leave you with these first pictures of Young Mousey, defending her person, whose number was also, conveniently, 32. Here she is in her cutey cute Quidditch uniform.


Because I am a fountain of knowledge, and I yearn to learn, I was told that the uniform is black because it was the away uniform.


They have their third game of the week tonight. She is very tired.

I will leave you with a small preview of the three things I need more time to tell you about. Just to keep you hanging’ on. Like a Supreme. Complete with hand motions.

Here they are, my commentaries on the following subjects.


Mousey’s actual Quidditch game. Or Lacrosse. Whatever.

The Boy FINALLY got his hairs cut! And we recorded it for posterity. Posterity is a strange word. Like a bum sort of word. Like posterior. We recorded it for the sake of his bottom. Makes no sense.

My time has run OUT.


Way Back When-sday-Destin, Florida


It’s been a long time since I have done just a WBW post! I was going to do my usual Way Back, Hodgepodge combining, but there were so many pictures I wanted to use, it seemed like a one or the other sort of deal. So this week, we are going WAY BACK! Ten years back, to 2001.

We are heading down to Florida, because we are usually in Florida at this time of year. I would love to be in Florida right now! Leaving this winter behind is going to be a dream come true.

One of the highlights of vacation for our children was the POOL! They were dolphin children.

IMG_0004 (2)

This was when they still liked the beach. Now only Mousey is a fan of the beach. I have to say that Destin had the most unusual blue green water I have ever seen. One morning there was no wake. I have never seen that before or since. Perfectly still, glassy, aqua ocean. So lovely.

IMG_0003 (2)

I miss my baby Girl. Now she runs around carrying a stick. She might have run around with a stick then, but it was a different kind of stick, and it had no purpose.

IMG (9)

I love this fearless, headfirst, determined, Darling Ab-Cat!

 IMG_0001 (3)

Last week, or maybe a couple weeks ago, Joyce from The Wednesday Hodgepodge asked when was the last time we flew a kite. This was what I was remembering! Honey eventually had it flying pretty high and the kids took turns holding the string.

IMG_0007 (2)

It was still pretty chilly in the panhandle, so we bundled up and went on a glass bottomed boat tour. There were many dolphins, we fed Cheetoh’s to the seagulls, a HUGE hit with the kids, and they brought up things from the water.

IMG_0005 (2)

It must have eventually warmed up enough to shed the jackets.

IMG_0006 (2)

This was one of the things brought up from the water. I used to remember what it was called, but that memory is gone. This is one of my all time favorite pictures of The Boy. Love his surfer dude highlights, and growing into his teeth.

IMG_0002 (3)

Thanks for going Way Back with me. I know I enjoyed myself immensely!

***EDIT**** Mousey informs me that The Boy was holding a puffer fish. Thank you, Miss Mouselina!

The Birthday Portrait

It was the Grandpa’s birthday last week. We celebrated all of his many years on Saturday.

I decided to try and get a picture of him with his Furlings, always a challenge. The Boy Furling can cause… problems.

We had this.


And this.


Poor Ab-Cat. She usually bears the brunt at these special times. Mousey is usually consistent.




Not quite.


A little too much.


Spiraling out of control….again.


Now look there? The Boy left to get coffee and this was the first take! Loverly!


We gave it ONE MORE TRY. EUREKA!!!!


Happy Birthday, Grandpa! Have many, many, more!

Potent Quotable

“Life is not made by the dreams that you dream but by the choices that you make.”  unknown

A Small Saturday List

1.Mousey’s team won their first Quidditch match!!

2. By one point!!! 5-4 I think.

3. She said she played a lot.

4. She was really cold when she came home.

5. And tired.

6. She said there were a lot of short, speedy girls on the other team.

7. She had to run like crazy to keep up with them.

8. She said it was FUN!

9. Her next games are Wednesday and Friday.

10. I hope we can go watch!

Go M.Q.Mouse!!!!

She Paid to Play

Well, it’s official. Mousey is playing Quidditch. Or lacrosse. Whatever.

She practiced with the team for 2 weeks before she came to get her pay to play check. Pay to play for Quidditch is considerably more than it was for swimming. Like $425, as compared to $180 difference.

Honey and I still can’t imagine her playing this sport. I guess we will have to watch it with our very own eyes. Their first game is this afternoon. She asked us not to come to the very first game, which is actually not breaking my heart. My back is not quite up to sitting outside in the cold, or sitting for a long period of time anywhere.

She told us last night that a girl may have broken her arm at practice, when she stepped in front of someone she should not have. What goes on in this sport?

I am hoping to get a picture of her in her cutey cute uniform, that she says is a kilt, in her stinky cleats, holding her quidditch racket.

Go, Mousey, GO!

Daytime TV is Boring

Being on the couch all day is boring. I never watch TV during the day, and now I know why. There is nothing much on.

The highlights?  I learned a little bit about the lost city of Atlantis, got all caught up on the latest news coming out of Japan and Libya, watched some cooking shows to make me feel a little productive, and discovered a show that I used to watch at night, was now on BACK TO BACK episodes during the day! Mystery Diagnosis, I have missed you so! Evidently the Oprah network had to change it’s time so they could feature MORE of Oprah and her boring buddies in the evening. They should not call the network OWN, they should call it AOATT. All Oprah, All The Time.

I miss Discovery Health Channel  😦

On the down side of my couch incarceration, I have learned way more than I ever wanted or needed to know about the lives of Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry, Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups, found I was not interested in anything said on The Talk, confirmed that I am STILL not interested in anything said on The View, realized that Saturday Night Live was not kidding when they imitated Kathie Lee and Hoda drinking wine so EARLY in the morning, and, of course, hoarding.

I am actually getting out of the house today for the first time since Saturday. Oh wait, I did go to the doctor on Tuesday. Abby has an appointment in Ann Arbor to be fitted for a new wheelchair, and I am going to be her co-pilot.

On the up side, YEA, I get to go outside of our house!

On the down side, BOO, I have to get dressed.

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Howdy All. Thank you ALL so much for your prayers and kind words yesterday! God answered them, I am going to have an MRI in a few short days! Also, the doctor did not get on my case for getting into Abby’s stash of medication. I am very glad about that because that stash medication did more for me on Monday than she EVER has. I am a fan of the narcotic this week.

Having the MRI seems like a win/win for me. If they find something, she will send me to PM & R (Physical and Mental Rehabilitation, where the physiatrist lives) so they can discover the root cause of my back pain, and if the MRI is inconclusive, she will still send me over to PM & R so they can determine the root cause of my back pain. See, win/win! Extra credit bonus point for me? My physical therapist said I need to be sent to PM & R, so they can ascertain the ROOT CAUSE of my back pain. As you can see, it all dovetailed nicely .

In the meantime, I am still on the couch, and I am still under the influence of magical narcotics.

Thanks go out to Joyce From the Other Side of the Pond for hosting this little weekly get together!

1. Sunday was the first day of spring. So they say. Ahem.

What is your favorite outdoor springtime activity?

I like to plant my flowers in May, so they can have a head start and look all full and purty all summer. I don’t think I have ever done anything springy this early. The Mitten is very unpredictable in the month of March. We are all still wrapped up like The Michelin Man.

Since May is not now, I will pick something that is actually closer to now. Now that the ice and snow are gone,  Keelyody said she is ready to begin our  2011 walking! WOO HOO!!!! I am SO ready!

2. Who would you want to come into your kitchen to cook dinner for you?

Really, almost anyone could cook for me and I would be ok with it! I am not a fan of the cooking. But for Honey’s sake, and because he has been SO good to cook for us almost this entire month, I would choose Giada from Everyday Italian. Or as we call her, Booby Girl. I think he would enjoy her style of cooking, plus, she’s not hard on the eyes.

3. When did you last fly a kite?

I really couldn’t say, but I think it was in Florida, on the beach. Maybe 8-10 years ago?

4. What topic puts you to sleep faster than anything?

There are MANY topics that cause my eyes to glaze over. Fish talk, car talk, sports talk, complaining and whining……I’ll just end it there.

5. Which flowers do you associate with specific people, places, or events?

Roses, poppies and a snowball bush remind me of my Grandma Georgia. I remember my Grandma Hoover had snapdragons in her backyard in Detroit. Petunias, marigolds, forsythia and clematis (and most every flower) remind me of my Mother.

6. What significant historical events took place during your elementary school days?

Lots of events happened, but I was a particularly unobservant child. Who turned into a somewhat unobservant adult. The memory that I am going with was from first grade. It was a Presidential election year and we first graders were going to have our own classroom election. I have since read that this was a pretty precise way of guessing who would become the next president. Perhaps because the children would choose the name that they had heard about the most at home, so they were really reflecting their parents choice. At any rate, the choice of the first graders was unusually accurate. 

I voted for Richard Nixon. When he won, I was SO excited! It was like my vote alone carried him to victory! I don’t think I was helpful for the pollsters reasoning though. I chose Nixon because he had an X in his name. I liked that X.

7. Do you swear? Do you pseudo-swear? (You know crap, shoot, friggin’?)

I do not say them, but have to confess that I sometimes think them. I am never quite sure what to think when people swear continually. It makes them sound unintelligent to be repeating the same gross word over and over. Is it for shock value? There are other words in the English language to convey feelings. Our society has become so tacky.

I will say that I have some pseudo-swear words in my vocabulary. We were not allowed to say crap at our house. My Mom hated the word. Unfortunately, I have incorporated the word into my vernacular. I think I may have even eventually heard my Mom say it!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Yesterday, Honey’s sister Rachel and her husband Krazy Kenny came over from The Great White North (all the way from Windsor, Ontario, Canada!) They dropped by on their way to Kenny’s favorite record store and lunch at The Olive Garden. Rachel brought me a card, because she is sweet and thoughtful like that! She had read about my troubles on the blob. The card sums up my week, because the drugs? They make you lose your words!

Thanks Rachel!


When I uploaded my camera pictures, there were a couple of other pictures that I felt reflected my life this week.

Mama Mia




Lucy StinkerBell


Drugs will do this to you as well! Have an awake day.


I just wrote many words about my current situation, and THEY JUST DISAPPEARED!!!!!!!

How can that be? When I intentionally want to delete something, Windows Live Writer always pops up asks me if I’m sure I want to do that. When I unintentionally delete something, it just takes it upon itself to delete without even consulting me???? Windows Live Writer, I want to punch you in the tooth.

This is the fourth day of being flat on my back.

March 2011 is the official month that my body threw me under the bus.  First my blood, now my spine.

As usual, I have no idea what I did to bring on this revolt. In the past, my right side has always been the preferred side to have muscle spasms and gripping pain. This week, the left side has barged in as well, making my entire back a writhing, spasm-ing, quit on me, ball of pain. Left side, why you do me like that?

In all of my 22 years of back trouble, I can’t remember if I have ever been this joofered up before.

I have medication to take when having an episode. An anti-inflammatory, and 2 kinds of muscle relaxers.  I call them the Public Pill and the Private Pill. I normally take the Public Pill when in need. It allows me to drive and speak somewhat intelligently. When things are really bad, I take the Private Pill, because it works much better. But I don’t like to drive under it’s influence, and it renders me somewhat incapable of speaking…intelligently. These are the pills I have been taking, and yesterday, I got into a stash left over from Abby’s back surgery in 2007. I hauled out the big guns.

Yesterday morning started at 3:45, with me in tears, barely able to move or support my own weight. Good thing Honey was home to get me off the potty. He helped me find the stash. I was on the couch all day, dozing like a cat. By the end of the day, I was able to walk and support my own weight once again.

The stash pill helped me to sleep much better than I have in the previous nights as well. Rolling over has been torturous. This morning, I am back to much pain and getting stuck on occasion.

I have a doctors appointment today at 2. I called first thing Monday morning, but unfortunately, everyone else must have called too, because there was no opening. The nurse unhelpfully suggested that maybe I should go to urgent care. I have to tell you that nothing sounded less appealing to me than sitting around in the waiting room for hours.

I chose to stay on our couch with the heating pad, ice, the clicker in my hand, my super comfy memory foam pillow, and my drugs. And in my jammies. Also very important.

My biggest concern today is that the doctor won’t do anything for me. Like she has done in the past. I don’t want another x-ray. My back bones are not broken. She took one in November and told me my back looks pretty good, just some arthritis. Well, I can guarantee that I didn’t have that 22 years ago when all this started. I want to know the root of the problem. Wouldn’t one think that if someone has been requiring medication for TWENTY TWO YEARS of back discomfort, someone MIGHT have an underlying problem?????

I want an MRI or something like that. Something that can look inside at the things that are probably causing my grief. Like discs and nerves. I have told her for the last couple of years that my back was deteriorating more rapidly than it had in years past. Her solution was physical therapy, which was not a bad idea, but like my PT said, if they don’t know what the problem is how can we fix it?

I am going back to the couch now. If you think of me, please shoot up an arrow prayer. And pray for my doctor too, cause I might shoot her.

Potent Quotable

The devil sometimes goes too far. He drives us straight into the Lord’s arms.
Ruth Bell Graham

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