LAX Banquet

Several weeks ago we went to Mousey’s Lacrosse Banquet.  I believe I may have mentioned that Honey and I are not well versed in Parental Sport Requirements, but there is one thing I can tell you. Organized sports like their banquets. Oh yes they do.

This was my third banquet, Honey’s second. He didn’t go to her first swimming banquet. We couldn’t even remember why. Maybe he had to work. Maybe we were unaware of what a big deal the Sports Banquets are.

We have both been attendance since. To support our Muggins.

Here she is with her buddy Kindork. Can I just tell you that name was THEIR idea? Evidently, it is a private joke, which they find endlessly amusing. They have been friends for years and last year Kindork was on the swim team as a diver while Mousey swam.

Maybe it was Kindork who suggested that Mouse join LAX, since she had joined swim. Neither was on the swim team this year. I ran into a swim mom at a grad party this weekend. She said it was probably a good thing they weren’t, as the swim coach has gone off the deep end, and is full of his bad self.


They sat at the table right next to us. Perfect for photo opportunities! Except when it was time for Mouselina to go up and get her letter, my camera told me it was time to change the batteries. I am not kidding you.

I got pictures of Kindork accepting her MVP award. As Mousey says, she is beast at LAX. She leads the team in goals. And fouls.


I got pictures of Button accepting her award too, except I can’t remember what it was called. Basically, it said that she is a wonderful girl and everyone should watch her because her future is so bright we need to wear shades! As The Boy said, she cleaned up in the awards department. Have I mentioned she is in the newspaper all the time? Cause she totally is. I think Button was also a big encouragement for Mousey to join LAX.


Button even got to give a little speech. She said the Lord is her strength.


This was after the mock awards. Kindork’s was something about bro and spiderman, or something, I can’t read it. Probably another inside joke. Mousey’s says The Juice. Her jersey number was the same as O.J.’s.


I can’t read Button’s either. Forgive me on these, the banquet was almost a month ago, and you know my memory is like a screen door.


These two are in Alabama this week at Student Life camp. I hope they are having the time of their life!


Mousey’s third letter!!! And she is a charter member on the first girls lacrosse team at her school!!!  GO MOUSEY! And BUTTON, and KINDORK!!!!!!

I just have one other thing to mention. We didn’t know many parents on this team, and you never know who you will be sitting with. I had prayed before we arrived about the seating arrangements. I asked God to put us where He wanted us, that He would be with my words, you know, you don’t want to be offensive or seem awkward, and help us to have a pleasant evening talking with our table mates.

I got sidetracked talking to a mom I knew from our kid’s elementary school, then a mom I knew from BSF, so Honey actually picked our table. I sat down as the night was starting, relayed my previous conversations to Honey, and then felt like I should turn around and introduce myself to the mom sitting next to me.

We chatted about this and that, and after she had mentioned her church a couple of times, I asked her what church they attended. She said the church that we had attended before the church we attend presently. I said oh, we know a lot of people over there! I then asked her if she knew Rae Babe, she said she DID! I asked if she knew our neighbors across the street, she said they were in the same Caregroup and they led a high school girls small group together! I asked her if she knew another dear friend, she said she DID, and that friend’s daughter was in her small group! When I mentioned I attended BSF, she asked if I knew her neighbor, Jip the Farm Dog, I said I DID!! Only she didn’t call her Jip the Farm Dog, cause only I call her that.

So it seems like we have been orbiting each other for years and finally met that night! We are probably related somewhere along the line! It was SO funny!

The dessert was very yummy and the chicken was very yukky.

And that, my Friends, was the LAX Banquet of 2011.



  1. Marlene said,

    June 28, 2011 at 4:14 PM

    Congrats to Mousey, her friend, and Button. Amazing smal world we live in sometimes.

  2. deb said,

    June 29, 2011 at 5:26 AM

    Congratulations girls! y’all look fabulous, btw!

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