Way Back When-sday Hodgepodge

Hi Guys! It’s been a couple of weeks since I was able to hitch up my wagon to the Hodgepodge, I missed it! Thanks to Joyce for keeping it up and running, all summer long!

Here we go.

1. July is National Ice Cream month…your favorite flavor? Soft served, hand dipped, or frozen yogurt…which do you prefer? And technically yogurt is not ice cream but its hot outside so I’ll let that slide for today.

My People love ice cream! I like it fine, but it is something I can usually forgo, if necessary. It’s not like CHAI or anything!

I like all of the kinds, but at the moment, my favorites are a Snickers Sonic Blast and a Culvers chocolate banana Concrete Mixer. Or something like that.

If I were going to be a purist, and just eat a bowl of ice cream, I would choose hand dipped, dulche la leche or vanilla bean with strawberries.

I bought Honey a little treat this week, on sale at Meijer, 2 for $6. It had peanut butter. And I liked the name.


It’s gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday, gone like a soldier in the Civil War, bang bang. Montgomery Gentry


He said it was gooooooooooood!

2. When you travel do you tend to pack too much or too little?

I am a notorious over packer. Just ask Honey, who has had the displeasure of loading all of my over packing into our van. In my defense, that was back in the day of traveling with small children. I am a fairly low maintenance packer now. But I need what I need, you know?

Usually before every vacation, Honey tells me one thing. They have a Target where we are going. It does put things in perspective.

3. What’s your favorite cleaning product?

For many years, I was in the Shout and Spray and Wash camps for spot cleaners. All through the baby spit up, toddler, elementary and up years. One day I had a coo-pin, and I tried this stuff.

OH.MY.WORD. It was love at first squirt. It takes out almost everything, the FIRST time!!! Except it doesn’t take out a huge raspberry stain that your child didn’t tell you about, and you only noticed it after it had been washed and dried. I am going to try it again though.


I also like this stuff to clean our ultra odiferous, 6 pound, Yorkshire Terrier, named Katie Katherine. Said with an Irish brogue. She is powerfully stinky, this makes it go away for a little while.


And finally, Soft Scrub has a special place in my heart because it helps me clean our shower floor. The floor that looks like all the Hobbits in the world use it. Daily


4.Which is the greater tragedy-an innocent person imprisoned or a guilty person set free? Explain.

Oh Dear, that is a tough one. If the guilty person was a murderer or a rapist, that would be the greater tragedy. I think. But then the poor innocent person is a tragedy too. Ok, I don’t want to think about this anymore.

5. What’s the longest trip you’ve taken by car?

The drive down I-75 from southeast Michigan down to Florida. And it seems to get longer every year.

Here they are.

Are you all buckled in nice and tight Hammy Honey? Yes Mom, and Uncle Stinky’s ready to roll too.- How I Spent My Summer Vacation 

That HAS to be one of our family top 20 movies. Of all time!

Mousey has already crashed.

IMG (29)

It should take about 22 hours, but one unfortunate year we extended our confinement for 28. And yes, we drive straight through. We have probably hit all the other numbers in between too. We have started flying, and quite frankly? It would take a LOT to get me back in that van.

6. tennis-golf-canoeing-biking…pick one.

Biking. For many of my growing up years, my bike and I were one. 

Tennis and golf make you sweat, and I never do that intentionally. I haven’t been in a canoe in years. I don’t remember it being particularly fun.

7. What sound drives you crazy?

Several. I can’t stand it when TV AND music is on. Naughty, screaming children in a store or restaurant gets on my last nerve. The dentist’s drill bothers me. Oh, and whining. Cannot.Tolerate.It. Not from our kids OR any others. Or from adults either.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

These are pictures from 2000, one of our many trips down to Florida.

I can’t remember which park is which anymore.

Ab-Cat was in the throes of an obsession with Ms. Ball. She most certainly loved Lucy! We spent much time here.

IMG_0001 (13)

IMG_0002 (11)

Nice mom shorts there Capri K! I think that is a walking shirt now. Honey still wears that shirt. We are hip and fashionable.

IMG_0004 (6)

How appropriate! Ab-Cat and I went and saw Captain America last weekend. It was very good!

Look at that little skinny Boy down there showing you his guns!

IMG_0005 (6)

We always visited FAO Schwartz toy store. They are on Raggedy Ann’s lap.

IMG_0006 (4)

Oh dear.

IMG_0007 (4)

A perfect fit.


This I know is Seuss Landing. Is that Islands of Adventure park?

IMG_0009 (2)


Mousey has a little sunburn going.

IMG_0008 (2)

I notice The Boy has this necklace on in every picture.


One fish….


…two fish!

Honey still wears that shirt too! It’s been 11 years, People!


Thanks for going Way Back with me today!



  1. Joyce said,

    July 27, 2011 at 7:30 AM

    Whining would make my list too! Flying is faster but becoming more of an aggravation lately. We spent 7 hours in an airport on Monday due to delays. ugh.

  2. becki said,

    July 27, 2011 at 1:27 PM

    Love Oxiclean too! If you have a tough stain get some of the powder and mix it in with warm water until dissolved and then soak the shirt for a few days in it and scrub with a brush periodically. I’ve gotten some dried in stains out that way before or at least to where it isn’t as noticeable.

  3. Amiee said,

    July 27, 2011 at 11:58 PM

    I need to give your cleaning products a try!

    Love the pic of your daughter in the pink shoe 🙂

  4. Marlene said,

    July 28, 2011 at 9:02 AM

    Love your cleaning products; they look so efficient!! Loved the pictures. What a fun family!

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