Thursday List

I know, I am supposed to have a list on Friday, and maybe I will, but I am offering one today as well. Accept at your own risk.

I don’t know why I said that, I am the least risky person you might know. I used to be riskier, but barely.

Enough of the risk talk. Here is the list, short as it is.

1. Honey and I went to Outback this week for our anniversary back on the 19th. It did not disappoint. I think it is my favorite meal ever. Steak, yummy baked potato, salad, and of course, Chocolate Thunder From Down Under. Thanks Honey! I dee and dough!

2. BSF was cancelled for today because the massive construction on the road out front. Something about having to turn off the water. And you know that a Bible study hosting around 200 women cannot do without a biffy! I think this is the third time in the 12 years I have been around that this has happened. The other two were snow related, imagine that.

3. I have been scoring some loot thrifting lately! I long to show you, maybe tomorrow.

4. My Dad said he drove by the house where I grew up yesterday. He said it looked really good! I have always wanted to go back inside that house and see how it looks to my adult self.

5. Honey and I are going for a walk, so I need to git!

Have a great Thursday!


1 Comment

  1. October 27, 2011 at 7:37 PM

    Wait………….did you say BSF cancelled? What a phenomenen or however you spell it. Unheard of…..impossible….no snow? Oh, no water…yes that would be hard with all those women. Wow! Hope you enjoyed your walk. I was too cold to go.

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