Speaking of Segue Ways…..

The last day of January, fancy that. I am hoping for a little more inspiration in February, because I am as dull as dishwater. There is just not a whole lot going on around here.

It’s kind of windy and cold, so that makes me not feel the need to get out. I don’t need to spend money, so there’s no need to get out there and be a consumer. I have been working, but they come to me.

I will get out there tomorrow though. There’s BSF in the morning, hopefully lunch with the gals after, and then Mousey and I have an appointment with the chiropractor. Her first date, my 9,687th. She was mangled several times during LAX last year and has been yearning to get cracked ever since. I purposely delayed taking her, because I thought she would mend on her own, but she is having aches and pains that are not resolving so I guess she has waited long enough.

Speaking of Mouselina Angelina, she was on a cleaning and purging TEAR last weekend.


Three large bags is quite a surplus of clothing in one bedroom. Maybe that was what was continually laying on her floor, like a clothing carpet. There were 2 more bags, but they went into the bathroom closet because they are summer carpet clothing. I only donate the clothes during the appropriate season, as they have limited space at the church where I go to BSF. Hopefully, this will help her maintain some semblance of order in that Hoarder environment.

As usual, three, nosey, large, felines came to see what was going on. They are so afraid they will miss something.


Our walls are not whatever that color is. They are actually called, affectionately, Oops Paint. I think it is featured in all of The Capri’s homes. Maybe not in Capri Laurie’s, so get with the program Capri L! Capri Patt found it YEARS ago, and it was in fact oops paint that someone had returned. It is delicious and I think Capri Deb renamed it Sundance Gold at some point, but it will always be Oops Paint to me.

Speaking of painting, I believe I mentioned I had several projects lined up, none of which I have managed to even start. If I bought the paint, the project would happen sooner. First up is Mousey’s bathroom, because it is small and can be done in a day. I am hoping when I accomplish that, the ball will officially be rolling and I will then immediately start on The Ab-Cat’s room and bathroom. Wish me luck on the getting rolling part. This is where I wish I had an ounce of Kolar blood in me. They have no problem with starting or finishing a task.

Speaking of starting and finishing, I must go and finish my BSF lesson, because half done lessons are frowned upon. I must also figure out what we are having for dinner, because no dinner is also frowned upon. Then I might venture out to the Target pharmacy to visit my close, personal, friends that live there, because running out of prescriptions is also frowned upon. That is my life. Avoiding the frown.


The Doings

I started this post last week and have no idea why it wasn’t finished, it was so riveting. I will add some new fascinating news and call it Monday’s List, m’kay?

1. It has been very gray around here and I am feeling very dull. Tired, cold, a headache, backache and dull. I am a barrel of fun, my Friends.

2.In happier news, my Dad came over for a haircut and dinner. It was good to see him. Before he came by, he had stopped at Value World. He found a nice jacket and a couple of dress shirts because he likes to look sharp, or shap as Tina, my best friend growing up, would say. We have infected the elders with our love of the thrift store!

3.This was an exceptional weekend for communicating with The Boy! I had a nice, long, conversation with him earlier in the week, where I had a plethora of my wonderings answered. You know, all that need to know stuff only Moms care about. When I texted him my usual “what doing” yesterday afternoon, he called to tell me! I was happy for the two-fer. He said he had been napping, had gone to church with the former youth pastor and his wife, Dave and Sara. He was getting ready to go to dinner, and he wondered if I had stalked The Cute Short Haired Girl he met at Moody on Facebook yet. Of course I had. I concurred that she was cute, he reiterated that they were not dating because dating would be too much of a distraction. I again concurred, because I know him.

THEN,  last night we skyped! Actually Mousey, MalPal and KT skyped with The Subject and his roommate, Aaron, but The Boy was there! The Subject had skyped Honey, Ab-Cat and I on Friday night, so we had already met Aaron and another friend, Peter, whom we had been hearing much about. I am so happy The Moody Bros. have met such entertaining new friends. It would appear that there are other strange Boys, from all over the world, and they are having no difficulty finding and bonding with each other. Kind of warms your hearts, doesn’t it?

4. Can I just say that I love the Skype? It was so good to see those knuckleheads, talking, joking and laughing, and to hear about all of the stuff they have going on. Mostly huge tall tales from The Subject, because as I have said before, he is a known spoofer. A letter would not have been as….illuminating.

5. On Saturday, Honey and I watched what appeared to be a marathon about The Amish leaving their communities on The National Geographic channel. Why do The Amish fascinate me? One of the men, Mose, looked so familiar to me, seriously familiar. I goggled him and sure enough, he was on a reality show we had watched called Amish in the City that was on in about 2004! He runs a kind of halfway house for Amish leaving their homes in Missouri. The kids leave for all sorts of reasons, religious freedom (how ironic), education, plain old freedom, no pun intended. One thing Honey and I noticed was almost all of the guys smoked and loved driving cars. They must have thought that was SO cool. I thought the girls all wore unattractively short shorts. They seemed to be recreating their old close knit communities, without all the black clothing, rules, and bad haircuts.

6. The Ab-Cat graciously took us out for lunch to the Red Robin after church yesterday. She had a hankering for their mushroom burger. You don’t mess with hankerings. There was a cute baby at the table next to us. Mousey casually observed that there was a young man at the same table who reminded her of Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights. ***A moment of silence for our favorite Friday Night Lights quarterback.*** And she observed that said young man kept looking at her. We said he was probably just admiring her very big HEAD!

7. It has been discovered that The Subject is not, I repeat NOT, working at the zoo. It was all an elaborate ruse to dupe the always gullible Mousey and MalPal. I told The Boy I was not buying the whole zoo thing. He confessed the truth and told me The Subject was going to great lengths to make the story credible. Writing things down, researching on the internet to keep his facts straight and finding pictures. It worked for a while. Mousey had her doubts but she said, “I don’t know Mom, he has a LOT of details, it might be true”!!!

8. I was working on my BSF lesson last night. The first day question always asks what you learned from the lecture and the second day asks what you gleaned from the notes. Here is what I wrote. Lecture: “Every act prompted by faith will be empowered by God” Joni McCarthy. Notes: “God’s promises are to correlate with the faith that claims them in prayer.” I need to ponder.

9. I needed to be reminded of this because I have been helping out in a ministry that I feel very unqualified for. Under equipped. Woefully out of place. Like I am an imposter. What in the world am I doing sort of thing. But in the words of our former BSF teaching leader, Sheila Nielson, “if He calls you TO it, He will equip you FOR it”. There must be a reason, but I don’t know what it is.

10. Have a good Monday.

Potent Quotable

Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing.
Robert Benchley

The Last Coo-pin

Mousey has had final exams and half days all week. The last ones, Lifeguarding (where she had to tread water, wearing her clothing, for 45 minutes) and AP Psych, were finished yesterday. As a little treat, we decided to use our last, 50% off entire purchase, golden ticket. Well, it wasn’t golden, but it always feels that way. We decided to visit  the Value World in Ann Arbor, that we have been to only one other time. Of all the Value World’s we have frequented, this one is by far the most organized and least….jumbled.

As usual, I looked at tops, because they have no dressing rooms, and I will NEVER, EVER, E.V.E.R. purchase bottoms without trying them on. Your loss Value World.

I think this black and gray Tek Gear hoodie will look swell with my last week purchased, Goodwill, Gap active wear, bottoms. The hoodie was priced $2.40, marked down to $1.20, and with the handy dandy 50% off coo-pin I paid a paltry .60 cents! The gray zip op jacket was .80 cents from Jones New York Sport.


Mousey always finds the cutest scarves, so I casually mentioned I needed one for a coat of mine. It is wool and I cannot BEAR the scratchy collar touching my neck. Right off the bat she threw this my way. Silky smooth for $1.30.

I really didn’t need a new purse. As a matter of fact, I have three purses, and I had just come to the conclusion that I was going to switch them in a one month rotation, just to be fair, because I enjoy them all and don’t want to be accused of playing favorites.

But I am a sucker for a cute, CLEAN, purse that fits all of my many rules to a T. The zipper pull tells me the brand is Aurielle, which I have never heard of before.


Not a single scuff and so clean it could NOT have ever been used. Sporting the built in wallet feature I have come to rely on. Cell phone holder that makes life easier. Big center, zipped, compartment where I can put my important things; lip stick, Burt’s Bees, dental floss, and pills. Wear across the body strap.


Zipped side pouch for coo-pins and such. I cant find the tag, but it was a dollar something. I wasn’t going to pay much for something I didn’t even need!


I scored some vests! Berry colored two dog island vest, $1.10. Camel colored Christopher Banks, $2.10. Plum Crofts and Barrow, also $2.10.


As usual, I try and pick up some things for The Reluctant Shopper, aka The Ab-Cat. At my insistence, she purged a good many of her church clothes this fall. Mainly because she had been wearing them since high school and she could do better.

Try as I might, these articles did not photograph well. They are not orange but a loverly berry red. Hoodie $1.40 from Classic Elements, and the underneath shirt, .80 from St. Johns Bay.


The zip up sweater is a rusty, orange color from New Direction for .90, and the super cute Lee Riveted blue shirt hoodie for $1.20. Not necessarily for church, but mighty cute just the same.


I just remembered that I bought a darling makeup bag, a shiny Estee Lauder, faux alligator, in my favorite bricky red color, that is nowhere to be found. Hmmm. It had never been used either because it still had paper on the zipper pull.

Mousey bought many odd things, as usual, that she will whip into attractive outfits, or wear tatering around our home. We spent around $30 bucks. Pretty good, cheap, end of exam week, entertainment! I stole that from BFG!

No more coo-pins.  😦

I Like Cake

This is one of our favorite comedians. Hilariously funny, immensely quotable, Jim Gaffigan. Enjoy.

Way Back When-sday

Hi Guys! I can scan!!!

I love this picture of The Boy, after getting a snowball RIGHT IN THE FACE from his loving Uncle Beeve. He just laughed and laughed, he was such a good sport! I need to give Beeve a friendly reminder that he now has a son, and The Boy is the elder statesman, and Beeve will not be able to say one thing!

I can’t say exactly what year this was but by process of elimination I can tell you that it was at our old house, after the accident, because he is on the ramp. so maybe 1997 or 98? That would make The Boy 6 or 7.

IMG (11)

The Girls in the winter of 2004. Ab-Cat was 15, Mousey would have been 10. Those days of helping them get dressed up all warm and toasty seem like a long time ago.

IMG_0001 (9)

Have a good middle of the week.

Farewell Eleanor of Aquitaine

Mousey has been working on a huge project for her honors humanities class. All semester. They had to choose someone from ages ago to do a report on. AGES ago. She chose Eleanor of Aquitaine by default, she said all of the interesting people had been taken. She has been immersed in all things Eleanor since. This is what I can tell you, paraphrased by Muggins Q. Mouse

Born in 1122, Elle was supposedly a great beauty, wealthy, and a smarty pants too. She could read which was rare for the day. She had a younger sister, Petronella, who had dubious morals. As did Elle.

Her dad was the Duke of Aquitaine. He was evidently the richest guy in France, with more vassals and wealth than the king. After he died, when E was around 15, she was promptly married to the king’s son, Louis Vll. Supposedly he loved her “beyond reason” but alas it was not enough. She found it annoying that he was so monkish and he loved God more. He was just not chivilrous enough for her tastes.

This looks to me like Glen Close starring as Eleanor. Her second husband was Henry, whom she loved until he was unfaithful with the fair Rosamund. She gave Hank 8 children, but just like Heide Klum and Seal, they drifted apart. At some point, she was thrown in the klink.

During her lifetime she was queen of both France and England. I don’t know the details of that coup.

All of her sons (evidently also of dubious morality) ruled somewhere, and her daughters married well. She was a smart, it not wholesome, cookie. Mousey calls her, shallow, a femi-nazi, selfish and flat out doesn’t like her.

She died at 82, still active in all her activities, which was almost unheard of.


Today is presentation day! They had to make a period costume, and wear it. Extra credit if they wear it all day! Lucky for Mouse, today is a half day.

She has on two dresses, both found at Value World and purchased with a 50%off coo-pin. Who knew Eleanor had a fat cat? There was a Fat Louis in the story, so Mia is Fat Louis today.


There is the green over dress, and the black chemise underneath.


What kind of lady shows you such things??


She just happened to have the belt and massive buckle. The tail hanging down the belt had some importance. It has escaped me.


We had to make these funky X’s on her sleeves. We used curling ribbon. It was the only help she asked for.


On to the wimple, as ugly as it sounds. It is a loverly silk scarf that she wears all the time. Strategically wound and bobby pinned.


She got the crown at a birthday party last weekend.


Give me some sass Ellie!!!


Mousey said the Queen always carried a book and she planned on using one as a prop to calm her shaking hands. She will be MORE than happy when this day is over. Farewell Eleanor of Aquitaine!!!!!!!

Potent Quotable- Happy Birthday Blob!

“A blog is in many ways a continuing conversation.”  Andrew Sullivan

Blogging is best learned by blogging…and by reading other bloggers. -George Siemens

“Blogging is not rocket science, it’s about being yourself, and putting what you have into it.” – Author Unknown

Since I can’t seem to be anything other than myself, and my only contribution is a running stream of thought, this is good news!!

I can hardly believe it has been four years since I boldly went where I could have never imagined going. I’m pretty sure my family thought this would be a short lived obsession, considering the group effort it took to get the whole shebang up and running. I required help in almost all areas; navigating the waters of set up, slogging through the procedures of posting, being taught and re-taught how to add pictures and links.

The blob has exceeded my hopes in many areas. My main goals were to have a little journal of our life and to keep in better touch with family and friends. Both have been happily met, with the added bonus of getting to know some much better and meeting new friends along the way! A win/win in my book!

I will now do what I do every year on this day, troll for comments. I know some are laughing, some are rolling their eyes, some are not even considering the possibility. But you should, because I would LOVE to hear from you.

As I head into the fourth year, probably not a whole lot will change. I will still offer lists of random things, that will at least make Capri Laurie happy. I will still talk about Laura Ingalls Wilder and insert random bits of trivia that I sometimes think only Oklahoma Tammy gets. I will still share the many adventures of The Capri’s, because they are interesting, and I am not. I will surely tell of the happenings around The NutHatch that amuse me, because laughter has been our best friend in this life. I will most likely still abuse my friendships and family members by inserting them in posts without consulting them. Sometimes even pictures. Honey always says folks should sign a waiver when they talk to me. I will still regale you with tales of my bargains, our pets, what we have watched, words we have made up, what I am reading, and things that speak to my heart.  I will continue to share the God Things in our life, because People, you know I can’t make these things up. God deserves the glory for His fingerprints on our life. The praise, the thanks, and the deep gratefulness for all He has done.

A special thank you to all of you, Faithful Readers. You make all of this so much MORE fun!

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, O Happy Day, the blob is four!!!!

End of the Week Wrap up

Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner for Bargain of the Month! Sixty cents worth of eye candy!


I have a few end of the week type things to share.

I talked to The Boy on Thursday this week as he was walking to a job interview. It was freezing and he had not realized that before he set out. He said the job was watching some kids at a private school after school was out. Baby sitting, if you will. Only 6 hours a week, perfect he thought. He forgot his gloves so he had to get off the phone before too long to put his hand back in his pocket. Hope it works out.

Mousey was texting with The Subject and asked if he had secured employment. He said he was working at the zoo, preparing meals for the animals. I don’t believe him though. He is a known spoofer.

In other news, the “storm” was less than spectacular. A couple of inches of white powder, requiring care on the roads, but hardly what I had been hearing about. We were prepared though. Fortunately, I had been to Sam’s AND Kroger’s this week, so we were stocked up on the essentials. You know, cream, cheese, butter and chips. Also some non-essentials like catfish, marshmallows and Rice Krispies. Mousey has been on a Rice Krispie Treat tear.

We watched the disaster movie 2012 last night on FX. It was exhausting. All that disaster, danger and drama.

When I turn the corner onto our street, I still find myself looking for The Boy’s truck to see if he is home. Sad for two reasons, first he is in Chicago without us, and second, we have no truck.  😦

I am wearing the big, burgundy, man fleece, robe. It is super toasty and worth every penny of that $1.55.

Katie had a bath and pedicure last night. She was bushed before the movie even started.

I will be back tomorrow with a celebration!

Have a pleasant Saturday.

Thrifting With Capri Deb

First of all, I just need to report it is 3 degrees up here in The Mitten. Not whining, just saying.

I believe I mentioned that I was going to The Value World yesterday. Capri Deb had a 50% off EVERYTHING coo-pin and she so graciously offered to share! We braved a sudden blizzard on the way to Panera, and by the time we left, it was sunny and bright. Welcome to Michigan.

After we got our carts, I bid the Force be with her and we parted ways. We mingled in and out of contact for the next bit of time. She scored 2 comfy pair of jammies, and one was Life is Good! I did not. I know you are having a hard time believing that one!

I tried on many tops, but since I have no pressing needs, I could afford to be choosy. I was drawn to warm clothes, because I heard a rumor that we are getting blasted with a winter storm producing 3-5 inches this weekend.

Converse hoodie $1.60, I picked it with The Ab-Cat in mind, but it fits me if she doesn’t like it.  Susan Bristol sweater .60 American cents!


All this stitching is SO cute


These are the Goodwill pants I found earlier in the week, randomly stuck in the middle of this post. Gap $3.99 activewear. Can’t wait to wear them, they are like jammies!


I picked up a nearly new under armour sports bra for .50, thinking it would be for Mousey and that lacrosse business she participates in. The more I look at it though I think I may keep it. My sports bras look like I stole them from hobos, and I already spent cash money buying her 2 new black ones last season. If the bra fits, I’m gonna wear it!

I like this V neck, rust  Eddie Bauer sweater for $1.00, and the Carolyn Taylor plum sweater for $1.30. Every thing I bought was conducive to layering.


I don’t wear a  robe. I used to wear a robe, but I don’t now. But sometimes you need some fleece whilst wearing your bed clothes. I picked these up in the man section, big, fleecy and warm. We tend to layer up around here anyway. Something about Honey not liking BIG heat bills. Burgundy St. John’s Bay fleece $1.55, Team USA fleece, .50 cents. Fifty pennies!


How ironic that Team USA was made in China. Irksome.


Thanks for sharing Deb, I had a most enjoyable afternoon!

You tell me, which should be the bargain of the month? The Susan Bristol sweater, the sport bra or the Team USA fleece? The one with the most votes/comments WINS! Lets hear some chatter!

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