Christmas Eve 2011 Part Uno

Hi Guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and all was merry and bright! We had a good one and there will continue to be random celebrating throughout the week. We have yet to decorate the annual ugly cutout cookies, and there is still the CareGroup Christmas gathering this Friday to look forward to.

We hosted on Christmas day and once again I am reminded that this whole shebang could not be accomplished without Honey and his skillz in the kitchen. A special, big thank you to Honey, my very own kiss on the cheek from God!

I realize I have been on a bit of an unintended blogging break, and it has been nice. Not that blogging in any way is a nuisance to me, it is usually only a joy, but it was great to not be formulating posts in my mind for a few days. Especially when we had all the hosting business going on. But I am back, and ready to get on the stick!

Because this is another expression I have heard my whole life, and never understood, I goggled it for your viewing pleasure.

Start working, as in I have to get on the stick and start preparing dinner. This synonym for get going or get busy alludes to getting a car going by manipulating the gearshift, or stick. [Slang; early 1900s]

You are most welcome.

We will go back to Christmas Eve, because I need to record everything for future reference. You know, my forgetful brain and all.

As I mentioned, we celebrated on Christmas Eve with our dear friends, The Hostlers and my Dad. Ruby Tuby’s was selected as the place to gather, then we returned to our house for the nonsense that was sure to come. Because with this crowd, nonsense abounds.

Normally, we have Nurse Lauren, on right, take our family picture for the Christmas card. She was spared the arduous task this year because our cousin Lindsay got the tedious job done on Thanksgiving day. I hope you enjoyed the respite Lauren, next Christmas Eve will be back around before you know it!!!

We took pictures of their family instead. And I am here to tell you, they are a much more compliant bunch to photograph!


My personal favorite!


I believe I may have mentioned Rae Babe has had a BANNER year! She got a notion last January to get fit. She picked up that pretend ball and walked, rode her bike, and eventually ran with it! She trained and competed in the 5 K Turkey Trot in downtown Detroit on Thanksgiving Day! She is like Wonder Woman!!!


Hat tip to Autumn, I lifted this picture straight from her Facebook page.

Looking SCRUMTRULESCENT Rae Babe, we are all SO proud of your achievement!!!!!!!


Love her, love her family!


Here are the Girls who bravely went to Chicago the week of Christmas. Disney on My IPod Lauren with her companions; I’m Done With Chicago Autumn and My Legs Are Freezing Abby. Abby sang Hakuna Matata for days after returning.


Grandpa, looking festive in his new holiday sweater, taking in all the nonsense.


Because we had already had the NutHatch Family Picture of 2011in the bag, there was a surplus of extra time. We decided to get a shot of the kids, in which they each had a turn at being Ruin-ers. Mousey smiled appropriately in all, but sort of ruined them all because she was enduring a splitting headache and had already ‘tatered up.

Lauren’s turn.


Aut’s having a go and why is Abby blurry?


The Boy, as usual.


The Boy number 2.


There’s a good one!


And even better!!!


A lovely evening spent with dear old friends.

I will be back after the Hodgepodge tomorrow for Christmas Eve Part Dos. Thank you for your patience.


1 Comment

  1. Laurie said,

    December 27, 2011 at 9:39 AM

    I do not know your friend Rae Babe but she may become my inspiration to “get on the stick” in the get healthier department. She looks terrific and must feel so much better — I want to get there, too.
    The pics of the kids are great.

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