Friday List # 8734

How about a Friday list? Otherwise known as, I’ve got nothing important to say.

1. BSF started yesterday. It was great to see so many women, all excited to be back and study Acts this year!

2. I read this line over at The Pioneer Woman’s blob today. She said “it’s a violent cyclone of indecision”. I love this sentence so much I wished I had thought of it. It is a good look into my mind on some days!

3. My friend, CMB, called to share she had found not one, but TWO pair of cute red shoes! This is important news for me because I had purchased a very cute pair of red flats last year, only to be forced to return them because they were hideously uncomfortable. CMB had seen the shoes on the blob, liked them, and went to try them as well. She came to the exact same conclusion! So the fact that she found two more pair and pronounced them comfort worthy? I guess I will be stampeding on over to DSW at some point today! Where I will have to choose between two pair of comfortable red shoes, it will be a violent cyclone of indecision.

4. Our weather has taken a decidedly delicious downturn this week. 40s, 50s, 60s,and 70s are my good friends. Goodbye sweaty dog!

5. Speaking of dog, Katie Katherine is unwell. She has been to the vet twice lately because she has been having this horrible sounding choke-y cough-y thing going on. She has had this problem for a long time, but it has really ramped up in frequency and severity. She has had blood work, x-rays, urinalysis, and an aspiration of her massive lymph nodes that returned inconclusive. They suspect lymphoma, or it could be an infection, or it could be because she is old and old dogs sometimes have a wheezy, bronchial type cough. So really, it could be anything in the whole anything kingdom.  As you can see, we are no further ahead in understanding the pup’s ailment. Abby has decided she will not treat if she has lymphoma. She is old and has too many other medical issues. I feel her time could be limited, and that makes my heart ache for Abby.

6. Enjoy your Friday!



  1. Marlene said,

    September 16, 2011 at 10:21 AM

    Let’s see, I am trying to picture you in red shoes. RED? real red? Am I off base with this question?
    Well I finally got back to blogging and I have to catch up on yours so I REMAIN the #1 commenter (is that a word?) on yout blog! And one more comment: I love the phrase “it’s a violent cyclone of indecsion.” Describes me to a “T. “

  2. caprik said,

    September 30, 2011 at 5:22 AM

    Hi dear daughter this probably comes to you as a real shock . for my reply on your blog but here it goes — Loved the pictures of the famlly and best of our Mousey, I am trying very hard not to cry as i read and see her, what is it about me , I guess an sentimental old man filled with many wonderful memories thank for everyone of them !!!!! I must emphasis my LORD has been so good to me, HIS grace and mercy is more than I deserve and you are part of that package. I think today I am missing your MOM sooooo much. I suppose lose of her will never go from me until I leave this earth

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