Still Not Ready For Our Closeup

Oh my LANDS, we have been busy over here.

Honey has been working mounds of overtime for the last 2 months, almost a miracle because Ford said there wouldn’t be any. It has come in handy, because I believe I may have mentioned we have spent mounds of money on the Sewer Debacle of 2010, and the subsequent putting back together of our front yard. People, it’s finally coming along!

I kept thinking I should get the camera and document the progress, but I was too busy. And hot. And I knew if I went into the house to get it, I might just be tempted to sit down, then I would never have gotten back up. So you can see my dilemma.

We started the Big Work on Wednesday. Honey, The Boy, Mousey and I.

Honey and The Boy started putting the retaining wall back around the berm. Because that sewer line? Went right through the middle of it. That involved making a trough, spreading slag, tamping down, laying pavers and leveling. Sounds simple enough, but the leveling is the cursed part. Evidently it is also the super important part. 

Mousey and I weeded. And weeded. And then we did some weeding. Because we have some weeds. We both agreed that they were a nice sort though. Which means they come out of the ground willingly, for the most part. Then I sprayed some other weeds with a canister sprayer. And finally, I hooked something up to the hose and sprayed some other weeds. I am anticipating the death of many weeds in the next few days. Then we trimmed our 2 Bradford pear trees. One was broken in a strange way by the digger thing that exposed the sewer line. I was just trying to even out its ugly asymmetric hairdo. The other one was just trimmed to prevent it from being a nuisance to walkers ( a pet peeve of mine, and Keelyody’s), and to prevent whack-age in the head of whoever was cutting the grass. I pruned, Mousey cut into smaller pieces, and together we drug it all out into the field behind our house to scatter.

Honey took Wednesday night off, his first night off since I think he said July 3rd. We were back at it on Thursday morning.

Honey returned to the front yard to commence with the digging, tamping and all important leveling while the kids and I went to tackle another area by the pool. We needed to rip out 4  dying, red twig something or others. The last red twig something or other had poison ivy all around it, so it was sprayed with heavy duty killer spray and we will leave it for a couple days. I have never seen poison ivy in our yard before and I am wondering who invited it to our work party?

We had 2 shovels, 1 cutter, 1 hand trimmer, and out trusty garbage pail. We dug, and trimmed, and ripped those babies out of there. We have a sneaking suspicion as to why they were dying. Big, black carpenter ants were spilling out of them. Not grosse at all. I then set to work trimming many yew-y, evergreen-y type bushes back, that I think of as the cat pee bushes. Cause that is what they smell like to me. At one time they had been separate, distinct bushes, but over time they had become one. One sea of green, picky, stinky bushes. They are now standing alone as nature and man intended. Bless Mousey’s little heart. She now knows every inch of that back field. I lost count of how many trips she made, dragging the overflowing pail of clippings behind her.

It was at this point there was an argument, a water break and a dip in the pool.

After helping with the heavy digging, The Boy went and rejoined his Father, and Mousey and I started trimming anything that seemed to be in need. The Rose of Sharon bushes that were sticking out where they should not, the honeysuckle vine on the arbor that was interfering with the pool gate closing, the odd trees growing out of other bushes where they had no business being.

The Guys finished the wall around the berm, except for a couple that need to be cut. Mousey and I dragged the last pail to the field to neatly scatter, and we called it a day.

Today, I am feeling every movement I made in every inch of my aging body.



  1. caprilis said,

    August 19, 2011 at 6:56 AM

    But think of all of the weight that must be just melting off of you!
    (Wish it really worked that way)

  2. Marlene said,

    August 19, 2011 at 8:15 AM

    My body hurts just from reading this! Think how nice it will look when it is done. Poison Ivy–I had a run-in with that in my yard one time. Oh my did it itch and hurt. You DO NOT want that against your skin!

  3. caprilis said,

    August 19, 2011 at 2:56 PM

    BTW, I really hope you protected your skin even after the ivy was dead… you can still get a rash from that.

  4. deb said,

    August 20, 2011 at 11:03 AM

    Can’t wait to see the results. How grateful you must be for the child labor!

  5. August 24, 2011 at 8:37 AM

    Awesome! You got educated about anatomy too…each and every muscle stands out clear as a bell I bet!

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