Ten Things

How about a little Friday, end of the week, tie up some loose ends, kind of list?

1. We have had a little reprieve from all of the outside work around here. All due to the buckets and buckets of rain we have had all week. I, for one, am not complaining. There is a whole lot of muddy gush out there.

2. I know we are not finished with all of the work because we keep buying more work. Three more Densi yews yesterday that are going to want to be planted.

3. BSF sort of started this week. Class actually starts next Thursday, but we had our leaders workshop this past Wednesday. It was good to see all the ladies and get some updates on everyone. You know how it is when women are apart for a few months. The chatter is deafening!

4. I need a haircut. There is just no way to do it anymore. It all  runs together in the haggish category.

5. Mrs. Schmenkman and I Skyped this morning and she introduced Mousey and I to one of the baby squirrels she is fostering. It was SO cute and I was pretty sure I wanted it until she told me that baby squirrels are not potty trained.

6. It has been in the 60s all week after being 100 degrees last Saturday. I am happy to say it is the first comfortable temperature I have been at all summer!

7. Our computer almost died yesterday. Or something like that. It tried to die, or it caught a virus or something, and forgot everything it ever knew. Honey was able to revive it somewhat, but not before it lost all of the pictures and e-mail addresses, you know, the important things. Sometimes I think he is going to throw the whole darn thing out the window.

8. Abby is very excited today! We are going to Ann Arbor to pick up her BRAND NEW WHEELCHAIR! And yes, it is deserving of all caps! We only ordered it in March. Her old one is over 4 years old and Girlfriend is hard on her wheelchairs. Honey has had to repair it many times in the last year or so and it is getting irrepairable. Unfixable. Hoopty. So goodbye Ricky Bobby, we thank you for your service, but there is a new kid in town, and his shock absorbers work, his front wheels don’t wobble, and his seat cover is not ripped.

8. Before we head out to Ann Arbor, we are stopping at the library. My last library trip was unsuccessful, only 1 out of 3 was worthy of reading. Anyone read anything really good this summer that you can recommend?

9. Mousey has not missed the bus ALL week! I did drive her yesterday, but she asked me to. She wanted to get there early to put some toiletries in her pool locker for her lifeguarding class. That doesn’t count.

10. I always have chai tea in the morning, it is necessary. But I had not had a cup of tea during the day since before our steaming hot summer began. I am happy to say I have has several cups of tea this week. And I liked it. I loved it!

Have a good day.



  1. beckib said,

    September 9, 2011 at 1:19 PM

    You may want to look into getting an external hard drive. If your computer crashes, you do not loose pictures and files. Some computer repairmen can extract files off of a hard drive sometimes. May be worth checking into.

    We found and fostered a baby Squirrel for a few days. Sadly, he didn’t make it. He seemed to rebound after falling out of his nest but I think he had some more damage than we could see. He lived about 5 days. Cute little guy.

  2. Marlene said,

    September 10, 2011 at 2:20 PM

    1.I need a haircut too. 2.Speaking of hard drives, computers drive me crazy! 3. My pots are a soggy mess from all this rain. 4. Do you no like cold chai tea? 5. So glad for Abby’s new wheels. 6. I actually had a sweatshirt on this week 7. Kind of miss BSF sometimes; the good ole days. 8. Donaldo and I just finished the book “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.” by Jamie Ford. It is about Janpenese Americans during WWII. It was an unexpectantly delightful book. Now I am reading “First Light” the first

  3. Marlene said,

    September 10, 2011 at 2:22 PM

    I guess one can only write so many words in a comment. Ha! Okay it is the first in the A.D. Chronicles by Bodie Thoene and Brock Thone. I will be returning it to the library at church tomorrow 🙂

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