Before I show you any pictures from my trip, I have to tell you about my airport experience! Because I have never experienced anything like that in my LIFE.

Holy Moley, it was a close one.

Honey always says I cut my time too close. Not just when traveling, anytime. I usually discount this because he is one of those types that like to be early. Early with a capital E.A.R.L.Y.  I prefer to be right on time. I used to always be late, but I am seldom late anymore. Having a tighter schedule ironed that out of me long ago. I now arrive in a timely fashion. Which to Honey, may as well be LATE.

By process of elimination, it was decided that The Boy would drive me to the airport. Mainly because Honey was not home from work, The Ab-Cat had to go to work, and Mousey could drive me there, but could not drive herself home. You know, they are picky about that having a license thing. So, The Boy got up at 5:45 to lend his Mother a hand. Thank you Son, kiss kiss!

I had planned on leaving at 6, arriving at 6:30, walking my checked in self up to the desk to drop off my checked in bag and then hiking over hill and dale to my gate, because my gateway to Virginia is always in the B or C concourse. Also known as the mile long tunnel. All in plenty of time to catch my 7:50 flight.

We were a smidge late leaving the house and we arrived at Detroit Metro, or as Schmenky calls it “The Armpit of the World”, around 6:45. Not too bad under normal circumstances. When I walked into the airport, it was anything but normal. There were hundreds of people, lines snaking everywhere, no Delta employees anywhere to ask a question of, and I was instantly worried. I had not allowed time for this mess.

All I needed to do was drop off my bag and as I discovered after waiting in the wrong line, the drop off line was the longest of them all. The check in lines were moving much quicker. After waiting for 10 minutes and barely moving an inch, the nice older couple in front of me held my place in line while I went to the front to find out what in the heck was going on up there. They had TWO people checking all of our bags. TWO. The first thing I heard when I got to the front was a woman saying she had waited in that line for 75 minutes and she had already missed her flight! That was what was taking so long. When they were taking everyone’s bag, they were rebooking their flights. I thought they ought to have a separate line for people who might actually be able to MAKE their flights.

It was at this moment that Honey called and I wailed that I thought I was going to miss my flight!!!!!! After I hung up, the nice older couple talked calmly and soothingly to me and basically talked me down from the ledge. Were they not a giant kiss on the cheek from God or what?

They finally opened another lane and the nice older couple in front of me made a beeline for it, and I followed like the lemming I am. Once there, they realized that there was already a line, and they had kind of, sort of, taken cuts. Yeah, exactly like that. I asked the girl near me if she had missed her flight and she said not yet. I said I thought I was going to miss my flight, it was 7:08 already, and the security line was just as CRAZY. Another girl, waiting at the front of the check in line, overheard me and told me to go ahead of her. I almost cried at her kindness. I thanked her profusely and she did have to endure my hug. The check in lady graciously did not mention that I was already checked in. I asked her if she thought my bag would make the plane. She said it was as crazy in the back as it was in the front and everything was delayed, but she thought it would make it. She took my bag, I took my boarding pass and hightailed it over to the security line that looked like a line at Cedar Pointe. The delightful older couple were again ahead of me! They again held my place in line while I hightailed it back over to the check in area to pick up my drivers license that I had left in my HASTE.

The security line moved considerably faster and I was slightly hopeful that I might make the flight. The nice older couple were going to Arizona to see their oldest granddaughter graduate from high school. They were worried about leaving failing, aging parents and aunts. We chatted about this and that, all the while moving through the line much faster than we had thought. At 7:15 I asked the security man, who was examining my license for the final time, if he thought I could make my 7:50 flight. He looked a little doubtful and suggested I run. I had come full circle. At first I thought my bag might not make the plane, now I was worried if I would!

I thanked the lovely older couple, who had now made me go ahead of them, for being so nice to me, and for pointing out that missing my flight would not cause lasting damage to my life. I told them I was going to take off like a shot once I got through security. And I did. It was 7:20.

I ran/walked the whole way through the million mile tunnel and arrived at 7:30, where two employees were standing by a closed door. I wailed (again) please don’t tell me I can’t get on!!! They said they hadn’t even boarded. Thank you, Lord!!! WOO to the HOOTY HOO!!!!!!!

I went to the bathroom and when I came out, I got right in line to board. I texted Honey as soon as I sat down:

I MADE IT!!!!!!

He replied:

What an answer to prayer!!!!!

Then I had a major hot flash and had to fan myself for 15 minutes.

I know the whole catastrophe was my own fault. I shouldn’t have cut it so close. Any other year I would have just glided through, as usual. I have made this trip for the last 16 years, it has never taken me longer than 10-15 minutes to get to my gate, and I have never seen anything like this. But for some reason, God wanted to show me just exactly how much He can be in the small details. How He can arrange for me to be in certain places. How He can provide nice older couples to talk me out of crying. How He can use the kindness of strangers at just the right moment. How He can move security along at Metro Airport, for goodness sake!!!!!!! He even helped me run/walk WAY longer than I would have thought possible.

His fingerprints were all over that morning.

Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him

—Matthew 6:8

He sure did.



  1. caprilis said,

    June 3, 2011 at 6:16 AM

    And a big AMEN to THAT!
    For the record… the “armpit of the world” was a statement I just overheard by someone else at an airport that I just thought was funny, AND it was before the new concourse was built… so I won’t take credit for that.

  2. Marlene said,

    June 3, 2011 at 9:08 AM

    Nightmare on Elm Street!!!! I can feel the sweat and tears as I read this!!
    So glad that God put the right people to be with you and helped you make your flight. He is with us; by our side whether we can make it or not.

  3. Cindy Stratton said,

    June 3, 2011 at 4:01 PM

    You are HILARIOUS!

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