The Game Show

You can count on many things when fall arrives.

School starts. The leaves change. Routines are begun. And then there is the Youth Group parent informational meeting. Like clockwork.

I have been to many of these meetings. Our children have been youth group age since 2004 or so. I am sure I have missed a couple, but I have sat through my share.

The youth group leader and his wife are a fine young Christian couple. They have been here a little over a year and have endeared themselves to both The Boy and Mousey. Just the fact that Mousey is attending youth group is saying something, because that one is not a joiner.

This year, they decided to change up the informational meeting. They called it Family Night, and the kids came with you.

To be perfectly honest, I was not planning on attending this little gathering. Usually, the meeting spends a lot of time talking about the mission trip they go on the next summer. The mission trip that none of our children ever want to go on. I figured that I would get the other info I required on a need to know basis. Like when the deposit for the retreat or camp was due.

When The Boy, who is the intern for this group, asked if I was coming, I said I didn’t think I was. The little flyer said to come on out for a little singing, a little chat and a game show. I  said I thought I would pass. He would have none of that. He then made noises like he wanted me to participate in the game show. I told him that I would not be participating in that. I had visions of getting slimed on Nickelodeon, and that did not sit well. He still wanted me to come because he was the MC. Now that I needed to see!

I agreed to come, and I made Honey come too, because we are married and we have to do everything together.

Here he is, old Bob Barker. He called up the participants, 5 pairs of a parent and their teen, sitting back to back across the stage. They each had a dry erase board to record their truthful answers.

Then swell Wink Martindale asked them to answer questions. Of course, they had to have the same answer to get a point.  He started off with this gambit. (I had to goggle that word to see if it fit with the sentence! The definition was “A remark intended to open a conversation”, I think it works ok).

There was a great deal of concentration.


Here are some of the questions that had to match, asked by Gene Rayburn.

1. Parents; What are you and your spouses occupation?

2. Students: When you are arriving home from school, what are you most likely to do first?

3. Parents: Who is your favorite musical artist?

4. For some reason, that joker Gene Berry accidently skipped this question.

Students: What do you love most about the parent sitting next to you?

5. Parents: How well do you know your student?

a. Like Mario knows Luigi

b. Like Batman knows the Joker

c. Like Dumb knows Dumber

d. Like Coyote knows The Road Runner

e. Like salt knows pepper

I did not get this question, and I don’t even know who Mario and Luigi are.

6. Students: What is your favorite home cooked meal?

7. Parents: What is your favorite present received from the child sitting next to you?

8. Student: What is your parents birthday?

9. Parents: What is your child’s favorite tv show?

Mousey and I played after, we probably got about 1/2 right.

Funny Richard Dawson did a good job up there, kept it light and flowing, made sure there were no family feuds happening.


The tattletales were baring their souls to groovy Bert Convy.


All in all, I’m glad I went!

Can you tell I was a fan of game shows from the seventies? Which ones did you like to watch?



  1. September 8, 2011 at 9:02 AM

    I love your humor. I’m glad we are friends. 🙂 You must be so proud of your boy too…

    My favorite game shows were The Price Is Right, Family Feud, and of course the dreadful Dating Game.

  2. caprik said,

    September 8, 2011 at 9:18 AM

    Ooohh, I forgot about The Dating Game! My favorite was The Newlywed Game, but I couldn’t work that one in.

    Thank you, we do love that Boy!

  3. Marlene said,

    September 8, 2011 at 5:23 PM

    Funny kid, Funny blog. I liked the Dating Game, Family Feud, and a real oldie that my mom watched; Queen For A Day.

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