Waiting For Sunset

Mousey is the only one of our three children who enjoys the beach. She said she would like to go several times. We ended up going twice, both times at sunset-ish.

The first time, we went after we had dinner somewhere. We were near Bonita Beach, and didn’t really know when sunset was. BUT, there was a parking place, which can be hard to come by, so we took it and hung around for a couple of hours.

We walked down the long stretch, looking for shells,


choosing favorite houses, this is Mousey’s,


this is Honey’s. You can’t tell, but that black thing in front is a waterfall, and above it is a pool. It meets his need for a water feature.


Mousey was taking a lot of pictures for a project in her photography class. Sometimes when you look at this picture the footprints look depressed, and then sometimes they looked puffed up! Freaky! See if you can see it both ways!



After traipsing up and down the beach, we chose our final waiting for sunset spot. And commenced with the waiting.



We call this the sucked in gut shot.


We call this just another Honey making a face shot. I have no idea where The Boy gets this trait.


That’s a purty picture!


While waiting, we began to throw shells into the ocean. Honey said we throw like girls. Which we are.


He began to give pointers. I don’t remember what they were.


Showing how it’s done.


Who threw the farthest?


Oh yes she did!!!


Teacher and his protégé.


After that throwing lesson, we started tossing. You can barely see the diet Coke bottle target in the center of all the shells. I am a better tosser than I am a thrower.


A denture shell.


Mama and Mousey. I feel I need to tell you that Mousey does not like this picture of herself. She asked me not to use it. But it is the only one of us together, and it’s not like she looks like a troll or fat or anything. So I used it. Forgive me, Mousey?


The impression of a golf ball shell.


Me and my boyfriend.


And finally, almost three hours later, the sunset!


I think we’ll go to the pool tomorrow!



  1. Marlene said,

    May 6, 2011 at 2:43 PM

    Very cool beach pictures. I can only see the feet puffy. Weird. Such cool ideas for pictures-very creative. I LOVE the sunglasss one!

  2. warren said,

    May 10, 2011 at 9:18 AM

    I am reading backards through your posts but it is so cool that Mousey got to be an only child! It looks like you had an absolute blast!

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