The Doings

I started this post last week and have no idea why it wasn’t finished, it was so riveting. I will add some new fascinating news and call it Monday’s List, m’kay?

1. It has been very gray around here and I am feeling very dull. Tired, cold, a headache, backache and dull. I am a barrel of fun, my Friends.

2.In happier news, my Dad came over for a haircut and dinner. It was good to see him. Before he came by, he had stopped at Value World. He found a nice jacket and a couple of dress shirts because he likes to look sharp, or shap as Tina, my best friend growing up, would say. We have infected the elders with our love of the thrift store!

3.This was an exceptional weekend for communicating with The Boy! I had a nice, long, conversation with him earlier in the week, where I had a plethora of my wonderings answered. You know, all that need to know stuff only Moms care about. When I texted him my usual “what doing” yesterday afternoon, he called to tell me! I was happy for the two-fer. He said he had been napping, had gone to church with the former youth pastor and his wife, Dave and Sara. He was getting ready to go to dinner, and he wondered if I had stalked The Cute Short Haired Girl he met at Moody on Facebook yet. Of course I had. I concurred that she was cute, he reiterated that they were not dating because dating would be too much of a distraction. I again concurred, because I know him.

THEN,  last night we skyped! Actually Mousey, MalPal and KT skyped with The Subject and his roommate, Aaron, but The Boy was there! The Subject had skyped Honey, Ab-Cat and I on Friday night, so we had already met Aaron and another friend, Peter, whom we had been hearing much about. I am so happy The Moody Bros. have met such entertaining new friends. It would appear that there are other strange Boys, from all over the world, and they are having no difficulty finding and bonding with each other. Kind of warms your hearts, doesn’t it?

4. Can I just say that I love the Skype? It was so good to see those knuckleheads, talking, joking and laughing, and to hear about all of the stuff they have going on. Mostly huge tall tales from The Subject, because as I have said before, he is a known spoofer. A letter would not have been as….illuminating.

5. On Saturday, Honey and I watched what appeared to be a marathon about The Amish leaving their communities on The National Geographic channel. Why do The Amish fascinate me? One of the men, Mose, looked so familiar to me, seriously familiar. I goggled him and sure enough, he was on a reality show we had watched called Amish in the City that was on in about 2004! He runs a kind of halfway house for Amish leaving their homes in Missouri. The kids leave for all sorts of reasons, religious freedom (how ironic), education, plain old freedom, no pun intended. One thing Honey and I noticed was almost all of the guys smoked and loved driving cars. They must have thought that was SO cool. I thought the girls all wore unattractively short shorts. They seemed to be recreating their old close knit communities, without all the black clothing, rules, and bad haircuts.

6. The Ab-Cat graciously took us out for lunch to the Red Robin after church yesterday. She had a hankering for their mushroom burger. You don’t mess with hankerings. There was a cute baby at the table next to us. Mousey casually observed that there was a young man at the same table who reminded her of Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights. ***A moment of silence for our favorite Friday Night Lights quarterback.*** And she observed that said young man kept looking at her. We said he was probably just admiring her very big HEAD!

7. It has been discovered that The Subject is not, I repeat NOT, working at the zoo. It was all an elaborate ruse to dupe the always gullible Mousey and MalPal. I told The Boy I was not buying the whole zoo thing. He confessed the truth and told me The Subject was going to great lengths to make the story credible. Writing things down, researching on the internet to keep his facts straight and finding pictures. It worked for a while. Mousey had her doubts but she said, “I don’t know Mom, he has a LOT of details, it might be true”!!!

8. I was working on my BSF lesson last night. The first day question always asks what you learned from the lecture and the second day asks what you gleaned from the notes. Here is what I wrote. Lecture: “Every act prompted by faith will be empowered by God” Joni McCarthy. Notes: “God’s promises are to correlate with the faith that claims them in prayer.” I need to ponder.

9. I needed to be reminded of this because I have been helping out in a ministry that I feel very unqualified for. Under equipped. Woefully out of place. Like I am an imposter. What in the world am I doing sort of thing. But in the words of our former BSF teaching leader, Sheila Nielson, “if He calls you TO it, He will equip you FOR it”. There must be a reason, but I don’t know what it is.

10. Have a good Monday.



  1. Carol said,

    January 30, 2012 at 1:35 PM

    That Subject is too much. What are we ever going to do with him?? I’m so glad you got to talk and then skype with all of those boys.

  2. Marlene said,

    January 30, 2012 at 2:26 PM

    Skype-love skype. We had some chat and look-see time with the grands in St. Louis. Funny the fascination with the Amish. I used to have it; but it is now gone.

  3. Laurie said,

    January 30, 2012 at 5:00 PM

    We love Skyping with our daughters. We don’t use the video all the time because it seems kind of jerky and the mouths doesn’t always move with the words. But the clarity of the voice communication is amazing — even from Idaho to Abu Dhabi!

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