A Major, A Shooter and Warm Buns

Hi Guys!

I had big plans to write a post this morning. A post about a very big haircut, done over winter break. But then Mousey discovered, much to her dismay, that she forgot to do some homework. It was imperative she turn this homework in today, so she went in late, after completing the previously mentioned, forgotten homework. All is right in our world.

So here I am, hours later, beginning a post. I think I will save the big haircut one for tomorrow, it will give me some time to start and finish it.

For today, I will just tell you about our weekend, which should make for a short post, because not much happened. We were all very happy about that too.

Honey worked Friday night, and it already seems so long ago I can’t even remember what went on. I had lunch with Capri Deb and then we got her and her hairs ready for her vacation.

Oh, we made lasagna. And I watched Who Do You Think You Are? featuring Reba McIntire with Mousey. I do love that show. I wish someone would follow our family tree back and see what kind of folks we were. I say that assuming we were of good stock. Not nut cases.

On Saturday, I read. It was blissful. It was a sweet book called Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson. I quite enjoyed it, and now feel like speaking very proper and very British, and having a cup of tea every so often. I think I would have a hard time living in England though. It seems like one never really says what one thinks, and I wonder how one ever makes any headway?

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson

All the same, a very enjoyable book.

We all then watched Hugo and had leftover lasagna for dinner. Hugo was also very proper, and spoke very British-ly even though it was supposed to be in France. It had a very sweet story, but it was sort of long and draggy, and felt like it needed an intermission. We all agreed that it misrepresented itself in the commercials. They made it seem like the metal boy had magic properties, and was flying all over the place, as was not the case.

I was duped once before into taking a young Mousey to see a movie called Snow Dogs. The movie trailer made it look like the snow dogs talked and were having a wonderful time lounging on the beach with umbrella drinks. It was not the case, and Neither Mousey nor I were fans of the movie we saw. Hugo was way better than that mess.

See? Doesn’t it look like it’s all about the cuddly, cute doggies? Think again. That beach scene was a dream People!

Because we dined on the LOL (left over lasagna) so early, there needed to be a little something something in the evening. Honey made bruchetta, cheese bread and some frozen chicken nuggets. All his girls were happy.

We went to church on Sunday and to Red Robin for lunch afterward. Yes, Mrs Schmenkman, we had the Tower of Onion Rings, and they were scrumtrulescent!!! We came home so Honey could get his nap on, I finished with Major Pettigrew and Mrs Ali, I don’t know what The Ab-Cat did , and I only know Mousey did not do her third hour homework.

Then Ab-Cat discovered Shooter was on! Like it is almost EVERY weekend! So we watched that for a bit. Because it is like a family joke.

As I was taking Mousey to school, several hours later than usual, I asked her if she had turned on her bun warmer. I proceeded to try and turn mine on, causing a slight swerve. Mousey supposed that would be an embarrassing way to go; died while trying to warm their buns.

Have a good day and may your buns be warm.



  1. warren said,

    March 5, 2012 at 2:24 PM

    Aren’t bun warmers great!? My car has them but the wife’s car does not. She is jealous. Poor her.

  2. Marlene said,

    March 6, 2012 at 6:52 PM

    I read that book this year. I liked it.

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