Our Own Friday Night Lights. Sort Of. Without The Football.

Honey, The Boy and I went to another Quidditch/Lacrosse game last night.

And we were prepared.

We brought our king sized, cheetah print, camping comforter. To sit on, and cover up with.

When we arrived, it did not seem as cold as the last game I went to. The one where I was frozen from my spinal cord out. But then the wind started whipping down the plain, and our teeth started chattering.

The cheetah blanket kept our bums warm. The Boy and Honey used the king sized comforter to their advantage and covered their legs. I was in the middle and it didn’t reach that far. I was ok with that, because what was really cold for me was my head and face. Due to all the whipping wind. Oh, and my hands, because I was texting Jip the Farm Dog. The Boy was also texting Jip, and calling her things like Babe, and Sweet Cheeks. Names that I never call her. It turns out he was unknowingly receiving replies from her son. They deserve each other, hijacking their mother’s phones like that!

Jip and I continued to text, as I continued to remind her that we were going home to watch the season premier of Friday Night Lights, and she, unfortunately , was not. Her son had a late game.

Back to the Quidditch game. I have decided I am a fan of the colored socks Mousey had on! It made it way easier to find her in the sea of black and white uniforms.

Look at that stride!


Look at that form! I have no idea what I am talking about!


This is where I wish I knew how to put arrows on a picture. LOOK! She has the ball!!!!! She made an assist!!!!!


And her feet are BOTH off the ground!! I believe that is called catching air!!!


Her game face!!!


Can you see where the aqua socks could be helpful?


They won 10 to 3. I think. It was by a lot. The Boy also gave her a new nickname. Because her number is 32, as was a certain cold blooded killer’s, he began calling her The Juice.


By the time they won, the whipping wind was beating us. Honey and I left The Boy and Miss Mouse-tine with the king sized cheetah blanket, so they could stay and watch Button’s varsity game.

After we had been home about 20 minutes, we had a phone call asking to pick up one tired, cold Mouse. It was then raining, and she wanted to be done with the night. The Boy dutifully stayed and watched Button’s game. Because he is in like. And she is leaving today for Florida, so they needed to say goodbye and all.

Then we came home, turned on the fireplace, and watched Friday Night Lights. It was warm in Dillon!


1 Comment

  1. Marlene said,

    April 16, 2011 at 12:55 PM

    The socks are definately helpful. I love the both feet in the air picture! It would be nice if it would WARM UP. How long into spring and or sprummer do the games go?

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