I believe I may have mentioned that we had some breakage last week. Many small things, and then this big thing.

We called someone to remove the other half of our Bradford pear tree. Honey could have taken the big boy down, that wasn’t the real problem. The problem was the foliage. And the woodage. It was all a bit much to scatter in the field behind us.

Besides, when we lost the little brother limb last year, it took a lot of cutting and scattering, and it was much smaller. We called us some Lumberjacks.

Poor Brad, we loved you so. He really was a handsome tree. My Mother often commented on his perfect shape.


Honey called the head Lumberjack early Tuesday evening, after we discovered the breakage that afternoon. Head Lumberjack said he would be out later that evening. Honey was skeptical, because it has been our experience when you call people for an estimate, they do not show up when the say they will. Just throwing it out there. He also called another lumberjack, who said he would (or perhaps would not) be out to give an estimate on Thursday.

Honey and I were out in the pool area that evening, trying to decide which hoopty corner of our yard to focus on first, when we heard a hello coming around the side of the house. It was the Head Lumberjack. Honey and I looked at each other in amazement! He came when he said he would!!!!

I feel I must share a tidbit of back story here. We had been apprehensive about calling a lumberjack. When we lived in our last house, we needed to pull down a HUGE weeping willow. The price tag for that job was $1200. Around 17 years ago. That was not EVER going to happen, so Honey pulled it down himself. It’s a miracle he is still here to tell about it, because in hindsight? Doesn’t seem like a very safe endeavor. I can still remember our next door neighbor standing out in his back yard with a scared look on his face.

So back to present day. Head Lumberjack gave us a price of not very much money!!! While we had him out there, we asked how much to remove the arborvitae next to the pool?


That was the area that Honey and I had been pondering before the Lumberjack showed up. You can see a portion of our pool cover above. Opening and closing the pool is just one more task on Honey’s very full plate. We have wished over the years that we had a hard pool cover that did not collect everything that Old Man Winter blows into its gaping maw. Leaves, plastic bags, small dead things, who KNOWS WHAT, all with the added bonus of becoming a stinky home for ducks and tadpoles in the early spring. You can imagine what a pleasant chore it is for Honey to open the pool.

The reason we cannot have the wished for hard pool cover, is because it is essential to have concrete on both sides of the pool, to anchor the above mentioned hard pool cover. Once again, we have NO concrete. Just caving in brick pavers and shifting rocks. If we pulled out the arborvitae, redid that area and poured some concrete, Honey could take a heaping helping of grief OFF his plate, twice a year!!!

The price for removing the arbs was very good too!! We were on a roll!

Head Lumber jack then said the most stunning thing of all. “We can be here at 9 tomorrow morning”. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!!!!

Are you KIDDING me??? Well, yes, we would like that very prompt service you have offered us in our very own back yard!

They came at 8:45 and got right to work.


Branches were falling.



Being hauled to the front yard.


Fed to the chipper.


The tree was down before 9.


It was a bittersweet moment.


The other half of Brad was gone.


The only dilemma with the arborvitae was they blocked our view of a busy road. What if we couldn’t stand the view or the noise from the road? Other than that, we had no affection for the arbs.

It was at this point that I told the Minor Lumberjacks that I was taking pictures for my blob. I was worried they might be thinking I was doing it to check up on their work. So I could tattle unfavorably. I am pretty sure they said they had been on blogs before, imagine that!!


They cut the lower branches, then ally-ooped the whole thing over the fence.


There was a lot of dragging going on.


They trimmed the stumps as low as they could, they couldn’t grind them because of all the rocks in there. That maelstrom wouldn’t have been good.


The chipper just chewed them up. Honey said he’d like to have a chipper.


And there you have it, our new view of the road. And the 1/2 opened pool.



When I paid Head Lumberjack, I told him what a God Thing this had been. To come when he said, and be able to do the work so quickly? I thanked him for being such a blessing for my weary husband, who has had a very discouraging week. To put it MILDLY. It was a very reasonable amount of money well spent. And you don’t get to say THAT very often!

We are still getting used to it, but we are not sorry we did it. I will be so happy to get the new pool cover for Honey, I can’t even express it in words!!! I’ll try, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Honey!!!

Later that week, Honey and I were out on the driveway wrestling with the old pool cover, the Head Lumberjack drove by. Honey had noticed his trucks in the neighborhood all week. He stopped in the drive to talk a moment. Honey said he wanted to get a price on a boulder retaining wall in the back. Head Lumberjack said they had been working on our street all week, people see workers and they all flock to get a price for their needs. My walking buddy, Keelyody, even had him cut down a tree in her front yard, and Capri Deb called to get his number for her friend. Beeve wanted it too.

As Head Lumberjack said, “all because of a pear tree!”.

I say, THANK YOU LORD, for giving us one pear shaped slice of success in restoring the Hoopty House!



  1. Carol said,

    June 23, 2011 at 1:58 PM

    This is just an awesome story!! Thanks for sharing it. And I love to see young guys getting good work and references because of their good work.

  2. Marlene said,

    June 23, 2011 at 4:21 PM

    Well put and things look really nice over there. We lost a Brad too; they have very weak limbs, so they break easily. How nice to get something done out of your outside “to do” list!

  3. deb said,

    June 24, 2011 at 6:58 AM

    Just goes to show, how God works in ways we just can’t imagine!

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