The Unintentional List

Hello my People.

I have been up  while, drinking tea and catching up on blobs. On our big, old, computer!

Yes, Honey performed some sort of magic for the moment. I say that because while it finally did scan and notice that we had SIX viruses, it is still not right. But for today, I am happily using the mail box, contemplating scanning something, just because I CAN, and checking blobs in the favorites folder that I forgot I used to visit. I would say that if I forgot to visit, they are not very important to me anyway, but a couple may still linger.

We are having a quiet week here at The NutHatch. All of my doings have been uneventful, and that is not a bad thing.

Capri Deb and I are going to lunch after BSF with BIG plans to zip over to The Value World after to make excellent use of her 50% off EVERYTHING coo-pin! I am excited, as I have been feeling the thrifty itch lately. I did stop in at our year old Goodwill on Tuesday for a quick peek. I am sad to say they did not have much, but I did score a pair of Gap “active wear” black pants. That’s what the sign called them. They were long and stretchy, I call them COMFY. $3.99 worth of comfort. Hoping to find something delicious today as well.

Without intending to, this has become a list, which is joofering up my post for tomorrow. Perhaps that one will now become a bargain hunting, or bargain of the month post. Oke doke, I now declare this a FULL ON list post!

I got the results of my blood work back from my afore mentioned horse doctor visit last week. My iron is normal, for perhaps the first time since I was 11. While I am happy to be normal, it does not explain the fatigue. The nurse said unfortunately, it’s the age. Lovely.

I had a weird pinchy thing going on in my middle, back. I could not take a deep breath without experiencing a stab of pain unless I had my arm over my head. I went to the chiropractor yesterday in hopes he could rid me of the weird pinchy thing. He used his handy dandy chart on the wall to show me what in the Sam Hill was happening in there. It’s still sore, but I think it’s from the adjustment. I can breath without the stabbing now. I am wondering if Sam Hill should be capitalized? What does that mean exactly? Looks like it is.

Sam Hill

noun Slang .

hell (used especially in WH-questions as a mild oath expressing exasperation and usually preceded by in or the ): Who in Sam Hill are you?

Anyway, all that to say, I can put my arm down now. I have no further questions.

I don’t like The Boy’s bedroom door to be closed. I like to see it cracked open a little bit. It’s my own delusion of presence. Besides, Lucy has been napping in there.

American Idol started last night. Both The Ab-Cat and Mousey were fans of the last contestant, Phillip Phillips Jr. He did have a pleasing way about him.

I need to git. BSF waits for no woman, we are a scheduled machine my Friends!



  1. Marlene said,

    January 19, 2012 at 7:51 PM

    Yea for the computer. What in the Sam Hill was it doing with all those viruses? Noticed I capitalized Sam Hill. The black pants sound perfect!!!

  2. warren said,

    January 23, 2012 at 11:09 AM

    My grandma never really cussed except she said Sam Hill all the time when she was aggravated! I sort of love that term!

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