A Tale of Two Nurseries

Honey and I spent some time at a couple of nurseries yesterday. We were looking for grasses and a tree.

We went to a big, beautiful, expensive nursery to look at grasses and get ourselves edjamacated. I had previously looked at our usual, cheaper nursery and had come away unsure. They don’t always have things clearly labeled, they don’t always have what I am pretty sure I want.

I wanted fountain grass, with tails. I had been at the cheaper nursery last week, so I knew they had a couple, a tall one with no name, and one was dwarf. Did I want dwarf? I was not sure. I wanted the ones that Jip the Farm Dog has in her yard. Fortunately, the big expensive nursery had them in their landscaping, so I was able to point and say I want that one. It was a dwarf and they were on sale for 25% off!


We bought 3 tailed fountain grasses, and 4 more Carl something or others that look like they have wheat growing out of the top, for the backyard. To go where we ripped out the red twig, ant infested bushes. And we bought some ant killer that is supposed to last a year. Hopefully, that should be long enough for the colony to relocate.

We then traveled over yonder to the cheaper nursery to get a tree. We liked the tree that had lived there previously, some sort of crabapple, and were not opposed to getting another. But Honey has had a hankering for a Japanese Maple. What we did not realize is there are 4007 different breeds of Japanese Maple. Some were just too much dang money. Some were too low and poofy. One was a very strange, bright color of green. We narrowed our choice to 1 crabapple and 1 Japanese Maple. Ta da!

Behold, the Crimson Prince Japanese Maple! And the rumor is it turns a glorious red in fall. This makes me happy, because I love a good red fall tree.


I also picked up a couple of these Stonecrop Munstead dark red sedum, which I adore. They are tall.


All in all, a very good day!


See you tomorrow for the Hodgepodge.



  1. capriP said,

    August 31, 2011 at 6:06 AM

    Looking wonderful!!

  2. Marlene said,

    August 31, 2011 at 6:17 AM

    LOVE them all!! Aren’t you happy things are starting to shape up?

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