Gloria Sends Her Regards

HI Guys!

We used our last 50% off the entire purchase coo-pin at The Value World yesterday. We has ourselves a van load of folk, and a high time! The Boy, Mousey, and her friends, sisters Chip and Dale. They shopped for hours, and had full carts by the time we exited, minutes before closing.

Mousey was looking for jeans. She said she grew herself some hips this summer and her old jeans were too small. She found about 5 or 6 pair, and I even recognized some of the brands. American Eagle, Delia’s. Not too shabby for 2, 3, or 4 American dollars!

As soon as I started taking pictures, the Wild Rumpus began. With this big rump-us. Mama Mia was trying to disembowel my shirts. As you do when you find shirts on the floor.


She wants my vest. Oh yes, she does. It would go nicely with her purty blue eyes.


I looked at everything in the store and they weren’t done. Then I looked at everything again. Then I started looking for places to sit and wait for them to be finished. The Boy had long since retired to read in the van.

Handy white sweater, cute Michigan hoodie, comfy pair of flowered Hue sleep capris, and printed top to wear with previously purchased Value World sleep capris. They match splendidly. The most expensive item here was $3.80, but then cut that in half!


The disemboweled shirt and the terribly posed vest that so attracted Mia. The vest was the big money purchase. $5.20, then cut it in HALF!


On the way home, The Girls entertained me. I was tired, but amused in between my yawns.

They told me about the new names they had chosen for themselves. Well, Mousey and Chip did. Dale declined to choose.

Chip chose Eunice Cycle.

And Mousey chose Gloria Spooty.

It still makes me laugh!


1 Comment

  1. Marlene said,

    August 24, 2011 at 7:44 PM

    The clothes are fantastic and the new names a riot. Gotta get myself to that store someday!

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