Why did I wake up at 4:30 on the first day of Mousey’s summer vacation?

Why does it take so dang long to get some concrete?

Why does Lucy like to sleep on Honey’s desk? On top of all the papers? We have many more comfortable places for a cat to sleep.

Why does it take over an hour to complete a 5 minute job? Oh because something else BROKE. Poor Honey.

Why do people in politics think they can get away with acting inappropriately? And then have the nerve to act surprised when people call for their resignation?

Why are people so surprised when they get caught?

Why does everyone use my favorite kitty mug?

Why do weeds grow so much faster than anything else?

Why are bread, chips and dessert so much more desirable than Brussels sprouts, beets and broccoli?

Why does my bra strap insist on making those unflattering rolls on my back?

Why does the tire area at Sam’s smell so bad? That tire smell has to be in my top 20 worst smells to smell.

Why can’t Friday Night Lights go on forever so we can see how these characters lives turn out? Because we need to know they are going to be alright.

Why do some people have to make everything so difficult?

Why do I keep buying sleep pants at Value World?

Why is it sometimes so hard to not say something?

Why is it so hard to sometimes say what you mean?

Why can you think of something really good to say 5 hours after you should have said it?

Why has God always had his hand on the top of my head when I have not always been a good follower?

Why am I so blessed when some are not?

Just pondering.


1 Comment

  1. Marlene said,

    June 17, 2011 at 8:36 AM

    And such pondering it is!! The sleeping problem is hormonal, believe me. And the rest…yep I agree with it all. Why do I keep buying pj pants? Is it called a collection? Should we display them somewhere?
    God leads us in the path he has designed for us. Someday in Heaven it will all be evened out and we will be blissfuly happy!

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