The Week That Was

We were a little occupied over here last week. Hence the light posting. You may or may not have noticed. It was a good week though, and this next 7 days loom mostly free of extra writing on the calendar.

I believe I may have mentioned that The Boy was home. So that was fun and contributed to the occupation. He said when he came home that he had no plans, but he managed to squeeze quite a bit of visiting into his break.

We went to The Value World to make good use of a 50% off coo-pin we had. The Grandpa accompanied us, because he is now a devotee of The World. He bought a jacket that looked very nice on his bad self. The Boy found a plethora of t-shirts, sweat shirts, and some ties with animals on them. Almost all of his shirts had something to do with The Mitten. The Tiger’s, Piston’s, fishing. He said he had to represent when he was in Chicago.

This was my lone purchase.


I am willing to share it with The Ab-Cat if she is willing to wear it. She likes the Eagle from America. A half off bargain at $4.30. Doesn’t look like it has ever been worn.


The Boy spent some quality time with his best girl, Halle Berry. I guess his love for the felines is a source of amusement amongst his friends at Moody.


I have said it before and I will say it again, I think it has made him a more gentle Boy.


When I took him to catch The Megabus in Ann Arbor, I noticed that Halle had sent him off with several pieces of herself. At our house, no outfit is complete without cat fur.

Mousey and I were wasting some time waiting for everyone to get it together so we could all go for The Boy’s final Coney Island run before heading back to The Windy City. Also known as the city without Coney Islands.


This is the reason we cannot get rid of our big, high top conversion van. The Ab-Cat’s little Freestar is fine for tooling around town with all three jam packed in the back. But it can get bothersome for any prolonged length of time.


Mostly bothersome for Abby.


Those other two are known bother-ers. They get that gene from their Father.


I was glad to catch up with The Boy and hear more about his new life as a college student in a big city. The first thing he said was it was weird to not see buildings out the window. We are even more convinced that Moody is the best place for him to be. God has a plan for his life and we are eager to watch it unfold.

That’s that, how about you?

As my Aunt Adalene always asked, “Well Kelly, what do you know ?” Do tell!


  1. Laurie said,

    March 26, 2012 at 12:32 PM

    Poor Ab-Cat !! I remember the days with a bunch of us kids in the car: “He touched me”, “She looked at me”, etc., etc. In retrospect, it’s a wonder the folks didn’t just dump us on the side of the road !

  2. jammygal said,

    March 26, 2012 at 7:18 PM

    Sounds like a fun week and nice to have his “calling” reaffirmed. I am still in the midst of my youngest being home and she has been sick, so has not been able to do a lot of fun things. She and her little ones (not so little now) are leaving tomorrow and noisy noise will go down to quiet nothing….it’s always sad to see them drive away.

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