Jammed By A Log

Oh dear, I have been a spotty blogger this week. I can blame a little of it on the schedule thing, but mostly it has been lack of imagination.

Why is that? Sometimes there are so many things to tell, almost as smooth as water flowing from the tap, and other times… well, you know.

Times like this, I resort to a list. It just seems to solve a lot of the mental logjam. Makes it easier to get past whatever it is that has plopped right down in my brain and seems a little too comfortable there.

Here we go, a small smattering of the week.

1. Mousey went for what we thought would be her last ever orthodontic appointment. Only to be told they would see us again in May. Everything is fine, I guess it is just their way.

2. I then met Jip the Farm Dog and The Heifer for lunch at our brand new Olga’s! It was a very nice place to while away a couple of hours, but I nominate it for very WORST parking lot in our town. Barely any parking in front, more parking in the back, which would be fine if you could enter the building from the back. But no, some genius decided to have every one hoof it around to the front door. Tell your great idea to the mom of several young’uns, herding them around while toting a baby carrier. Perfectly fine in the nicer seasons, perfectly not fine in the winter when all one wants to do is get the heck out of the Michigan winter. And our winter up here in The Mitten seems to be getting longer. Global warming and all.

3. Lunch was fun though! I am a fan of Olga sauce and zucchini fries. Oh, and I like those gals enormously.

4. Tuesday was a thrift day!!! Mousey and I made plans to thrift with a mom and daughter she works with in Sunday School. They keep the energetic 4 year olds busy. Playing with them, doing crafts, making sure they play nice with each other and telling them about Jesus.

We had been trying to get together for a couple of weeks. The first week didn’t work for them, then the second week was the week before my 50% coo-pin kicked in, and I could not justify spending full price for the pleasure of shopping one week earlier. So we waited one more week. We even had a coo-pin to share!

As usual, Mousey had a cartful.

I was looking for Ab-Cat. I found her a few things, but unfortunately, they have been washed and put away.

I found 2 things for myself. A hooded vest, as I am one to appreciate a good vest. Plus I can’t imagine I will ever need to wear a coat again. Seriously, I can’t even remember the last time I was cool. Oh and sleep pants. But you knew that, didn’t you?

Here is where I would like to show a couple pictures, but the computer is resisting me. It is actually just ignoring me, and that is rude.

Mousey and the daughter want to go together again because the daughter said Mousey was the best shopper EVER! I think that can be arranged!

5. I have talked a LOT about the movie Temple Grandin this week. A LOT. Many people I have come into contact with have heard me. It is a seriously good movie and you need to see it. Rent it, get it from the library, put it in your Netflicks que. I’m gonna ask y’all next week if you have seen it. Come on, get on the stick.

6. OK, there is another ism I have heard all my life that on further reflection, MAKES NO SENSE. Here you go:

get on the stick

Start working, as in I have to get on the stick and start preparing dinner . This synonym for get going or get busy alludes to getting a car going by manipulating the gearshift, or stick . [Slang; early 1900s]

You are welcome.

7. Have a good weekend!



  1. 3goodkids said,

    August 12, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    We saw Temple Grandin a few months ago. It is a very good movie. I highly recommend it.

    I am always up for Thrift store shopping and I have my coupon ready.

  2. Marlene said,

    August 12, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    Love your list!! And movie recommendation. Sorry about the pictures-you know how much I ENJOY those. It is like vicarious shopping. Oh well, next time. I have run into a serious brain jam on my blob. Cannot even think of a LIST!

  3. August 15, 2011 at 10:21 AM

    I keep wondering why I am not braces-free now esp since it is all paid for. It seems like they would want us gone as soon as possible once the checks stop coming in. Anyhow, I am sure Mousey will be free soon!

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