Things I’m Loving in the Backyard

The majority of our front, and portions of our back yard are truly heinous, and have been for almost 2 years now. The new cement is most wonderful, but now comes the work that will make the biggest difference, visually.

Over the months, Honey has been talking to many sprinkler guys, landscaping guys, and our favorite person, The Tree Guy, who is sort of a jack of all trades type person.

Our sprinklers never did more than a barely adequate job. Some areas were ignored, so it was always a patchy sort of look. Plus, the sewer guys unintentionally made a big old mess of many of the sprinkler lines, and then the now sticking above ground lines endured the cold harsh elements of a couple winters. There has been talk of repair, but mainly talk of replacement, and adding lines to get rid of the un-watered, brown areas. All I can say is it’s fortunate Honey has been able to work a lot of overtime lately.

Hopefully, the rest of the work will happen in quick succession. Surely. Maybe.

The back is sort of messy too, in its own ugly way. There is still the area where the arborvitae used to be, waiting to have it’s stumps ground and dirt removed so it can be filled with cement. Which by the way, no professional really wants to do that job because they say “it’s all hand work”. On the other side of the pool fence, The Tree Guy is going to build a boulder retaining wall, to replace the wood that has rotted. We will then sod a failed gardening experiment, plant some ornamental grasses, and call that area done. There are another couple of areas back there that need attention, but that is work for another year. We need to pace ourselves, People.

I went out in the back, bound and determined to find something that was not ugly. These were my findings.

I believe I may have mentioned I bought some new pots for our front porch area earlier this year at Sam’s. In faith, I planted them. One of them looks beautimous! The other is limping along, but we still have hopes for it. They are sitting in the back by the pool, awaiting their place of honor by the front porch. This leafy, pink tinged, I don’t know its name, thingy has been my very favorite plant of the summer. It has grown enormously! I have taken cuttings and rooted them, trying to get the limping along pot to catch up. It roots beautifully.


I have had this coleus several times before. I love it’s neat, petite leaves.


Another coleus, green tinged with purple.


Purple tinged with green!


This wins the Big Beauty award!


There you go, the best of the gardening this year.



  1. deb said,

    July 25, 2011 at 2:51 PM

    I never get tired of coleus in all its variations. And the pink tinged thingy is quite lovely too. My other most favorite annual is dragon wing begonia…in RED.

  2. Marlene said,

    July 25, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    I like that green viny tinged with pink thing too. Wonder what it is called. I LOVE coleus and yours a very pretty.

  3. caprilis said,

    July 25, 2011 at 5:12 PM

    The pink tinged thingie is another color of sweet potato vine…
    you’re welcome 😉

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