Tales From The Furnace

Ya’ll, it’s HOT!

Record breaking hot. Shadrach Meshach and Abednego hot.

Other than watering our concrete, here are some doings around here lately.

1. Everything I do is sifted through the screen of do I really need to step outside?

2. The answer has mostly been a resounding NO.

3. The Ab-Cat’s van, Chaz Michael Michaels, has decided that air conditioning is too much to ask for. It has been in 2 different shops and on it’s way to a third tonight to fix it’s not under extended warranty, factory installed, conversion, broken self. We are hoping the new place can fix it in a timely fashion before poor Abby spontaneously combusts. Really, could she have picked a hotter week if she tried?

4. Honey has been working many overtime hours this week. You can imagine how pleasant that has been for him. If we are all out here smoldering in the 100 degree temperatures, imagine how toasty his un-air conditioned factory has been. All the while wearing his cool and comfortable coveralls. I am going to start calling him Abednego NutHatch. He looks like an Abednego. Sort of.

5. I know I am a week late, but I need to talk about Friday Night Lights, for the last time. That is a sad, sad, sentence. The series finale was last Friday, and People, we were glued to our television to find out the destinies of the good people of Dillon, Texas. There were smiles, aww’s, and a few tears shed.

Mousey and I call all sweet men Bunnies. And I am here to tell you, we feel all the Bunnies** on that show are going to be alright. Even though they are make believe Bunnies.

Coach did the right thing and is settling into his new job and life in a new town admirably.

QB1, Mousey’s Bunny, seems happy, even though he is stuck with the shows’ most annoying character, in our opinion. But he loves her, so bless his heart.

Abby’s Bunny, Riggs, appears to have FINALLY gotten his act together after his little stint in prison, doing the wrong thing for the right reason. I offer him a little motherly wisdom here, TIM, quit your drinkin’. And yes, I am aware that we would not welcome Abby’s choice if she brought him home to dinner. It’s make believe, remember? And it’s Tim Riggins.

Our last Bunny is Luke Cafferty, who has had a hard year by anyone’s standards. Girl trouble, football trouble, parent trouble. That boy up and joined the military, which ought to make everyone proud, and he gave Becky his state championship ring as a token of his love and devotion. Which leads me to believe he WILL come back for her, and where else would she go in that town? Besides, he’s smitten.

We could have used more of Landry, because he makes us laugh, and he has the best band name EVER! Crucifictorious ROCKS!!!!

As soon as the finale was over, we were at a loss. So we popped in the DVD of season 1 and started over. It’s all we have.

Really big sigh.

6. Last week was also the end of the Harry Potter series. The Boy first introduced us to the boy wizard when his third grade teacher read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone aloud to his class. He loved it and wanted me to read it to him aloud again, this time with The Ab-Cat. They LOVED it, and we continued to read together through book 4. By then everyone could read quite sufficiently by themselves, and I was getting hoarse. Dobby’s voice especially just wore me out. They finished the last 3 on their own. Mousey was never part of this phenomenon, she was too young at the start, and then stubbornly refused for years. She finally jumped on the Hogwarts Express many years later, in middle school, after being badgered by her siblings forEVER.

All three have read the books multiple times, and watched the movies extensively. To say this series was a magical experience for them would be an understatement. Tears were shed at the finale. It was a wild train ride and we will miss Harry, Ron and Hermione.

7. I have finally arrived at my pre hormone pill weight. It’s more than I would like, but it’s better than it was!

8. I’m getting hungry.

9. We had a Capri Mosaic day yesterday. And The Capri’s are coming this morning to get their hairs cut. Two Capri days in a row, that is a very fun thing!!!

10. Don’t watch The Lincoln Lawyer. I would like that two hours of my life back please.

**Bunnies** has been added to The NutHatch Dictionary. Visit it here , very valuable information. HA!


  1. July 22, 2011 at 11:06 AM

    It’s killer hot here too. Unfortunately I have been outside. A lot. I feel perpetually wet with sweat. Stinks, I know. We just got an AC running in my bedroom last night. The kids camped on the floor. I have a feeling we’ll be sharing a room for the couple of days.

    Stay cool!

  2. July 22, 2011 at 11:32 AM

    So … because of your’s and other’s recommendations I have watched through Season 4 of FNL’s on NetFlix. I LOVE it!! I guess I’ll catch the last season when I get a chance …

    We (me & the girls) saw HP this past Monday! I cannot say enough great things about it! It was magical! 🙂 Lauren has gone 3 times thus far; Autumn twice. For the midnight premiere they dressed up: Lauren was Tonks; Autumn made a Weasley sweater and carved a wand. Yes, you read that right — she carved a wand out of a drumstick. It has a unicorn on it and swirls and is … magical! 🙂 But, then again, we ALL know that she has magic in her hands! 🙂

  3. Marlene said,

    July 22, 2011 at 8:25 PM

    So now I know of a show I can watch and get it on netflix. Really, I am not up on TV shows and movies. I am IQ-less on these two subjects. Are we going to have pics of haircuts and mosiacs of the 2 days of Capris? Hope so!!!

  4. Marlene said,

    July 22, 2011 at 8:26 PM

    opps sorry of the spelling error mosaics.

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