Potent Quotable

“It’s my job to see you don’t grow up stupid, it’s bad for the world!”    Tami Taylor


The Hijacked Camera

I went to take a picture the other day and there was a problem. The camera told me the memory card was full. I had just cleaned out the vast majority of blog-tography the week before, so you can imagine my befuddlement.

As I began to look through the pictures taken most recently, it became crystal clear what had happened. My camera had been hijacked. By teenage girls.

Mousey, Button and their Willing Friend had themselves a photo shoot.

Something to do with chair dancing, air guitar and exercise.


Nutella. Sponsored food of chair dancers.


Ah, they’ve moved to the basement. More room to sprawl.


And goof.


And mug.


I am not sure of the inspiration here. It seems conflicted.


Here Button reminds me of one of the pictures in Where The Wild Things Are, when the wild rumpus began. It is such a pretty picture of The Willing Friend, and I am quite familiar with Mousey’s open mouth.


If this is a longest tongue contest, Mousey has it in the bag. She has a freakishly long tongue. She is just getting started here. Sorry Willing Friend, you are toast.


Many of the pictures were like this.


This is my favorite one. Perfect timing.


I am going to wager they did not imagine they might end up on The Blob.


That’s our Girl.


Every time I put Madonna away, they find her. Madonna is my beauty school manequin head. She has been much beautified by our children over the years. Quite frankly, I am tired of looking at her. The kids have a strange fixation with her. It’s not right.


Nutella. Breakfast of champions. And air guitarists.


All total, 61 pictures. No wonder the memory card was full.

A List Y’all!

How about a nice, varied, Friday list?

1.This week has been a wash for walking. Monday through Wednesday, Keelyody was out of town.Thursday and Friday morning featured rain. I can’t really complain about the rain though. Things are definitely crispy brown up here in The Mitten.

2. Yesterday was errand day over here at The NutHatch. The Boy took Honey to a Tigers ball game, it was his Fathers Day present. Therefore, they were occupied. I used the free day to return many bags of stuff that were hanging around in our laundry room, just waiting to be returned. I asked Mousey if she would like to accompany me, as she is one to enjoy a good shopping trip. She has the gene.

We started our multi stop journey at Hobby Lobby, to return a tool I had bought for mosaicing. It did not work as I had envisioned. We then went next door to Homegoods to get some anti skid, under the rug, thingies. Because, PEOPLE, our rugs are travelling!!!! I also use the same stuff under couch cushions, a little trick I learned from Capri P. The couch in my hair/craft room has some major runaway cushions that need to be stopped.

While there, Mousey and I discussed new bedding options for both her and The Ab-Cat. They have both expressed interest in room makeovers this year. And by makeovers, I mean painting the walls, getting a new bed cover and calling it a day. Mouse chose a quilt to bring home and try. I say try, because she has a twin bed and they had no twin quilt. She is going to see what the full/queen looks like. It could be massively large, or completely fine.

I also bought one for Abby to try because she hates to shop. I bring things home I think she might like, so she can almost always tell me no. No, thank you. We might be due to have the day she dislikes enormously. The day we go to several stores and she looks at everything available. It really is easier than me doing the other thing. Last time, she had good luck at Penney’s. That will be the first place we try. I would like her to take a departure from the blue. I don’t know if it is possible for her.

Here are the try outs. Mousey is into peach. I am not sure about it. At all.


We then dropped Mousey’s letter jacket off at the embroidery store so they can add lacrosse somewhere to her coat before she has her senior pictures taken. On to Marshalls, where she bought unmentionables, and Michaels, where we bought something fun that I can’t mention. THEN, we went where I needed to take back the majority of my bags, Kohl’s. After all that, all I wanted to do was go home and tater up. Stick a fork in me, I was DONE.

3. I am pretty sure I mentioned, way back in January, that I had a goal of cleaning off the back counter in the laundry room. Every now and then I tidied up, but it was still the receptacle of much dump-age. Papers that were needed for something, sunglass cases, gloves, crafts, things to be fixed, bags to be returned. And so on, and so on….to infinity.


Before our major bag return run yesterday, I tore into it. It evidently was a noticeable improvement, as Honey asked me if I had had gotten a new counter installed back there. Dry humor, it’s why I love him so.

Now the fat cats can eat without having to take their 9 lives into their own paws every time they jump up there. You may be wondering why they eat up there in the first place. It’s Katie’s fault. You have never seen such a world class glutton as that dog.

I guess that is enough information for today. WordPress has a handy dandy little word counter at the bottom that is telling me that it has taken me 677 words to relay all of this nonsense to y’all. Can you tell we are still in Dillon, Texas, in the throes of our season one, Friday Night Lights marathon? Y’all have a super day! 715 words now.

Lunch With The Intern

I believe I may have mentioned that The Ab-Cat has a job this summer. She was offered an internship at the company where Jip the Farm Dog’s husband, known affectionately as Mr. Jaw Dog, is boss.

Since she has never really worked an actual job before, it has been a very good learning experience for her. And they pay her.

Jip and I had been wanting to get together for lunch with another friend of ours, The Supreme, who has been working at the same place for a few years.  Yesterday was the day.

They have security at this place. You have to stop by the front desk when you get there and give them your license so they can make you a guest pass. Your guest pass must be visible at all times. You have to use it to open the glass doors when you get off the elevator at all floors, at all times. It’s like CTU on 24. And you have to have your own Jack Bauer to personally escort you through the building, at all times.

The Supreme was our official CTU escort. She picked us up in the lobby, and we then commenced to the cafeteria. The first table in was full of Abby’s co workers from the 5th floor. The Supreme introduced me around. I recognized some of the names, and actually knew one gal from our church. They said nice things about our Girl. She says nice things about them too.

I then texted Abby and made her join us for lunch.

After we ate, we had some more CTU tour. This is the 4th floor, Abby’s official office. Of course, she did not want her picture taken. She never wants her picture taken, and you would have thought I had asked her sing in public, wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume. She does not spend much time at this desk, as she does not spend much time on this floor anymore. She has been loaned to the 5th floor, where they had a big job for her to do. I commented on her lack of lived in look. No pictures, or personal effects, no Dwight Schrute bobble heads.


This is where she spends her days. Where the magic happens.


Looks more lived in here. I see my sweater over there.


Here it is! Her Precious. She scans. She is a Scanner.

She scans many pieces of paper, while listening to her ipod. The Supreme had a good idea, books on tape. She could have listened to Harry Potter books 1-7 !


She is in this area so much, one of the nice gals made her a sign.


She is very happy to be busy, productive and is trying to help them reach their goal of scanning every piece of paper in the building!

It was after this floor tour that Jip said I made a critical error. We were leaving Abby there to go back to work, and I kissed her goodbye. Evidently, there is no kissing of the Employees. What do I know?

We then toured onward and upward to see Mr. Jaw Dog’s office. Only he was not there, which we knew. He was with his son in Florida, at Nationals, which I correctly guessed involved basketball. I did meet his efficient secretary, Jane Hathaway, though. Mr Dog’s office was very tidy. It is here that I must confess that Jip and I used his potty. Only Jip calls it the biffy. Where does that word come from Jip? I need an origin source. It was a very nice biffy.

After the tour, The Supreme escorted us back to the lobby, where we returned our CTU badges. We were then free to go.

So we went!

Way Back When-sday Hodgepodge

Hi Guys! It’s been a couple of weeks since I was able to hitch up my wagon to the Hodgepodge, I missed it! Thanks to Joyce for keeping it up and running, all summer long!

Here we go.

1. July is National Ice Cream month…your favorite flavor? Soft served, hand dipped, or frozen yogurt…which do you prefer? And technically yogurt is not ice cream but its hot outside so I’ll let that slide for today.

My People love ice cream! I like it fine, but it is something I can usually forgo, if necessary. It’s not like CHAI or anything!

I like all of the kinds, but at the moment, my favorites are a Snickers Sonic Blast and a Culvers chocolate banana Concrete Mixer. Or something like that.

If I were going to be a purist, and just eat a bowl of ice cream, I would choose hand dipped, dulche la leche or vanilla bean with strawberries.

I bought Honey a little treat this week, on sale at Meijer, 2 for $6. It had peanut butter. And I liked the name.


It’s gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday, gone like a soldier in the Civil War, bang bang. Montgomery Gentry


He said it was gooooooooooood!

2. When you travel do you tend to pack too much or too little?

I am a notorious over packer. Just ask Honey, who has had the displeasure of loading all of my over packing into our van. In my defense, that was back in the day of traveling with small children. I am a fairly low maintenance packer now. But I need what I need, you know?

Usually before every vacation, Honey tells me one thing. They have a Target where we are going. It does put things in perspective.

3. What’s your favorite cleaning product?

For many years, I was in the Shout and Spray and Wash camps for spot cleaners. All through the baby spit up, toddler, elementary and up years. One day I had a coo-pin, and I tried this stuff.

OH.MY.WORD. It was love at first squirt. It takes out almost everything, the FIRST time!!! Except it doesn’t take out a huge raspberry stain that your child didn’t tell you about, and you only noticed it after it had been washed and dried. I am going to try it again though.


I also like this stuff to clean our ultra odiferous, 6 pound, Yorkshire Terrier, named Katie Katherine. Said with an Irish brogue. She is powerfully stinky, this makes it go away for a little while.


And finally, Soft Scrub has a special place in my heart because it helps me clean our shower floor. The floor that looks like all the Hobbits in the world use it. Daily


4.Which is the greater tragedy-an innocent person imprisoned or a guilty person set free? Explain.

Oh Dear, that is a tough one. If the guilty person was a murderer or a rapist, that would be the greater tragedy. I think. But then the poor innocent person is a tragedy too. Ok, I don’t want to think about this anymore.

5. What’s the longest trip you’ve taken by car?

The drive down I-75 from southeast Michigan down to Florida. And it seems to get longer every year.

Here they are.

Are you all buckled in nice and tight Hammy Honey? Yes Mom, and Uncle Stinky’s ready to roll too.- How I Spent My Summer Vacation 

That HAS to be one of our family top 20 movies. Of all time!

Mousey has already crashed.

IMG (29)

It should take about 22 hours, but one unfortunate year we extended our confinement for 28. And yes, we drive straight through. We have probably hit all the other numbers in between too. We have started flying, and quite frankly? It would take a LOT to get me back in that van.

6. tennis-golf-canoeing-biking…pick one.

Biking. For many of my growing up years, my bike and I were one. 

Tennis and golf make you sweat, and I never do that intentionally. I haven’t been in a canoe in years. I don’t remember it being particularly fun.

7. What sound drives you crazy?

Several. I can’t stand it when TV AND music is on. Naughty, screaming children in a store or restaurant gets on my last nerve. The dentist’s drill bothers me. Oh, and whining. Cannot.Tolerate.It. Not from our kids OR any others. Or from adults either.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

These are pictures from 2000, one of our many trips down to Florida.

I can’t remember which park is which anymore.

Ab-Cat was in the throes of an obsession with Ms. Ball. She most certainly loved Lucy! We spent much time here.

IMG_0001 (13)

IMG_0002 (11)

Nice mom shorts there Capri K! I think that is a walking shirt now. Honey still wears that shirt. We are hip and fashionable.

IMG_0004 (6)

How appropriate! Ab-Cat and I went and saw Captain America last weekend. It was very good!

Look at that little skinny Boy down there showing you his guns!

IMG_0005 (6)

We always visited FAO Schwartz toy store. They are on Raggedy Ann’s lap.

IMG_0006 (4)

Oh dear.

IMG_0007 (4)

A perfect fit.


This I know is Seuss Landing. Is that Islands of Adventure park?

IMG_0009 (2)


Mousey has a little sunburn going.

IMG_0008 (2)

I notice The Boy has this necklace on in every picture.


One fish….


…two fish!

Honey still wears that shirt too! It’s been 11 years, People!


Thanks for going Way Back with me today!

Sleeping Girl

At any time, during any given day, there are sleeping cats to be found around here. They have the run of the house. Except the basement. They love the basement, but it’s too hard to get them out of the basement.

This kitty, Halle Berry, especially loves the basement. She loves to gather many odd things and bring them upstairs, to drown in the water bowl. Pony tail thingies, Barbie apparel, pretend food, doll clothing, dust balls, pieces of things. And so on.

Back to the sleeping cats. Finding a sleeping girl is not difficult. What IS difficult is trying not to bother a sleeping girl. They are so bother-able.

She needs a nuzzle.


I love her pink nose and multi colored toe pads.


It’s so hard not to be a bother-er when they look like this.


I bothered her.

Things I’m Loving in the Backyard

The majority of our front, and portions of our back yard are truly heinous, and have been for almost 2 years now. The new cement is most wonderful, but now comes the work that will make the biggest difference, visually.

Over the months, Honey has been talking to many sprinkler guys, landscaping guys, and our favorite person, The Tree Guy, who is sort of a jack of all trades type person.

Our sprinklers never did more than a barely adequate job. Some areas were ignored, so it was always a patchy sort of look. Plus, the sewer guys unintentionally made a big old mess of many of the sprinkler lines, and then the now sticking above ground lines endured the cold harsh elements of a couple winters. There has been talk of repair, but mainly talk of replacement, and adding lines to get rid of the un-watered, brown areas. All I can say is it’s fortunate Honey has been able to work a lot of overtime lately.

Hopefully, the rest of the work will happen in quick succession. Surely. Maybe.

The back is sort of messy too, in its own ugly way. There is still the area where the arborvitae used to be, waiting to have it’s stumps ground and dirt removed so it can be filled with cement. Which by the way, no professional really wants to do that job because they say “it’s all hand work”. On the other side of the pool fence, The Tree Guy is going to build a boulder retaining wall, to replace the wood that has rotted. We will then sod a failed gardening experiment, plant some ornamental grasses, and call that area done. There are another couple of areas back there that need attention, but that is work for another year. We need to pace ourselves, People.

I went out in the back, bound and determined to find something that was not ugly. These were my findings.

I believe I may have mentioned I bought some new pots for our front porch area earlier this year at Sam’s. In faith, I planted them. One of them looks beautimous! The other is limping along, but we still have hopes for it. They are sitting in the back by the pool, awaiting their place of honor by the front porch. This leafy, pink tinged, I don’t know its name, thingy has been my very favorite plant of the summer. It has grown enormously! I have taken cuttings and rooted them, trying to get the limping along pot to catch up. It roots beautifully.


I have had this coleus several times before. I love it’s neat, petite leaves.


Another coleus, green tinged with purple.


Purple tinged with green!


This wins the Big Beauty award!


There you go, the best of the gardening this year.

Potent Quotable

If you are waiting on God, know there is a reason for His (seeming) delay. What seems like a delay on earth is a sign of a purpose or reason in heaven. – David Jeremiah

On A Mission

The Boy just left on a mission trip to Detroit. With his recently scooped off the floor, freshly laundered clothes, his pillows, his purchased last night after 11 p.m. deodorant, and his Bible. And a bunch of squirrelly pre-teens.

If you would have told me 3 years ago that he’d be capable of doing all these things on his own, without my input or help, I might not have believed you. Seriously, all I did for him was cut his hair last night, make him eggs and toast for breakfast, and pray for him before he got into his truck.

I believe I may have mentioned that this summer he is working with the middle school students as a youth intern at our church. He has been busy.

He works many hours in the office planning things, studying, hanging out with students, and preparing his teaching lessons, so he can effectively communicate God’s truth to fidgety, short attention spanned, jr. high-ers.

He has been operating on not much sleep, and even less money, but for the first time in his life, he feels passionate about what he is doing. Well passionate about something other than Lego’s, skateboarding, music or The Office.

High school was not his bag, he graduated having no idea what his life plan was. I wrote here about his struggles. After his first year of college, he was no closer. But somewhere along the line, God started calling him to something. Drawing him forward, surrounding him with strong Christian young men to talk with. God was giving him insight into what He had planned for him. It has been awesome to watch.

We have always loved our Boy, always been proud of him, even when he was struggling. And we have always believed that God had a plan for his life, even when we weren’t sure how He would gather up all of The Boy’s fine, God given qualities and use them for His good in a productive way. But watching The Boy actively pursue it? Well now, that has been something special to see.

Praying for the leadership team and the whole group to be protected from all harm and evil, that their VBS would run well and the children would learn that Jesus loves them and sees them right there in Detroit, their demolition project would be accomplished safely, that The Boy’s lesson would be heard and understood by quiet and open ears and hearts, and that those squirrelly pre-teens would find joy in their service and understand that God has plans for their lives too.

Won’t you join me?

Tales From The Furnace

Ya’ll, it’s HOT!

Record breaking hot. Shadrach Meshach and Abednego hot.

Other than watering our concrete, here are some doings around here lately.

1. Everything I do is sifted through the screen of do I really need to step outside?

2. The answer has mostly been a resounding NO.

3. The Ab-Cat’s van, Chaz Michael Michaels, has decided that air conditioning is too much to ask for. It has been in 2 different shops and on it’s way to a third tonight to fix it’s not under extended warranty, factory installed, conversion, broken self. We are hoping the new place can fix it in a timely fashion before poor Abby spontaneously combusts. Really, could she have picked a hotter week if she tried?

4. Honey has been working many overtime hours this week. You can imagine how pleasant that has been for him. If we are all out here smoldering in the 100 degree temperatures, imagine how toasty his un-air conditioned factory has been. All the while wearing his cool and comfortable coveralls. I am going to start calling him Abednego NutHatch. He looks like an Abednego. Sort of.

5. I know I am a week late, but I need to talk about Friday Night Lights, for the last time. That is a sad, sad, sentence. The series finale was last Friday, and People, we were glued to our television to find out the destinies of the good people of Dillon, Texas. There were smiles, aww’s, and a few tears shed.

Mousey and I call all sweet men Bunnies. And I am here to tell you, we feel all the Bunnies** on that show are going to be alright. Even though they are make believe Bunnies.

Coach did the right thing and is settling into his new job and life in a new town admirably.

QB1, Mousey’s Bunny, seems happy, even though he is stuck with the shows’ most annoying character, in our opinion. But he loves her, so bless his heart.

Abby’s Bunny, Riggs, appears to have FINALLY gotten his act together after his little stint in prison, doing the wrong thing for the right reason. I offer him a little motherly wisdom here, TIM, quit your drinkin’. And yes, I am aware that we would not welcome Abby’s choice if she brought him home to dinner. It’s make believe, remember? And it’s Tim Riggins.

Our last Bunny is Luke Cafferty, who has had a hard year by anyone’s standards. Girl trouble, football trouble, parent trouble. That boy up and joined the military, which ought to make everyone proud, and he gave Becky his state championship ring as a token of his love and devotion. Which leads me to believe he WILL come back for her, and where else would she go in that town? Besides, he’s smitten.

We could have used more of Landry, because he makes us laugh, and he has the best band name EVER! Crucifictorious ROCKS!!!!

As soon as the finale was over, we were at a loss. So we popped in the DVD of season 1 and started over. It’s all we have.

Really big sigh.

6. Last week was also the end of the Harry Potter series. The Boy first introduced us to the boy wizard when his third grade teacher read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone aloud to his class. He loved it and wanted me to read it to him aloud again, this time with The Ab-Cat. They LOVED it, and we continued to read together through book 4. By then everyone could read quite sufficiently by themselves, and I was getting hoarse. Dobby’s voice especially just wore me out. They finished the last 3 on their own. Mousey was never part of this phenomenon, she was too young at the start, and then stubbornly refused for years. She finally jumped on the Hogwarts Express many years later, in middle school, after being badgered by her siblings forEVER.

All three have read the books multiple times, and watched the movies extensively. To say this series was a magical experience for them would be an understatement. Tears were shed at the finale. It was a wild train ride and we will miss Harry, Ron and Hermione.

7. I have finally arrived at my pre hormone pill weight. It’s more than I would like, but it’s better than it was!

8. I’m getting hungry.

9. We had a Capri Mosaic day yesterday. And The Capri’s are coming this morning to get their hairs cut. Two Capri days in a row, that is a very fun thing!!!

10. Don’t watch The Lincoln Lawyer. I would like that two hours of my life back please.

**Bunnies** has been added to The NutHatch Dictionary. Visit it here , very valuable information. HA!

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